Electronic Arts hat für die Fußballsimulation FIFA 18 ein weiteres Update für die PC-Version veröffentlicht, welches neben einer Reihe von Bugfixes vor allem Torhüter und Flachpässe verbessert. So wurden die Torhüter aufgewertet, da diese nun nicht mehr den Ball versehentlich ins das eigene Tor parieren können bzw. bei Kopfbällen und Volley-Schüssen zu früh abtauchen. Darüber werden die Reaktionsmöglichkeiten der Spieler deaktiviert, solange der Torhüter den Ball noch in den eigenen Händen hält.

Hier die Patch-Notes im Überblick:

  • Made ground passes and ground through passes less effective when blindly passing the ball between 90 and 270 degrees, where 0 degrees is the direction the player is facing.
    The most significant impact will be seen when the pass angle is between 140 and 220 degrees.The impact scales when the pass angle is between 90 (least impact) and 139 degrees and between 221 and 270 (least impact) degrees. The passes impacted by this change will see: reduced ball speed and reduced accuracy.
  • Disabled user controlled reactions, when locked to a player, when the goalkeeper is holding the ball.
Fehlerbehebungen im Gameplay:
  • The goalkeeper sometimes parrying the ball into his own goal.
  • The goalkeeper diving too early on downward header and volley shots.
  • Players sometimes becoming invisible during a match.
  • Dragbacks not working when rapidly tapping the modifier button.
  • Players being unable to string together multiple stepovers.
  • The goalkeeper, in some situations, being unable to throw the ball after making a save close to the goal line.
  • The player automatically passing the ball from a set piece after the game had been paused in an Online match.
  • An issue with Custom controls where movement with the directional buttons was not working when locked to a player.
Änderungen am FIFA Ultimate Team Modus:
  • Added the Objectives tile to the Pause Menu in all FUT Online modes.
  • Added Guest Mode in FUT Online Seasons and FUT Online Draft.
  • Disabled the FIFA Trainer within FUT Champions.
Fehlerbehebungen am FIFA Ultimate Team Modus:
  • An issue in Squad Building Challenges where tagging a group of challenges would make it unselectable.
  • ICONs displaying their current age on in-game overlays.
  • Wrong badge showing for your opponent on the Online Season's Match Preview screens.
  • Objective Completed visual notification not displaying correctly for some Daily/Weekly Objectives.
  • Alignment of the text on Manager League items.
  • An issue with the effects shown during the pack opening animation.
  • The icon of your rank in Squad Battles displaying incorrectly when claiming rewards.
Fehlerbehebungen im Pro Clubs Modus:
  • Players crashing when matching up in Pro Clubs Friendly Matches in certain situations.
  • Players would not receive invites in Pro Clubs Friendly Matches in certain situations.
Fehlerbehebungen im Karrieremodus:
  • Players crashing during the first game of the season in certain situations.
Änderungen an Audio/Video/Präsentation:
  • Updated the Chile National Team kits and crest to be authentic.
Fehlerbehebungen an Audio/Video/Präsentation:
  • The volume of the audio in the Cristiano Ronaldo celebration.
  • Some issues with crowd flags displaying the wrong images.
  • Some visual issues with the Bundesliga broadcast package.
  • Situations where the ball would appear to go through the goal netting.
  • An issue where a player on the ground would incorrectly animate as flipping or spinning.
  • Celebrations clipping through ad boards.

Spieler der Konsolen-Versionen PS4 und XBox One erhalten den Patch leider erst in den nächsten Wochen, ein konkreter Veröffentlichungstermin wurde noch nicht genannt.

Quelle: Meldung im offiziellen FIFA 18 Forum