Für das Grusel-Adventure Lucius 2: The Prophecy ist ein weiteres Update auf die Versionsnummer 1.0.150310.b online gestellt worden, der u.a. eine Reihe von Bugfixes mit sich bringt. Darüber hinaus hat das Entwicklerteam von Shiver Games dafür gesorgt, dass die Schriftgrösse von Hinweistexten anvisierter Gegenstände und Feinde wieder individuell vergrössert werden kann.

Hier die komplette Patchlog des Updates:

  • Added option to increase font size of targeted items and enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where game resolution was always 1080p after clean install regardless of desktop resolution.
  • Fixed some issues with disabled items activating on load by themselves.
  • Fixed problems with combinable items that caused some of the items disappear when combining loading or changing level.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some items dropped from inventory to vanish.
  • Fixed an issue with items that float in air and clutter together when multiple items were dropped to same place.
  • Player should now be able to holster the wooden sticks found near reception in chapter 1 level 4.
  • Fixed fire axe case in chapter 2 level 2 allowing player to break the glass.
  • Changed car lifter so player can no longer use it with a mind controlled NPC.
  • Corrected the position of electricity effect of fallen pole in final level.
  • Fixed an issue with wooden sticks floating in air when trying to throw them.
  • Fixed a vending machine that spitted multiple cigarettes on load in level 4.
  • Prior to patch player was unable to pick up a food can in chapter 1 level 2.
  • Fixed flammable bottle that player were unable to pick up in chapter 2 level 2.
  • Corrected position of health objects that were misplaced.
  • Fixed targeting position of couple of switches.
  • Money taken from a bag no longer floats in the air.
  • Fixed some issues that caused inventory items to lose their properties after quick load.
  • Fixed an issue that made impossible to complete Sacred scroll in final level.
  • Fixed couple of issues with compressors which sometimes shot a stick when loading from save. There was also a visible stick on compressor after loading from a save.
  • Gas tank in hospital library used to explode after saving and loading. Furthermore, the
  • worker in the library sometimes died randomly on load. These should not happen anymore.
  • Loading a save should not allow defibrillator to be used again anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where player was not able to attach drying rack stick to pressure pipes after loading from a save.
  • Green flammable bottle could be set on fire again after save and load.
  • Player can no longer use elevator panel again by loading. This caused doors to shut after a while possibly trapping Lucius inside.
  • Re-baked lightmaps of several levels where they were shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed some errors regarding serialization.
  • Fixed an issue where game sometimes crasher on Level 03.
  • Fixed an issue where game crashed instantly after opening the game.
  • Fixed problem with Jose Castro getting stuck in chapter Level 2.2.
  • Fixed garage door that allowed enemies to run through it in Level 2.2
  • Prevented enemies from walking past main gate in Level 2.3.
  • Fixed few issues with enemies staying Incapacitated when they should not.
  • Like a surgeon had misleading and different descriptions in game and in steam achievements.
  • Smoking Kills can be now achieved by killing Kayden Bailey with a flammable gas.

Auch dieses Update wird wieder automatisch via Steam installiert.