Das Roguelike-Videospiel Cult of the Lamb des Indie-Entwicklerteams Massive Monster hat ein umfangreiches hat ein riesiges Gratis-Update spendiert bekommen! Integriert wurde in das Spiel eine neue Ressource namens Sünde, die interessante Features bietet. So können Spieler:innen die Abklingzeit des Fegefeuers entfernen, Anhänger re-indoktrinieren und neue Gebäude bauen. Dazu kommen neue Features wie neue Rituale und Doktrinen. Aber auch neue Skins für die Anhänger, eine neue Waffe namens Donnerbüchse mit viel Schaden auf kurze Distanz und einem aufgeladenen Schuss für größere Entfernungen sowie 23 Outfits, die bei der neuen Schneiderei zu finden sind. Dementsprechend lang sind auch die Patch Notes von Sins of the Flesh:

New Features

  • Added a new weapon - the Blunderbuss! Lamb goes pew pew.
  • Added 6 new Achievements.
  • Eggs - Followers can be hatched from eggs! Golden eggs will grant special skins.
  • New Resources have been added. These include Grapes, Hops, Cotton, Silk Thread, and Yolk.
  • Extra Resource rooms
  • New Follower skins - Lemur, Caterpillar, Seal, Snake, Worm.
  • Extension of the Sozo questline
  • Sin Doctrine category (4 new choices, 8 new Doctrines)
  • Auto levelling up followers after sermons and rituals.
  • Rebuilding structures mini game.
  • Shop room inside the dungeon with an NPC (Berith) that sells unique clothing.
  • Re-indoctrination option on the indoctrination podium.
  • Outfit and necklace assigning option on the indoctrination screen.
  • Disciple ritual that turns level 10 followers into Disciples.
  • Followers will now fight with one another, causing injuries and sometimes death.

The Sin System

  • Followers generate sin which can be used as a new currency! Sin can be generated from specific Sin rituals and buildings. Spend it on upgrading the Temple, removing the cooldown on purgatory, re-indoctrinating followers and building structures.

New Rituals

  • Rite of Lust - Followers will dance in their birthday suits around the shrine. Choose your favorite Follower to become the Mayflower Leader for half a day! This Follower will generate Sin. Followers will not work for half a day, instead they will prance around naked.
  • Rite of Wrath - Followers will cause havoc on the base! Choose a follower to become the Wrath Leader. This follower will generate Sin.
  • Gluttony of Cannibals - Choose a follower to be consumed by others. This will generate Sin.
  • Sinneru2019s Pride - Choose a follower to absorb the Sin of all followers.
  • Discipleship - Choose a level 10 follower to become a Disciple, in your inner circle of true believers.


  • Drinkhouse - Craft drinks at the drinkhouse for your followers. Once a follower consumes their delicious little treat beverage, they will generate Sin. There is also chance to become Befuddled. They may need a little tactical spew to keep the festivities going.
  • Drinkhouse Level 2 - Queue more drinks.
  • Mating Tent - You asked for it! When two Followers love each other very much, they may enter the tent, and find an egg afterwards...
  • Hatchery - Place eggs in the Hatchery to make them hatch. What will come out?
  • Drum Circle - Play a drum circle mini game for a chosen follower to generate Sin.
  • Tailor building to craft and assign clothing to followers.
  • Bigger silo storage buildings for fertilizer and seeds.
  • Janitor station 2 building.
  • Seed Storage - Followers will collect seeds from this building and deposit them into Seed Silou2019s.
  • Fertilizer Storage - Followers will collect fertilizer from this building and deposit them into Fertilizer Silou2019s.
  • Disciple Collection Shrine - Allows Disciples to deposit devotion from other buildings into a central building.
  • Disciple Boost Shrine - Allows Disciples to pray that eventually fills up a shrine to give the Lamb a boost for the next crusade.

Follower States

  • Befuddled - Followers will stumble around, vomit, fight, chat, laugh, sing, and generally have a merry old time until they are no longer befuddled.
  • Injured - Followers will limp around feeling sorry for themselves until they are no longer injured.

Chore Levelling Up

  • When cleaning a poop/vomit/burnt or cleaning out an outhouse, XP will be generated.
  • Once the chore XP bar reaches full, the Lamb will unlock a new mop. There are as many as 10 (!!!) mops to unlock.
  • The higher the mop, the faster the Lamb can clean.

Poop variations

  • Golden Poop - Drops gold when cleaned. Drops gold/gold bars when harvesting a crop fertilized with golden poop.
  • Glow Poop - Attracts fireflies.
  • Devotion Poop - Generates devotion when cleaned. Crop fertilized with devotion poop will generate devotion over time.
  • Massive Poop - Drops multiple poops when cleaned. Followers can get stuck in the massive poop :(
  • Poop pet - Drops a poop pet when harvested, only when the poop is from a follower with the poop skin.
  • Rainbow poop - Gives 5 times the chore XP when harvested. Instantly grows a crop when fertilized with rainbow poop.

Lore Tablets

  • 15 Lore Tablets to collect across the game!
  • Hover for locations of Tablets: [spoiler]10 are located in a special dungeon room. 2 are located in a dungeon graveyard. 3 are located in special NPC encounter rooms.[/spoiler]


  • Disciple Trait - Can re-educate Dissenters and use special Shrines.
  • Jerk Trait - Jeers at the lamb. Chance to steal Lambu2019s gold. Will tell the Lamb they suck after a failed crusade.
  • Hot Tempered Trait - May start a fight with other followers.
  • Royal Pooper Trait - Only poops golden poops. Say that 5 times fast.
  • Scared Trait - Runs away from the player. Can be bullied/reassured.
  • Terrified Trait - Sits in the corner of base and cries. :(
  • Lustful Trait - Increases odds of mating in the mating tent.
  • Celibate Trait - Decreases odds of mating in the mating tent.
  • Fashionable Trait - Generates Devotion 20% faster when wearing a unique outfit.
  • Hedonist Trait - Decreases productivity by 10% but increases Sin generation by 15%.
  • Ascetic Trait - Decreases Sin generation by 10% but increases productivity by 15%.
  • Virtuous Trait - Produces Sin 20% slower.
  • Unrepentant - Produces Sin 15% faster.
  • Doctrinal Extremist Cult Trait - Choose to generate Sin from the Confession Booth instead of Loyalty.
  • Violent Extremist Cult Trait - Chance of Sin appearing as a reward from mini-bosses.
  • Fertility Cult Trait - Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with some Sin
  • Allegiance Cult Trait - Followers hatched in the Cult will be born with a high Loyalty level.
  • Dissented Followers have a chance to show up inside the dungeon and fight the player.

Twitch Integration Update

  • Added outfits for viewer followers! Viewers can now select a snazzy outfit in the follower builder after they win a follower raffle.
  • Added mobile support. You can now use all of the integrationu2019s features on your mobile devices as well!
  • Added additional Help/Hinder outcomes


  • Follower level is now capped at 10 - Followers at max level can can still participate in any interactions or Cult events that would normally increase their loyalty, but their loyalty bar will not appear anymore.
  • Balanced the Enrichment Ritual.
  • Added prompt to signify that sacrificing followers in certain locations are permanent .
  • Laplace Dice is now a single use relic.
  • Paean demon will no longer give hearts whilst wearing the Berseker or Fragile Fortitude Fleeces.
  • Rebalancing commandment stones from levelling of Followers.
  • Remove necklace option.
  • Hide/Show necklace option.
  • Skip sermons.
  • Followers level capped at level 10.
  • Dissenters who have left the cult have a chance to show up in the dungeon and fight the Lamb.
  • Achievements menu that displays unlocked achievements.
  • Fixed confusion with end of level bonus items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed demons not joining in the final fight.
  • Fixed certain follower questlines
  • Fixed lighting issues with blood moon ritual
  • Fixed Morgue and Crypt issues
  • Fixed birds displaying above the base in photo mode
  • Fixed certain weapons not showing on crusades

Sinful DLC Pack

  • 6 tailor unlocked outfits
  • 6 new decorations
  • 5 new Follower skins: Tiger, Llama, Hammerhead, Ladybug, Sphynx
  • 1 player fleece
  • As an addition : 2 tailor outfits for Heretic pack, and 2 tailor outfits for Cultist pack.

Das Update ist seit dem 16.01.2024 via Steam verfügbar:

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