Das Entwicklerteam von Respawn hat in der vergangenen Nacht das ersehnte Update auf die Version 1.2 des Battle-Royale-Shooters Apex Legends auf die Server aufgespielt. Neben einer Reihe von Bugfixes und Anpassungen gibt es auch erste Änderungen in der Königsschlucht-Map, so dass dort mehr Items gefunden werden können. Insbesondere in The Pit gibt es nun doppelt soviele Loots und in anderen Regionen können die Loots nun in Kisten gefunden werden. Damit soll die Übersichtlichkeit deutlich erhöht werden. Und die vielen Quality-of-Life-Anpassungen sollen wieder für einen verbesserten Spielgenuss sorgen. Hier die gesamten Patchnotes zum Nachlesen:



"Teamwork” and "Bonus Round” Badges

  • We are working on a server side patch for these ASAP.

Playstation sign in bug for new players

  • [affects Playstation only] There is an issue with some brand new players that do not already have an EA account linked to PSN being unable to sign into the game. We"re working a fix for this to get out ASAP.


  • Thunderdome has had some small changes to loot placement, mostly around moving loose loot into bins for more visibility on where the loot is.
  • The Pit has about 2x the loot in it
  • Repulsor has loot bins added to the west side of the area, on top of the trapezoid buildings.
  • Some loot added to the underground pit in the small town in Shattered Forest.
  • Added voice over lines that will callout Jump Towers when you ping them. You can now ping the jump towers.


  • Decreased the delay with items showing up in the menu when looting a Death Box.
  • Mini Map direction will now display correctly while in the ship or skydiving.
  • Improved server performance for some cases of rubberbanding when using items.
  • Removed an exploit that allowed a squad to have more than one of the same Legend.
  • Removed an exploit that allowed to "bunny hop" while healing.
  • Fixed issue where players might "bounce” off your squad when breaking off during a skydive.
  • Improved skydiving so it should feel more responsive and smooth.
  • Thermite grenades now cause damage to doors.
  • Squad Summary Page Improvements
    • cursor support added.
    • players can now mute / report players from this page.
    • players can now report teammates that have disconnected.
  • Caustic barrels can now be triggered or disabled by friendly teammates.
  • Added cooldown [.5 seconds] before you can reuse the last zipline you were on.
  • Pathfinder"s Grapple now has a blue crosshair indicator that will appear when the Grapple is in range of objects it can connect to.
  • When grappling a zipline, the trajectory will now pull players to a point below the zipline rather than above. This makes it so players are more likely to connect with the zipline instead of flying over it.
  • Made improvements to how weapon reticles and optics are displayed when playing with colorblind settings.
  • Added colorblind support for threat vision scope and Bloodhound"s Ultimate.
  • Removed the ability for players to change game settings not intended to be modified on a client level. Our intent is to prevent exploits like removing muzzle flash, disabling lighting, and other changes that give players an unfair competitive advantage.
  • We've reverted the behavior of "Holster Weapons" so pressing that button while your melee weapon is out will no longer bring out your last primary weapon.
  • Added ability to fully customize button layout for controllers.
  • Added localized voice overs for all Legends that now supports:
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Japanese
    • Mandarin
  • Fixed an issue where a player is unable to change their Party Privacy option.
  • Fixed the extra sway from the G7 crosshair while moving.
  • Fixed bug where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable.
  • Fixed a rare issue with using consumables while having a Caustic gas canister out.
  • Fixed an issue where shield cells and shield batteries would sometimes appear to be permanently stuck to the player.
  • Improved framerate when Sun shadow coverage is set High in Video options.
  • Fixed issue with the Long Distance Kill Badge not displaying the correct max distance.
  • Fixed issue with bad framerate when using Bloodhound"s Ultimate.
  • Fixed players being crushed by opening or closing doors when climbing onto a roof just above the door.
  • Fixed a crash related to model code.
  • Fixed issue where player would crawl very fast in place.
  • Fixed some rare cases of players getting stuck in geometry.
  • Fixed issue where Octane"s Stim trail would still linger after death.
  • Fixed cases where melee lunges could stop too far from their intended target.
  • Fixed issue with players not receiving any XP for anything after a match and the Champion Bonus showing as -1XP.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the audio and visual effects would not play when a weapon fires.
  • Lots of minor fixes and polish to game stability and performance.

Ersten Kommentaren von Spielern auf Reddit zur Folge, gab es aber auch Änderungen, die nicht in den Patchnotes stehen und für Kritik sorgten: so können nun wohl einige Spieler weniger weit gleiten als vor dem Update, was auch negative Auswirkungen auf die Schußgenauigkeit hat. Ferner verschiessen die Waffen Devotion und Havoc nun mehr Munition. Es bleibt abzuwarten, inwiefern es hier noch ergänzende Fixes geben wird.

Parallel mit der Patch-Veröffentlichung ist auch das Event Legendäre Jagd in Apex Legends gestartet, welches den Abschluss der Season 1 bildet und einige besondere Belohnungen bietet. Vom 04.06.2019 bis zum 18.06.2019 gibt es während der Partien spezielle Herausforderungen, nach deren erfolgreicher Bewältigung einzigartige kosmetische Gegenstände als Belohnung winken. Dazu zählen u.a. spezielle Skins für die Charaktere, einen EP-Boost für Besitzer des Battle Pass sowie diverse Store Skins. Ferner findet vom 07.06.2019 bis zum 10.06.2019 ein Double-XP-Event statt, in welchem die Spieler doppelte Stufen- und Battle Pass-EP gewinnen können.