Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Trivia Games

By: Stefan Kilåker
Date: November 11th - 2006

This is just a little help guide, for those who need a little more XP.
Or achievements in the 360 version. The achievements are:

*Marvel Geek (5) - Answered 15 Trivia questions correctly.
*Comic God (15) - Answered 20 Trivia questions correctly in a row.
*Marvel Master (10) - Answered 150 Trivia questions correctly.

NOTE: If you get an incorrect answer on a question,
you've lost the XP's that question gives... So answer with care!

The Trivia games are found in each act, in the first extraction point. 
Just walk around until you find "Use Trivia Game" (Or something like that,
they have different names in each act.)

Act 1 (80 XP per correct answer) 50 questions:

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s highest ranking agent is: 
Nick Fury

Captain America was frozen in which war?
World War II

The Vampire hunter Blade is:
Half Vampire

Before turning in to a life of crime, Mysterio was:
A special effects artist

Dr. Doom went to the same college as:
Reed Richards

What is commonly believed to be The Black Widow's previous occupation,
before becoming a russian spy?
A ballerina

Ghost Rider is known as:
The Spirit of Vengeance

Deadpool joined the Weapon X program because:
He had an incurable cancer

Who paid Mac Gargan to become the Scorpion?
J. Jonah Jameson

What did Dr. Pym discover that allowed him to change size?
Pym Particles

Who here was NOT a member of the Howling Commandos?
Jasper Sitwell

What vehicle is the Avengers primary mode of transport?
The Quinjet

Which Inhuman did Johnny Storm date?

Iceman is a member of which team?
The X-men

Which Super Hero is romantically interested in Sue Storm?

What was Dum Dum Dugan before he joined the military?
A circus strongman

What is the name of Tony Stark's building that the team uses as a 
HQ in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance?
Stark Tower

Wyatt Wingfoot is a member of what tribe of Native Americans?

What was Wolverine's name when he was a Horseman of Apocalypse?

Daredevil and Elektra first met at which school?
Columbia University

Weasel's real name is:
Jack Hammer

Edwin Jarvis is the butler to:
Tony Stark

Captain Leonard McKenzie was the father of:

The Vision is an android created by:

Fin Fang Foom is an alien from:
Maklu IV

How many rings of power does Mandarin possess?

Spider-Man was talked into creating the Spider-Mobile by the
advertising firm of:
Carter  Lombardo

When just a child living on the street, Storm attempted to:
Pick the pocket of Professor Xavier

The Thing has how many fingers on both hands,
including his thumbs?

Silver Surfer's 'surfboard' is composed of:
the same material as his body

Nick Fury has a brother who became the villain:

Ms. Marvel has never been known as:

In college, Mr. Fantastic roomed with:
Ben Grimm

Bullseye killed Elektra with:
her own sai

Bucky was:
Captain America's sidekick

What does the K in MODOK stand for?

Jarvis was at one time a member of:
The Royal Air Force

When she worked for Hydra, Spider-Woman's first mission was to:
Kill Nick Fury

Wyatt Wingfoot was a college roommate of:
Johnny Storm

Weasel has worked closely with:

Namor's cousin Namorita is:
A clone

Namor is half Atlantean and half:

Dr. Doom was expelled from college because:
He caused an explosion with an experiment

The Grey Gargoyle is able to:
turn his victim's to stone with a touch

Attuma believes he is destined to rule Atlantis because:
it was written in the Atlantean Chronicles

Mandarin lives in:
The Valley of Spirits

The Fantastic Four have their HQ in what building?
Baxter Building

Peter Parker works as a photographer for:
The Daily Bugle

Thor has two war goats to pull his chariot. They are named:
Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher

Before becoming Radioactive Man, Chen Lu was:
A nuclear physicist

Act 2 (200 XP per correct answer) 50 questions:

Who is not a member of the Vishanti?

The Vision is programmed based on the brain patterns of:
Wonder Man

The other Black Widow is also known as:
Yelena Belova

The Sanctum Sanctorum is the home of:
Dr. Strange

Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of:
The X-Men

Who was Luke Cage's partner in Heroes for Hire, Inc?
Iron Fist

Reed Richards tried many times but failed to:
Revert Ben Grimm back to his human form

Tony Stark created his very first armour:
with a pacemaker to keep his heart beating

Invisible Woman's mother:
Died in a car accident

Who saved Ghost Rider from his deal with Mephisto?
Roxanne Simpson

Elektra's father was a:

Daredevil's father was killed because:
He wouldn't throw a boxing match

What villain was resurrected by using a cloned body of Captain America?
The Red Skull

What is woven into Black Panther's Suit to absorb attacks?

Dr. Doom's full name:
Victor von Doom

S.H.I.E.L.D. uses a piece of equipment known as an LMD, which stands for:
Life Model Decoy

Wong is Dr. Strange's

Nightcrawler's real name is:
Kurt Wagner

Ms. Marvel became the Super Hero Binary after:
Being experimented on by the Brood

Nick Fury's middle name is:

How did Rhino get the super-strong suit he wears?
He was a part of an Eastern Bloc experiment

Where does Arcade trap his victims?

The Sanctum Sanctorum is located at:
177a Bleecker Street

The Ancient One is the teacher of:
Doctor Strange

Who is Nightcrawler's mother:

Where is Clea from?
The Dark Dimension

Spider-Man's real name is:
Peter Parker

Storm has a deep fear of:
Enclosed spaces

Before he became the Thing, Ben Grimm was:
Leader of the Yancy Street Gang

Hank Pym has not worked under which name:
Big Man

Professor Xavier was unable to walk after suffering a spine injury
during a battle with:
An alien named Lucifer

Wong's father was named:

Mephisto considers Blackheart to be:
His son

Arcade's two assistants are named:
Miss Locke and Mr. Chambers

When she uses too much power Jean Gray can potentially become:
The Phoenix

Clea is a close friend of:
Dr. Strange

Daredevil first wore a mask when:
He attempted to save Elektra and her father

The Human Torch's uniform is never damaged by flame because it's made of:
Unstable molecules

Dr. Strange originally sought out the Ancient One:
To cure his damaged hands

One of Peter Parker's worst enemies in high school was:
Flash Thompson

Thor was once turned into what animal by Loki?

The Shocker's suit does what?
Deflects physical blows with a vibrational shield

Dr. Doom wears a facemask:
Because his face is scarred

The parents of Professor Xavier are:
Sharon and Brian Xavier

Margali Szardos is:
the gypsy who raised Nightcrawler

Who was not a herald of Galactus?

How did Spider-Woman get her powers from Spider-Man?
She didn't

Mariko Yashida was engaged to marry:

Jean Gray's powers activated early in her life when she witnessed:
Her friend being hit by a car

Dr. Doom attempted to get Mephisto's Realm for many years because:
Mephisto held his mother's spirit prisoner

Act 3 (450 XP per correct answer) 50 questions:

The Asgardians refer to Earth as:

Odin is not the father of:

Black Panther is the king of:

Who created the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America?
Emil Erskine

Matthew Murdock's father was a boxer with the nickname of:
Battling Jack Murdock

Who Built H.E.R.B.I.E.?
Reed Richards

Thor's hammer can only be lifted by:
Those the hammer deems worthy

After cutting off Sif's blonde hair, Loki replaced it with new hair created by:

What did the Fenris do to the Warrior Tyr:
Bit his hand off

What does Valkyrie call Dragonfang?
Her sword

Enchantress is able to enslave men with a:

Dr. Doom attended to what college with Reed Richards?
Empire State University

Who is able to become as hard as a diamond or completely intangible?
The Vision

Bifrost is another name for:
The Rainbow Bridge

Hermod is known primarily as the god of:

The Vampires refer to Blade as:
The Daywalker

What earth-shattering news did Loki tell Deadpool?
That Deadpool was a comic book character

Dr. Strange is also known as:
The Sorcerer Supreme

Ghost Rider made a deal with Mephisto:
To save the life of Crash Simpson

Iceman was able to hide his mutant powers until:
He had to freeze the leader of a gang of bullies

Who is second in command of the Fantastic Four?
Sue Storm

Luke Cage can only be injured by:
Adamantium weapons

What can Mr. Fantastic do?
Alter his appearance to look like someone else

Ms. Marvel had her powers stolen by:
The X-Man named Rogue

Before joining the military, Nick Fury was part of:
an airplane wing walking act

Which is the correct spelling of Peter Parker's alter ego?

Which of these is not true of the Thing's Physique?
Has no nose

Bifrost is the bridge to:
None of the above

The Black Knight gave Valkyrie:
Her winged horse

To recharge his power, Odin must:
Enter a state known as Odinsleep

After being fatally wounded by Bullseye, Elektra managed to:
Make her way to Matthew Murdock's home

Pepper Potts is the name of:
Tony Stark's secretary

The Silver Surfer is from the planet:

Wolverine's bones are covered in:

Volla is an Asgardian who:
Can foresee the future

Who has not lifted Thor's Hammer?

Which is not one of the races in Asgard?
All are found in Asgard

What makes Spider-Woman so attractive to men?

Storm's real name is:
Ororo Munroe

What is Robbie Robertson's job at the Daily Bugle
Editor in chief

Sif and Thor didn't marry because:
Sif couldn't understand Thor's attachment to humans

Asgard is made up by how many worlds:

What does not describe Ymir?
A Fire Giant

What magical item does Loki use:
Norn Stones

The Black Widow's husband became:
The Red Guardian

Hank Pym created Ultron based on the brain patterns of:

S.H.I.E.L.D. is affiliated with:
The United Nations

What experiment was Dr. Doom working on that exploded in college?
A communicator to talk to his dead mother

The Wrecking Crew got their super powers when:
An enchanted crowbar they held was struck by lightning

Loki is the true son of:
The Frost Giant Laufey

Act 4 (800 XP per correct answer) 50 questions:

Attilan is located:
In the Blue Area of the moon

The Inhumans develop their superpowers after they:
Breathe in the Terrigen Mist

What team wasn't Blade part of?
The Lethal Legion

What was the name given to the project to create Captain America?
Operation: Rebirth

Ghost Rider was bound to the demon named:

The Inhumans were originally humans who:
Were experimented on by the Kree

Black Bolt does not talk because:
His voice is so powerful it could level a mountain

When Gorgon stomps his foot it:
Makes a mini-earthquake

Galactus were originally:
An alien named Galan

Super-Skrull was created to:
defeat the Fantastic Four

The Starjammers are lead by Corsair, who is the father of:

When he was created by Ultron, The Vision's First Mission was to:
Kill the Avengers

What is Wakanda's greatest mineral resource?

What was the name of Matt Murdock's receptionist?
Karen Page

Deadpool is known as:
The merc with the mouth

The Watchers upload all their information they accumulate to:
The One

Black Bolt once whispered a word and:
Destroyed half of Attilan

The Skrull were once a peaceful race until they were attacked by:
The Kree

The Shi'ar race evolved from:

S.H.I.E.L.D. Central is the organizational HQ which is located in:
New York

Dr. Doom originally took the throne of Latveria from:
King Vladimir

Which item doesn't Dr. Strange use:
The Infinity Formula

Invisible Woman was at one time known as:
Invisible Girl

Which villain did Tony Stark use his Centrifugal Force ray on to make so heavy
he sank through the floor of the factory?
The Crusher

Hank Pym uses his cybernetic helmet to control:

The equipment that gave Luke Cage his powers was created by:
Stark International

Silver Surfer's real name is:
Norrin Radd

Which does not describe Lilandra Nermani?
Romantically involved with Magneto

The Skrull had a homeworld called Skrullos until:
it was devoured by Galactus

The Starjammers are a group of former:
Shi'ar prisoners

Who is king of the Inhumans?
Black Bolt

Why was Attilan moved to the Moon?
To escape humans and their pollution

What Kree device was used on Carol Danvers to turn her into Ms. Marvel?

Nick Fury was at one time the leader of:
The Howling Commandos

Does The Thing really have a Sweet Aunt Petunia?
Yes and she's a young woman

Thor was banished to Earth for a while because:
He violated the truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants

The 'fastball special' is when:
Colossus throws Wolverine at an enemy

When storm was a child, the gang of street urchins she was in was lead by:
Achmed el-Gibar

In battle, the Silver Surfer uses:
The Power Cosmic

What device did Reed Richards successfully use to keep Galactus
from consuming the Earth?
The Ultimate Nullifier

Karnak's special power is:
To see the weakness in any item, person or plan

The only person who might be considered a friend of Uatu is:
Reed Richards

What does not describe Gladiator?
Loyal to only Lilandra

Triton is good friends with:

Who does Dr. Doom blame for the explosion that got him expelled from college?
Reed Richards

Elektra was resurrected by:

Loki managed to foul up the creation of Thor's hammer by:
Shortening the handle

Crystal's power is the ability to:
Control fire, water, earth and air

To protect Attilan from destruction, young Black Bolt was kept:
In a soundproof room

How did Medusa converse with Black Bolt, when his was in the soundproof room?
With a special sign language

Eitri, Brok and Buri are dwarven blacksmiths who created:
Thor's hammer

Act 5 (1250 XP per correct answer) 50 questions:

Castle Doom is located in:

How does Dr. Doom enforce the law in his country?
An army of robots

Willie Lumpkin is:
Mailman to the Fantastic Four

The Vision was created from parts:
used in the original Human Torch

Nick Fury's brother Jake led the group of villains known as:
The Zodiac

The Avenger's Mansion is located at:
890 Fifth Avenue

Who is Psylocke the sister of?
Captain Britain

Mikail Rasputin, the brother of Colossus, was at one time a:

What did the Shi'ar do with Cyclops"s parents?
Kidnap them and make them prisoners

What villain did T'Challa destroy the hand of while protecting his father?
Ulysse's Klaw

Which Super Hero is the alter-ego of Steve Rogers?
Captain America

Daredevil was blinded as a child by:
Radioactive waste

How did Willis Stryker have a big impact on Luke Cage's life?
He framed Luke for a crime so he would go to jail

Who has not been a love interest for Wolverine?

Thor's war hammer is made out of:

The capital of Latveria is:

As a child, the Thing lived where:
Yancy Street

Which does not describe Storm's mother?
A former member of the X-Men

Before joining S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Woman was a member of:

At one time, Peter Parker's aunt May was very close friends with:
Doctor Octopus

Norrin Radd became the silver Surfer to:
Save his home planet from Galactus

Who used the Ultimate Nullifier to keep Galactus away from Earth?
Reed Richards

Which Super Hero had a best friend named Harold "Happy" Hogan?
Iron Man

Sandi Brandenburg is known as:
Deadpool's manager

Which odd turn of events did NOT happen to Psylocke?
She teleported the X-Men to the Negative Zone with Cerebro

Deacon Frost is the vampire who:
Attacked Blade's mother

Why was all the research on the Super Soldier Serum lost?
Dr. Emil Erskine was killed

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson is Matt Murdock's:
Business Partner

Dr. Strange was originally a:

Johnny Blaze is the real name of which Super Hero?
Ghost Rider

What's the name of the college Wyatt Wingfoot and Johnny Storm attended?
Metro College

Colossus did not know he had the mutant power to turn steel until he:
Stopped a tractor from crushing his sister

Cyclops cannot control his optic beam unless he is:
Wearing special glasses

Dr. Cornelius was the head of:
The Weapon X Program that dealt with Wolverine

Ben Grimm's battle cry is:
It's clobberin' time

Deadpool never removes his mask because:
His face is severely disfigured

Daredevil is known as:
The man without fear

Cyclops spent his childhood at an orphanage in:
Omaha, Nebraska

How long did Dr. Doom's trans-dimensional experiment in college work
before it exploded?
Two minutes and thirty seven seconds

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was known for leading the group called:

When she was a Soviet agent, The Black Widow initially spied on:
Stark Enterprises

Who was Captain America's sidekick in WWII?

Elektra was killed by Bullseye shortly after she refused to kill:
Foggy Nelson

When he was 15 years old, Tony Stark's parents were killed:
In a car accident

What is not true about Colossus in his metal form?
Immune to magnetic attacks

What is the name of the wrestler Spider-Man defeats as he attempts
to cash in on his new found powers?
Crusher Hogan

At the time she tool Ms. Marvel's powers, Rogue was a member of:
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Dr. Doom's mother died because she made a bad deal with:

How does Dr. Doom describe his form of government?
An enforced monarchy

And that is all the questions!

Contact me if you find anything that's wrong or incorrect in any way,
so I can change it!

I hoped that you've enjoyed this guide, and of course the game!

My thanks goes to for their never ending help!

Stefan out!

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