Grandia Extreme:

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Ending 1:
Quanlee: How could I, the ultimate being, have lost?
How could this happen? Haven't I envolved enough?
That's not possible! In a world of serenity, there
will be absolute truth. 
Evann: You still don't get it, do you? there is no
ultimate or perfect being! It's all in your head!

Quanlee: Why do you reject me so strongly? I only
tried to bring the peace people wanted. Why do you so
stubbornly challenge me? 
Evann: You are the one who's being stubborn! Trying to
stop war by erasing feelings is the same as erasing
our existence. No one wants to live in a world where
there is no self, where one's words have no meaning!

Quanlee: Heh heh heh. So, who is right? You, or me?
Since you won, I suppose you are.
Evann: No! You still don't get it! It's not about me
being right, it's about you not understanding! What if
everyone lost their feelings and everything were to
become one whole? Wouldn't that be lonely?

Quanlee: Ah, that must have been it. I was lonely, now
I understand for the first time. I never had that when
I was born. Instead, I chased ideals that were fed to
me. I don't belong in this world. Goodbye, Evann. I
enjoyed talking to you.
Evann: No, don't just leave! We've just begun
understanding each other! If you can recognize your
feelings, then you're one of us now! We'll be able to
understand each other.

Quanlee: No, it's impossible to understand for us to
understand one another. I was not made like a human
Evann: Don't isolate yourself! I'll try to understand
you! We can coexist! 

Quanlee: I admire your compassion. People must fill
this world with the beautiful sounds of their
indiviual hearts in harmony. That's the future you
have won, the future you wanted. It's better this way,
I'll finally be relieved of others ideals and the
burden of my so-called destiny. 
Evann: Hey, QUANLEE!

Quanlee: I only wish that I, too, had dreams of my

All: .....
Evann: Am I dreaming?

Brandol: :)

Brandol: Hey! Stop daydreaming! Snap out of it, you
little twerp!
Evann: Ugh! Ok, enough with the "little twerp" stuff!
I've had it! Sheesh!
Lutina: You are certeinly relaxed. Aren't you excited
about having accompilshed something?
Jaid: Well, what a switch from the nervous wreck you
were just a while ago, Lutina!

Lutina: How dare you? Anyone would worry! He's our
leader, after all!
Myam: Evann! Evann! Evann! Hey, can I do it now? Huh?
Can I? Please, please!
Evann: Ahh... what? Uh, do what? 

Myam: Hee hee. Ok, here I go. Yay! We did it! ^_^
All: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ulk: Well, everything seems to be back to normal. Evil
has vanished from the world, and this town once again
at peace. Is it because the evil force is goen? Is
that why the wind smells so fresh? When I breathe, my
heart jumps for joy! 
Titto: So, it's finally over! I'm so happy! We finally
got our world back. 
Carmyne: So, what do you think? We Nortis people are
not so worthless after all, huh? Still, don't follow
his reckless example. We would be in big trouble if
there were more like him running around!

Titto: Yeah. :)
Evann: Hey! What do you mean "Yeah"?! 
Lutina: This is what we get with Evann. He is reckless
and slow-witted, but those may be his best qualities! 

Evann: Not you too, Lutina! How can you say that with
a straight face? Oh, that's right! I'm too dumb to
Brandol: So, what do we make this whole thing? First
was the Elementel Disorder, then the ruins, then
Quanlee. I don't get it!
Jaid: Ancient people wanted human evolution world
peace and unity. There's a lot to learn in that. 

Evann: In theory. The Ancients tried to analyze these
things, and lost sight of their feelings. That must be
why they wanted to unify the world. Quanlee was like
them. They were all lonely deep inside.
Myam: Yeah, that's it. When you are all alone. Even if
you find something yummy. There is nobody to share it
with! Hey, I've got an idea! Let's get something yummy
to eat! I really love the fish they have here! Fish,
fish, fish... ^_^
Titto: Yes, yes!
All: :)

Diene: I felt at ease in that world, but at the same
time, emptiness was growing inside. Never before had I
felt so lonely. Thank you, Evann. You saved me, as
well as Escarre. 
Evann: Come on. I could never let Quanlee get away
with what he did to us. Besides, you're the one who
told me to think carefully and think things through.
In the end, I just did it my own way. 

Diene: A supreme being controls the world and brings
eternal peace. All must become one. That's a
frightening thought. 
Evann: ....

Diene: What's that? 
Evann: His heart, or a piece of it, I guess.

Diene: "His"? Quanlee's heart?
Evann: I guess Quanlee lived what he believed.
Unfortunately, that drove him to insanity. 

Diene: I wonder if a time will come when we, like the
ancients, will ever wish for a supreme being like
Quanlee. Hehe, I don't think I want to lose control of
my mind again. 
Evann: Hey! Let's not think about it too much. We
chose this path. We just have to keep going and make
the best out of it!

Brandol: Evann! They're going to have a concert! Guess
what? It's just for us!
Lutina: Hurry up. Come on, Evann!
Evann: I'm glad there are people like them. Hey! Here
I come!
All: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Diene: You still don't get it, do you? You made them
who they are! When will you ever learn? 

Ending 2:
Evann: I guess this is it. This is must be the
manifestation of Qualee's true intentions. 

Diene: I heard what you did to Quanlee. That was
great! When I got back, I was amazed! Hey, Evann. Are
we disbanding just like that? We should all sit
together and talk about the future.  
Evann: We did everything we needed to do. We've all
learned about many things. Diene, wasn't you who said
that when it came time for all of us to part the
future would be bright? 

Diene: Right, but now it's difficult. We've worked
together for a long time and have grown very close. 
Evann: It's true, we're all friends now. What do you
suppose forged our bond? 

Diene: Hmm. Trust, I guess, along with mutual respect
and shared beliefs. 
Evann: You think so? I just wanted to find out more
about Quanlee. I thought I could understand more by
connecting with Quanlee's heart. Is that feeling I
have different from bonds I have with my friends? 

Diene: That's a tough question. However, I guess
without those feelings we wouldn't be friends and
cohorts. This is Quanlee's heart. A song is born from
that Sound Bite. 
Evann: It makes me happy to know that Quanlee actually
had feelings like this. Trust? Respect? I don't know.
The meaning of these words is not all clear to me. 

Diene: Yes, I guess you're right. The heart and mind
are beyond words. 
Evann: .....

Waitress: Evann, there is so much to thank you for. I
was able to do so little.
Brandol: Hey, it's ok! Just you being there for us was

Waitress: Brandol! Straighten up! 
Brandol: See ya! 
Carmyne: Come visit whenever you can. I promise to be
nice to you. Bye! 
Evann: .....

Myam: Evann, bye bye!
Ulk: If you ever visit Hazma, I'll teach you the
secrets of fishing!
Evann: .....

Jaid: Are you sure you won't visit Arcada? I would
welcome the chance to publicly praise your
Titto: Evann doesn't care about all that. Well, come
visit us soon anyway, ok? 
Lutina: We'll be waiting. By then... I'll be more
attractive to you. 
Evann: .....

Diene: Well, this is good-byethen. I'll contact you if
I need you. 
Evann: Say, Diene! How will we manage to meet again? 

Diene: No need for such a sad face. I'll write to you
Evann: What?! Don't kid me! I don't want to see a
letter ever again! 

Diene: Huh? What do you mean? 
Evann: I don't want to be kidnapped and made to do all
that work again! Once is enough! 

Diene: Goofball!! That's not what I meant! Why you

Evenn: Ha ha ha ha ha!
Diene: Ahhh ha ha ha ha!


Last Words:
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