Freaky Flyers FAQ.

Hey,all! Welcome to my FAQ. It's for Freaky Flyers. So if you find it
listed under Soul Caliber 2,it's in the wrong place and someone should
be notified. Now,let's get down to it.

Table of Contents:
1. About Freaky Flyers
2. Controls
3. Nifty things to know
4. Characters
5. Tracks
6. The great unknown
7. Contact info

1. About Freaky Flyers.

Freaky Flyers is an airplane racing game not unlike the old Wacky Races
cartoon. The main difference is that the characters are interesting and
it's entertaining. Various paralels can be drawn between the characters
in this game and various cliches,but I'll go over that in the
characters section.

Overall,I personally found FF to be a cute game,but too many things
were rushed and it didn't feel finished. Midway's been doing that alot
lately. For example,in Johnny's intro,a reference is made to a "big
smack attack" that never comes up in the game again. I'm betting it was
a special move that was cut due to deadlines. This lack of polish has
been hurting their games,but that doesn't mean FF isn't worth a rent. I
just don't recommend buying it until you've played it.
2. Controls.

Ok,you've got some buttons on there,so you might as well know what they
do. Otherwise,you'll crash and die and that's only funny a dozen times
tops. Let's look at the default layout.

Circle - Use item
Square - Look back
X - Fire machine guns
Triangle - Stunt
R1 - Speed up
L1 - Slow down/hard turn
R2 - Not used
L2 - Reticle (toggles the sights on and off)
Left stick - Steer plane
Right stick - Cycle items

I recently found out you can cycle through the items using the right
stick. Thanks go out to: John Moran,Kibosh the Ghost,and Bobby
Thompson. You guys make FAQ writting a lot easier. However,I
would've still liked to see the extra button used for something.
Like the Big Smack attack.

Anyway. The "look back" button offers not only a rear view,but also
aims your weapons backwards to shoot people behind you. Special weapons
and your main guns. You also can't see where you're going and in this
game,taking a little lead in the backside might be preferable to not
watching where you're going. The "look back" button is very useful in
the "Torpedo Run" level as there's not much to run into and the flying
monkeys really ride your ass.

Firing machine guns and using items are basic enough for anyone to
understand. Your machine guns have unlimited ammo,but need time to
reload. In the lower right hand corner of the screen,you'll see 2
bars,blue and green. The blue one is your ammo meter. When it runs
out,it needs time to reload. So take your finger off the button and
it'll auto refill. Also note that your machine guns,no matter how
powerful,are the weakest weapons in the game.

The stunt button allows you to do all sorts of things. For example,if
you hold your control stick left or right,you'll barrel roll in that
direction when the stunt button is pressed. If you're pulling back on
the stick (climbing),you'll do a loop the loop. And if you push forward
(down),you'll power dive when the stunt button is pressed. And that's
not all! If you hold the slow down/hard turn button,speed up button,
pull back on the stick,and hit stunt,you'll do a quick double back for
a fast turn around. Isn't that lovely?

Speaking of the slow down/hard turn button,what it does depends on if
you're holding down the gas button. If you're holding R1,then holding
L1 will let you do hard,sharp turns. If you're not holding R1,L1 just
stops you. You'll still be moving forward,just at a snail's pace.
3. Nifty things to know.

Each level has 6 "sub goals". These mini-missions offer 3 ways to open
the "boost highways",while the other 3 allow you to carry more power
ups. Boost highway mini-missons usually revolve around "destroy this"
or "rescue that" while the power up slot ones are "gather this","shoot
the targets",and "shoot down your rival flyers". The power up slot
missions never change,just the appearence of what you have to pick up
or shoot. If you see a bunch of objects floating all over a level,
chances are,that's what you have to pick up. Targets are easily
identified by the bullseyes on them.

The boost highway missions can be good or bad for you. If the highway
that's opened is in the main path of the AI flyers,then it can end up
being a floating minefield and not really help you. The less the AI
flyers use a given highway,the better as you'll be the only one using
it's boosting abilities and you won't have to worry about mines. See,
the AI flyers have a nasty habit of leaving floating mines in boost
gates,either singles or part of a highway,so keep your eyes open when
approaching one. They'll also leave the things along a highway,so don't
think just because you got on it cleanly,you won't get rammed into one.

One last thing about boost highways. After you hit a boost gate that's
part of a boost highway,you'll be autoturned to the next gate in the
highway. So just fly into the first gate and let the game guide you

Perfect Races,or Perfect Runs,are when you get through a race getting
all subgoals (boost highway missions and item slot goals) and finishing
first. The walkthrough part of this guide only focuses on getting
through a race,not getting a Perfect Run. Getting a Perfect Run
requires a certain level of skill you just can't get in a guide. But a
little tip though,boost missions that I denote as opening highways that
don't help you should be done on the final lap if possible to keep down
how troublesome they'll be. Also,I've only unlocked Atomic Andre and El
Chicka Diablo by this method. The rest I got off GameFAQs and I'm
taking those on faith.
4. Characters.

Ok,first off,there's not a lot of difference between one character and
another. Some are slightly faster,some have slightly more powerful guns
but the differences aren't really that pronounced for most of them. So
just pick the one you want to see most and play that.

1. Johnny Turbine: Ever wonder what Johnny Bravo would be like as a
pilot with movie star dreams? Well,now you can find out. Johnny Turbine
is all that and less. He has the hots for Traci and is about to find
out some disturbing things about his long lost family.

Alternate costume: Atomic Johnny (Bandito Attack)

2. Traci Torpedoes: Traci is a member of the German air force and is
out to prove their superiority. Traci is easily identified by her huge
breasts,stick thin body,and the fact she cringes whenever someone says
"genetic mutant freak". Traci will discover things about herself while
trying to avoid Johnny and Sheik Abdul's advances.

3. Mick Bungadoo: Owner of the Roadkill Grill,he's trying to use the
race to promote his diners.

Alternate costume: Chef Mick (Intestinal Track)

4. Myrna Bookbottom (Margaret Basher (unlockable)): Myrna Bookbottom
and Margaret Basher are the same person. Myrna is a bored librarian who
yearns for adventure. So much so,that her repressed desire for action
has caused her to develop a split personality. This new personality,
Margaret Basher,is the Hyde to Myrna's Jeckyll. Loud,rude,and violent,
Margaret is the anthesis of Myrna,who's quiet,polite,and gentle. For
some reason,the 2 don't really care for each other and both seem to
want to be rid of the other personality. They develop a romantic
attachment to the Marcels Moreso brothers,which really just goes to
show how insane both of them are.

5. Pauli Atchi: A mobster who loves his mother. So much so,he left "the
business" in her capable hands to fly in the Freaky Flyers race.

Alternate costume: Sanitation Paulie (Thugsville)

Unlockable characters: These characters have to be unlocked in certain
levels. There are 14 regular Adventure mode characters in all. The
level these pilots are found on is noted here,but you'll have to look
up the level in the "Tracks" section for info on how to unlock them.

6. Island Jack (Danger Island): Jack was hanging loose on the beach
when he got "island jacked" and sent into the Freaky Flyers race on
autopilot. Now he's trying to find his way home without hitting too
many bad vibes.

Alternate costume: Leutenant Jack (Danger Island)

7. Andre LaToilette (Bigfoot Mountain): Growing up in Canada,Andre
spent his lonely childhood enslaving the local rodent population. But
the one thing Andre really wants is to find his long lost twin brother.
So,using rodents for ammo and flying a log plane,Andre hopes to find
him through the Freaky Flyers race.

Alternate costume: Atomic Andre (Bigfoot mountain)

8. Prof. Gutentaag (Torpedo Run): Flying his trusty robot,Sven 209,the
Prof. seeks to win the Freaky Flyers race by using alien technology and
an actual alien.

9. Margaret Basher (Thugsville): See Myrna Bookbottom. On the up side,
they share the same between race movies,so you only have to run through
with one or the other.

10. Sammy Wasabi (Monster Isle): Sammy is an ingenious inventor who has
built a plane so advanced only he can fly it. He's entered the race to
prove the superiority of his technology and meet a girl who doesn't run
on batteries.

Alternate costume: Robo-Sammy (Monster Island)

11. Cactus Rose (Coyote Canyon): This south of the border bandita is
looking to make some cash to help out her poor biker gang.

Alternate costume: El Chicka Diablo (Coyote Canyon)

12. Marcels Moreso brothers (Bombsburg): Flying,siamese twin mimes
looking to find their long lost mother. Yeah.

Alternate costume: Clown Moreso (Bombsberg)

13. Baron Von Slaughter (Grave Danger): A Frankenstein-style monster
with an Arnold Schewartzenheimer voice. He's always looking for new
parts to repair his badly constructed body. He's entered the race to
restore his village's tourist industry and get a girlfriend

Alternate costume: Human Baron (Grave Danger)

14. Sheik Abdul (Cave of Blunders): The freaky shiek (from Leaky Creek)
seeks to get away from his harem/corporate raiders. For some reason,he
believes getting more wives will help with his problem of having too
many wives. Like Johnny,he has the hots for Traci.

Alternate costume: Chicken Sheik (Cave of Blunders)

Double secret characters: These guys aren't availible for adventure
mode,but that doesn't mean they can't kick ass.

15. Wally Gremlin (Thugsville): A freaky gargoyle looking thing.

16. Harem Dogfighter (Cave of Blunders): Looks like one of Sheik
Abdul's wives wants in on the Freaky Flyers action.

17. Chester Moneymaker (Monster Isle): Be a yuppie! Or use him for
target practice. You know you want to.

18. Bandito (Coyote Canyon): Unconfirmed.

19. Pilot X (unknown): He just appeared there. I'll figure it out later
but I think you have to beat Pilot X in the final space battle. He's
only in the mini-saucer thing,not the Robo-X.
5. Tracks.

Can't race without a track. There are 12 in all,which is rather short,
but they have a lot of stuff packed into them. Just keep telling
yourself that.

1. Bigfoot Mountain:
Place to pass: 3rd
Hidden Character: Andre LaToilette. At the start of the race,there's
a cabin on top of a mountain right in front of you. Fly to it and shoot
the snowman there to unlock Andre.
Perfect Run: Atomic Andre

Boost highway missions:
1. Find the bigfoot and bring him back to his family. Ok,this one is
tricky. The Bigfoot you have to rescue is really well hidden. I'd
suggest making sure of his location before trying for a perfect run.
He's in a cave that begins just outside the treehouse town and ends
before the log jam. If you see the log jam,you've gone too far. Just
keep looking to your right (left if you're going the "wrong way") and
you should find it. Thanks: Rick Tavares,Luther,and Jackie Dietrick
2. Break up the log jam. Find the log jam and shoot it to break it up.
Don't confuse the dam further down stream with the log jam. The jam's
covered with snow and is a couple waterfalls down from where you first
encounter the river.
3. Cut down trees. Various trees have chopped up bases and just need a
little tap to knock them down. You don't have to get them all to
accomplish this goal.

Tips: This track's easy. The AI flyers go slowly and don't shoot you
very often. The blue boost highway,which can be opened by breaking up
the log jam,is the only one you really need to open and it's a little
ways down from the log jam.

2. Coyote Canyon:
Place to pass: 3rd
Hidden character: Cactus Rose. At the start of the race is a small
western-style town. At the end of the main street there is a gallows,or
hanging platform,and Rose is on it. Shoot it to free her and she's
Double secret character: Bandito. From an e-mail from one Dr. Loco3000:
You can get the hidden character Bandito by shooting down the central
icicle in the cave in Coyote Canyon. A token that you can pick up to
unlock him will be there. Thanks,Doc!
Perfect Run: El Chicka Diablo

Boost highway missions:
1. Rescue the damsel. The damsel in question is where most western
damsels usually end up,in front of the train. This one's different in
that she's running from the train. Swoop down and grab her,but don't
hit the train. Her drop off point is in the western-style town
mentioned above.
2. Save the sheriff. In the same western-style town (is this place a
trouble magnet or what?) on the opposite side of the barn-shaped train
station is a corral area. In it are 3 gunmen and the sheriff. Kill the
gunmen to rescue him.
3. Stampede the reservation. Follow the tracks from the western-style
town and you'll see 2 houses with hicks outside shooting at you. Hug
the left side of the map and you'll see the cattle you have to
stampede. Shoot the bull,but watch out for the horns.

Tips: You don't really need the boost highways here. Just some run and
gun flying should see you through. The AI still isn't too tough here,
so you should place at least 3rd easily.

3. Bandito Attack:
Hidden characters: Atomic Johnny (alternate costume). The outpost I
mention below as being the one to take out first has a tunnel behind
it. It's right behind the gatling gun station on the right. Follow the
tunnel to some gold wings and the Atomic Johnny costume is yours.

Strategy: Ok,this one's not a race. You have to defend a fort from
banditos while destroying their outposts to end the siege. A few of
said outposts are in view of the fort and can be destroyed without
leaving it undefended for too long. The first outpost you should take
out is across the railroad tracks and in clear view of the fort. This
outpost's bandits are the ones most likely to kill your reenforcements
and that's a bad thing.

The main thing is to not leave the fort alone too long as even a few
banditos can tear the place up with their bombs. If it takes too much
damage,just defend the fort by flying slowly around it (don't use the
gas button) and picking off the banditos as they come til the
reenforcements can repair it to a tolerable level. Once you've dealt
with the outposts you can see from the fort,you're going to have to
back track the banditos to their remaining hideouts. Following the
roads should help you find them.

If the gattling gunners get to be too much,hit the gas and zoom past
them. Flying straight at them almost garentees they'll nail you,so
don't do that. Concentrate on the outposts. When you bring one down,fly
back to the fort to clean up,then take out the next one. Also,on one of
the hilltops near the fort is a bunch of "banditos" with black hats. DO
NOT SHOOT THEM. They will retaliate with rockets and you can't kill

4. Thugsville.
Place to pass: 2nd
Hidden Character: Margaret Basher. As you leave the slums (the part
with all the burning buildings),you'll see a bridge. Under this bridge
is a crate with a British flag symbol on it. Shoot the crate to unlock
Double secret character: Wally Gremlin. At the start,there's 2 train
tracks on either side of you. Follow the right one to a tunnel and
follow the left fork and you'll find Wally.
Perfect Run: Sanition Paulie

Boost highway missions:
1. Foil the bank heist. From the starting point,turn left,following the
course,and look for a building with white cars parked in front of it.
Shoot all of the white cars and destroy them. There's 5 in all. The red
boost highway this opens is out of the way of the AI flyers,so you can
reap the benifits pretty freely. The highway will appear on the right
side of the bank where you shot up the cars.
2. Put out the fires. When you see the first burning building,look for
a red fire hydrant. It should be right in front of the buildings that
split the track into 2 parallel paths. Take the left path and look for
the 2nd hydrant. After that,look for a space in the buildings with a
truck parked in it and use it to cross over to the right path and look
for the 3rd and last hydrant. The blue highway this opens up goes from
the end of the bridge leading from the slums to the first warehouse.
It's not really necessary.
3. Rescue the police chief. The same bridge that leads from the slums
to the blue boost highway and the one Margaret is under is also where
you'll find the police chief,wearing concrete shoes no less. Grab him
and drop him off at the police station near the start to open the green
highway. It's also pretty useless as it runs next to the red highway
and it's right in the path of the AI flyers.

Tips: DO NOT SHOOT THE POLICE. Otherwise,you might cheese off the
copter pilots and they'll shoot at you. Just use the red,and maybe blue
boost highways and shoot down anyone who gets in your way.

5. Cave of Blunders.
Place to pass: 2nd
Hidden Character: Sheik Abdul. Right at the start of the race,dive down
and go straight. You'll see an executioner about to execute Abdul.
Guess he got downsized. Shoot the executioner and Abdul is unlocked.
Double secret character: Harem Dogfighter. Across from the harem room
is a largely empty room with some scarabs. The harem dogfighter is in
the passage that connects this room to the main part of the palace
where the AI flyers usually fly through.
Perfect Run: Chicken Sheik

Boost highway missions:
1. Save the princess. Go through the sandstorm and into the cave.
Eventually,you'll come to a large chamber with several of the swinging
blades hanging from the ceiling and the walls are covered with faces
that shoot darts at you. The princess is on the raised platform in the
middle of this room. Take her to the harem room to drop her off. The
harem room is to the right of the palace at the start with a heart
shaped window. The green boost highway opens just beyond this room and
isn't used much by the AI flyers,making it a high priority.
2. Defeat the evil genie. The evil genie can't be missed. He's big,he's
red,and he's near the exit to the cave. To defeat him,shoot his lamp.
The blue boost highway this opens is largely useless,but you do get rid
of the genie,a Freaky Bomb,and it doesn't take any time at all,so do it
3. Win in the colliseum. Gladatorial combat. And you're the only one
with a gun. You'll have to go down once you leave the cave to get to
the bottom of this where the action is. Beating down the gladiators
isn't hard,but the red boost highway is in the AI flyers' flight path
and it's out of your way. I take a pass on this one.

Tips: If you get a shield,use it to get past the traps in the cave.
Also,once you save the princess,there's no reason to fly high in the
big chamber you picked her up in,so hang low and avoid those traps. At
this point,the AI flyers are a bit more vicious,so watch out.

6. Intestinal Track.
Hidden character: Chef Mick (alternate costume). After you pick up the
health pick up about midway through the level on the main path,keep an
eye out on the bottom of the tunnel. Behind some blockage,you'll find
the Chef Mick pick up.

Strategy: Ugh! I hate this level. You have to pick up "oxygen cells" to
keep breathing. Run out of oxygen,you take damage til you get more.
Throw in indestructable white blood cells chewing on your plane and
polyps that pop-up and explode and you have a lovely little nightmare.
This level is tough,fustrating,and boring. There's little you can do
here,so just grab the Chef Mick and get out quickly. While the white
blood cells can only be avoided,the polyps can be shot to prevent
damage and white blood cells only hurt you once per cell.

7. Danger Island.
Place to pass: 1st
Hidden Character: Island Jack. Power dive from the top of the falls and
keep to the left,looking for a yellow snake in a tree branch across the
path. Shoot it to unlock Jack.
Perfect Run: Leutenant Jack

Boost highway missions:
1. Sink the Crimson Pirate. After the falls,past the temple,is a lagoon
where an epic sea battle is taking place. Look for a red pirate ship
and shoot it til it sinks. Pretty simple,really. The red boost highway
this opens is fairly useful plus you get a freaky bomb.
2. Kill the sea hag sisters. After the voodoo balloons,which you can
shoot to damage the other planes,including yours,you'll see 3 huge
ghostly looking women who throw green energy balls at you. Shoot 'em
til all 3 drop. Easy,you get a freaky bomb,and the blue boost highway
this opens is rarely used by AI flyers.
3. Return the gem to the temple. The gem in question is being held by a
group under the voodoo balloons. Swoop down,get it,return it to the
temple near the falls. Look for a giant monkey statue,that's the drop
off point. I never bothered as the red and blue highways were more than
enough to win the race.

Tips: Near the start is a small waterfall. Fly into it to find a small
shortcut with a boost gate. It's not much,but it helps. Also,unless you
have a reason to,don't power dive off the falls like the others.
Instead,simply fly over the jungle and aim for a hole in the rocks.
Then,head for the sea battle lagoon.

8. Monster Isle.
Place to pass: 1st
Hidden Character: Sammy Wasabi. As you go through here,you'll come to a
bamboo forest with some kind of temple or palace or something guarded
by anti-aircraft guns. On top of this temple,Sammy's being attacked by
a ninja monkey. Shoot the monkey to unlock Sammy.
Double secret character: Chester Moneymaker. Powerdive into the city as
usual,but go behind the outside buildings and head left. Keep a sharp
eye out for the gold wings.
Perfect Run: Robo-Sammy

Boost highway missions:
1. Destroy all monsters. 3 rubber monsters threaten this city. Near the
start,after the powerdive point,in the city area is a Godzilla-like
monster. He can be a pain to find quickly. Next is a large mantis. He's
easy to spot and pick off. Finally,after the bamboo forest is a giant
flying bug thing. Another easy target. Whether you finish off the
Godzilla one or not,the other 2 should be killed to make sure they
don't become trouble. The red highway this opens is pretty useless.
Don't go out of your way for this one.
2. Batteries not included. Robo-Guy needs his batteries. The batteries
are on a hilltop behind the mantis rubber monster. Grab 'em and fly BY
Robo-Guy or you'll get caught on him. The green highway this opens can
be useful,just watch out for pipe bombs.
3. Pokemon hunter. 5 freakish mini-monsters that only retarded school
children can love are all over the island. Basically,the blue highway
they open isn't worth the time and effort it takes to "get 'em all".
If you must find them,there's one near each giant rubber monster and
one near the goal line. The last one is near the exit for the blue

Tips: The only highway mission I even bother with is the Robo-Guy one.
You're better off just looking for conventional short cuts. One good
one is in the crater under the flying bug rubber monster. There's a
hard to see tunnel to the left that leads under the goal and into the
city. Unfortunatly,a flaming boulder blocks it for the last lap. Go in
guns blazing and never let 'em sneak up on you. Try to use the
fireworks to damage the other flyers.

9. Torpedo Run.
Hidden character: Prof. Guttentaag and Sven 209. To the left of the
aircraft carrier you start on,the Prof and Sven are living in a yellow
submarine. Blow it up with 2 torpedoes to get them fighting mad.

Strategy: Basically,you have to sink their battleship. And anything
else in the water. The aircraft carrier you start on acts as a boost
gate and has infinate torpedoes to use. At the start of the level,3
ships are sailing past and,if you look behind you,you'll see a large
gate thing. If any ships reach that gate,it's instant game over. Even
these unarmed ones.

To launch a torpedo,you have to do a loop the loop or double back while
carrying a torpedo. To do either,look under Controls in this FAQ.
Support ships and subs take 2 torpedos. The capital ships,an aircraft
carrier and the battleship,take 4.

So,grab your torpedo and practice launching it at the 3 unarmed ships.
Once you've destroyed a couple or so,a sub will pop up and launch
torpedoes at your aircraft carrier. You can shoot the torpedoes,but you
need to launch your own torpedo to destroy it. You *can* hit it when
it's submerged by hitting the parascope,but it's a very small moving
target and aiming those torpedoes isn't easy. Wait til it comes up and
nail it,then gun down it's torpedo.

Once that sub is gone,destroy the remainder of the first 3 ships and
head in the direction your aircraft carrier is facing. From there,an
enemy aircraft carrier and 4 support ships are coming after you. They
have deck mounted machine guns. If things get too hairy,you can try to
destroy the deck guns,but it's best to take them out at a distance.
Just aim a little ahead of the ship and your torpedo should hit from
well outside their range.

You should be able to finish that group before the next sub. Keep an
eye on where the last one came from once you're down to one or 2 ships
from that group. Deal with it like you did the last one and try to keep
your AC's damage as low as possible. The worst is yet to come.

By worst,I mean the battleship. Once it gets close enough,it does
constant damage to your aircraft carrier. So,even though the support
ships have high damage rockets,you need to get rid of the battleship
first. Don't worry,the rockets won't get you if you keep moving. If you
get too close to the battleship or sink it,a cloud of flying,heavily
armed jetpack monkeys will descend on you. Keep your cool and remember
you can shoot backwards and you should be fine. Panic and they'll tear
you apart. Once you've dealt with the battleship and the flying monkeys
in that order,pick off the last of the support ships and win the level.

10. Bombsburg.
Place to pass: 1st
Hidden Character: Marcels Moreso brothers. After the first part of the
race through the bombfield with the anti-aircraft guns there's a pipe
with large fans inside you have to fly through. Before that are some
bombed out buildings. In one of the ones on the left are the brothers.
Shoot or tag them to unlock them. I shot them.
Perfect Run: Clown Moreso

Boost highway missions:
1. Free the poodles. The poodles are near the start of the race. Look
for a fenced in area with 2 towers near it. Destroy both towers and the
poodles are free. You can get both in one pass if you slow down,but the
blue highway it opens is too much in the AI flyers' flight path to be
too useful. I do this one if I need a freaky bomb.
2. Top secret. The secret documents are in a crashed airplane body that
forms a kind of tunnel near the end of the blue highway on the right.
The spy who wants them is in the crate room to the left of the red
highway tunnel. Just fly straight through the crate room and you'll hit
him. Unfortunatly,the green highway this opens isn't as useful as the
red highway you have to miss to deliver it and you can use the red one
from the first lap whereas the green one you have to wait til the
second lap. Grab the documents in case you mess up getting the red
highway open and have to pass the spy anyway or really need a freaky
bomb,but try to open and use the red one.
3. Factory fast track. Ok,to open this,you need to hit 3 switches in
the factory area. Remember the pipe I mentioned for the hidden
characters? Well,you leave that pipe and fly through some rubble. The
start of the factory area is through a large door and you can end up in
the factory area before you know it if you aren't watching. The first
switch is right inside the door. Look at the right wall before the
spinning things near a faucet. The next switch is near some robotic
arms that pick things up. It's on the left wall,straight ahead. The
last switch is around the corner from the inactive arms after the
active ones I just mentioned. It's over a large yellow door. Hit all 3
and that door bursts open to reveal the highway. This highway is your
highest priority and the key to winning this race. Open it ASAP.

Tips: Ok,get the red highway open,shoot down anyone you can,and watch
your ass. The floating mines will be thick here,so watch those boost
gates. If you open the blue highway,just use the bomb with as many AI
flyers around as you can.

11. Grave Danger.
Place to pass: 1st
Hidden Character: Baron Von Slaughter. In the graveyard,where the
necromancer is,look to the left for an odd shaped tombstone and shoot
it. It's near a gun tower. The Baron will raise from his grave and join
in the Freaky Flyer races.
Perfect Run: Human Baron

Boost highway missions:
1. Knock off the swamp beast. At the start of the race,when you come to
the covered bridge,fly over it and turn right,following the river.
Watch those gun towers. If you have a shield or rockets,use it and
blast them,you'll be coming through here alot. After 2 towers,you'll
come to a pond. Look to the right side in the pond and the swamp beast
will pop up. Shoot him and keep shooting him til he falls off the
cliff. Immediantly use the freaky bomb you get and head into the blue
highway,but after the first gate,turn down and look for another blue
highway on top of the moat in the pit. Hit the 3 segments going right
and into a single boost gate into a cave. Look up and you'll see
another single gate near some power ups before coming out into a
courtyard to face....
2. The Spider Queen. No,this isn't Spider-man's sister. At least I
don't think it is. What it is is a fat spider/woman hybrid who takes a
lot of bullets (about 2 full loads) to bring down. If you can get some
rockets on your way here,that'll really help. Shoot 2 at her and she'll
fall right over. If you don't have the rockets,you'll have to use your
guns. Take your "foot" off the gas and pound her til the guns empty.
Let them fully reload and do it again. She'll drop and you need to hit
the gas to get past those gun towers. Try to save the freaky bomb. Fly
into the library behind her and look for an open bookcase. Go into the
passage and make a tight turn left and up to see the green boost
highway you opened by killing the queen. Take it to the top and,if you
see anyone up here,use the freaky bomb if you have it and turn left. Go
down the stairs behind the lab to....
3. Army of dorkness. Take the boost gate at the bottom of the stairs
and lean to the right. The first skeleton will pop up. Yeah,it's a
giant army not in that there's lots of them,they're giant skeletons.
But they drop easy. Shoot the 1st skeleton and turn right so the next
one pops up. Shoot it and turn a hard left. Skeleton #3 pops up for
destruction. Now once more do a hard right and the 4th and last
skeleton comes out to play. Blast him and the necromancer's skull
shield will drop. Shoot the necromancer and go into the glowing doorway
under him. Once through the light doorway,you're back at the start.
Freaky bomb anyone in the way and look up to see the red highway you've

Tips: Ok,unlike past tracks,you really need to open all 3 boost
highways. The directions above should get all of them open with one
"pass",but they all *need* to be open for you to win here. Watch out on
the red and green highways for mines and the start of the blue one. The
AI flyers take the blue one up,while you go down for the rest of yours
so that part's safe. Shoot down anyone in front of you and once in the
lead,watch your back.

12. X.
Strategy: Ok,this one's pretty easy. Pilot-X starts by creating 2
"martian" saucers that hover over his shoulders and shoot at you. Gun
them down quickly,if you can get them before he starts his laser grid
attack,the better,but try to have them gone before he finishes that
attack. The laser grids always have a "hole" in them. Hold down your
brakes,for the whole fight,and fly to that hole. You shouldn't take
more than a couple of hits from this attack once you get good at it.
Once he stops using it,pick off the saucers if any managed to survive
and concentrate on the Robo-X. It takes damage,just not alot. Keep
shooting it and it'll lose life slowly,but surely.

The second part of this fight is Pilot-X unleashes his drone fighters.
His hand glows red,instead of yellow like the laser grid,and let's out
a wave of drones. The formation and number of drones changes after each
charge attack (I'll get to that in a minute),but they always shoot at
you for a bit then charge at you. If you wipe out a wave of them,you
get a rocket. I save those for the last leg of this fight. The first
formation is 6 fighters in 2 parallel,vertical lines of 3. The second
formation is 7 fighters in a circle with one in the middle. These first
2 formations,try to shoot them down for rockets. After that,concentrate
your fire on the Robo-X while dodging the drone's attacks. If you don't
do enough damage to get him to charge,Pilot-X starts the laser grid
attack again.

After taking so much damage,Pilot-X will freak out and charge at you
right down the middle of the area. This attack is easy to dodge,just
barrel roll to the left. If it hits you,it's usually an instant life
lost. The only one who's survived this attack is Sven 209 and even he
lost a big chunk of life. After the charge,Pilot-X will disappear. Fly
back to the middle and look down and he usually pops back up. At this
point he'll do his laser grid attack. Eventually,he'll drop and you'll
6. The great unknown.

Ok,as of this update,there's room for at least 4 more unknown alternate
costumes and 1 more double secret character. We've almost got them
all! Keep looking!
7. Contact info.

You can reach me at my e-mail address: if you
have any questions or want to tell me about the hidden character you
found or a neat trick.