*********************** HERDY GERDY: FAQ/WALKTHRU ***********************

             PlayStation 2 Herding Game; released 2002 UK (PAL)

                  FAQ/WALKTHRU (Version 1.0) 19/03/2003

Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com

Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
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purposes that's OK).

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If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
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type all this up for the good of my health you know.

********************************* CONTENTS *****************************


a) Doops
b) Gromps
c) Bleeps
d) Honks and Honklings
e) Ants
f) Blurps
g) Grimps
h) Glooters

a) Herding Stick
b) Magic Boots
c) Flute
d) Horn
e) Feather
f) Gloves
g) Magic Hammer
h) Swimming Costume

a) Gerdy's Hut
b) Meadow Village
c) Valley Floor
d) Mid Mear
e) Elven Wood
f) Valley Floor (2)
g) Gold Mine Gorge
h) Belder's Spring
i) Mountain Pass
j) Moonlight Peaks
k) Forest Glade
l) Crystal Lake
m) Mid Mear (2)
n) Ancient Temple
o) Pirate Cove
p) Skrags Nest
q) Crystal lake (2)
r) The Great Forest
s) The Lost Bear
t) Beaver Creek
u) Foxtown Bridge
v) Foxtown
w) The Docks
x) Tournament Island
y) Tournament Arena



*************************** 1) INTRODUCTION *****************************

INTRODUCTION - Herdy Gerdy is a beautiful and very unique game for the PS2.  It
combines a puzzle based herding game with elements of an adventure platformer.
I enjoyed this game a lot and although it can be frustrating in places I hope
my guide will help you avoid some of the frustrations I faced when playing.

This guide basically covers each and every level of the game.  For each one I
have given my advice on the best way to complete the herding challenges as well
as the other tasks you must achieve to unlock the next areas.  I have also
included in my early level discussions what items you need to return with to
collect all the bells found there. One of the frustrations of the game I found
at first was collecting all the bells on a level except the ones I could not as
I had not go the right equipment. As all the bells reset once you leave and
that can be a lot of wasted time early on.

As with other puzzle/strategy type games there is no one right way of doing
something.  But I have given the ways that worked best for me and hopefully for
you as well. Enjoy!


REVISIONS - (19/03/2003). Typed up full guide for all the levels and
challenges.  Detailed look at each creature type and the special items needed
to get through the game.  Listed what items are needed to get the bells on each
level and the tasks you must perform in brief for quick reference at the
beginning of each level guide.  Guide comprehensive, so future updates likely
to be just spell correcting, additions to the FAQ section and maybe alternate

***************************** 2) CREATURES ******************************


You'll be herding lots of Doops, and they are actually one of the toughest to
manage as well. Unlike most of the other creatures who react to the FLUTE and
can be led along, these little pink sweeties must be herded in a more
traditional fashion.

To herd a Doop first gather them together into a small herd.  Do this by
plonking down the Herding stick then running behind any stray Doops until they
are all milling around the stick.  Now remove the stick and run slowly or walk
behind them and they should all stick together and go in the direction you
want.  Don't run at them to quickly or they may scatter.  If you need Doops to
scatter to save them from a Gromp, i.e. into some water, use the Horn to
frighten them in, Gromps won't get them in the water.

Doops will ignore all other creatures and Gromps will stomp on them or eat them
and Grimps will also eat them.  Doops can't swim, but won't drown in water.  If
they end up in a stream they will bob down stream until they come to a patch
they can climb out at.  This is vital to herding some Doops on a couple of

Doops tend to avoid high places as long drops will kill them, but you may come
across some on high ledges, so herd them VERY carefully away from them.  You'll
know when you are near a group of Doops as a sweet little tune will play.

Doops are represented by Green dots and the Doop Pens by Green Squares.  Each
Doop pen can hold 15 Doops


The big pink meanies are also fairly common to all levels.  They will chase
Gerdy and punch him across the level if they catch him. They eat Doops and
Bleeps and if you pen them too close to those animals they will take out a
fishing rod and start eating your previously safely penned creatures!

If a Gromp gets hold of the Herding Stick he will snap it in half and Gerdy
will have to collect both bits to restore it.  You can tempt out a Gromp with
the Horn, then run as fast as you can through a Gromp trap, the dumb creature
will follow you over it and be penned in.

If two Gromps get close to each other they will fight allowing Gerdy 20 seconds
to either herd some creatures past or make his escape.  Gromps can also be
incapacitated by Blurps.  Kick one nearby and they will eat it and turn green,
giving Gerdy about 20 seconds to herd any creatures past it. Gromps will not
cross water either so you can get Doops past them on some levels by floating
them downstream.

In a lot of levels it is best to pen as many Gromps as possible before you
start shifting Doops and Bleeps about.  If a Gromp pen is not available without
you having to shift some nearby Doops, then it's a good idea to have a Gromp
chase you into a far corner of the map and punch you out.  If a Gromp gets too
far away from its original position then it will sit down in its new spot.  So
that can be a strategy to employ when juggling creatures and pens.  You can
then go back and pen it later when you have made the path to a Gromp pen free
of other creatures.

Gromps are represented by a red dot on the map and the Gromp pens by Red
Squares.  Each Gromp pen will hold 1 Gromp only.


Bleeps are cute little purple bears that just love music.  They tend to be
found in small groups in high places.  They are quite easy to herd as they will
follow you anywhere you go as long as you are playing the flute, though only 8
at a time will follow you.  They will also gather round the Herding Stick, but
this is often not needed, as they tend to stay put wherever you leave unlike
Doops who wander about. They also can survive long drops as they use their
tails to float to the ground.  However they drown in any kind of water (this
makes Belders Spring a NIGHTMARE level!).

Bleeps will ignore Gromps, who will happily squish and eat them; also Grimps
like to make a meal of Bleeps. Herding Bleeps is like a puzzle, you really need
to clear a path and herd them last of all, as their pens also tend to be in
awkward to reach places.  They will usually stay put if you need to leave them
somewhere out of the way, but they have an annoying tendency to get separated.

Bleeps are represented by blue dots on the map and Bleep pens by Blue squares. 
Each Bleep pen can hold 8 Bleeps.


Honks are sort of Duck creatures that can swim in water.  You herd them like
Bleeps with the FLUTE and they will trot along behind you.  They can fall a
little way, but can only survive large drops if they fall in water (like
Doops). If you jump into to deep water while herding Honks, even though you
have stopped playing the Flute they should swim after you for a way.  You then
need to leap out and lead them again with the Flute before they lose interest.

Honklings are little Honks that start out in egg form, to get them to hatch
simply lead a Honk past them and they will pop out and follow the Honks!  Honk
and Honkling pens look like small pools with a little wooden diving board
attached.  Gromps don't appear to be interested in Honks but Grimps will make a
meal of them given the chance.

Honks are represented by Yellow dots on the map and Honk pens by Yellow
squares. Each Honk pen can hold 8 Honk and 8 Honklings.


The Ants are fairly straightforward to herd and sadly you'll only meet them on
one level (Gold Mine Gorge).  You need to find the correct coloured Music Ant
and use your FLUTE to lead him to his similarly hued comrades.  They will then
all follow you to their Pens, which look like well, whacking great Anthills. 
You MUST however clear a path as they will attack Doops and Bleeps and will
behave aggressively towards Gromps, once they are angry they can't be
distracted back again.  A Gromp won't attack them, but the Ants will stand
shaking their spears at him, so preferably herd any Ants as late as you can on
a level.

Red Ants are represented by Dark Red dots and their Pens by Dark Red Squares. 
Brown Ants are represented by Brown Dots and their Pens by Brown Squares.  Each
Anthill/Pen can hold up to 12 Ants


You can't herd Blurps, but these sleepy little porcupines are very useful. They
can be used to distract Gromps on many levels.  They are poisonous to Gromps
who still eat them regardless.  If you lead a Gromp to a Blurp, or kick one
nearby he will gobble it up then turn green.  His dot on the map will also turn
green and for about 20 seconds he won't attack you, so you can use that time to
sneak creatures past him.

To get a Blurp to curl up so you can kick it, blow your HORN at it.  Then just
walking or running towards it will make Gerdy kick it; although it's hard to
control what direction it goes in.  You can also gently shuffle them in the
right direction by walking behind one playing the FLUTE which they don't seem
to like and will amble away from.


Eek! These jet-black nasties are pure evil (but cool looking!).  They will eat
anything they stumble across (except Gromps sadly) and will also chew up Gerdy
as well (you don't die, but if you had led the Grimps away from a spot you'll
be dumped back where you were and they will be back in their starting spot). 
They can only be herded with the FLUTE and you need to clear a path of any
other creature before you can safely pen them.  You can herd as many that are
on the level at a time, but can only pen 9 at a time. They will refuse to go
near water though, no matter how shallow.

Grimps are represented by purple dots on the map and Grimp pens by purple
squares. Each Grimp pen can hold up to 9 Grimps.


These rat-like pink critters only crop up on the Foxtown level.  They are easy
to herd, simply play your Flute and you can lead up to 10 at a time into their
pens which look like pipes.  Once they run in they get sucked out the other end
and down into a cage in the water.  As you don't meet any other creatures in
Foxtown they don't pose a threat to anything else.  They do however make a
rather cute chirruping noise as the dance along behind you, so they ain't all

Glooters are represented by pink dots on the map and Glooter pens by pink
squares. Each Grimp pen can hold up to 10 Grimps.

******************************** 3) ITEMS *******************************


Your first tool and one of the most useful, simply beat Ydraggsils time in
Meadow Village to acquire these.  This stick works mainly with Doops but it is
vital for keeping them under control (can be used with Bleeps as well).  Simply
use the square button to place the stick down and any Doops nearby will flock
around it.  You can use other items while the Herding Stick is stuck in the
ground as well. So in many levels its main use is to keep a set of Doops safe
out of harms way until you can clear safe passage to a Doop pen.  You cannot
place the stick into hard ground like rock or tiles though so in some levels
you'll have to manage without it.


You collect these in Meadow Village after you pen the Doops for Sara in a side
area. These allow you to jump higher and also if you press R1 while running you
can sprint even faster, useful for getting a bit of space between you can a


Like the Herding Stick this is invaluable, you cannot herd most creatures
without it.  It's easy to get, just beat Red's herding challenge in Gold Mine
Gorge.  Once you have it you can herd Bleeps, Honks, Honklings, Ants, Grimps
and Glooters. Your herded creature will follow you in formation as long as you
keep playing.  If you stop most will just stand still and stay where you leave
them, except for the Grimps, they'll chew yah!


Another useful item, this is won from Efrin in the Elven Wood herding
challenge.  It's vital to get you past a sleeping Gypsy in Valley Floor, but
also can be a useful part of your herding strategy.   You can use it to attract
Gromps attention so you can stand nearer the traps and lure them closer with
less of a chase, also in the Forest Glade level it can be used to scatter Doops
which are in danger from the Gromps.  Bleeps and Doops are scared of the Horn
so be careful when you blow it, in some levels you may unintentionally scare
Bleeps into water which will kill them.


The feather is acquired in Belders Spring after you get all his bones for him. 
It's no use while herding, but comes in handy for getting those 100 Bells per
level as you need it to climb long ladders.  It's also vital for getting up to
the Moonlit Peaks level at the end of Mountain Pass.


You'll notice in some levels large blocks with hand-prints on the side of them.
If you press Gerdy against them he will try and push but to no avail.  These
blocks can only be moved once you have acquired the magic Gloves from the
Mole's workshop on your first visit to Crystal Lake.  Simply collect 50 Bells
activate a switch to make a bridge to walk over to the Moles house. Talk to
him, and then look for the secret Hole to climb down (well not so secret,
there's a big red arrow pointing to it!) he'll give you these natty gloves.

Now you can revisit earlier levels like Midmear and Mountain Pass and shift the
previously unmovable blocks to get to new locations and get 100% herding
scores.  You can only move the blocks from the side with the handprints on
though and in some levels you'll need to think hard about what order to slide
the blocks in to be careful, you don't want to accidentally push a block into
the wrong place!


At the end of the Moonlit Peaks level you'll get a chance to nick Poric's
Hammer (or Shillelagh).  Just sneak down the path to his pot of gold to scare
him off and get the hammer.  This is no use for herding but by collecting bells
in later levels you can activate Rainbow Switches.  Clout these switches with
the Hammer to move onto the next area or unlock a new section.


Yes by the last third of the game your pretty sick of Gerdy's ability to drown
in a foot of water, so this rather natty swimming suit is acquired after
beating the Skrag in the Skrag's Nest level.  Toot your Horn behind it to get
it to smash its eggs, and when three are gone it will leave allowing you to get
the Swimming Costume.  Now you can revisit earlier levels and collect all the
Bells!  Don't forget, pressing R1 will make Gerdy swim faster.

**************************** 4) WALKTHROUGH *****************************

GETTING STARTED: When you begin the game you may find your life being made
difficult by the awkward camera angles, which switch and swoop making you often
run in the wrong directions.  My first tip is learn to run and navigate the
levels by using the map in the top right hand corner. (You can zoom the map in
and out using the d-pad up and down button). Instead of looking at Gerdy, look
at his marker on the map and steer using that, this can help a lot especially
when running from Gromps.  Traps for each creature are marked in different
colours, as you get more comfortable with the controls use the map as your
visual reference and you'll find the camera proves less of an annoyance and
navigating becomes much easier.

GREEN ARROWS = Level Entry and Exit points
RED ARROWS = Entry and Exit Sub Level points
YELLOW STARS = Characters you can speak with/Quicksave Moles
BLUE DOTS = Bleeps
RED DOTS = Gromps
RED SQUARES = Gromp Pens
BROWN DOTS = Brown Soldier Ants
BROWN SQUARES = Brown Soldier Ant Pens
SCARLET DOTS = Red Soldier Ants
SCARLET SQUARES = Red Soldier Ant Pens
YELLOW DOTS = Honks and Honklings
YELLOW SQUARES = Honk and Honkling Pens
PINKS DOTS = Glooters
PINKS SQUARES = Glooter Pens
MULTI-COLOURED DOTS = Rainbow Switches

Before you make a serious attempt at a level I always recommend you have a
check around, look at the placements of traps/pens, the layout, what goes
underground and over ground etc. When exploring a level, make sure you
accidentally don't go into another area until you have competed the task in


This can be annoying, so make sure you want to move on.  You can enter some
areas like the Mountain Pass and find that without the Feather you have spent
ages herding stuff without being able to get out the other side. So I have made
sure to point out where this can be done and to warn you where you should
return at a later date.

As levels get more complex you might find frustration starting to set in. 
However the herding goals to progress to the next area are fairly lenient
throughout the game and as long as you know what items you need to collect the
bells with you shouldn't find yourself expending too much time in fruitless
collecting.  Only a couple of levels are really frustrating (The Lost Bear and
Foxtown are real pains) as they really only have one way of being solved.

LOOK AROUND YOU!  I want to stress this early on. This is a gorgeous game, so
take time to appreciate it.  The R3 button is something you'll be using a lot
to control the camera views, but don't forget the L3 button to activate Gerdy's
First Person Perspective view. Its really nice to look up close at the
creatures, and also if you find a high spot the excellent draw distance will
let you scan a level and figure out some idea of the layout.

The real beauty of Herdy Gerdy is that most levels are pretty open in how you
complete them; in the following walkthrough I have given the ways that worked
best for me.  You might develop your own herding system by the end of the game,
I hope you do!  Anyway, enough of the basic stuff, time to get stuck in to the

TASKS: None (Challenge Spike later in the game)

Well your Dad is fast asleep so its time to find some help.  First talk to the
kid called Spike by a pen full of funny pink critters (Doops).  He will tell
you to talk to Grandma in the next village.  You can get there by looking at
the map, the green circle area with an arrow marks your way to the next area.

Before you move on though, take some time to get used to the controls, moving
the camera and changing viewpoints by pressing down on the analogue stick.  You
can collect all 100 Bells on this level as well.  There is one on a mushroom
that can be tricky to get without the Magic Boots, but its possible.  If you do
collect them all then a large Cowbell will appear, pick it up and when you are
in Meadow Village take it to the man by the field of cows to get him to unlock
Secrets in the Extras menu.

Ok once you are done, talk to the Gypsy and go on into Meadow Village.

SPIKES CHALLENGE: At a later date in the game if you return to this level,
Spike will complain that all his Doops got out and challenge you to beat his
time of 1.30.  There are two sets of Doops, 7 near the pen and 8 on the other
side of the stream.  The ones nears the pen should be dropped quickly into the
stream where they will float along and come out in some shallows.  The same
should be done with the others, but don't let them fall into the stream AFTER
the shallow area, as they will just float out of the level and you'll lose. 
With a bit of practice they can all be herded within 1.30.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: The Swimming Costume
TASKS: Beat Ydraggsils 5:00 record for HERDING STICK
       Herd Doops for Sara to get MAGIC BOOTS

There are lots of people to talk to here.  The important ones are Grandma and
the man by the field of cows (marked by yellow stars in red circles).  Go and
talk to him first and if you got the Cowbell in the last level he'll unlock
SECRET 1 for you in the Extras menu, check it out when you quit the game!

Ok now chat with Granny, and she'll tell you that you need to talk with
Ydraggsil, so head up towards a red circular area with a Red Arrow.  This takes
you into a side area and to Ydraggsil.

The task is simple, Herd the 15 Doops within 5.00.  This is pretty easy, well
if you played the demo a lot like I did it is. ^_^

But it's your first time herding and 5.00 is very generous, carefully round up
the Doops into a group of 15.  Don't rush them or they will scatter, carefully
trot around them until they are all bunched together.  Now slowly walk behind
them towards the pen, as you get more confident with your control, you can
experiment with short bursts of speed to hurry them along.  You should have
them all penned up with a couple of minutes (you can come back and try and beat
this record any time).

Once it's done, Ydraggsil will give you the HERDING STICK.  This handy tool is
great for keeping Doops in one place while you try and round more up.  Now you
can either leave back to Meadow Village's main area, or have another go herding
if you want to practice.

Once back in the Village talk to Granny again, she wants you to find Sara. 
Check you map and you'll see another area marked with a red circle at the end
of a long path.  Walk down that path and you'll find yourself in a small glade.
There are 15 Doops and a pen and Sara.  Herd the Doops and Sara will open a
locked gate for you.  Check you map for a red dot and you'll find a pair of
MAGIC BOOTS on a bridge over a pool, grab them and a mole will pop up and tell
you about them.  They help you jump higher and run faster, very handy.

Now its time to move on, so return to the main area and the Mole will pop up
again and explain where the Gypsy is and how to leave.  Head towards the Gypsy
and you'll get another mole lecture.  Finally talk to the Gypsy and leave for
Valley Floor.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Flute, Feather, Swimming Costume, rescue Jessica
TASKS: Herd 30% of creatures

Creatures on this level: 4 x Gromps, 60 x Doops, 8 x Bleeps

This is a big level with lots to do on it, but for now you only need to herd
30% of creatures on the level.  Take your time to explore, but steer well clear
of the Gromps, these new creatures are pink and homicidal, and will chase you
all over the place.  Don't unwittingly lead them too near any Doops either, as
they will stomp and eat them!

You'll find a Talking Tree that will taunt you about not being able to cross
the river and also a Sleeping Bear blocking the exit to another level.  You
can't do anything about them now, but bear them in mind for your next visit
here.  You should find the first Quicksave mole here as well, these handy chaps
let you save halfway through a level, so if you balls up the second half of
your herding attempt you can go back without having to start over.

As you check the place out you'll probably see some funny little blue bear
creatures marked with Blue dots.  These are Bleeps and you can't herd them yet,
so lets concentrate on getting 30% and moving on.

Actually its easy to get the 50% we need to open up the second level exit as
well here, so lets do that now as well to save a bit of time.

First run past the group of Doops and keep to the right.  You'll see a Gromp
trap with 5 Doops milling about over it.  Gently nudge them through the fence
until the trap is clear.  Now move towards the Gromp, and when he spots you, he
will give chase, its funny but don't let him catch you or you'll be belted
across the level. Anyway to trap him, run across the trap and as he follows,
the trap will close up and voila, we just penned our first Gromp!

Now herd those 15 Doops into the Doop pen nearby.  Why didn't we pen the Gromp
in the pen next to it I hear you ask?  Well if you pen a Gromp too close to
Doops he'll whip out a fishing rod and start reeling in your poor little Doops!
Funny but frustrating, so bear it in mind when checking out where to pen Gromps
and Doops.

Now head up and you'll see about 20 Doops milling about.  Ignore them for now
and cross through the log into an area with a Gromp, Gromp trap, two Doop pens
and a pen marked in Blue which is a Bleep pen.  Lead the Gromp into the Gromp
trap, and chase down the 5 Doops behind him.  Pen them, then go to the group of
20 Doops and herd them through the log.  If they scatter use the Herding Stick
to gather them together.  With all those Doops penned you should have not just
30% done but 50% also.

Now locate the Gypsy on the map and talk to her, you will now go to Mid-Mear.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Gloves, herd 100% of all creatures and talk to old man
TASKS: Challenge Red and beat his 3.40 record for the FLUTE
       Herd 30% of creatures

Creatures on this level: 8 x Honks, 8 x Honklings, 48 x Bleeps, 8 x Gromps
                         2 x Blurps

There are some new creatures on this level, Honks, Honklings and Bleeps.  We
need to herd 30% of the creatures here, but first we need the FLUTE to do so. 
The only way to get this is to beat Red's challenge.  So follow where Skybird
(the old guy) points and that'll show you where Red is.

Red is a magician and a Fox and his challenge is fairly simple.  When the timer
starts you must quickly round up all the Doops, you can't use the Herding Stick
on the hard ground, so you need to make sure they don't scatter.  When the Doop
pen opens up, get them inside quick before the Gromps start to come out.  Once
the Gromps start to come out, let them chase you one at a time down the side
paths to Gromp traps.  Try not to let two meet up as they will brawl and cost
you valuable seconds.  You should be able to do this relatively easily, and
once you do, you'll get the FLUTE.

You'll get a tutorial on using this new item from the Mole, then its time to
herd.  This level has a more complex structure than the ones so far.  Some of
it is raised up, that's OK Bleeps can float down long distances.  Below is the
best strategy for a 100% completion, follow for as much as you need to do for
30% completion if you are in a hurry to move on.

The best way to do this is to be methodical.  Return to the first part of the
level where they old guy is sat surrounded by Bleeps.  First go up the ramp
past the old man.  Turn left at the top and walk past the Gromp trap and over
the bridge.  Lure the nearby Gromp back over and into the trap.  Now go back
down to the old man and play your FLUTE, wait for the Bleeps to line up behind.
 As long as you keep playing, they will keep following.

Now climb the ramp again and lead them past the trapped Gromp, carry on across
the bridge and you'll see a Bleep pen down on the ground. Simply jump down and
make sure you stay in the fenced area, the Bleeps will use their spinning tails
to float down after you.  When they are all penned, put the flute away and hop

Now carry on ahead and you'll see a Gromp and Gromp trap marked on the map
above you.  Hug the canyon wall and you'll see a tunnel leading up.  Go up and
head towards the Gromp.  Leap past it then use the tunnel to lure it back into
the trap. Now drop down, go back past the penned Bleeps until you find 8 Bleeps
standing under a bridge and on a Gromp trap.  Use the Flute to lead the Bleeps
up through the tunnel and to where the Gromp was first sat.  Carefully jump
down the platforms and into the pen area.  Stand a little to the side and close
to the pen so the Bleeps fly down and land inside it.  If some miss just lead
them back up and round again.

Now look on the map for a walled area.  There is a Gromp lurking in the
entrance. Lure him out and into the trap you just cleared of Bleeps under a
bridge.  Now go into the walled area and lure the Gromp by the Bleep pen NOT
into the trap nearby, but one a little further away near the pond.   Now look
for the Gromp near the pool and trap him in the trap nearby.

Go to the pond and climb down onto the wooden platform that runs around the
edge.  Move towards the back before you play the Flute for the Honks as you
don't want the Honklings to hatch out too soon.  Lead the Honks around the side
of the pool and up past the eggs.  Make sure all 8 Honklings have hatched out
then take them to the pen.

Now leave the walled area and look for a Gromp sitting behind this area near a
Gypsy.  Have him chase you past the Gypsy into an area with a Bleep Pen, two
Gromp traps and a Gromp.  Trap him in the first trap you come to.

Now check out the map for 8 Bleeps up on a ledge area near the back of the
canyon.  Use the wooden ramps to get up there then lead them down, through the
walled area and into the Bleep pen near the Honk pool.  Look for 8 Bleeps near
the walled area.  Lead them up the ramp into the walled area and into that
Bleep pen next to an empty Gromp trap.

Now climb up again onto the ledge running round the canyon and you'll find
another Gromp up there.  Have him chase you along the edge until you see a
hidden away Gromp trap.  Trap him inside it and return to the ramp.  Kick all
the Blurps away at the bottom as you don't need them distracting the Gromp you
are about to lure there.  He's the one near the Bleep pen, just past the Gypsy.
 You know the drill, have him chase you back to the trap at the foot of the
ramp and that's the last Gromp dealt with.

Go back to the Honk pool and use the wooden ramps to climb up to a group of 8
Bleeps.  Just behind them is a tunnel down to some wooden bridges, so lead
along until you reach a Bleep pen you can drop down into.

To get the last few, go back to the walled area and the section with the penned
Bleeps and an empty Gromp trap.  You'll see some broken pillars that will allow
you to hop up onto some stone ramps leading up and across.  Follow the path
until you reach the final set of Bleeps.  Lead them onto the bridge and right
across a stone path.  Lead them along until you reach the end with a canopy
sticking out.  Jump down here and have all the Bleeps follow you along the
ground back to the last Bleep pen which is past the Gypsy, next to a trapped
Gromp and empty Gromp trap.

Well that wasn't so hard was it?  Once you have penned all the creatures, visit
the old man.  He will give you a load of bells, which will always be there on
subsequent visits.  You can't get all 100 Bells yet anyway, so leave and head
for the Elven Wood.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Herd all the creatures within 6.00 to get the HORN

Creatures on this level: 3 x Gromps, 16 x Honks, 30 x Doops

Now you'll meet Efrin who wants you to beat his challenge of herding all the
creatures within 6.00.  This will be your first true test of herding under a
time pressure.  Initially it might seem impossible but there are ways to cut
the time down.

First I would suggest you do what you should do on all levels, forget about the
time pressure and just explore the level, checking out the placement of animals
and pens.  Now when you have done that either let the time expire or restart
and get ready for your first proper attempt.

It is possible to herd all the creatures separately and make it within the time
limit, but you will cut it very fine.  The key with this level is to herd two
lots of creatures at once, it's a good trick to practice now as it will come in
handy in later timed challenges.

First go to where the pens are and trap the Gromp nearby. Now head up to where
the 15 Doops are and put down the Herding Stick to get them to group together
quickly.  Now pick up the stick but leave the Doops there for now and go to the
where there are 8 Honks on two raised areas.  Use the Flute to get them to
follow you and lead them to the Doops.  Now with the Honks behind you and the
Doops in front lead them into their pens.

Now cross over to the other side and trap both the Gromps by the 11 Doops on
the raised area. Now jump up and herd the Doops down off that raised part, then
use the Flute to collect the other 8 Honks.  Herd them and the Doops along the
path collecting the final 4 Doops as you go.  Now just pen them all in and
hopefully you made it within the time limit!

Once you have completed the challenge successfully Efrin will hand over the
HORN.  You can also collect all 100 Bells on this level if you so choose.
You'll notice another exit from this level as well, but you can't access it
until later in the game when you acquire the HAMMER. So for now, it's back to
the Valley Floor.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Flute, Feather, Swimming Costume, rescue Jessica
TASKS: Play Flute to Tree to access other side of area
       Rescue Jessica from Bee Maze
       Lead Bee to sleeping Bear by entrance to Mountain Pass
       Use Horn to wake Gypsy at entrance to Gold Mine Gorge

Creatures on this level: 4 x Gromps, 60 x Doops, 8 x Bleeps

First thing to do is to play your FLUTE to that rude Talking Tree.  He'll fall
over and now you can cross from one side of the level to another. Go into the
Mill (the house with the Waterwheel). He'll want you to find his daughter,
Jessica. Head down the passageway marked on the map with a big flower (its just
close by). Head down it until you find a Bee.  Play your FLUTE to have him
follow you.  But lead him out via the opposite exit, i.e. NOT the way you came
in. You'll find a girl in the Bee area, its Jessica, talk to her to have her
drop some Bells and she'll return home.

Once out of the Bee area, he'll hover about outside the entrance.  Using the
FLUTE, lead him back to the tunnel area where there is a Sleeping Bear (its
under 4 Bleeps on the map).  The Bee will make the bear move so you can reach a
Gypsy who will let you go through to the Mountain Pass. DON'T go there yet; you
can't proceed to the area afterwards (Moonlit Peaks) without the FEATHER so
you'd be wasting your time.

Return to the area with the Mill, down past the Bee maze area is a sleeping
Gypsy.  Blow your HORN to wake her and she'll let you move on to Gold Mine
Gorge. Oh if you go back to the Mill, the Miller will be grateful you got
Jessica back, and will open a ladder up for you to climb up and collect more
Bells, return when you have all the items you need to collect all the bells on
this level - don't forget those ones now!

[Hopefully you got the 50% needed on your first visit to Valley Floor, if not
follow the instructions below for 100% Herding completion as much as you need

Ok now we are going to try and get 100% Herding on this level.  Its not too
hard once you figure out the whys and wherefores, mostly it's just a case of
keeping your Doops out of trouble, so lets go!

First run past the group of Doops and keep to the right.  You'll see a Gromp
trap with 5 Doops milling about over it.  Gently nudge them through the fence
until the trap is clear.  Now move towards the Gromp, and lead him into the
Gromp trap and herd those 15 Doops into the Doop pen nearby.

Now head up and you'll see about 20 Doops milling about.  Ignore them for now
and cross through the log into an area with a Gromp, Gromp trap, two Doop pens
and a Bleep pen.  Lead the Gromp into the Gromp trap, and chase down the 5
Doops behind him.  Pen them, then go to the group of 20 Doops and herd them
through the log.  If they scatter us the Herding Stick to gather them together.

Now look around for a solitary Gromp and trap near a solitary Bleep.  Trap that
Gromp by the waterfall, now only one more Gromp to go and he is over the other
side.  So cross the Talking Tree and you'll see some Doops wandering about over
the Gromp trap.  Herd them down to the house with the waterwheel.  You'll find
some more Doops near the doorway.  Herd them together by the doorway and use
the Herding Stick to keep them there. Now go and get the Gromp to chase you
past the house and trap him in the pen.  Hooray that's all the fuzzy meanies
sorted out on this level!

Herd those Doops down into the pen, now cross the small bridge and up the
slanted log to a group of 9 Doops.  DON'T take them down the log, herd them
instead towards the Quicksave mole.  There is a gap in the fence they can jump
off, jump after them then herd them into the pen, that's another 15 down, only
5 more to go.

Go right back to where the 4 Bleeps are sat up on a hill.  Carry on past them
and you'll find the final 5 Doops.  Chase them over the edge and get them to
fall into the water, they will bob down stream and get out onto land where the
big group of 20 Doops was.  Just herd them through the log, into the pen and
that's all our Doops done.

Now for those Bleeps.  Go back to where the 4 Bleeps are.  Whip out your Flute
and keep walking along the edge of the level, through logs and across bridges. 
You should soon come to that solitary Bleep.  Jump down and all five will
follow, now just lead them across to the Bleep pen.  Time to get the last three
and its back over the Talking Tree.  Go past the penned Doops and up. You'll
locate the final 3 Bleeps in this area.  Just jump down into the main area and
they'll follow you back through where the large Doop herd was, through the log
and into the Bleep pen.  Phew!  That's the level cleared, yay! We rock!

TASKS: Herd 50% of creatures

Creatures on this level: 5 x Gromps, 12 x Red Ants. 12 x Brown Ants
                         16 x Bleeps, 45 Doops, plenty of Blurps

Lost of creatures to herd on this level and it's also got a tricky layout. 
There is an area separate from the main area that can only be accessed via a
walkway.  This can be ignored if you only wish to get the 50% needed to get
onto the next area, BUT if you plan on 100% competition, then this area MUST be
done first as the Doops within it can become prey to the Gromps there without
you even being present!

[Skip this part if you only need 50% completion] First we need to deal with the
separate area, so quickly locate an area on the map that looks like two Gromp
traps side by side with some Doops milling about.  Actually it one Gromp trap,
the other is above. Carefully (so you don't scatter the Doops) leap up the
platforms.  Ignore the Bleeps for now and run along the walkways.  Don't go to
near the Gromp at the end of the walkway, but drop down into the area with a
set of Doops and two Gromps.

Go to the Gromp by the Doop pen and get him to chase you to the other Gromp. 
While they fight you have to quickly round up the Doops and get them penned
before the Gromps stop fighting, as you can't use the Herding Stick here this
is a real test of control!  Once the Doops are safely penned, lead the two
Gromps into the traps.  Then leap up the platforms to the top.  You will have a
hard time getting passed the Gromp; so let him punch you back into the main
area.  Now go back up there and fetch the Bleeps a little way along, to just
before where three Blurps are.  Leave them there and quickly run back to the
Gromp, have him chase you back to the Blurps.

He will be distracted by them so fetch back the Bleeps if they have wandered
back a bit and quickly take them back past the Gromp and along the walkways
until you reach the platforms down. Hop down letting the Bleeps float down
behind you, and into their pen.  Finally you should lead the Gromp into the
Gromp trap that was just where the Bleeps were, you might get punched back into
the main area if he had started to come back along the walkway, so just come up
the platforms and lure him from behind.  OK that's all the creatures penned in
the side area!

If you only need 50% completion then just go from here.  First use the map to
locate the Red Music Ant, use the Flute to lead him to his 12 Ants nearby. Lead
them all to the anthill which is located down a tunnel nearby.  Now you can
safely herd the Doops that are by the Gromp trap and platforms into the nearby
Doop pen.

Now find the Gromp near the area full of Blurps and lead him into it, this
should keep him distracted for ages and even when he has eaten all the Blurps,
he should stay sat there. Now find the Gromp by the Bleep pen and have him
chase you all the way to the Gromp trap that is where you go up to the higher
level.  Trap him then lead the Doops from around the Brown Anthill into the
nearby Doop pen. And now you can fetch out the Brown Ants.

You'll find them by checking the map.  See where the Red Anthill is?  There are
some brown wooden tunnels marked.  The Music Ant is at one end and the 12 Ants
the other. Lead them out and to the Brown Anthill.

Now collect the Bleeps and lead them through the dried up stream bed into the
main area and into their pen.  There should be just one Gromp left, and one
Gromp trap. Get the Gromp from the Blurp area and have him chase you to the
trap by the Doop pen, although he can catch Doops from here, because you penned
him last you get 100% completion, yay!

Now you can go onto Belder's Spring.  Come back when you have the FEATHER, then
you can climb the ladder by the Red Anthill and get the last few Bells for 100%
Bell collection.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can be collected now
TASKS: Collect Belder's 3 Bones to get FEATHER

Creatures on this level: 4 x Gromps, 32 x Bleeps

This level can be hell, especially if you are aiming for 100% Herding
completion.  Although the number of creatures is small the tight spaces make
the camera behave very badly and this is where you really need to get the hang
of using the map to navigate.  Now all you need to do is to herd creatures into
pens that have a Bone suspended above them, in theory anyway.  In practice its
tricky to actually see which pens you need to fill AND they appear to randomise
each time.  So basically I have given the strategy for 100% Herding completion
below, follow it as much as you need to if you are just after the FEATHER. Once
you have herded enough creatures, the FEATHER will appear on top of the large
mountain shaped area in the middle of the level, just climb up and collect it
when it appears.

Now the first thing to remember in this level is Bleeps are NOT waterproof.  So
don't ever use the HORN to attract Gromps, it will scare Bleeps and they'll
jump into the water and die, argh! Also when herding Bleeps with the Flute be
careful when you approach the rest of a group, the Bleeps will try and join you
and again might end up in the water. Use the Quicksave Mole a lot if you are
having problems.

From the start of the level drop down and run up and along the large twisting
walkway until you reach an area with a Bleeps pen and a Gromp. The wooden
platform splits and the end lead the Gromp up it and down again into the trap. 
Now drop down and use the Flute to collect the two Bleeps down there, head over
the two bridges and collect two more Bleeps.  Now go back over a bridge and up
and round and past the Quicksave Mole.  Keep going across several bridges and
you'll see four more Bleeps near a Gromp pen.

Carefully drop down and make sure you now have all 8 Bleeps with you.  Now look
across past the waterfall pouring from the roof and you'll see a patch of light
shining on the ground.  Herd the Bleeps to this area then put the Flute away
and leave them there.  Now go back to the Gromp trap where you just collected
the 4 Bleeps.  You'll see a small waterfall with a cave behind it.  Inside the
cave is a Bleep pen with a Gromp sat beside it, you know the drill, get him to
chase you out, round the small bridges and into the Gromp trap.  Now go and
fetch those 8 Bleeps you left by the patch of light and lead them into the cave
and into the pen.

Now go back to where those Bleeps were and you'll have noticed another set of 8
Bleeps on a piece of land nearby.  Scout around and you'll see a tunnel.  Use
the Flute to lead the Bleeps through the tunnel, across two bridges and into a
pen that lies directly underneath the central mountain part of the level.

Now come back out and look around the areas near this central area. You should
see some Bleeps, a Gromp trap and a Gromp.  The Gromp trap is actually on a
thin raised pathway. Get the Gromp to chase you up and trap him.  Now return to
the Bleeps and lead them past the trapped Gromp.  When you are just past him,
all drop down and locate a long wooden bridge.  Follow this until you reach a
Bleep pen out in the water, pen the Bleeps safely inside.

Now the final Gromp may have shifted from his original starting spot, but he is
usually lurking near the beginning of the winding walkway.  Lure him away and
he'll usually sit and scratch his head near a small hole in the nearby area.
Collect the 4 Bleeps by the start of the winding walkway then use the map to
locate 4 Bleeps on a Gromp trap and use the walkways to lead the rest to them.
Now double back to the start of the winding walkway and carry on all along it
(its better to collect the first lot of Bleeps and backtrack, because otherwise
you end up with them trying to hurl themselves towards your Flute noise and
they can end up in an awkward spot or drown).

Take you final 8 Bleeps along the winding walkway, being careful not to let any
fall and pen them in that first Bleep pen you lured the first Gromp away from. 
And that's how you get 100% in Belder's Spring!  You can also collect all 100
Bells in this area now if you want.  Lots are tucked away in awkward dark
corners and four can only be collected from an area a Gromp punches you onto. 
Don't miss the few under the bridge near where the long walkway to a Bleep pen

Once you have done as much as you need to do in Belder's Spring its time to go
to the Mountains Pass. So go back to the Valley Floor and to where you woke the
Bear with the Bee.  Now you can enter as you have the ability to get out of the
other side of the level.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Swimming Costume
TASKS: Herd 50% of all creatures

Creatures on the level: 7 x Gromps, 32 x Bleeps, 60 x Doops

YOU CANNOT Herd 100% on this level with out the GLOVES!

If you want to try for 100% herding completion here right now, well forget it. 
You need the Gloves to move several stones blocks about to free Bleeps later in
the level.  So lets just get our 50% for now, it's a complex level with a
confusing layout, but with a bit of practice, it's doable.  Below is the
strategy for 100% completion, follow it as far as you need to, then when you
are done, go right up as far back and as high up the level as you can and
you'll find a ladder you can now climb.  Go up and the Gypsy will let you past
into Moonlit Peaks.

First of all you'll see a Doop pen and a Gromp trap and a Gromp.  Don't pen the
Gromp near the Doop pen, instead have it chase you further into the level and
into the first Gromp trap you come to.   Now collect the 15 Doops nearby and
herd them back to the start and into the pen.

Now find a Gromp near a Bleep pen and trap him in another trap nearby.  Head up
into the snowy part of the level and to a group of 15 Doops.  Shepherd them
back into the grassy part of the level, past the second trapped Gromp and into
the Doop pen.  Go back up and let the first Gromp you come to chase you all the
way back down into the grassy part of the level and into the final Gromp trap
down there.

Now head back up to the Doop pen and waterfall and check behind the pen. 
You'll find a small tunnel. Head up this and at the top look for two sets of
Doops and 3 Bleeps lurking around a Gromp trap.  Take the 3 Bleeps and leave
them somewhere safe off any pathways that a Gromp might use. Then herd all the
Bleeps together and take them further up the hill out of sight as your going to
be bringing a Gromp up here in a sec.

Now do just that, head back to the Gromp sat near the windy path and the
waterfall and have him chase you all the way back up to the trap.  Now collect
the Doops and herd them all the way down into the pen with the tunnel behind

Now its time to sort out the last three Gromps and set of Doops.   Head up into
the upper part of the level.  You'll see a solitary Gromp sitting out of the
way and on the map it looks like he is near a trap, actually of course you have
to get him to chase you round the windy paths into that trap.  So do it!  Now
move on into the very top part of the level.

You'll see a set of Doops over a Gromp trap, a Gromp sat by the ladder up to
the Gypsey and a Gromp trap, a Gromp sat behind a bit of fence and some Bleeps.
 First simply have the Gromp under the gypsy run into the tap in front of him.
Now collect the Doops and have them follow you up past the Gromp behind the bit
of fence (he can't get you, too stupid!).  Through the short tunnel, past the
trapped Gromp and past the Bleeps and yep, chuck 'em over the edge!

Don't worry they will float all the way down to the bottom of the level and you
can pen them in the final pen down there.  So while they bob down its time to
sort out the Bleeps.  First shift the block holding the nearby set in and just
pen them around the corner.  Now work you way down the level, collecting them
and penning them as you go.  Shift blocks to make access easier and create
shortcuts.  You should quickly get down to the final pen with your last 8
Bleeps and pen them in the grassy area.  Now its just a case of going back to
the large log at the start of the level and crossing over to pen the 15 Doops
who have made it safely downstream!  Result!

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Herd 50% of all creatures
       Sneak up and steal the HAMMER from Poric

First of all check the layout via the map.  You'll see two lots of Grimps,
three Gromps.  On in the centre, one by the upper Grimp pen and one by the
Grimp pen past the herd of Doops.  You'll also see a Doop pen that is
underground and Bleeps and a Bleep pen that are on raised areas.  This is the
first time you have met Grimps, they will eat anything but Gromps and will
attack Gerdy and can only be herded with the FLUTE

Now, it looks complicated, but actually once you know what order to herd in,
the level is quite simple.  First of all you need to break through the ground
to open up the Doop pen.  So run at the middle Gromp and let him punch you in
the air three times.  Each time you'll land on the ice covering the hole.  The
third time you'll break through.  Now once in here look right to see a hole. 
Go through to see poor old Father Christmas frozen up.  Use the HORN to free
him.  He will thank you and leave, with plenty of bells left as a reward. If
you leave this area and revisit, the bells will always be here now.

Now look at the map and notice two Gromp pens side by side, to get to them
there is a tunnel near where the middle Gromp was/is sat.  So get running and
trap the middle Gromp in one of the traps.  Now use your horn to lure out the
Gromp sitting by the upper Grimp pen.  Let him chase you up through the tunnel
and secure him in the other trap.

Now its time to pen the Grimps.  Don't even approach them without playing your
FLUTE or they will chew you. Collect the set of Grimps in the winding section
(NOT the ones near the Doop pen) and bring them down to the Grimp pen where the
Gromp just was.  Once all nine are safely penned its time to fetch the Doops.

There are fifteen Doops so make sure they all stay together, now you need to
place these Doops somewhere safely while you remove the next set of Grimps. 
You should lead them to where the other Grimps are penned and pop the Herding
stick down to keep them happy there.

Now play your flute and draw the other nine Grimps to the other Grimp trap. 
There is a Gromp lurking there, but he is very stupid.  If you keep yourself
close to the left side you can reach the Grimp pen without him seeing you. 
Stand in the Grimp pen until all nine have been penned, then jump out and have
the Gromp chase you all the way to the last Gromp pen.

Now go and fetch the Doops and as all the meanies are locked up you can safely
herd them down the hole and into the pen.  Now you should have well over your
50% needed and a door at the top will open.  But it's easy to get the 100%
herding record here.  Simply go back to the Grimp pen that was past the herd of
Doops and climb the ladders until you reach the Bleeps.  Lead them back down to
the main area and through the tunnel and past the trapped Gromps.  There are
two ice ramps you need to jump off the end of, so carefully leap over and wait
for the Bleeps to join you.  This should easily take you to the Bleep pens and
100% herding completion!

Now, climb up to the top of the area and look at the map to see a green area
with a RED ARROW.  Go to this place and choose to go inside.

GETTING PORICS HAMMER - You have to frighten off Poric to get his HAMMER. This
is pretty easy.  You have a path in front of you with ten bells on it.  Walk
carefully along this path.  Hold down L1 to keep Gerdy's pace slow.  When
Porics head moves towards Gerdy, stop still, or he will make you restart. 
Shuffle slowly along until you reach the Pot of Gold. This will scare off
Poric.  Go back to where he was and pick up the HAMMER.

There will be a short lesson on collecting bells to produce switches, which you
must hit with the HAMMER. You have collected ten bells so hit the switch and
leave.  Collect any remaining bells in the area for 100% Bell Completion if you
wish (don't forget to get the cowbell and take it to the cowman in Meadow
Village if you do).

All you have to do is collect 30 Bells and hit the switch that appears to Exit
to a level that was previously blocked, which is FOREST GLADE.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Swimming Costume
TASKS: Herd 40% of the Doops

Creatures on this level: 6 x Gromps, 105 x Doops, some Blurps

You cannot herd 100% on this level without the SWIMMING COSTUME!

You only need 40% here for now, come back later with the Swimming Costume to
get 100% Bells and Herding.  This level is a true test of your control and
timing so make the most of it!

First of all you'll see a pack of 20 Doops ambling about dangerously near a
Gromp.  In fact it is impossible to lure these to safety without the Gromp
spotting you.  However nearby is a Gromp trap.  It looks like it's fenced off,
but you can run through the bushy bit and trap him.  So stand between the Doops
and the Gromp. Get out the HORN and blow it so the Doops scatter away from the
Gromp. He should get mad enough to turn on you, which is what you want so have
him chase you into the trap (this can be tricky, but hit Restart Level if you
mess it up to save time).

Now with him trapped collect the 20 Doops together and herd them past the
trapped Gromp and put 15 into the first Doop pen.  Take the last 5 and take
them through the fence and up the hilly bit and off the edge and into the Pen. 
Now return to where those 20 Doops were and check you map for a pond with a
Gromp by it.  Go there and hop up to where 10 Doops are.  Herd them down and
all the way to the pen with the 5 Doops in to fill it up.

Now, go back to the main area and check out the Doop pen with a Gromp sat by it
and a Gromp trap the other side.  That's too near the Doop pen, so we need to
lure him all the way out and into that trap by the pond.  Do so, although you
may need a few attempts to get him to come around the pond as water makes
Gromps behave even more dumbly.  Anyway once he is penned go up to where the 10
Doops were and up again and look for a group of 15 Doops down a sort of long

Herd them out of the gully, down past the Gromp trapped by the pond and into
the Doop pen you lured him away from.  This should give you your 40% and you
can move on to Crystal Lake!

Once you have the Swimming Costume you can come back and try for 100%. 
Basically do all the above to start with.  Now move into the next main area and
lure the Gromp there onto a trap on the bridge. The next bit is a tad complex,
you'll see a ridge of land with 30 Doops, 2 Gromps, 2 Gromp traps, 2 Doop pens
and some Blurps underneath.

Jump up by the first Gromp and have him chase you to the second.  They wall
brawl.  Wait for them to finish then whichever one spots you first, have him
chase you into the furthest Gromp trap.  Now come back and have the other Gromp
chase you down to where you just trapped the other Gromp, either jump off the
edge or let him punch you.  He should now stay put in this area.

Go back to those 30 Doops and quickly herd them into both pens before that
other stupid Gromp decides to make his way back again.  When they are safely
penned.  Return to the Gromp and have him chase you all the way back and round
to that Gromp pen the 30 Doops were blocking the way to.

Ok 30 Doops and one Gromp left.  You'll see nearby a Gromp near a Doop pen,
lure him across the river past another Doop pen and into the final Gromp trap.
This Doop pen is just far enough away so he can't get your Doops.  But pen them
in last here anyway.  Ok now you have the Swimming Costume, enter the river, as
you swim up chase first one group of Doops into the water and then the last
ones.  They should all wash out into the main area.  While the second lot are
still bobbing down, lead the first lot across the bridge with a Gromp trapped
on it and along and round and into a Doop pen.

Now go back and collect the final 15 as they emerge from the water, lead them
the same way, but carry on to the Doop pen where you penned the last Gromp. 
Get them safely inside and that's another level 100% complete. I think we're
getting rather good at this!  Make sure to collect all the Bells as well now
you can swim too.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now.
TASKS: Collect the GLOVES from the Mole Workshop

Creatures on this level: 45 x Grimps, 57 x Honks

This dark and gloomy level is packed full of Grimps and Honks.  Luckily you
don't have to herd any now.  You just need to get the Magic GLOVES.  Search
around for a tall wooden structure, that's the Mole workshop.  Collect Bells as
you go as you can get 100 bells here on your first visit.  Once you have talked
to the Mole at his house he will challenge you to find his secret Hole

This is easy; simply search round the edge of the level until you see a
whacking great red arrow pointing down into a hole!  It's easy to collect all
the Bells on this level so you may as well do it while you are here. Go down
into the hole, collect the bells in the main pool area then go down the side
passage and talk to the Mole.  You'll get the Gloves after this and the Mole
will pop up and tell you how to use them.

Now leave and return to Midmear.

m) MIDMEAR (2)
NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Herd 100% of creatures and talk to old man
TASKS: Herd the Bleeps into special pens

Creatures on this level: 8 x Honks, 8 x Honklings, 48 x Bleeps, 8 x Gromps
                         2 x Blurps

On your return Skybird the old man has a challenge for you.  Seems the Bleeps
have the symbols necessary to open the locked door to the temple. So you need
to pen three lots of Bleeps in the pens that have a shape suspended above them.
Two pens are found in the walled area, one by a Gromp and Gromp trap (square)
and the other by the Honk pool (circle). The final one is just outside the
walled area at the end of some raised wooden walkways (triangle).

This is pretty simple.  First pen two of the Gromps in the walled area (ignore
the one by the entrance for now).  Lead the Gromp by the "square" pen back into
the nearby trap NOT the one next to it and do likewise to the Gromp by the
"circle" pen.  Now stand outside the walled area near the "square" pen and
you'll see a ramp leading up the wall and some Bleeps playing nearby.  Just
collect them and lead them over the wall into the pen.

Now stand in front of the walled areas entrance and attract the Gromps
attention.  Have him chase you out and round past where those Bleeps just were
and to the back of the level. Let him punch you and you should land back at the
walled area entrance.  Nearby you'll see more Bleeps by a Gromp trap. Collect
them and lead them through the walled area into the "circle" pen.

Now for the last lot. Climb up the wooden walkways over the Honk pool and
collect the Bleeps up at the back.  Carry on round, through the tunnel and
along the stone then wooden walkway.  Carefully jump down and stand in the
"triangle" pen at the end and they should float down after you.  That's all the
shapes acquired; now you can go into the Ancient Temple.  The entrance is where
Skybird is sat.  Just go inside and push the block until you can go right and
talk to a Gypsy to get in.

Now if you truly want to learn what hell is, try collecting all the bells on
this level.  You need to pen every creature on the level and also you need to
be punched by a Gromp onto a raised area with a block you can now move with you
gloves to find some more secret ones. Several are found on the stand alone
canopy/pillar things that are dotted about near the walled area and reaching
them requires many blind leaps from the edge of the canyon or from canopy to
canopy.  It is not fun, but if you manage to get the Cowbell, as usual cash it
in Meadow Village for a new Secret.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Collect bells and hit switches to progress
       Herd 60% of all creatures

Creatures on this level: 4 x Gromps. 8 x Honks, 8 x Honklings, 18 x Grimps
                         8 x Bleeps

Quite an unusual level this one, feeling rather like one of the Dungeons in
Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with added herding!  Bell collecting is the order of
the day here, with every bell in one area being needed to be collected to gain
access to the next part of the level via a Rainbow Switch.  So lots of
exploring to do as well.

Go up the stone platforms and collect the bells from a small side room. Jump
back across and go through the tunnel opposite.  Turn left past the pool and
into a room with four blocks and four holes. Due to the fact you can only push
some sides of the blocks in certain direction they need to be shifted in a
certain order, so here is some impressive ASCII art to try and make it clear!

 _______                         _______
|       |                       |       |
|Hole 1 |                       |Hole 3 |
|_______|                       |_______|

 _______   _______   _______
| Block | | Block | | Block |
|   1   | |   4   | |   2   |
|_______| |_______| |_______|
          | Block |
          |   3   |

 _______                        _______
|       |                      |       |
|Hole 4 |                      |Hole 2 |
|_______|                      |_______|

Basically the block I have marked as 1, should be the first to be moved into
the Hole marked 1.  Then Push the block marked here as 2 into the Hole marked
2.  Then 3 into 3 and 4 into 4. Hopefully that made some kind of sense.  Anyway
when all the blocks are dropped into a hole a wall will open up to reveal some
more Honks and Honklings as well as some more Bells.

Leave them for now and move into the next section. Kick down a couple of Blurps
to distract the Gromp.  While he is sick jump the other side of the block and
push it out far enough so you can trap the Gromp in the Gromp trap.  When the
Gromp recovers, trap him.

Collect the bells in the pool area, push down the blocks so you can safely
reach the suspended ones.  You'll need 20 Bells to move on so make sure you
have every one from these first areas. Once you have 20 a rainbow Switch will
appear in the Puzzle room, so whack it to open up a passageway. Now return to
the first set of Honks (move the block) and play your Flute to lead them into
the puzzle room.  Hatch the Honklings and you should now have combined 16 Honks
and Honklings in tow.

Go through into the room with the Blurps and a Gromp.  It's a safe drop down as
long as you use the large "step" down.  Use the map to locate a side tunnel and
lead your merry band down this, down a wooden ramp and all around into the Honk
Pen.  If some fall into the water don't worry, there is a place they can hop
out at near the pen.  Just be careful you have all the Honkling together before
all the Honks are penned or the Honklings left behind won't go into the pen. 
Now collect all the Bells down here and leave via the tunnel directly opposite
the Honk pen.

Push the block in front of you and onto another block. Jump up and you'll see a
switch needing 50 bells to access it. Explore this area until you have 50 and
whack the switch.  A teeny weeny passageway will open up in one of the
left-hand columns. Go through it and push out the block at the end into the
area with the Quicksave Mole.  Push it against the two blocks on a ledge and
climb up so you can push one of those blocks out of the way and jump down into
a new area.

Now trap the Gromp by racing around the tight little fenced in area (hee hee
this reminds me of that bit in Shrek.. nevermind) then collect all the bells.
Look to the bottom left of the large statue and you'll find a tunnel. Go though
it and shift blocks out of the way and collect more bells.  At the end jump up
and push down the block.  Now push that block over to the statue so you can
climb up and hit the Rainbow Switch up there.  This opens up a new passageway;
watch out as you run along it as two big holes will send you back to the start
of the level if you don't jump over them.

You'll find yourself looking down over a huge room with several layers of green
platforms sitting up the middle of the level and stone outcroppings off the
edges. In here are 18 Grimps and 8 Bleeps and a Gromp.  There are also lots of
Bells to collect.  If you fall to the bottom before you want to be there, you
can climb up via a hill and tunnel on one side.  Also at the top of this area
is a Quizmaster, answer his questions (answers at the end of this section) to
get the last few bells for this level!

So first of all jump down onto the top green area and work your way down
through the middle, when you reach the Grimps, play your Flute and look for a
nearby side tunnel to lead them down.  Pen them and this should give you your
60% needed to clear the level.  If you wish to go now, check the map and you'll
see a way out at the bottom in a room with a Gromp, there is also a Gypsy.

If you want 100% then read on!

Pen the 9 Grimps at the bottom, try to avoid the Gromp as they might start
leaping up and down in front of him shaking their little fists (heh, I love the
Grimps!).  Pen those 9 Grimps down on the bottom.  Now check your map for a
side area with two Gromp traps.  Take a look and you'll see one Gromp trap is
down in a pit and the other is covered by a box.  Deal with the one in the pit
now.  Have the Gromp at the bottom of the huge room chase you into that side
area and he should fall into the pit, allowing you to trap him.

Now make you way up to the top and take the Quizmasters Quiz to get bells,
you'll need all 100 to trap the last Gromp. Now play your Flute and work your
way down the middle area collecting Bleeps and Bells as you go.  Once you have
penned all the Bleeps at the bottom get all 100 Bells and a Rainbow Switch will

Go to the switch and whack it, this lifts the box of the Gromp trap and now you
can trap him!  Make sure you collect the Cowbell before you go, then talk to
the Gypsy to leave for Pirate Cove.


   1) Which creatures make the Gromp feel sick?
Answer: BLURP
   2) How many bells does the Miller's daughter keep in her basket?
Answer: 20
   3) How many of Belder's bones does he need back?
Answer: 3
   4) Can you tell me the name of the Miller's daughter?
   5) What colour is Spikes hair?
Answer: ORANGE
   6) What creature do you have to Pen to get the ingredients for the Witch?
Answer: GROMP
   7) What is Spikes best time on his challenge?
Answer: 1.30
   8) What dairy product is Grandma famous for?
Answer: MILK
   9) What colour is a nasty Gromp?
Answer: PINK
  10) What useful item do you get for rescuing Sara?
  11) How many Doops does Ydraggsil get you to herd in his challenge?
Answer: 15
  12) What special object did you win from the mighty Efrin?
Answer: HORN
  13) How many little Doops can you fit in a pen?
Answer: 15
  14) How many Flute loving Bleeps can you fit in a pen?
Answer: 8
  15) What's the name of the baddy you've got to beat in the tournament?
Answer: SADORF
  16) What is the name of the Miner up in the Gorge?
Answer: OL' JAKE
  17) What colour is Sara's dress?
Answer: PINK

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Beat the 7.00 herding challenge

Creatures on this level: 30 x Doops, 2 x Gromps, 8 x Honks, 8 x Honklings

At the start you'll have a chat with Ydraggsil and he'll set you the challenge
of beating your Fathers best herding time here.  Once you have figured out what
to do its very easy!

First take the right set of Doops, pop the Herding Stick down so they won't
wander of the edge too soon.  Now drop down to the ground and have the Gromp
chase you up the passageway to the top, leap over the Blurp so you don't kick
it away by mistake and the Gromp should stay up there sickened by the Blurp.

Take the Herding Stick away and shove the Doops down into the pool below.  Jump
down after them and quickly herd them into their pen.  The Blurp should be just
wearing off now so go up and lure the Gromp into the trap overlooking the pond.
 Do exactly the same thing for the Gromp and Doops on the other side.

Now use your Flute to gather the Honks together, the Honklings will hatch, but
are separated by the fence so take the Honks up the tunnel to the top and down
the other side.  You'll probably meet the Honklings on the way up coming to
meet you (aww!).  Now just take all 16 back up to the top and into the Honk pen
where you started from, you might need a trial run, but once you have it
figured out you can get under 4.00 easily!

Now the entrance to Skrags Nest will open up, so collect all the Bells here,
and the Cowbell then use the Horn to wake the Pirate up and he'll take you to
Skrags Nest.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be got now
TASKS: Scare off bird to get SWIMMING COSTUME

All you have to do is climb up to the top of the nest.  The bird will appear
and knock you down.  The Mole will pop up and tell you to use an item to scare
it.  Your HORN is what you need, so equip it and climb up.  You need to run
behind the Skrag and blow your Horn to scare it into breaking an egg.

When 3 eggs are broken it will fly off.  It will be aggressive to start with
coming out of the nest and trying to stamp and knock you off.  But if like me
you were playing late and doing badly, a sort of adjustment sets in and you
start off behind it after a while making it easy to break the eggs (ahem).

Once it flaps off you get the SWIMMING COSTUME.  Blimey with the costume and
gloves Gerdy does look like quite the boy about town! Anyway, the Mole will
appear again and tell you that this will allow you to swim like a fish.  You
can try it out now and collect the rest of the Bells here then your next port
of call is Crystal Lake again.

You may also want to go back and collect all the Bells from earlier levels as
well and go for 100% Herding in Forest Glade.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Herd 50% of creatures

Creatures on this level: 45 x Grimps, 32 x Honks

Now we are back at Crystal lake and with the Swimming Costume we can now get
50%, nay, 100% Herding here.  Now though you will have to realise that much of
this level involves having to shift Grimps about first.  The Honks will respond
to the Flute as you lead Grimps nearby, though usually they are safely in the
water. This means that once all the Grimps are herded it is likely most of the
remaining Honks will be way out of their starting positions.  But as no threats
remain they should be easily herded.  From time to time make sure they are kept
well away from any pathway you are leading Grimps along.  If they hear and leap
out of the water, the Grimps will chomp them.  So check their placements from
frequently. Ok with that in mind, lets get herding.

First of all you may as well get the 100 Bells needed first of all to activate
all the Rainbow Switches.  Don't forget the Bells on the Moles House and behind
the waterfall in his Hole.  Once all the switches have been whacked its time to

First look for the Honk Pen located actually in the water.  Leading away are
some lily pads and shallow water. Follow this to a circular walkway with two
blocks on the short walkways.  Push the blocks down and then lead the nearest
set of Honks to the pen.  Use the map to locate the Red pointer to the Mole
Hole and collect another 8 Honks there.  Lead them to the same pen.

Now head across the level.  On the edge of the level is a tunnel with a Honk
pen at the top and 9 Grimps lurking about. Collect all 9 and lead them down the
tunnel into a Grimp pen.

Now look for an island with 9 Grimps on it nearish to the Mole Hole.  Lead them
across the walkways, past the Mole Hole, up a ramp and then drop them down a
hole to a waiting Grimp trap below (ha ha! they see stars when they fall).

Go over to where the Moles house is and use your Flute to take the Honks there
further away into the level, out of earshot of the Flute.  Now leave them safe
somewhere and collect 9 Grimps near to the Gypsy you can in via.  Lead them
across the walkways, through the tunnel and into the pen by the Moles House. 
You should now have the 50% required to leave.  The Gypsy is in a cave
surrounded by water and Grimps.

If you want to carry on for 100% herding completion then collect another lot of
9 Grimps from the side of the level and lead them across the wooden walkways to
another waiting pen. Next to those Grimps were the Grimps in the Gypsy cave. 
Lead them out, all around and down past the Mole Hole into the final Grimp pen.

Now as I said before it's likely your remaining Honks have moved and scattered
about the level responding to the Flutes music.  But as the Grimps are safely
penned in you should have no trouble collecting and penning however many Honks
that are left. One Honk pen is at the end of a tunnel and two are up around the
sides of the level so find shallow spots to lead them out by.  They will react
to the Flute from quite a long way a way so they never should end up in spots
you can't extricate them from.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Pen all the creatures and talk to the little Bear
TASKS: Herd 70% of all creatures

Creatures on this level: 4 x Gromps, 16 x Bleeps, 45 x Doops

Well its back into the nice pastoral countryside for some more Doop juggling.
Talk to the teeny Bear with a huge backpack at the start of the level, later on
when you've penned all the creatures and collected all the other bells he'll
open a secret place up for the last few bells.

Now ignore the first set of Doops and carry on around.  Talk to the man with
the overturned cart, then pen all the Doops in the field behind him.  Now look
over to the nearby Bleep pen.  Climb up the nearby ladders walk along the
walkways to a waiting Gromp and have him chase you into the nearby trap
concealed by some bushes. Now lead the nearby Bleeps back over the walkway and
down and into the Pen

Now rush about collecting 60 Bells and whack the three Rainbow Switches that
appear. This will release two Gromp traps and a floodgate. Go all the way back
to the start where you talked to the tiny bear.  Now you can herd those Doops
over the Gromp trap and into the water.  Now quickly as they float down the
river race back ahead of them to the place where they will climb out, there's a
Doop pen and a Gromp.  Quickly have the Gromp chase you all the way to that
Gromp trap at the beginning of the level.  Once he is trapped swim back down to
where your Doops should be coming out of the water.  Pen the little darlings
and return to the area on the other side of the floodgate.

Herd the first Gromp into the nearby trap.  Ignore the ones by the Doop pen for
now.  Herd all the Doops as far away from that Gromp as possible and leave them
right up against the back fence chilling round the Herding Stick.  Now you can
safely pen the Gromp in the trap, as he should be stuck in it before he spies
the Doops.  Now herd the Doops back past him and into the pen.

That will take you well over 70%, but hey come on, just one lot of Bleeps to
deal with so lets get 100%. Climb up the ladder near the Doop pen and locate 8
Bleeps.  Play your Flute and lead them along and down through the first gap in
the walkway you come to.  Now just lead your last 8 Bleeps back to the Bleep
pen near the start of the level and that's 100% done!

Now if you have penned all the creatures and all the available bells then the
small bear will open up his secret door from his hideaway at the end of the
river.  Once you have the Cowbell, talk to the Gypsy by the other exit and
leave for the scary wood!

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Trap 3 Gromps for the Witch
       Lead Baby Bear to safety

Creatures on this level: 3 x Gromps

First you must talk to the little girl bear to find her brother is missing,
possibly taken by a witch.  Zoom out you map so you can see the full area and
you'll see a Red circle at the opposite end of the map.  Make your way through
the dark and twisting paths to the Witch.

Yeah she has the little bear and will only release him on the condition you
trap the 3 Gromps within 3.00.  OK forget about the time limit.  The path
between each Gromp and trap are very confusing and twisty with entrances hidden
by bushes etc.  The best way to do this is first of all find the trap and work
your way back along the pathway to the Gromp so you get a good idea of which
way you need to go.

When you look at the map the Gromps need to be trapped this way.  The Gromp
closest to the witch must be led around the path that ends in a drop.  Just
before the drop, take a right and double back up through a tree filled area and
into the Trap

The one at the furthest end of the map is easy to trap as he only need to be
led into the nearby trap, just be careful as the bushes obscure the entrance to
the trap area.

Finally, the Gromp in the middle of the map must be placed in the final trap
which is also down a long track and also is behind a load of bushes so don't
run past them, run through them and that's the last one caught.  You'll
probably need a few goes as its easy to snag Gerdy on a tree or fence and get
punched out losing valuable time, but its not impossible and soon you should be
able to pen them in just over 2.00.

So with them all penned the Witch has the ingredients for her potion and
releases the Baby Bear.  Now you have to lead him out of the forest.  You'll
see his face appear in the bottom left corner, as he gets scared a yellow bar
will grow round it until it reaches the top and he will cry in fear and take
you back to the Witches area.

It's not so hard, jump down and you'll see he rather sweetly glides after you. 
You can only follow the path that goes off to the left and drops down.  Along
the path are Jack-in-the Boxes, which will scare the bear.  Move close before
them then run past them quickly and as far away from them as possible when they
are down in their box.  Once you reach the drop, you can jump down and the Bear
will follow, he might get a bit more scared by the drop, but although you can
push a nearby block down to reduce the drop.. its not worth the effort.

Now check nearby for a jack-in-the Box near a small ramp over a fence.  Run
over the ramp into the fenced area and carry on towards the level exit.  You'll
see another ramp leading over onto the main path, go over it and soon the
little Bear will be safe and well.  As a reward they show you to the next area,
Beaver Creek. You can go now, or stick around and collect all the Bells. When
you want to leave, talk to the Bears.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Find 10 Beavers
       Pen every creature
       Answer three questions correctly

You don't have to find all the Beavers to exit the level, but as they hold all
the Bells you need to find at least eight of them to activate switches to herd
all the animals.  Well this is our first level where we have to get 100% of
creatures penned safely.  It's actually not too tricky, but there are a couple
of Quicksave moles I suggest you make full use of!

First of all talk to the Beaver just behind you.  He'll explain that they are
all holding ten bells each and there are nine more to find. He'll then give you
your first ten bells.  Scour round the edged for most of the other beavers.  A
couple are found centrally but usually by water so make sure to check up and
down all the streams. Once you have got all three of the Rainbow switches to

First deal with the Gromps.  You'll have probably noticed a mound area with a
Gromp on top and three Gromp traps around its base.  First of all get the Gromp
from the top to come down and pen him in the trap directly at the bottom.  
Nearby is a Gromp by a pool with a large Beaver nest in it, have him chase you
to either of the two traps at the bottom of the mound and trap him.

Now look for the Gromp between two Bleep pens.  He needs to be led across the
river so whack the rainbow switch on the bridge nearest to lift it.  Now lead
him over it, along the river and back over another bridge and up into the final
Gromp trap by the mound.

The final Gromp is near the start of the level.  A group of Bleeps are milling
about on the nearby trap and some Doops are nearby also.  Hit the Rainbow
Switch to life the bridge and lead the Bleeps down and underneath and have them
and the Doops chill round the Herding Stick well out of the way.  Now you can
let the Gromp chase you up and over and into the trap.

Next remove the Herding Stick and play your Flute to lead the 8 Bleeps away
from the Doops.  If you carry along the fencing for a bit a gap will appear
with a slope/stepped area down.  Lead them down and across the bridges into the
Bleep pen.  Now go back and collect the second lot of Bleeps.  Hit the switch
to raise the bridge and lead them the same way you took the others and pen

Now for the Doops.  Go back to the ones you left with the Bleeps for a wile and
herd them down the sloping bit. You'll join up with another 15 Doops to make a
herd of 30.  Take them past the first bridge and over the second (it's better
to use the second as it is fenced off and you won't lose any Doops into the
water) Now just take them over to the two pens and make sure you get 15 in

Finally for the Honks.  Look on you map and you'll see their yellow dots marked
in the waterfall area.  Go there and swim behind the water to find 8 Honks and
the Quizmaster.  Play your Flute to get the Honks attention then jump in the
water. Although you aren't playing the Flute the Honks should follow you as you
swim out for a short way. As soon as you can leap out onto dry land and start
playing the Flute, the Honks will follow you as you walk next to the stream
until they reach a place they can climb out and join you on dry land.  Now just
lead them to their pen and that's 100%!

To finish the level go back under the waterfall and answer three questions
correctly from the Quizmaster.  Once you have done so he'll open up the way to
Foxtown Bridge.  You can go now or find the last couple of Beavers for 100


   1) Which creatures make the Gromp feel sick?
Answer: BLURP
   2) How many bells does the Miller's daughter keep in her basket?
Answer: 20
   3) How many of Belder's bones does he need back?
Answer: 3
   4) Can you tell me the name of the Miller's daughter?
   5) What colour is Spikes hair?
Answer: ORANGE
   6) What creature do you have to Pen to get the ingredients for the Witch?
Answer: GROMP
   7) What is Spikes best time on his challenge?
Answer: 1.30
   8) What dairy product is Grandma famous for?
Answer: MILK
   9) What colour is a nasty Gromp?
Answer: PINK
  10) What useful item do you get for rescuing Sara?
  11) How many Doops does Ydraggsil get you to herd in his challenge?
Answer: 15
  12) What special object did you win from the mighty Efrin?
Answer: HORN
  13) How many little Doops can you fit in a pen?
Answer: 15
  14) How many Flute loving Bleeps can you fit in a pen?
Answer: 8
  15) What's the name of the baddy you've got to beat in the tournament?
Answer: SADORF
  16) What is the name of the Miner up in the Gorge?
Answer: OL' JAKE
  17) What colour is Sara's dress?
Answer: PINK

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Collect 100 bells

This is a nice easy level and an easy one to get 100% herding on.  First cross
the bridge and find the Gromp trap with 2 Bleeps standing over it.  Use the
Herding Stick to hold them behind the trap, then go and lure the Gromp opposite
over the bridge and into the trap. Although he'll slow down when he sees the
Bleeps, if you position them right he'll walk over the trap before he can get
to them!

Play your Flute and lead the 2 Bleeps over to the Doop cage.  Jump up over the
cage and stand by the tall wall.  Keep playing your Flute until all 6 of the
Bleeps on the wall have floated down and joined the 2 you have.  Now lead all 8
back over the bridge and into their pen.

Collect 50 bells and hit the Rainbow Switch to open the Doop cage up.  Herd the
Doops out of the cage and over the bridge back to the Doop pen at the start of
the level.  Now go back and lead the Gromp into the trap in the Doop cage.

Now find the Honks and play your Flute to get their attention. Jump out of the
water and keep playing the Flute as you lead them downstream.  Just past the
bridge is a spot they can climb out at.  Now just take them to their pen and
that's 100% easy!

Collect the rest of the bells (a hard to find one is in the bushes by the Doop
pen) and hit the Rainbow Switch that appears.  Collect the cowbell and then
exit by the pipe that opened up.  Swim a short way down it and talk to the
Gypsy to exit to Foxtown.

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Only 50 on this level and can all be collected
TASKS: Collect 50 Bells and hit rainbow switches
       Pen all the Glooters
       Find the ingredients for the Baker

Creatures on this level: 40 x Glooters

Now we have got our work cut out for us. Ever played a little known game called
Metal Gear Solid ;)  Anyway you'll be needing to put your sneaking skills to
full use here.  First of all you'll have a long scene with the Baker.  He'll
tell you the Glooters have stolen all his bread he was baking for the Tourney. 
After he is threatened by the rather unpleasant Captain of the Foxtown Guards
he agrees to take you to the Tourney in exchange for you rounding up all the

So time to check our map, it's going to be VERY useful.  You'll see Foxtown
encompasses a green area, a blue area and a pink area with a river running
around the perimeter.  The pink dots are Glooters and the Pink squares are
Glooter traps.  The Red Dots here are the Foxtown guards patrolling the
streets.  So as you herd the Glooters you must keep out of the guards eye line.
 A red bar will fill up if you are close by but they can't see you, they'll
start to look for you when it reaches about halfway.  If you run in front of
them they'll put you in jail right away.  First time you get busted the Mole
will pop up and tell you off, you can then push your way out.  Luckily it
doesn't make you restart, all penned Glooters will still be penned and any you
were leading away when you were caught will be where you left them, NOT back in
their original spot.

So lets get those Glooters!  Zoom out the map and you'll see two sets of
Glooters and two Glooter pens in this green area.  The set by the black
rectangle need to be swum to leave them for now.  Go and get the other set of 5
and lead them around the streets, down past the baker and into either of the
two pens by the river.

Now check you map and you'll see in the blue area 5 more Glooters by a
Quicksave Mole.  Sneak round and get them and lead them past the baker and into
one of the river traps.  You'll see near them was a dead end street with a
guard and 5 Glooters at the end of it.  Use the set of boxes down the middle of
the street to sneak past, then lead the Glooters past in the same way, all the
way back past the Baker and into one of the River traps.

Go back to the blue area and collect the nearest set of Glooters, sneak them
down through the blue area and into a pen on the edge of the blue area by a
Quicksave Mole. That's 20 now, halfway there!

You should have collected enough bells to have opened up two Rainbow Switches.
Walk to the top of the blue area and hit the switch by the double doors. 
They'll open and you can access the next section.  Collect the Glooters in the
area behind it and lead them back to the pen you just dumped the last lot in.

Check you map and you'll see a Rainbow Switch near where the pink area joins
the blue. Hit it to open up access to the pink area and swim over there.  Use
the boxes to avoid the guards and collect both sets of Glooters for a total of
10.  Now lead them to the only trap in this area.

If you don't have 50 Bells now, collect the last few you need. Some tricky to
find ones are 4 on top of a walkway in the blue area which you can access from
a pile of boxes by the top quicksave mole.  Also there are 4 on a small wooden
walkway opposite the two Glooter traps by the main river.  Once you have fifty,
go to the two Glooter traps and jump into the river. Swim around to the area
with the final 5 Glooters and hit the rainbow Switch. Now you can easily lead
them into one of the two riverside traps and that's them all caught!

That's not the end of it though.  The Baker now needs Eggs, Milk and Flour. 
Luckily when you check you map they are shown as flashing stars.  However some
of the guard patterns have changed so be careful. The eggs are in the blue area
down the blind alley.  The Milk is at the end of the blue area and to get past
the two Guards blocking a previously accessible route use the walkway by the
Quicksave Mole.  Finally the Flour is in the Pink area, use the boxes to elude
the guards and be quick!  When you have the last one the baker will open up a
gate and you can just sneak past the guard in the brown area and out to the

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Only 50 on this level and can all be collected
TASKS: Collect 50 Bells

The Docks isn't really a level in it's own right, merely the second half of
Foxtown.  But it's quite a large area and some strategy is needed for getting
all the bells and avoiding the guards. There is nothing to herd here though

First of all collect the nearby Bells then run down past the Quicksave Mole and
turn right.  Use the boxes to dodge the two guards then carry on round. Avoid
the next one.  Now you'll be looking down into some water below, with two
guards patrolling the top.  Turn sharp right and hug the wall along. Collect
the Bells on the thin piece of wood at the end then crossover and sneak behind
the guard to collect the Bells behind him.  Now you should have 70 and a
Rainbow Switch will appear below.

Drop down and whack it to open up a tunnel entrance.  The tunnel has two exits
but you can only use the first for now.  Don't forget to collect the 2 Bells by
the Quicksave mole then carefully come out of the tunnel and run across to a
pier type area with boxes down the middle.  Collect the bells on it then drop
down into the sea and swim about until you see a long wooden jetty with Bells
on it.  Collect them and then make you way back to the tunnel.

Another Rainbow Switch will have appeared at the tunnels end. Hit it to open
the gate and sneak out. You'll be in an area with one patrolling guard and one
on the lookout.  Go to the far side and sneak behind the boxes until you reach
another tunnel (marked in brown on the map). Go through it and up the steps on
the other side.  Look for a tower with Bells around the base and one guard
patrolling.  Sneak behind his back to collect the Bells as you go and that
should be all 100 Bells.

Collect the Cowbell then go down and hit the final Rainbow Switch to meet up
with the Baker and make your way to Tournament Island.  Nearly there now!

NEEDED FOR 100 BELLS: Can all be collected now
TASKS: Collect 100 bells to release all creatures
       Herd all creatures

Creatures on this level: 1 x Gromp, 15 x Doops, 9 x Honks, 9 x Grimps

Well we're on Tournament Island but we can't get in yet.  So do as the grumpy
guard says and herd all the creatures here.

First collect 30 Bells and hit the Rainbow Switch.  Herd the Doops out and over
to a small patch of green grass by the Gypsy.  Leave them grooving round the
Herding Stick and collect more Bells.

Once you have 50 bells hit the Rainbow Switch and lead the Honks out into their
pen.  Next make you total up to 80 bells and release the Grimps.  Lead them
into their pen, which is in the Honks cage.

Collect the remaining bells. Pick up the cowbell then hit the Rainbow Switch to
release a Gromp.  Have him chase you into the Doop cage where his trap is
located. Now just pick up the Herding Stick and chase the Doops into their pen
which was where the Gromp was.

Now Mr. Grouchy English person will let you into the Tournament Arena, Gerdy,
your destiny awaits!


Lead the baker a short way, then a movie will kick in showing Sadorf has
already won.  But no, Gerdy will challenge him so you now have three
increasingly tricky Timed Challenges to complete before you can make Sadorf
your bitch and get the Acorn back!

TIMED CHALLENGE ONE: Herd all creatures within 3:00

First of all herd all the Doops quickly down into the stream.  Now as fast as
you can get the first Gromp to chase you back up and into the trap, then jump
over and get the second one to chase you around into the second raised trap. 
Hopefully you'll manage to get to the second before the Doops come out of the
water if not, they should flee from you anyway and the Gromp will chase you

Now go back and pen the Doops. In the area that is a series of corridors, pen
the Doops that are opposite their pen.  Now go to the last set of Doops and do
one of two things.  Either hold them behind the trap so the Gromp walks over it
before the can get them (quickest way) or kick the Blurp down towards the Gromp
and herd them past while he is incapacitated (safest way). Whatever you choose
you should have them all penned in just over 2.00 easily!

TIMED CHALLENGE 2: Herd all creatures within 9.10

First go to the opposite corner or the area and trap the Gromp by a Honk pen in
the nearby trap.   Now find the Gromp over by the stream and have him chase you
up to that pen and around the perimeter of the level and down into another

Collect the 4 Honks nearby and take them towards the Honk pen near some Bleeps
and a Gromp trap.  Collect 4 more on the way and take them up and over and
along past the Bleeps. Drop down and pen them.   Look for 8 Honks in the
central area around a Gromp trap.  Lead them around the perimeter of the level
and into the first Honk pen.

Now jump up to where there are 16 Honks and blow your Horn to make the Blurps
curl up.  Kick one down to the Gromp below and while he is poisoned push the
block out of the way.  Now have him chase you over to the first Honk pen,
around the edge and down into the trap you just cleared of Honks.  Now take 8
Honks to the first Honk pen and the final 8 to the one by the Bleeps.

Take the Bleeps and put them in a safe place (nearby the second Gromp you
trapped is good).  Now kick another Blurp up to the final Gromp and push the
block while he is poisoned.  Kick any other Blurps out of the way to prevent
him being distracted and have him chase you all the way over to the trap you
just cleared of Bleeps.

Now collect your 8 Bleeps and lead them round to where that Gromp was first sat
and over the edge and down into the Bleep pen.  It looks impossible to start
with but soon you'll have it down to under 8.00 very quickly!

TIMED CHALLENGE 3: Herd all creatures within 5.00

Well this is it, time to put all that herding skill to good use in the final
challenge of the game. Actually its not that complicated, but you have a double
whammy of a very tight time limit and the fact for some reason the camera
behaves the worst it ever does in the game, aaah!

There is a trick to this level and this is how to get over half the creatures
penned in just one minute.  First drop down and push all the Doops through the
gap in the boxes.  Then quickly jump up to behind the Bleep pen and boot one
Blurp over to the waiting Gromp.  While he is poisoned, quickly lead the nearby
Bleeps around him and into their pen.  The Doops should have come out of the
water by now but you can the Bleeps will scare them back a bit.

Now let the Gromp chase you into the trap and pen the Doops, if you did it
right barely a minute should have passed!  Now take a shortcut back to the
start of the level by letting a Gromp punch you up there. From here walk along
the Bridge and collect 2 Bleeps.  Take them to the nearby Gromp trap and the
other 4 Bleeps will float down. Leave them behind the Trap and jump down to the
Gromp waiting by the Bleep pen.  Have him chase you all around and back up the
bridge and into the trap.  Now lead the 6 Bleeps round the bridge and into the

The last 2 Bleeps are on a nearby grassy area near the final Gromp trap.  Lead
them down and through a gap in the fence to quickly pen them.  Now go back up
to the Gromp trap and blow your horn. Boot ALL the Blurps well out of the way
and go and find the final Gromp. Have him chase you all the way up to that
final trap and trap him.  You did it!!!!


Well Sadorf hands over the Acorn without much fuss and the game ends with you
and all the friends you made on your journey (Red, Efrin, the Bears, Skybird
the Baker etc) dancing around a fire while Gerdy's now recovered Father and
Ydraggsil look on proudly.

After this you can go back and get those 100 Bells per level, unlock all the
extras, try and get 100% Herding completion on each level and better your Timed
Challenges.  It was a fun journey; I hope there will be a sequel don't you?

****************************** 5) SECRETS *******************************

Secrets are unlocked when you collect 100 Bells on each level.  Collect the
Cowbell that appears and return it to the Cow Herder in Meadow Village and he
will unlock a secret for you in the Main Menu.

SECRET 1 - "Creating Gerdy"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on GERDY'S HUT level
(six concept sketches and early ideas for Gerdy's appearance)

SECRET 2 - "Creating a Movie"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on MEADOW VILLAGE level
(three movies showing progression from storyboard to final render)

SECRET 4 - "Deleted Level - The Hive"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on BEAVER CREEK level
(six designs for a later abandoned level with explanations)

SECRET 5 - "Character Designs"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on MOONLIT PEAKS level
(six concept sketches of various characters in the game, eg: Red)

SECRET 6 - "Gerdy Model Shots"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on GOLDMINE GORGE level
(three sketches of Gerdy in development with explanations)

SECRET 7 - "Background Character Designs 1"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on BELDERS SPRING level
(six sketches of various unherdable fauna with explanations)

SECRET 8 - "Deleted Characters 1"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on MIDMEAR level
(six sketches of abandoned characters with explanations)

SECRET 9 - "Coming Soon"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on ANCIENT TEMPLE level
(six pictures from Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness")

SECRET 10 - "Abandoned Movie"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on PIRATES COVE level
(wireframe animation showing Gerdy meeting the Queen Bee)

SECRET 11 - "Background Concepts 2"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on SKRAGS NEST level
(three colour renderings of background detail with explanations)

SECRET 12 - Unused Gerdy Animations"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on ELVEN WOOD level
(six wireframe animations and explanations of why they weren't used)

SECRET 13 - "Production gallery"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on FOREST GLADE level
(Four sketches of possible box art images")

SECRET 15 - "Deleted Character Movies"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on CRYSTAL LAKE level
(six wireframe animations of rejected characters with explanations)

SECRET 17 - "Deleted Levels"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on the BEAVER CREEK level
(Four pictures of designs for levels later abandoned in production)

SECRET 18 - "Background Character Designs 2"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on FOXTOWN BRIDGE level
(six sketches of various unherdable fauna with explanations)

SECRET 19 - "Foxtown Character Designs"
Unlocked by collecting 100 Bells on FOXTOWN/DOCKS level
(six concept sketches of Foxtown inhabitants)

SECRET 20 - "Sadorf Designs"
Unlocked by getting 100 Bells on TOURNAMENT ISLAND level
(three sketches charting the design development of Sadorf)

************************** 6) GENERAL FAQ *******************************

This is just a forum to address any oddities, glitches and persistent inquires
about the game.

Question: Can I input a code to unlock the levels and secrets?
Answer:  I have seen codes on websites that purport to allow you to open up all
the levels and get all the secrets.  None of them have worked for me.  So
you'll just have to do it the long way!

Question:  I have 99 Bells on the Meadow Village level, where is the last one?
Answer: A sneaky solitary bell is hidden on a mushroom in a wooded area left of
the bridge going up to the house on stilts.  It's easy to miss!

Question: I am missing a load of bells in Midmear, help!
Answer.  You need to get a Gromp to punch you into a high up area where you can
shift a block with the gloves to get more bells.  There is also one that you
need to get by leaping from the canyon wall onto a canopied mound of rocks.

Question:  I'm missing one Bell on the Mountain pass level, I must know where
it is!
Answer:  Another single bell is hidden through a wooded area. Find the Bleep
pen in the green part of the level and head towards the river.  There should be
one bell sat on a mound facing the snowy part of the level.

Question:  I got the Cowbell on the last level, but after the game ended the
guy said I didn't have one.
Answer:  Once you enter and finish the game on Tournament Island the game
doesn't save afterwards so you'll lose the bell.  So make sure you saved when
you got to Tournament Island, then just reload your game go and collect the
Bells, quit the level and then go to Meadow village.

Question:  I am playing the Flute but the Grimps are ignoring me!
Answer: if you let the Grimps see a Gromp or other creatures on the other side
of a fence or in the water they will ignore you and start belligerently shaking
their fists and jumping up and down at them.  You have no choice but to let
them chew you so they'll reset to their original position and just be more
careful where you lead them next time.

Question:  The tiny bear in Great Forest won't open his secret door for me!
Answer: This is a weird one, sometimes no matter that you have done everything
you should have done, he just won't open his door for you.  Time to start
again, bah.

Question:  Why has Gerdy frozen, he won't respond to my commands!
Answer;  This glitch happened a couple of times to me, both times when I was
leading one Gromp to another for a fight.  Gerdy adopted a cowering position
and just.. froze. When the Gromps recovered and approached him when they
touched him, they froze as well.  It was very bizarre and only restarting the
level was able to fix it.

Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome. 
Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
My email is falsehead@aol.com

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Big Thanks to CjayC, the cool bloke who runs GameFAQs.  You've given me the
opportunity to reach more people with my stuff than I ever could have alone!

Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.

Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
and being all round awesome dudes! bloomer, sashanan, ASchultz, MaxH, Vegita,
the daremo, krustster, Adrenaline and Bobo The Clown Love yah all guys!

***************************** THE END *********************************