At the main menu, highlight Extra Content then press R1. Enter the codes at the keypad, the nactivate/deactivate at the Extra Content menu on the Select Mission screen.

Note! All Powers only unlock the powers you've already unlocked, making it possible to use these powers on previous levels.

Unlimited Ammo978945
Use Less PSI power456456
Take Less Damage548975
All Powers537893
No Head987978
Unlock Arcade Mode05051979
Unlock Coop Mode07041979
Unlock Survival Mode7734206
Unlock Dark Mode465486
Unlock Pitfall Mission05120926
Unlock Panic Room Mission76635766
Unlock Up And Over Mission020615
Unlock Stop Lights Mission945678
Unlock Gasoline Mission9442662
Unlock Bottomless Pit Mission154897
Unlock TK Alley Mission090702
Unlock Gear Gauntlet Mission154684
Unlock Tip The Buddha Mission428584
Unlock Psi Pool Mission565485
Unlock Aura Pool Mission659785
Unlock Bouncy Bouncy Mission568789
Unlock Gnomotron Mission456878
Unlock Training Nick Skin564689
Unlock Urban Nick Skin484646
Unlock Wasteland Nick Skin975466
Unlock Stealth Nick Skin456498
Unlock Suicide Sara Skin678999
Unlock Sara Skin135488
Unlock Psi Sara Skin468799
Unlock Wei Lu Skin231324
Unlock Tranquility Wei Lu Skin654654
Unlock Dragon Wei Lu Skin978789
Unlock Barrett Skin497878
Unlock Training Barret 1 Skin196001
Unlock Training Barret 2 Skin196002
Unlock Training Barret 3 Skin196003
Unlock Training Barret 4 Skin196004
Unlock Training Barret 5 Skin196005
Unlock Training Barret 6 Skin196006
Unlock General Skin459797
Unlock Clown General Skin431644
Unlock Jack Skin698798
Unlock Burned Soldier Skin454566
Unlock Soldier Skin365498
Unlock Dock Worker Skin364654
Unlock Scorpion Skin546546
Unlock Labcoat Skin998789
Unlock Komiko Skin978798
Unlock Tonya Skin136876
Unlock Jov Skin468987
Unlock Saranae Skin65496873
Unlock Fetish Pyro Skin231644
Unlock Bikini Pyro Skin135454
Unlock Marlena Skin489788
Unlock MP1 Skin321646
Unlock MP2 Skin698799
Unlock MP3 Skin654659