|        T H E        |
                        | G R A N S T R E A M |
                        |       S A G A       |

         -= Copyright 2002 by Wong Chung Bang (David Newton) =-
                      -= Version 1.6 - 15/05/02 =-


'The Granstream Saga' isn't exactly the best RPG in the world, so why do 
I like it? To be honest, it's because it's so Japanese. If someone tried 
to make a parody of a Japanese RPG, then all the elements in Granstream 
would be in it: the doomed homeland, the purple and blue hair for the 
female characters, the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Japanese 
text on the title screen, and so on.

Another thing is the fighting system - no other RPG has such an 
involving way of fighting against enemies. True, the combat isn't 
exactly up to the standard of the Namco fighting games or anything, but 
it's still better than selecting commands from a menu.

The walkthrough is split up into sections. Each section deals with a 
specific location in the game. Every time you change location, a new 
section is started. Exceptions are when you have to pass through a 
location but not do anything there - for example after the Wise Men's 
Cemetery, where you are transported back to Cliff Labyrinth for only a 
moment before being taken to the Kilia Shrine.

Version Changes

Any information contributed by others has their name marked beside it. 
Thanks to all of them.

Version 1.6

Card of the Water God added (shoeofdeath)
Toman side quest completed (shoeofdeath)
Note about when you can complete side quests and Ruins corrected

Version 1.5

Just a minor, update, this(!)

Heading improved a bit.
Completely re-organised enemies list, grouping enemies into different 
types and adding the number of lives each one has. And that took ages.
Transcribed FMV sequences rather than just mentioned them.
Corrected Wise Men's Cemetery mistake.
Added new secret weapon "Onimaru" and how to get it.
Added new enemies 'Slerg' and 'Fugi', which I missed last time.
Various refinements to the walkthrough, making things clearer.
Removed mention that Ocarina Book affects the ending. It seemed likely, 
but it doesn't.
Likewise the Magic Fishing Rod.
Reformatted the Sceptre Force table and added more forces and items.
Added 'Dirk' weapon (QuadrAlien).
Corrected bizarre mistake in Pikshim that read "Arcia will give you an 
=-~{_[Amulet". I think the cat sat on my keyboard.
Added "Side Quests" section, with "The Cards of Gods", "The Merchant", 
"Looking for Toman" and "Back in Arona" sub-sections. "Looking for 
Toman" is still incomplete.
Added list of contributors.
Removed mention of items/gems gained from fighting Mimics - it's random.
Found the point of the Fake Treasure!
Added new shield "Moebius Shield".
Added new armor "Moebius Armor".
Added new weapon "Avenger".
Added new weapon "Omega Mace".
The gravestones in the Public Cemetery are random. Removed directions 
for them.
It's a "Drifer" - NOT a "Drier"!
Added a few bits and pieces to the enemy descriptions.
Added location of "Granstream" spell. Can't believe I missed it.
Added Transcription Notes.
A few more oddities were added.

Version 1.0 - First version 

Included Walkthrough, Enemies, Sceptre Force, Battle Items and Oddities.

Transcription Notes

The FMV sequences and voice samples in the game have been transcribed in 
this FAQ. They appear as part of the walkthrough. The following symbols 
have been used:

[ ] - "Stage directions". Show what's happening on-screen.

( ) - My comments. Additional comments not in the FMV sequence.

{ } - Words or phrases that are unclear or that I couldn't hear.

< > - Words thought rather than spoken, but still audible (with echo).


1. Pre-Introduction

In that world, between beginning and end
Lie established happenings laid out
Chapter to chapter in the book of
The almighty being.

And each and every event
Written there emanates
From the will of the author.
The pages that complete each chapter...
We call time.

But who is to know when
And if the story ends.

And that world was ending...
As if a book
Were finished being read...

But the evil
That lived within the closing book
Ripped the chapter asunder with gnashing
Teeth - Leaving the multiplication to begin...

2. Introduction

(FMV Sequence - Introduction)

[Eon and Valos are standing on the edge of a floating continent. Valos 
holds up a magic stone, and it begins to glow. He then throws it to the 
ground. A huge crack in the ground splits the continent in two. Eon 
notices he is on the wrong side of the split and jumps to the other 
side. He then sees a bird's nest on the other side of the split.]
Eon: The chicks are going to die!

[He runs over to the collapsing side and finds the nest.]

Eon: Gotcha!

[Running back with the nest as Valos watches him, he only just makes it 
in time to leap over to the safe side and watches with Valos as the 
fragment of the continent sink into the sea.]

Narrator: One hundred years ago in the Granstream Nebula a great war 
devastated the land. After years of skirmishes, two opposing forces 
clashed in a final confrontation. One faction was led by the Imperial 
Wizardry, the other by the Allied Spirit Army. As the battle raged on, 
the Imperial Wizardry activated a dangerous weapon both sides had agreed 
to ban. The weapon was fired into the core of the planet to destroy 
enemy territory, but a miscalculation disturbed the planet's axis, 
melting ice caps and triggering tidal waves that would eventually cause 
complete submersion beneath the sea. Forseeing this tragedy, four Wise 
Men used the magical control tower called Airlim to keep four continents 
from sinking. Each Wise Man used a magic orb to power Airlim, but the 
orbs had to be re-energised at regular intervals, so the Wise Men left a 
magic orb on each continent with their descendants, the new Wise Men, to 
carry on their work. Now the inhabitants of the Floating Continents are 
intent on building a new world, but suddenly all of the new Wise Men are 
starting to disappear, and there have been rumours of Imperial Wizardry 
Warship sightings. Without the new Wise Men, the lands of Shilf, Aquas, 
Volcos and Zephere are beginning to slowly sink into the sea. Once again 
an entire civilisation is threatened with extinction.

You will be shown the Continent 'Shilf'. Each continent is based on a 
Creation Element (Air, Water, Fire and Earth). Shilf is the Air 

3. Valos' House

After you talk to Valos, Eon and Valos will both go into Valos' house. 
Your first objective, believe it or not, is to make a cup of tea. To do 
this, go to the chest in the bottom right corner and open it. There will 
be a tea set inside. Use the tea set on the kettle on the stove. Eon 
will start a fire automatically.

You'll talk to Valos again. After the conversation, a youth will come in 
and tell you that the tavern owner's son has disappeared. Valos will 
have to go down to the basement to use his locating magic - he says you 
should wait, but follow him down anyway. In the basement, step on to the 
hexagram to be transported.

4. Wise Men's Cemetery

You'll meet Valos. He'll show you the remains of something in the 
corner. Examine them twice, and you'll trigger another cut scene 
involving the Sceptre. Valos will tell you to wait, so follow him again 
and talk to him. He'll mention a green crystal to the West, so go there 
to find a Save Point.

In 'The Granstream Saga', save points are green crystals, and escape 
points are red crystals. Save points restore all your health and also 
allow you to save your progress (of course). Escape points will return 
you to the entrance of the dungeon you're currently in.

If you want to save, do so. You can't do anything with the glowing 
pillars yet, so go back to the main room and take the passage North. 
Examine the suit of armor here, and it will come to life. This is your 
first fight, against a Guardian.

After the fight, keep going North and you'll enter the B2 level. Go West 
here to find a glowing green stone. Touch it and you'll find you can't 
pick it up. There will be another cut-scene, and your skills will be 
'tested' by another pathetic Guardian.

The scene will continue after the fight. You'll be told that you need to 
find Arcia. Eon will take the Orb of the Wind.

*Level up!*

Valos will enter with Roddy (the lost child), and you'll talk to him 
again. He'll reveal some of the properties of the Sceptre to you. After 
this, you'll be teleported back to the town by Valos.

5. Town of Arona

Roddy will run off at the start of this section. Follow him to the 
tavern (it's slightly Northeast of your starting location.) You'll see a 
metal chest, but you can't open it yet. There will be a conversation 
with Dougal, the owner of the tavern. He'll ask you to come in and eat. 
You'll find out a bit about the Desbat Pirates, then Eon will say he's 
going to stay at the Church. Go there now - it's at the North side of 
the town.

By the way, at any time when you're in Arona you can restore your health 
at the fountain at the East side.

6. Church Chapel

Talk to the old woman. Nothing will happen here yet, so go out again.

7. Town of Arona

Go down the stairs to the South and talk to the drunk man. He'll say 
something about the Priest behaving strangely. Go back into the Church.

8. Church Chapel

Go North, and you'll see the Priest has now arrived. Talk to him. He'll 
mention Arcia and disappear through the wall for some reason. Examine 
the Altar to open a secret passage. Take it down to the Church Basement.

This next part is NOT necessary. If you do this, the rest of the game 
becomes obscenely easy. Go slightly South of where you start in the 
Basement (a couple of taps of the Down button), and turn so you are 
facing the West wall. Use the Panther Eye to find a sharp piece of 
metal, which restores to form the Onimaru - the best sword in the game. 
It does almost twice as much damage as the 'best' weapon you would get 
by playing the game normally.

So, get the Onimaru (or not), then go down the stairs and look at the 
comb on the table.

(FMV sequence - Image of Arcia)

[An image of Arcia appears. Eon tries to touch her face, but the image 
shimmers and fades.]

Eon: Arcia...?

The Priest will now arrive. He'll say he wants to talk to you, and give 
you a new objective: rescue Arcia from the Vangel.

Talk to the Priest again if you want to save. Leave the Church.

9. Town of Arona

Go back to the Tavern to find Dougal. Follow him inside and you'll talk 
with him about how to get aboard the Vangel. Hide in the metal chest you 
couldn't open earlier, and you'll be taken aboard the Gude airship.

(FMV sequence - The Gude Airship)

[View of the Gude as it speeds towards the Vangel.]

10. Gude Airship

Slayzer and Gandor will make their first appearances, then you'll see 
Jeel and Lang taking the chest you're hiding in into Laramee's room.

(FMV sequence - Laramee Appears)

[Eon opens the chest to find himself in Laramee's room.]

Eon: Where am I?

[Laramee is standing naked in the shower. She turns her head at the 
sound of Eon's voice.]

Laramee: Huh?

Eon: Er...

Korky (who has a hideous high-pitched American accent): WHO ARE YOU, AND 

Eon: Uh, what kind of bird are you?

Korky: I'm not a bird, I'm Korky the Spirit Beast, and you'd better 

[Korky flies to one side. Eon ducks as an axe thrown by Laramee embeds 
itself in the wall behind him.]

Laramee [now wrapped in a towel]: Nice move, but I hope you realise I 
had some soap in my eyes. Now, you've got exactly one minute to explain 
who you are and what you're doing here!

You'll meet Laramee and Korky, who has an incredibly annoying accent. 
Laramee will ask you to bring her the finest jewel on the ship in return 
for letting you stay. Korky will join you here.

When you're out in the corridor, just keep on the top level and go 
South. You can go into Gandor's room at the Southeast and get his 
dagger, but Korky will tell you to put it back. Strangely, the sceptre 
doesn't memorise it, so you can't use it. You'll reach a large room with 
a Save Point and a metal chest. Open this and try to take the jewel. 
Korky will ask you to hide at the top of the stairs. Go there and Korky 
will take the jewel to sound the alarm. Try and take the jewel again, 
and the sceptre will memorise it. 

You can find fake treasure in the chest on the higher level opposite the 
Save Crystal (it's needed much later on). Go back to Laramee's room. 
After showing her the jewel, Laramee will let you stay. Hide in the 
shower, and examine the towel to end this section.

(FMV Sequence - The Vangel)

[View of the huge Vangel battleship.]

11. Vangel Battleship

You'll see a cut-scene with soldiers talking about Laramee and the Orbs. 
After this you can control Eon again.

Take the East door out of the room you start in and open the chest in 
the corridor to get 80 gems. Go North and take the lift up. Go slightly 
North to the crossroads, then you can go either West or East to fight a 
Fugi and Slerg. Keep going North until you come to a locked door. 
Examine the lift on the left, and choose 'Go to the second level'. Walk 
out of the lift and a soldier will emerge from the other lift. You have 
to fight him.

Go through the open door to the North, then East. Go through the upper 
door and you'll be in a room with a lot of crates and a Save Crystal. 
Save if you want, then walk up the chair to the North to get on to the 
crates. Work your way round the room in this way, and eventually you'll 
come to a chest which has a Piece of Metal inside - this restores to the 

Go back out of the room then through the closed door to the West. Go 
through the door opposite you to fight another soldier. He will have a 
key which you can use on the door South of the door you came in.

(FMV Sequence - Rescuing Arcia)

[Eon unlocks the cell door. Arcia is startled by the sudden light.]

Arcia: Who are you?

Eon: My name is Eon. You're Arcia?

Arcia: Why, yes, but do I know you?

Eon: No, but I'm a friend. [Holds out the orb] I bring this gift from 
your father. He said it was of great importance.

Arcia: Oh, from my father?

[When he hands the orb to Arcia, it glows violently.]

Zora will appear and explain the purpose of the Orbs. You'll see a cut-
scene involving someone stealing the Orbs from the hangar. When asked to 
go and look, go to the West side of the hangar and look through the 
second door to the South.

(FMV sequence - Slayzer Destroys the Orbs)

[The pirates are in the hangar, surrounded by soldiers.]

Eon: Oh no! They've all been captured! Now we'll never get out of here!

Arcia: Over there, someone's coming!

[Slayzer walks down the corridor towards them]

Eon: ...Who are you?

Slayzer: [Very sarcastically] Oh, what a pretty picture. The brave young 
warrior and the beautiful damsel in distress. So how did you two find 
the other three orbs, I'm curious...?

Eon: ...Who said we found them?

Slayzer: I've been informed of every move you've made. [He holds up the 
Orbs between his fingers.] And now it's time for me to make mine - I've 
got them all.

Arcia: Oh no!

[Slayzer throws the Orbs to the floor and crushes them with his foot. 
Eon lunges for the remains of the Orbs.]

Eon: What have you done?!

[Slayzer draws his sword to prevent Eon coming any closer.]

Slayzer: Now the Orbs have been destroyed, you nor anyone else can 
perpetuate the selfish destruction of Nature's gifts for their own 
greedy purposes. [Arcia crouches beside Eon.] You wanted the Orbs so you 
could use their magical powers to rule the four Continents.

Arcia: You must believe me... that wasn't our intent!

Slayzer: You're just like the rest. You swear you won't be corrupt, but 
you will be. Leave now, you're free to go. [He slices the door in two 
with his sword.] Go ahead, no one will stop you. One's destiny cannot be 

[Arcia and Eon get up from the floor.]

Examine the remains of the Orbs and the Sceptre will memorise them.

*Level up!*

Look through the door to your right, and Korky will appear again. You'll 
escape with Korky.

(FMV sequence - Arrival at Airlim)

[Eon, Laramee and Arcia are flying on Korky.]

Eon [Looking behind him]: I sure hope no one saw me take the broken 
pieces of the Orbs.

Laramee: If they did they'd be right behind us.  Huh?

[There is a huge floating tower ahead of them.]

Arcia: Oh! What's that?

Laramee: Maybe it's an abandoned Imperial Wizardry fortress.

Airlim (Metallic voice, a bit like the Master Control Program from 
Tron): Welcome. You who possess the four Magic Orbs hold the key to 

Eon: Airlim...?

[There is a burst of light and the three of them are swept off Korky and 
towards Airlim.]

You will be given power over Airlim, and also the magic of Airlim 

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Shilf)

[Weird teleport animation. Airlim arrives at Shilf.]

Select Arona as your destination.

12. Town of Arona

Laramee will run off, and Arcia will go to the Church. Korky will join 
you, so go to the tavern. Talk to Roddy if you want, then enter the 
tavern. Your health will be restored. Go to the Elderly Man's House 
(it's in the Northeast corner of the town).

13. Elderly Man's House

Take the Ocarina book from the sideboard, then read it by using it. Note 
the layout of the holes:

                          O C    O O
                          C C    C O

(C = Closed, O = Open)

Talk to the granddaughter and return the book if you want. Talk to the 
man next to the window and examine the jar on the East side of the house 
to get a couple of strange dialogues. Leave the house.

14. Town of Arona

Talk to the woman to the North to get some combat advice, then go back 
to the Church to meet Arcia.

15. Church Chapel

Talk to the Priest to learn more about the Orbs, the Lifting Verses and 
the Wise Men. Talk to Arcia and she'll say she wants to be left alone. 
Remember you can save here if you want. Leave the Church.

16. Town of Arona

Go to the Southeast corner and talk to Phyrea about the Ocarina. Listen 
to her playing it, then try to leave the town. Eon will say he has to 
visit the Elder, so go back to the Elderly Man's House.

17. Elderly Man's House

Talk to the Elder, and he'll tell Eon about his past. He'll also tell 
you to go back to Valos' house, so head there now.

18. Town of Arona

Try to leave, and Arcia will turn up. When she asks if she can join you, 
select 'Take her' (this, like most other choices in the game, is really 
a 'forced' choice - if you select the other option you'll get another 
bit of conversation and you'll be asked again).

19. Valos' House

Examine the South barrel on the East side of the house (you know what I 
mean) to get a Source of Power (this gives you another LP). Go into the 
house, and examine Valos' letter. If you need more information on the 
Sceptre, some research notes are in the bookcase. The notes also explain 
the Sceptre Force. Leave the house and go to the Kilia Shrine (it's on 
the mountain in the middle of the continent).

20. Kilia Shrine

Walk towards the entrance, and Arcia will arrive. When you try going up 
the stairs, you'll find a magic barrier is blocking your way. The only 
other way in is through the door at the base of the Shrine.

At the start, there's a Save Crystal and an Escape Crystal. Go East to 
find a Slasher, then go North up the stairs.

Follow the corridor around and fight the Guardian. Further on you'll 
find another Slasher. Take the stairs to the North down, and fight a new 
enemy: the High Guardian.

Go South and touch the blue stone in the wall. The Sceptre will memorise 
it. Open the chest to get an Ancient Mystery Stone, which has the 
Flamethrower Magic. If you go to the West side of this platform you will 
fight a Slasher which drops down from the ceiling.

Return to where you fought the second Slasher and go South. Down the 
stairs, you'll enter a new section where you'll find another Guardian. 
Go North, up the stairs to the East and through the corridor, then go up 
the next set of stairs to the West.

There's another Guardian here. After you've fought it, go to the South 
to fight another one. There is a chest in this room containing 120 gems. 
If you go East, a Slasher will jump down from the roof. Further on 
you'll find a High Guardian. Ignore the stairs for now. Go North and 
fight the Guardian, and open the chest to get a Fresh Herb. Go West and 
another Slasher will jump down from the roof (you could have done all 
this in reverse order, as this floor is a circle).

Go down the stairs you saw earlier, and keep following them down. Fight 
the High Guardian to the North. Go up the stairs to the West.

Follow the corridor and go past the junction down the stairs to the 
South, then up to the East. Fight the High Guardian. The chest contains 
a bronze piece. Go back to the junction and go Northwest. Fight the 
Guardian on the way. Keep following the corridor back to the first 

There is a Slasher here. Go East and fight the High Guardian. Go up the 
stairs to get to a room with a pit in the centre. Go down the West 
corridor (a Slasher will appear) and follow the walkway West to get to a 
chest with a Source of Power. Going East also reveals a Slasher, and 
later on a chest with 100 gems. If you go South you reach a platform 
just above the entrance of the shrine, but there's no point in going 
this way. Jump down the pit.

21. Cliff Labyrinth

You'll start near a Save Crystal, an Escape Crystal and two chests. The 
right chest contains 150 gems, the left one has a Gold Piece. Go South 
to find another High Guardian. Take the stairs to the East (yes, another 
High Guardian). Open the North chest to find a Silver Piece. The South 
chest has a Fruit of Venatawa. Go through the corridor to the East.

Another High Guardian is waiting for you. A chest to the North has a 
Piece of Metal, which the Sceptre restores to Plate Mail. Go down the 
stairs (a Slasher appears here if you walk close to the West wall) to 
fight another High Guardian, then go North. Touch the Moonstone. When 
prompted to pick it up, select 'No', then select 'Yes' to memorise it 
with the Sceptre. Go in to the room to the West.

Examine the altar here to place a copy of the Moonstone on it, then go 
out the door to the West. Ignore the Starstone on the altar for now. Go 
South and another Slasher will appear. The chest to the West is a Mimic.

Go up the stairs and slightly North to reveal a Slasher, then South to 
fight a High Guardian. You can go through the door to the East now and 
fight the last enemy on this floor - a High Guardian. The North chest is 
empty and the South chest contains 150 gems. Return to the Starstone and 
repeat the same process as for the Moonstone. Place the replica on the 
Altar with the replica of the Moonstone.

*Level up!*

Go down the staircase to get to floor B2, then out the East door. There 
are two High Guardians here, along with a chest containing 80 gems and a 
chest containing an Angel Feather.

Go down the wide staircase and press the button in the floor to stop the 
moving platforms so that they line up with each other. Further South 
you'll find a Sorcerer.

Go through the West door. This is the Ocarina Room. You can either stay 
here and solve the puzzle to leave, or continue and find more treasures. 
For the second option, continue through the West door. The West side of 
Cliff Labyrinth is exactly the same as the East side, but one chest is 
empty and the other has a gold piece.

When you're back in the Ocarina Room, examine the gears at the North 
side. Examine them again to fix it (easy game, this.) Now go to each 
corner of the room and arrange the stone blocks so that they correspond 
with the pattern given in the Ocarina book (you can even do this without 
ever looking at the book - a wind sound plays when you get each part 

When you have aligned all four holes, the hexagram in the middle of the 
room will glow. Step on to it to be teleported to the next section.

22. Wise Men's Cemetery

You'll hear a message from Zora. Go West and save. The glowing pillars 
have been removed now, so continue West to find a Ripper, then go South. 
You have to fight a Sorcerer before you open the next two chests, which 
contain a broken sword (which restores to the Bastard Sword) and 100 

By picking up the broken sword, you'll also get the Triple Cut ability. 
Fights get a lot easier now as you can attack three times in succession 
by pressing Attack, rather than only twice as before. There's a Ripper 
to test your new skill on to the South.

Go back to where you started and take the East path. There's another 
Ripper. Go North. As before, you'll have to fight before you get the 
chests, but this time it's a Death Guardian. The chests have a Fresh 
Herb and 100 gems. There's another Ripper to the North.

Again, go back to where you started, then go North. You'll get to the 
second floor basement, where you found the Orb. Go to where you got the 
Orb and examine it, then go to the East end of the room and through the 
corridor to the South.

You'll find a Death Guardian here. Once you've defeated it the pillar to 
the East will move, giving you access to two more chests. The South 
chest has an Ancient Mystery Stone with the Guard Plus spell, the North 
chest is a Mimic. This should be quite an easy fight in the cramped 

Go to where the Death Guardian was and go South. Follow the corridor 
around, passing the sealed pillar, to fight another Death Guardian. The 
pillars will rise as before. Go West to find two more chests. The North 
chest has a Decayed Crest (which is restored to the Wind Crest, which 
you can use to open passageways by moving the glowing pillars), and the 
South chest contains 280 gems. Go back to the sealed pillar to the South 
and open it.

Further South, open one of the pillars (it doesn't matter which one) and 
follow the corridor. Fight the Death Guardian then keep going South and 
around. Open another pillar and fight the Sorcerer, then go down the 
stairs to the North.

23. Wise Men's Ordeal

This is an unusual part of the game. You are asked three questions in 
this section. Each can be answered by going through one of the passages 
(left, middle or right).

Question 1

How does a man achieve true success?

L. By achieving wealth
M. By overcoming hardships
R. By achieving both

The left passage takes you to a room with four chests in it. Every one 
of them is empty. You will then be told that one must endure hardships 
to achieve true success, and you will be asked the question again.

The middle passage does the same thing as the right passage (see below).

The right passage will take you to a small room with a button on the 
East wall. Pressing this button opens a trapdoor, taking you to a long 
corridor with a chest at the North end. This chest has a Source of Power 
in it. When you've got this, follow the narrow corridor South and up the 
stairs. The next two buttons will do the same thing - each time, you'll 
have to walk back and climb the stairs again. When you reach the end, 
you'll be told that one has to endure hardships to achieve true success. 
You'll be taken to the second question.

Question 2

What is most important in life?

L. Love
M. Money
R. Both

The left passage transports you to a completely blank room. Wander 
around for a while and you'll be told that acts of kindness may involve 
sacrifice (this is a clue as to what happens at the end of the game, I 
think). You'll be taken to Question 3.

The middle passage takes you to a long corridor. You will be asked if 
money is so important, and told to continue. The lights will pulse on 
and off during this section. When you finally find the chest, it will 
contain one gem, but it is an illusion. You'll be asked to choose again.

The right passage does the same as the middle passage, but you'll be 
told that greed cannot be a quality of success.

Question 3

Which quality should you cherish most in a child?

L. Health
M. Honesty
R. Good looks

The left passage takes you to a room with a child who is practising to 
be a runner. You have to wait while he runs three laps of the room, and 
he's very slow. If you talk to him or get in his way, you'll be asked 
the third question again. If you let him complete three laps you will be 
taken to the Chamber of the Wind Spirit.

If you choose the middle passage you'll find yourself in a room with a 
small child, who will ask you if you believe she is 100 years old. If 
you answer 'yes', you'll be told that if you don't value honesty neither 
will the child. You will be taken back to the third question. If you 
answer 'No', you'll be told that a child learns honesty from those 
around him. You will then be taken to the Chamber of the Wind Spirit.

The right passage takes you to a room with a good-looking child in it. 
You'll be told to value more than good looks, and will be asked again.

24. Chamber of the Wind Spirit

Go North and touch the glowing object on the altar. Zora will talk to 
you again, and you will be taught the lifting verse. Eon will ask how to 
get to the Altar, and you will momentarily be teleported back to Cliff 
Labyrinth, where you'll be standing on the hexagram again. After a 
nauseating animation you will find yourself in the Kilia Shrine.

25. Kilia Shrine

Valos will talk to you, and tell you about Bordlang, the guardian beast 
of the Wind Altar. You will also be told how to defeat him - 'strike 
when his hands are away from his body and try to destroy the hands 

You will then be in a small room, with a Save Crystal and Escape Crystal 
on each side. Save then climb the stairs.

26. Boss 1: Bordlang

This is the only part of the game where you have to fight more than one 
enemy at a time. Follow the advice given to you be Valos. Try and keep 
away from him, and when his hands get near you hit them. If you get near 
his head he'll blow you away, but this doesn't hurt you. When the 
ceiling tiles start falling down, shield yourself and you won't be hurt.

Once you've destroyed his hands, you can start hurting him. His headbutt 
attack does a lot of damage and throws you across the room. Keep 
shielding yourself, and wait for him to attack before counter-attacking. 
When the ceiling tiles fall, wait for the first one to nearly hit you 
then run up to Bordlang. He's at his most vulnerable while he's 

*Level up!*

A ray of sunlight will shine through a hole in the ceiling. You'll find 
yourself outside.

27. Top of Kilia Shrine

Arcia and Laramee will be waiting for you. Arcia will recite the lifting 
verse. (I've decided to include these because some of them are so awful 
- almost reminiscent of William McGonagall's attempts at poetry.)

28. Shilf Lifting Verse

When invisible wings
Soar high in the sky,
Expanding over oceans,
And blessing the Earth

In far away lands, 
with harvest and grace
Human hearts thrive
And all living things grow.

There rises a new wind
That blows high in the sky.
And great heavenly spirits
Are brought back to life.

(FMV sequence - Lifting of Shilf)

[Arcia finishes reciting the Lifting Verse and raises her hand skywards. 
Flashes of lightning erupt from Airlim and the continent is lifted.]

After the lifting verse, you'll go back to the Elder's house.

29. Elderly Man's House

You'll learn that Valos has died, but the continent has been lifted. The 
Elder will ask you to go home.

30. Town of Arona

The barrel to the North of the pawn shop contains a Dried Herb if you 
haven't got it already. If you go into the Curio Shop you can get a 
battle axe. Go to the Church if you want to save, then leave the town. 
There will be another conversation with Arcia and Laramee, and you'll 
automatically go back to Valos' house.

31. Valos' House

Go into the house and examine the stove. There will be a flashback 
sequence with Valos and Eon. Once that's finished, leave by going over 
the bridge North.

32. Airlim

You will be told how to navigate between the different continents. Press 
Cancel (default Circle) to select continents. If you press Cancel again, 
you can get help from Airlim or alternatively save your game. Select 

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Aquas)

[Weird teleport animation. Airlim arrives at Aquas.]

Go to Pikshim. (NOTE: Pikshim is called 'Pixim' in some versions of the
game, due to some translation problem. I am using the European version.)

33. Entrance to Pikshim

While at the entrance to Pikshim, Laramee will tell you about the 
history of Aquas. A boy will arrive (his name is Afto), and talk to you. 
Once the conversation is over, talk to him again and he'll offer you his 
place for the night. Select 'Yes' to accept his offer, and there will be 
another cut-scene.

34. Consulate

After the sequence where you see the characters' thoughts, you'll wake 
up here. Afto will talk to you, and Laramee will run off. Again.

You can explore the Consulate now if you want. Going through the West 
door and examining one of the paintings reveals that it is called the 
'Lona Misa', and a painting in the East room is painted by 'Gan Vogh'... 
The North door leads to a balcony, which is useless just now. Go outside 
via the South door.

35. Town of Pikshim

Try examining the bonfire in the North of the town for a laugh. If you 
go up the Watch Tower, you can find a Magic Fishing Rod in one of the 
barrels on the top floor. This is not an essential item, but it comes in 
handy when you get down from the tower...

If you want, you can use the fishing rod while facing North into the 
lake. You'll catch a goldfish, which you throw back. There's no point in 
using the rod in this way, but by talking to the youth to the East of 
the tower you can exchange the magic fishing rod for 1000 gems - it's 
well worth doing this. Go slightly South up the stairs and talk to the 
youth standing here - he'll mention Selela, the Kels and Levante.

Further South, there's a woman who asks you if your name is Eon. Say 
yes, then yes again to her next question and she will ask you to try and 
find Toman. There's a barrel slightly West of her with a piece of metal, 
which is restored to the Cross Mail.

Go into the Church to the East. The priest will explain more about the 
cult in the town. You can save here if you want.

There's a dried herb in a barrel to the North of the apothecary. Go to 
the West side of the town to find Arcia talking to a youth. Talk to this 
youth and tell him you are worried about your fate. You will then be 
invited to attend the meeting with Selela.

36. Kelsan Cave Entrance

After a conversation at the entrance, follow Arcia into the cave. There 
are two dried herbs in the crates just beyond the entrance. Go deeper 
into the cave to get to the Colony.

37. Religious Colony

You are free to look around here. Tell Arcia you will accompany her, 
then find the save crystal. A couple of crates have an incredible (wait 
for it) three gems in them, but they're not that important. Go back to 
where you started and tell the man you are finished with your visit. You 
will be taken to the meeting hall.

During the sermon, Arcia will speak out against the Kels. You and her 
will be kept prisoner as unbelievers.

38. Retribution Stratum

You'll wake up in your cell. Get up and have a look around (say 'No' a 
few times before getting up and Korky will try to resurrect you...) 
Examine the bars twice to talk to Arcia. After the conversation, just 
wait around and a guard will come and get you for work. When he asks you 
to stand by the door, talk to him through the bars. Strangely, you can 
now go into the northeast cell and get a Piece of Metal from a chest, 
which restores to the Neptune, a new shield. Go North out of the cell 

39. Earth Stratum

Talk to the man standing in the centre, and you'll be told what to do - 
collect ten pieces of obsidian. This is a clever part of the game, as it 
is as tedious as actually doing the real thing.

There is a power source in the wall just to the East of the entrance. 
The easiest way to pass this section is just to repeatedly search one 
area of wall for obsidian (stand still and press X), then move on once 
you've found a piece.

*Level up!*

When you have all ten pieces, talk to the guard. You can now return to 
your cell.

Strangely, if you tell the guard you have ten pieces of Obsidian before 
you really do, he'll ask 'Are you trying to cheat?', rather than 'don't 
lie' or anything.

40. Retribution Stratum

Eon will follow the guard back to the cell. You'll fall asleep, and wake 
up the next morning. Go back to work in Earth Stratum.

41. Earth Stratum

Just repeat what you did before, and go back down again. Yawn.

42. Retribution Stratum

When you've walked back to your cell, Afto will arrive, and Eon will 
wonder how he got in, and what connection he has to Selela. After waking 
up, the guards will take Arcia. A guard will arrive and let you out of 
your cell. Go back up to Earth Stratum.

43. Earth Stratum

There is a sleeping guard on the West side. When you are prompted to 
pick up the keys from his hip, say 'No', then copy the keys using the 
sceptre. The guard to the North is also asleep, so you can get past him.

44. Heaven Stratum

Go North and you'll hear talking on the other side of the huge gate. 
Open it using the key to get to the Magical Labyrinth.

45. Magical Labyrinth

Go East from the start and fight the soldier. Follow the corridor North, 
and go down the first set of stairs to the West. You'll emerge at a 
junction. Go slightly further West and down the stairs to the North. 
You'll be on the second floor basement. At the crossroads, go West then 
South to find a save crystal.

There's a Legar and a Command Golem in each room to the East and West. 
Fight them if you want, then return to the crossroads and go North. 
Fight the High Soldier. Go East and head down the stairs (you can sneak 
past the Command Golem if you don't want to fight it).

Now you're in the third floor basement. Head West and fight the High 
Soldier. Keep going along the corridor and take the corridor South at 
the junction. At the crossroads, keep going South (there are command 
golems to the West and East) and up the stairs.

You're back on the second floor basement. Fight the High Soldier. 
There's a Legar to the West, so go past the Command Golem to the east 
and down the stairs.

Back on the third floor basement, fight the High Soldier and follow the 
corridor down the stairs. Fight the next High Soldier and continue.

On the fourth floor basement, continue along the corridor and fight the 
Soldier. Open the cells as you come to them. The Southern cell is a 
Mimic, the Northern cell has a Special Herb.

Fight the High Soldier outside Arcia's cell. You'll find you can't open 
the door. Head back to the stairs, and you'll find Afto. He has the key. 
After freeing Arcia, the party will return to Pikshim.

46. Town of Pikshim

Afto will run off to talk with his mother. Laramee will arrive and tell 
you something terrible has happened. The town youths have taken a 
hostage, who happens to be Afto. Go to the church and save before 
continuing. Go to the watch tower and go inside. Talk to Arcia.

(FMV sequence - The Blade's Language)

Laramee [Takes her dagger from its holster]: There can be no mercy for 
barbarians who take children as hostages.

Arcia: NO! [She runs over to the door and blocks Laramee from getting 

Laramee: Arcia, get out of my way.

Arcia [Not moving]: There has to be a non-violent solution to all of 

Laramee: Don't be so naïve. This blade will do the talking for me.

[Arcia grabs the end of the dagger and the blood from her hands drips to 
the floor.]

Eon: Arcia!

Arcia: [Shakes her head] Blood is the blade's language.

Follow Arcia in to the tower. Just keep climbing the stairs and watching 
the cut-scenes. When you reach the top floor, climb the ladder. Afto 
will be thrown off the tower, and the youth will turn into a Legar. You 
don't have to fight it, though.

47. Consulate

After blaming Arcia for causing Afto to be thrown from the top of the 
tower, Laramee will ask you to check on her. Go to the balcony through 
the North door.

(FMV sequence - On the Balcony)

[Arcia is standing on the balcony, facing the tower and the lake.]

Arcia: All of this trouble is my fault...

Eon: That's not true. 

Arcia: Huh? [She turns to face him] Eon!

Eon: Arcia, you can't blame yourself for all that's happened.

Arcia: It is my fault. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't even help 
one child, let alone save the world.

[Eon clasps her hands in his.]

Arcia: Oh...

Eon: You did what you could. Don't torture yourself over things that 
cannot be controlled.

Arcia: Thank you... [She brings Eon's hands to her face] Your hands... 
their warmth feels so good.

Arcia will give you an Amulet. You'll be asked by Gizela to get some 
rest, and while you're resting you'll be shown a cut-scene involving 
Selela and the Kels. Another cut-scene will show you what's controlling 

*Level up!*

Go through to the main room and talk to Gizela twice, then go outside.

48. Town of Pikshim

A youth will come and see you, and say they are going to find Selela. 
Follow him out of the town, and when in Airlim select 'The Kel's Secret 
Cavern' on the map. Very subtle.

49. Heresy Cave

The Kelsan Cave entrance has mysteriously changed its name. Just go 
North to the Religious Colony.

50. Religious Colony

Go North and talk to the Troop Leader lying against the crate. He'll 
give you a Troop Emblem. You will be asked if you want to listen to him. 
If you say No, he'll die. If you say Yes, he'll try and say something, 
THEN die. Use the save crystal here.

You can now optionally go through the passage on the Northwest part of 
the Colony to get to the Kelsan's Assembly Hall. Examining the left fire 
here will give you the Iron Shield, and you also find an old man here. 
This is explained in more detail in the section 'The Cards of Gods'. You 
can return here at any point in the game. Return to the Religious 
Colony, then go East and through the corridor to the North.

51. Cavern

Go West from the start.  Take the North path when the path splits and 
fight the Jargo. Follow the path around to the West, then North. Go East 
at the next junction, and fight the Zillo. Open the chest the Zillo was 
guarding to get a High Potion.

Go back to the junction you passed and go North. There's a Jargo in the 
next room, and again in the room after that. Don't go down the stairs to 
the North yet. Instead, take the South passage and fight the Zillo, then 
open the chest. You'll find a Fresh Herb. Return to the stairs.

On the second floor basement, you'll find another new enemy - the Slarg. 
Fight it, then go South. Fight the next Slarg. Go West and you'll reach 
a save crystal. There's a Balage to the South.

Go to the Northwest corner of this area, and you'll find an Imperial 
Army Sorcerer (actually a Legar). You'll talk with it, then you'll have 
to fight it. He'll drop a piece of crystal, which restores to the Tear-
Shaped Crystal. He also guards a piece of metal in a chest - this 
restores to the Flare Sabre.

Now go all the way back to the entrance to the Cavern and go East. Fight 
the Jargo then the Zillo, then go down the stairs. Talk to the man 
propped up against the wall and he'll tell you to examine the rocks. 
Look at the rock on the South side of this part of the cave, and say 
'Yes' to touch the rock. It will move away, revealing stairs down.

You're now on the third floor basement. Go South and look at the skull 
in the rock - this increases your LP for some reason. Go to the 
Northeast corner of the floor and examine the skull. Say 'Yes' to touch 
it, and the tear-shaped crystal will be restored. This opens a cave to 
the North, leading down to the fourth floor basement.

Go South along the corridor. Examine the huge door (the Gate of Trials). 
Say Yes to enter it.

52. Beyond the Gate of Trials

Examine the first stone skull. If you say you are not ready to be tested 
you will be transported back to the Gate of Trials. Say 'Yes' to be 
asked a series of questions. You must answer 'Yes' to every question, or 
you'll be sent back to the Gate of Trials again (note that making a 
sacrifice is mentioned again...)

When you've passed the test, you'll awaken in a small room. Examine the 
North wall. Arcia and Laramee are on the other side. There will be a 
cut-scene, and Gandor will burst through the wall.

So the Imperial Army was behind the cult, as if you hadn't guessed. 
Follow Gandor out of the caverns.

53. Labyrinth of Punishment

After the cut-scene on the fourth floor basement, you'll find yourself 
on the second floor basement. Use the save crystal, then fight the 
Legar. Using the Flame Sabre kills it in one hit per life. Go down the 
stairs to the West and stand on the hexagram while it is yellow to be 

From here, fight the Ice Golem and go down the stairs to the third floor 
basement. Stepping on the hexagram here while it is blue or red 
transports you to an area where you can fight two Legars (the areas are 
connected). Step on the hexagram while it is yellow. Go across the 
bridge and fight the Ice Golem, then go down the corridor to the South.

Follow the corridor around (don't go out on to the walkway), and open 
the chest. It is a Mimic, but after you fight it you'll find a sacred 
stone. This gives you the Strong Healing spell.

Go back to the walkway and step on the green hexagram. There is a chest 
here with a piece of metal. This restores to the Tyrano Fang. You will 
now learn the special move 'Rolling Cut', which can only be used with an 

Walk back to the room where you fought the Ice Golem, and go down the 
stairs to the North. On the fourth floor basement, you'll find a save 
crystal, an escape crystal, and Selela.

When she speaks to you, say you believe her (it's another forced 
choice). Wait in the room she tells you to go to. It's a trap - 
surprise, surprise. You have to fight the Ice Golem, then you're let 
out. Follow Selela and fight the Stone Statues.

Keep following Selela, and you'll see another cut-scene. Selela will 
come to her senses when she is enclosed in a crystal by Levante. You 
have to decide whether to give her the amulet or not - if you try to 
give it to her, she will refuse to take it as you need it to defeat 
Levante. Selela and the crystal will disappear. Touch the Altar and 
select 'Yes' to fight Levante.

54. Boss 2: Levante

Levante is a fairly easy boss, but he can take a while to defeat. If he 
is standing on any of the four hexagrams on the floor, he can use magic 
- just shield yourself until he stops casting magic at you, then try and 
hurt him as much as you can before he reaches the next hexagram. 
Trapping him in a corner is the best way to do this. Remember to shield 
after you attack as he can still attack using the four crystals floating 
around him.

After the fight, Selela will be freed, and will return to the town with 

55. Consulate

Here, Selela will return to Afto and give you the Lifting Verse for this 

56. Altar of Water

You'll teach Arcia the lifting verse for Aquas, and she will recite it.

57. Aquas Lifting Verse

Clear water streams,
Trickling with laughter.
Like innocent dreams
Of now and ever after.

Deep water ocean,
Forever you dance.
A continuous motion,
Grants one more chance.

We need the help of
The water spirit's power.

(FMV sequence - Lifting of Aquas)

[Arcia finishes reciting the Lifting Verse and raises her hand skywards. 
Flashes of lightning erupt from Airlim and the continent is lifted.]

Now you'll be back in Airlim. Go to Pikshim.

58. Town of Pikshim

Head to the Consulate to visit Afto. All the shops are now closed.

59. Consulate

After the cut-scene, you'll be free to walk around the Consulate.

*Level up!*

There's nothing to do here, so just leave.

60. Town of Pikshim

A youth will come up and speak to you. You will be invited to the 
leader's funeral at the Church, so go there now.

61. In the Church

This location doesn't have a name. Talk to both youths to get a dried 
herb, and then talk to the priest. Go out of the church.

62. Town of Pikshim

The church bell will be ringing. Leave the town and go back to Airlim.

63. Airlim

Select Volcos as your destination.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Volcos)

[Weird teleport animation. Airlim arrives at Volcos.]

Go to Geintz's Barrier.

64. Geintz's Barrier

After the long cut-scene, pick up five rocks and step back on to the 
scale. You will go to Tulku, while Arcia and Laramee go to Orkul.

There will be another three cut-scenes - one in Orkul, one on the Vangel 
and the other aboard the Gude.

65. Town of Tulku

You can save at the Inn. Talk to everyone in the town, then go to the 
Meeting Hall. It's the building with the orange roof on the South side. 
There's another lengthy cut-scene sequence here, starting with Arcia and 
Laramee in Orkul.

(FMV sequence - The Vangel Arrives)

[View of inside Gude cockpit]


Jeel: Gandor!

Gandor: [Turns to Jeel] Huh?

Jeel: It's the Vangel, closing at three o'clock!

Gandor: The Vangel?!

[View of the Vangel]

Gunner [Voiceover] (This is indistinct): Enemy approaching. All weapons 
 and at the ready. I've got them in my sights ready to  them 
up at your command, sir.

Slayzer [Now wearing a gold mask over his eyes]: Maintain speed. 
Activate disrupter torpedoes.

Gandor: [Growls] What's he doing out here?

Slayzer: FIRE!

[There is a huge blast of white light from the Vangel.]

The next scene is aboard the Gude. The volcano is beginning to erupt. 
Another scene on the Vangel follows this one.

66. Tulku Meeting Place

You'll meet Sensei here. When the volcano erupts, go outside. There's 
yet another cut-scene in Orkul.

(FMV sequence - The Gude at Volcos)

[View of the Gude as it prepares to land on Volcos.]

[View of Tulku. The ground is tilting.]

Eon: Argh! What happened? The continent's tilting!

Oriental-looking man: Did you hear about it? A giant ship just landed 

Eon: Huh?

Korky: We'd better go check it out.

Eon: Yeah!

[Eon runs down the road with Korky flying behind him (the anime Tulku 
looks nothing like the in-game Tulku.) He leaves his bag behind.]

[Lang (or is it Jeel?) has found Laramee in the Mayor's House in Orkul.]

Laramee: What's going on here?

Lang/Jeel: Gandor asked me to check on you.

Laramee: ...Agh!

[She runs towards the door.]

Lang/Jeel: Be careful!

Arcia: Laramee!

Laramee: [Stops] Don't worry, I'll be all right. [Turns] Don't you let 
Arcia out of your sight.

[Korky and Eon find the Gude.]

Korky: Gandor!

Eon: What are you doing on Volcos?

Gandor [Walking down the walkway from the Gude]: Eon... Slayzer has 
fired a disruptor torpedo into the volcano from the Vangel... huh? 
[Looks up at the volcano] This eruption will flood both towns below with 
molten lava. We've got to try to save at least one of them.

[View of the crater of the volcano.]

67. Town of Tulku

You have to talk to as many people as possible and get them to the 
meeting hall - you can only take one at a time. There is no way to 
persuade the owner of the Apothecary to leave. Irena is in the northeast 
corner. You have just enough time to get five or six people in before 
the screen fades out and you see another cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, you'll be back in Tulku. Examine the burning crate 
where the Apothecary was, and you'll find an iron link, which restores 
to the Plate Armor. You get a different dialogue depending on whether or 
not you visited the Apothecary earlier, but you get the armor all the 

You can't save at the Inn any more. The balance doesn't matter now, so 
go to Geintz's Barrier.

68. Geintz's Barrier

There's a sacred stone in a jar in the Northeast corner of the room. 
This gives you the 'Evil Stop' spell. Continue East to Orkul.

69. Town of Orkul

Five hundred gems are hidden inside a barrel in the Southeast of this 
town - you have to face diagonally to get it. Talk to everyone in the 
town, and buy a bottle of Sulphuric Acid from the Apothecary - this is 
what you need the 500 gems for. After you've talked to everyone, go into 
the Mayor's House.

70. Houses of Orkul

Talk to Jeel. If you talk to Arcia you'll get the Holy Knife and the 
special move 'Screw Cut', which only works for daggers. The mayor is 
totally useless. There are 100 gems hidden in a book on the South wall, 
and 30 gems in two jars in the East room. Go to Geintz's Barrier.

71. Geintz's Barrier

Talk to Geintz to learn about the Lava Caves. Once you've talked to him 
a Lava Cave is marked on your map (it's at the top of the volcano). 
Return to Airlim and go to the Lava Cave.

72. Lava Cave

There is a cut-scene showing Slayzer and two soldiers entering the cave. 
Go in and you'll be in the West section of the cave. Fight the Bazam and 
go North. Fight the next Bazam, and the next one at the junction. Go 
East and through the door to get to the North section.

Go South at the junction to get back to the West section. Fight the 
Venom and keep going West. There is a chest with an Ancient Mystery 
Stone - this gives you the 'Silence' spell. Go back to the junction you 
passed earlier in the North section, and go East.

Fight two Bazams, then go East up a set of stairs and over another path. 
Fight the Venom here, then continue along the path you went over 
earlier. There is another Venom at the junction. Go East into the East 

Fight the Grates, then continue to the East. Go South up the stairs, 
then West. Open the chest to find a piece of metal that restores to form 
the Mercury. Head East and South up another set of stairs. Fight the 
Rampage, then go West to find a chest, which has a broken sword which 
restores to the Valhalla. You also get the 'Wind Buster' special move 
when you get the Valhalla. Ziruas is here, so talk to him and you'll get 
the Neutralising Solution.

Head all the way back to the junction in the North section of the caves 
(just beyond paths that cross over and under each other), then go South 
from it. You'll find a save crystal and an escape crystal in the South 

Go West and fight the Rampage, then South to fight the Grates. Fight 
another Rampage, then you'll be at the place you saw Slayzer earlier. 
Examine the soldier.

*Level up!*

This is a good place to try getting items with the Sceptre Force, as you 
can kill most enemies with a single hit per life. Remember not to use 
the Save Point, as it resets your Sceptre Force. When you've finished 
here, use the neutralising solution and go into the cave where the dead 
soldier is.

73. Magma Island

You start in the A section. Go down the stairs and fight the Bazam. Head 
up the stairs to the West, then down to the North. Fight the Venom. Go 
East, then take the stairs up East and keep going until you reach 
Section D - you'll fight a Grates and a Rampage on the way.

Here, you'll fight a Grates. Keep going down the corridor. At the 
junction, go East and fight the Bazam, then head East and South until 
you get to the chest. You'll find a Gold Piece. Go all the way back to 
the A section and take the stairs to the North.

You'll be in the B section. Fight the Bazam to the North, then go down 
the stairs East. Fight the Grates, then go up the stairs to the South. 
Fight the Rampage and go South to be in Section A again - there's a 
chest here with a High Potion. Go back to the junction, go up the stairs 
North and down to the West. Fight the Venom. Go up the stairs North and 
into the C section.

Stay on the top level (keep heading North) until you see a chest down 
the stairs to the East. It's a mimic, which you can fight if you want. 
Go back to the stairs you found earlier and take them down. You'll find 
Laramee here. After a cut-scene you'll be back in Orkul.

74. Houses of Orkul

You have to talk to the mayor before you leave. When you talk to him 
he'll take a gold piece from you. However, if you found the fake 
treasure when you were on the Gude, he'll take that instead. Go back to 
Geintz's Barrier.

75. Geintz's Barrier

Examine the bookcase to the North and it will open if you select 'Yes' 
to investigate.

76. Secret Basement

Go down the stairs and you'll be in Ziruas' Lab. Pick up the research 
notes from the table and read all the sections. Korky will then take you 
to Stalagmite Castle.

77. Stalagmite Castle

This is one of the more unusual sections (seeing as the castle is tilted 
on its side). Try and get used to finding routes by using the wall, the 
stone panel at the bottom of the wall and the pillars. Make your way 
East past the door to the save crystal (don't jump down yet).

If you go down the corridor between the save crystal and the escape 
crystal, you'll be in a bizarre biological passage - you don't have to 
do anything here yet. Go back to the door you passed earlier, and select 
'Yes' to jump down.

78. Swirling Room

Go North along the pillar to get to the arches. There's a chest at the 
bottom of a pillar to the East. It has an Ancient Mystery Stone which 
contains the 'Lightning' spell. Go back West and go through the passage 
to the North.

79. Throne Chamber Passage 1

Get up on to the pillars, and keep going East until you reach a pillar 
with a valve handle at the end. Say 'yes' to turn it, and the sceptre 
will memorise it. Now go two pillars East and examine the hole where 
there should be another valve handle - you will restore it and then turn 
it. Keep going East, then get down from the pillars and go through the 

80. Swirling Room

There is now an air current upwards. Go South to get to it, and you'll 
be blown upwards into another Throne Chamber Passage.

81. Throne Chamber Passages 2-4

You'll be forced to fight the Marauder. Once it's dead you'll find a 
note mentioning an Ultimate Life Being. Remember that Irena is in Tulku.

*Level up!*

Go West and fight the next two Marauders (they drop down from the 
ceiling, or in this case the opposite wall). Go up to the pillars at the 
end and go through the North passage to get to Passage Three.

Here, you'll have to go down to the lower level (the wall) and fight 
your way past the Head Hunter which jumps down. Go to the door and jump 
down again.

In Passage Four, just go East and up to the pillars, then make your way 
along the arches and go North into the Throne Chamber.

82. Throne Chamber

Go West and you'll find Evil Ziruas. Eon thinks he is the real Ziruas, 
though. He will leave and you'll find the Dissolvent. After he's left, 
head West and through the door to the South.

83. Stalagmite Castle

You'll emerge opposite the passage you saw earlier. Korky will talk to 
you about tracks in the ground, but you can't see them. Jump down to the 
wall and save, then go back through Geintz's Barrier to Tulku.

84. Town of Tulku

Examining a barrel to the West of the meeting hall gives you 350 gems, 
the barrel behind the Inn has a dried herb, and the barrel all the way 
to the West on the lower level has Venatawa fruit in it. After you've 
found them all, go into the meeting hall.

85. Tulku Meeting Place

If you rescued Irena earlier you can give her the note you found in 
Stalagmite Castle. Talk to Sensei in the Northwest corner. He will give 
you a Sacred Stone, which gives you the 'Heat Storm' spell. The barrels 
to the West contain drinking water, which restores your health. There is 
Venatawa fruit in the crate in the Southwest corner. Go into the room to 
the East.

All the barrels here have drinking water in them. Talk to the man in 
white on the South side and he'll talk about the descendant of the Wise 
Men. You can get three dried herbs from the crate East of him. Now leave 
the Meeting Hall, go out of the town and to the lab behind Geintz's 

86. Ziruas' Basement

Here, you'll find Arcia, Laramee and Ziruas. He will explain to Eon that 
he was not at Stalagmite Castle, and instead that it was his evil half. 
When he asks for the vial, give it to him. After explaining about the 
Ultimate Life Form, he'll then ask for sulphur. Give this to him as well 
(go to Orkul and buy it from the apothecary if you don't have it 
already), and then he'll ask you to go into town for a while while he 
prepares the solution. Make your way to Orkul.

87. Town of Orkul

Go to the church and save if you want to. Buy the Ancient Mystery Stone 
from the apothecary to get the 'Power Plus' spell. Go into the Mayor's 

88. Houses of Orkul

Talk to Arcia and Laramee here (don't bother with the mayor), then Korky 
will tell you to go back to the lab. Do so.

89. Ziruas' Basement

Talk to Ziruas to get the Acid Solution, then go back to Airlim and 
select Stalagmite Castle as your next destination.

90. Stalagmite Castle

Make sure you save, then go down through the hole in the wall (actually 
the floor) to get to the biological passageway.

91. Muscle Layer

This is in fact inside the Ultimate Life Form. You can't see enemies 
approaching here as they pop up from the ground. Either edge forwards 
very carefully or just charge and fight them when you have to.

Go West from the start and fight the Roper. There's a Slag (yes, quite) 
to the South. Examine the wall to the East and you'll find the cells are 
damaged (it's not obvious where you have to examine the wall, but a good 
way to describe it is directly East of where the Slag appears). Use the 
acid solution to dissolve the cells. Walk into the tunnel you have 

92. Respiratory Layer

Go North and follow the wall around. You'll arrive at a wall of mucous. 
It looks like you have to turn back, but if you kill all three Slags 
that appear then examine the wall again you can get through. Go along 
the corridor, kill the last Slag and go down the hole to the next layer.

93. Internal Organ Layer
Go West along the passage. There's a Slag here. Turn North and you'll 
eventually come to a large room (if you can call it a room). Take the 
North exit from this room and go down the hole to get down to the 
Digestive Organ Layer.

94. Boss 3: Hergezod, the Ultimate Life Form

After the cut-scene, you'll face a strange creature in what I assume is 
the heart of the Ultimate Life Form. Things are very difficult for you 
here, because you can't hurt it yet. Shield yourself and try and attack 
the magic barrier. 

Eventually, the screen will fade out and there will be a long cut-scene. 
Ziruas will kill his evil half, but will destroy himself as well.

You'll still be fighting the Ultimate Life Form, but you can hurt it 
now. This is a very hard battle compared to the other bosses you've 
faced before, mostly because of the pulsing area and the way the 
creature moves about, not to mention the slightly dodgy frame rate.

If a blue or pink cell comes towards you, shield yourself. The cells 
will slow you down. The best way that I've found to defeat it is to back 
away from it so it stops using the 'row of spikes' attack (it will take 
its tentacles out of the ground), then run at it when there are no cells 
on the screen, break its defence and then repeatedly shield and attack.

The battle takes a long time, but eventually you'll kill it. After the 
fight, you'll find yourself in Stalagmite Castle.

95. Stalagmite Castle

There is a note from Ziruas on the ground in front of you. Eon will read 
through it.

*Level up!*

Use the save crystal, then go out of the castle and back through 
Geintz's Barrier to the lab.

96. Ziruas' Basement

You'll meet Arcia and Laramee. All the characters will spend the night 
in Ziruas' basement. There is a long wait here (about 20 seconds) with a 
blank screen - I thought the game had crashed at this point, but just 
wait for a while.

In the morning, Gandor will arrive. Go up to Geintz's Barrier.

97. Geintz's Barrier

Talk to Geintz. He seems to know more than he tells you. Go to Orkul.

98. Town of Orkul

Talk to one of the men staring down into the crack in the land, and 
he'll tell you that Geintz knows a lot about Wise Men. Go back to 
Geintz's Barrier.

99. Geintz's Barrier

Talk to Geintz again, and you can ask him about Ziruas or the Wise Men. 
He's still reluctant to help you with either, so go back to Orkul.

100. Town of Orkul

Go to the mayor's house, but don't go inside. Instead, talk to the 
mayor's son (dressed in blue, just West of the mayor's house). Go to 
Geintz's Barrier again.

101. Geintz's Barrier

Geintz will still deny all knowledge of magic skills or the Wise Men. Go 
back to Orkul again, and go to the Mayor's House.

102. Town of Orkul

For the first time, the Mayor is actually helpful. Talk to him and 
you'll find that Geintz is a descendant of the Wise Men. Go back to 
Geintz's Barrier.

103. Geintz's Barrier

Talk to Geintz, and ask him about the Wise Men's descendant, and then 
about Ziruas. He'll finally admit that he is the descendant. He'll tell 
you that the altar is in Stalagmite Castle, so go there now.

104. Stalagmite Castle

As soon as you enter the castle, Wise Man Gault will talk to you and 
tell you to come to the Altar. Go all the way East (the door you 
couldn't open before has been removed). Touch the altar on the other 
side and Gault will appear. You will get the Volcos Lifting Verse. Go 
all the way back to Ziruas' basement.

105. Ziruas' Basement

Arcia is here, so talk to her. You will teach her the Lifting Verse, and 
she will go and conduct the Lifting Ceremony at the Altar alone.

106. Volcos Lifting Verse

Crackling embers red with heat,
Help me with this awesome feat.
To raise this land up to the sky,
So the people shall not die.

Breath of fire hot with rage,
Don't let it be the final page.
Blow this earth away from water,
So you may keep finding fodder.

Fire Spirit, I call to you
To help us make this world anew.
Dancing flames and burning coals,
Save this land and all its souls.

(FMV sequence - Lifting of Volcos)

[Arcia finishes reciting the Lifting Verse and raises her hand skywards. 
Flashes of lightning erupt from Airlim and the continent is lifted.]

107. Ziruas' Basement

Gandor will arrive and tell you the continent has been saved. You can't 
take Airlim to Zephere because of the barrier surrounding the continent, 
so Gandor will take you there using the Gude. Go out of the lab, through 
Geintz's Barrier and to Airlim.

108. Airlim

You will arrange will Airlim for him to follow behind the Gude as it 
flies to Zephere. 

109. Gude Airship

After a cut-scene you'll be in Gandor's room with Arcia. The chest to 
the North is empty. If you went in here earlier and found the dagger Eon 
will comment on it not being there. Go out of the room and to the 
cockpit (it's on the lower floor on the North side of the ship). Talk to 
Jeel and Lang, touch the wheel if you want, then leave.

There will be a cut-scene showing Gandor talking to Laramee. After this, 
go up to Laramee's room (remember?) Talk to her, then go to the room on 
the top floor to the North. After being hit by the chair, talk to Gandor 
then go back to Gandor's room.

You still can't rest, so wander around the ship for a while (you can 
also go into two of the rooms on the sides of the corridor on the lower 
floor). The fake treasure in the crate opposite the save crystal in the 
storeroom on the South side is still there if you didn't pick it up near 
the start of the game, but you no longer have any use for it. Keep 
trying going back to Gandor's room until Arcia says 'We will be arriving 
in Zephere fairly soon...'. You'll get another cut-scene, and all the 
characters will go to the cockpit. Follow them.

(FMV sequence - The Vangel Returns)

[There is a huge waterspout in the sea in front of the Gude.]

Eon: It's huge!

Laramee: That waterspout came out of nowhere...

Lang [Reading screen in front of him]: Ach!

[All turn to look as the screen. A laser beam rocks the ship to one 
side. All scream.]

Eon: It's the Vangel, from behind the waterspout!

[The Vangel fires more lasers at them.]

Gandor [peering over the wheel]: With the Vangel's firepower, we're a 
sitting duck. I've gotta find some way for us to disappear. [Shouts over 
his shoulder] Gimme maximum thrust from all engines on the double! We're 
going invisible!

[View of the Vangel]

Gunner [Voiceover]: They're taking evasive manoeuvres behind the 
thundercloud, sir!

Slayzer: Let them hide. Their feeble attempts to thwart me are useless.

The party will think up a plan and go to Airlim. Another cut-scene 
follows, this time aboard the Vangel. After this, the Gude will dock 
with the Vangel.

110. The Vangel

You start in the cell block where you originally found Arcia. If you've 
played the demo version of The Granstream Saga you'll be at home here. 
Go out the East door to the Second Bridge.

Fight the Herferg to the East. Go North from here and up the stairs. 
There will be a cut-scene. Afterwards, go down the stairs on the other 
side and fight the High Swordsman to get the Level 2 ID card.

Go back into the previous room, and fight the Herferg again if you have 
to. Go South and fight the swordsman, then go into the lift on the left 
side. Eon will automatically go to the main passageway and watch the 
Desbat Pirates, then he will go down to the third level.

After the cut-scene, fight the Swordsman then go North to the Herferg. 
Go East, then North and talk to the High Soldier waiting at the bridge. 
You have to fight him to get the Level 1 ID card. Open the chest at the 
West side of the room to get a Fresh Herb, then go South from the chest 
and open the chest here to find 350 gems. Go East to where you fought 
the Herferg, then South and into the left lift. Go up to the main 

At the main passageway, go North, then East at the crossroads. You'll 
find a dried herb in the chest at the end of the corridor. Go back to 
the crossroads and go North then West at the crossroads slightly further 
on. The left chest here is a Mimic, and the East chest has 240 gems.  
Now make your way South. When you reach the cargo lift, go West and then 
South to reach the Power Engine Room.

Fight the Swordsman at the start. Go down the ramp to the console and 
use the Level 2 ID card. Go up the ramp and around the engine to the 
South side of the room. Fight the High Swordsman, then go up the stairs 
to the South and open the chest to get a High Potion. Talk to both 
engineers - the one nearest the South will tell you about the emergency 
panel on the torpedo. Get to the console on the East side and use the 
Level 1 ID card. Go through the passage that opens.

You're now in the Inspection Aisle. Go along the passage and fight the 
Blob at the junction. Go South, then East to get a Source of Power from 
the chest. A Blob will attack you as you leave the room. Go North, past 
the crossroads, then turn Northeast. Go East to get a White Crystal from 
a chest, then go North. Turn East at the end of the corridor, then go 
South and up the ladder.

Open the chest here - it's a Mimic, but you need to get it out of the 
way. Search the crate behind it to find the Wisdom Cloak. Go back down 
the ladder and up the corridor to the North.

You will now be in the Cannon Control Room. Go North and up the ladder. 
Fight the Swordsman. Follow the walkway around the torpedo and fight the 
other Swordsman, then go down the ladder on this side and directly South 
to fight a High Swordsman. Go East and fight the last High Swordsman.

For some reason, the second time I played through the game there were no 
soldiers in the Cannon Control Room. I don't know why this is.

Now the room is clear, look at the emergency control panel (it's on the 
top walkway in the middle of the room). You'll see a cut-scene on the 
second bridge. An evacuation will start.

You still have to escape. Go down the ladder on either side, then go 
South and up to the central door on the South. Keep going South until 
you get to the lifts, then go to the second floor.

Go North then West. Go into the room you left Arcia in (the South one). 
Arcia will have disappeared. There will be an announcement saying the 
first level is unlocked. Go back to the lifts, but this time use the 
lift on the right to get to the first level.

From the lifts, just go North on to the First Bridge. Slayzer will be 
here with two swordsmen, who are attacking him. You have to fight one of 
the swordsmen, but Slayzer and the other swordsman will run off while 
you're fighting. Open the chest on the East side to get a Life Element - 
very handy - and go out the door South.

You can go West and East to get chests - the West chest is a Mimic, but 
the East chest has a Gold Piece. Get back to the lifts and use the right 
lift to get to the second floor then the left lift to get to the main 

Go South now to find one of the Desbats. He is dead. Keep going South to 
hear Slayzer and Laramee talking. Talk to Laramee when you get in to the 
room to escape the Vangel.

111. Airlim

The characters will now go outside Airlim to look out...

(FMV sequence - The Continent Zephere)

[The Vangel sinks towards the sea along with the Gude. Gandor sits 
punching the ground.]

Arcia: {?}

Gandor: Damn it... all! I'm... the one... to blame... for all this!

Laramee: You're wrong.

[There is an explosion.]

All: Huh?

Arcia: The waterspout... it's disappearing!

Eon: [Points] Behind the clouds, look! [Zephere looms into view] It's 
the continent Zephere!

After a conversation, Airlim will land on Zephere.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Zephere)

[Weird teleport animation. Airlim arrives at Zephere.]

Select Geltania as your destination.

112. Geltania

When you enter the town, all the characters apart from Eon and Korky 
will go into some sort of trance. Geltania has twelve buildings, 
arranged at twelve compass points: NW, NNW, NNE, NE, ENE, ESE, SE, SSE, 
SSW, SW, WSW, WNW. The compass points will be used in future to describe 
the buildings.

The ENE building is a 'church'. If you talk to the man in the North 
section he will give you the options of restoring your health or saving. 
There is an Apothecary in the WSW building. Go all the way to the North 
of the town and go down the stairs there to enter the Spirit Shrine.

113. Spirit Shrine

Go north past the pedestal to meet Karok (who looks like a giant 
penguin). You'll now learn that to break the barrier, you have to find 
Layzel, the Wise Man for this continent. To do this, you have to go to 
all four Ruins. Go back and touch the pedestal to get the Stone Tablet.

Go to the Northwest corner of the room and touch the impression of the 
axe there. You'll get the Gaia Edge and the Cyclone Chop move. Go around 
to the opposite side and touch the impression of the shield to get the 

Now leave the town and go to Airlim. Choose 'Ruins of the Earth Spirits' 
as your destination.

114. Ruins of the Earth Spirits (Towers)

Go North and the ruins will rise from the ground. You start in the 
Father Tower. Go North to the Mother Tower and open the chest to get an 
Ancient Mystery Stone, which holds the Translating spell. You need this 
to read hieroglyphics. 

Now go back to the Father Tower and down the stairs to basement four. 
Use the Translating spell when you're standing in front of the altar, 
then read it. The towers will rearrange themselves. Save here using the 
save point on the South side.

Now go up to the second floor basement and South. In the Mother Tower 
here, there is a chest with a Piece of Metal. This restores to form the 
Arc Blazer, which also gives you the Spinning Blow move. Now go back to 
the main part of the second floor then East to enter the Ruins.

115. Ruins of the Earth Spirits (Ruins)

Go down the stairs from the start. Keep going down the stairs until you 
meet the Spirit King Servant. Say you are prepared to fight the Earth 

When you're in the chamber, go South and go on to the platform. It will 
move to the centre of the room. Walk North to fight the dragon. It's not 
really a boss, so it's covered in the Enemies section.

You'll find a Source of Power after fighting the Dragon. Go North and 
use the platform to get across, then follow the passage around and talk 
to the servant again.

After the cut-scene, use the tablet when you're standing in front of the 
Altar. You'll get a strange message about the Mah Oh. This becomes 
clearer later on.

Talk to the servant, then make your way past the chamber where you 
fought the dragon. The next room has changed to 'Chamber of Birth'. 
Examine the three pillars in the order N, SW, SE. The sceptre will
capture the power of the spirits. Go out of the room to the East and
then back to Airlim. You can now complete the remaining Ruins sections
in any order - I have chosen the order Volcos, Aquas, Shilf (reverse
order from before). You can also complete the optional events described
in the Side Quests section.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Volcos)

[Shown before]

The Ruins of the Fire Spirits are on the bottom of the continent.

116. Ruins of the Fire Spirits

Go into the room to the North (note the colour flash when you enter the 
room is yellow). Examine the altar and fight the Braze that appears. Now 
go back to the main room and stand on the yellow hexagram. Examine the 
Altar. Fight the Braze that appears, then stand on the hexagram to be 
transported back. The yellow hexagram will now be greyed out.

Repeat this process for all four rooms around the main room (go in, note 
colour of flash, examine altar and fight enemy, go into main room and 
stand on corresponding hexagram, examine altar, fight enemy, stand on 
hexagram). You never get any Sceptre Force for enemies you fight here.

When you've done this for all four hexagrams, a white teleporter will 
appear in the middle of the main room. Walk into it to be transported to 
the Chamber of the Fire Dragon.

Fight the Dragon and then continue. Talk to the servant and use the 
tablet on the altar. You'll get more history, and also the Aero Barrier.

Return to Airlim (use the Escape Crystal to get out). Travel to Aquas.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Aquas)

[Shown before]

Again, the Ruins are on the bottom of the continent.

117. Ruins of the Water Spirits

Go East from the start. In the next room, go North over the moving 
platforms and use the translating magic on the pedestal. Touch the 
pedestal. The screen will tint blue. Now go clockwise around the room 
and touch the pedestal again. You will be teleported to a reversed 
version of the room you started in.

Go out West, then North and around to the pedestal. Translate it and 
touch it. You have to go around this room anti-clockwise and touch the 
pedestal again. You will be teleported back to the room you came from. 
Go North from here into the Chamber of the Water Dragon, and fight the 
Dragon. Talk to the Servant, then use the tablet on the Altar. After 
more history, get the Aero Guard from the servant, then leave using the 
Escape Crystal. This is a good time to complete side quests B and C if 
you haven't already. Go to Shilf.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Shilf)

[Shown before]

Go to the Ruins of the Wind Spirits (it's on the bottom of the 

118. Ruins of the Wind Spirits

Go North and down the stairs, then examine the pedestal on the North. 
Strangely, this puzzle is like the plates puzzle from Silent Hill - 
interpret the clues to colours in a certain order. The clues are:

Grassy pastures
Tranquil seas
Cloudless skies
Dancing flames
The shining sun

This order translates to green, blue, cyan, red, and yellow. Explore 
around a bit and you'll find six coloured hexagrams. Step on them in the 
correct order (the purple one is a decoy) and fight the monster on the 
other side.

When you've done that, you'll hear the sound of the pedestal moving. 
Save then go down the stairs that were blocked off before, and fight the 
Wind Dragon in its Chamber. Use the stone tablet on the pedestal and 
listen to the last 'history lesson', then talk to the servant to get the 

Go back to the hexagram room, save then escape. Go back to Airlim. This 
is a good time to complete Side Quest D, but there's no reward for it 
and therefore no real point. Do what you want and return to Zephere.

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to Zephere)

[Shown before]

Go back to the Spirit Shrine in Geltania.

119. Spirit Shrine

Use the stone tablet on the pedestal. Korky will have to sacrifice 
himself to Karok.

(FMV Sequence - Korky's Sacrifice)

Korky: Uh-oh. Goodbye for now. The great spirits caaaaallllll...

[Korky becomes white and is absorbed into Karok.]

Eon: Korky... no...

Karok [Spreading his wings]: Korky is safe. He has joined me to become 
Korak. We must warn you creatures of the {?} four worlds: powerful 
spirit forces are in alignment. You must leave this land.

The barrier will now be released. Go and talk to everyone.

120. Town of Geltania

Laramee will be waiting outside. Arcia is in the ENE building, but 
doesn't remember anything. Leave the building and Gandor will arrive. He 
will have to leave you. Follow Laramee back into the building and talk 
to her, then leave and head back towards the Spirit Shrine, where you'll 
find her again. Go back into the Spirit Shrine.

(FMV sequence - Laramee at the Spirit Shrine)

Laramee: Don't come.

Eon: Laramee...

Laramee: Everyone's gone, and now Arcia is in serious danger. [She 
brings her hands up to cover her face] How could this happen?

[Eon puts his hands on her shoulders, and she flings herself at his 
chest (how melodramatic).]

Laramee: Oh, Eon! I'm so confused. You must go to her, you must save 

Eon: Laramee, I'm going to stay right here and make sure that you're 
safe. And then...

Laramee: [Interrupting him and looking him in the eye] And then, when 
your job's done, you'll be able to rush over to Arcia's side where you 
wish you were right now! Oh... [She turns away from him.] I'm sorry, 
Eon. I'm just under such stress.

121. Spirit Shrine

Talk to Laramee, then leave and go back to Arcia.

122. Town of Geltania

Arcia is still in the ENE building. Talk to her again, and an Imperial 
Soldier will arrive...

*Level up!*

You will now learn 'Genocide', a powerful spell. Arcia doesn't want to 
talk to you, so go back to the Spirit Shrine.

123. Spirit Shrine

Talk to Karok (Korak?) and he'll explain the Imperial Army's 
involvement. You'll be told to go to the Tower of Requiem. Go back to 
the town.

124. Town of Geltania

Go to the spire in the middle of the town and examine it from the South 
side. This opens a passage to the Underground Cemetery.

125. Underground Cemetery

There is a barrier blocking your entrance to the North door. Walk 
towards the girl and she'll move. Try again and she'll move again. Head 
to the Southwest and you'll see her on a hexagram. Talk to her to be 
transported to the cemetery.

126. Public Cemetery

Examine any grave. You'll get a message telling you which gravestones to 
worship at (the graves are random, so I can't tell you what they are 
here). The graves are arranged as follows:

    X X    X X
    X X    X X
X X            X X
X X            X X
X X            X X

X X            X X
X X            X X
X X            X X
    X X    X X
    X X    X X

You will hear a ghostly voice every time you worship at a correct grave. 
If in doubt, just look at all of the graves. Once you have found all six 
in the correct order, the screen will darken. Go to the East side and 
talk to the old woman now standing there. 

She will ask you if you want some gems - if you answer 'Yes' she will 
turn into a Wizard which you have to fight. If you answer 'No' you don't 
have to fight. Either way, the set of stairs on the West will flip round 
to reveal a passage going down. Take it.

You now have the final verse, but you still need three. Open the chest 
on the South side of the room to get a Source of Power, then go back up 
and stand on the hexagram.

127. Underground Cemetery

Go to the hexagram on the East side, and the girl will appear again. You 
will now be teleported to the Soldier Cemetery.

128. Soldier Cemetery

Examine all the four central tombstones in an anti-clockwise order 
starting from the North side. The stairs behind you will flip round and 
you can go down further to get the second verse. Open the chest on the 
West side of this room to get a Life Stone, then go all the way back up.

129. Underground Cemetery

You'll meet the girl again when you go to the North hexagram. You will 
now be teleported to the Royal Family Cemetery.

130. Royal Family Cemetery

Examine all the coffins - nothing will appear to happen, but when you 
touch the eighth one the South stairs will flip round. Take this passage 
down and you will get the third verse. There is a chest on the East side 
of this room, which contains a Special Herb. Go back to the Underground 

131. Underground Cemetery

Go South and you'll meet the girl again. She asks you to find her 
mother. Go back to the Public Cemetery.

132. Public Cemetery

The old woman is now back where you found her originally. Talk to her 
then go back to the Underground Cemetery.

133. Underground Cemetery

Go to the North hexagram (the Royal Family Cemetery).

134. Royal Family Cemetery

Find the woman looking for her daughter here. Talk to her then return to 
the Underground Cemetery.

135. Underground Cemetery

Go to the East hexagram, which leads to the Soldier Cemetery.

136. Soldier Cemetery

There is a man here looking for his daughter. Talk to him then go back 
to the Underground Cemetery.

137. Underground Cemetery

The girl will be here. Answer 'Yes' to the questions 'Can you find her?' 
and 'Are you sure you can find her?', then lead her to the woman in the 
Public Cemetery. After a cut-scene you will find yourself in front of 
the door that was sealed earlier.

*Level up!*

Walk through the door and go North to meet Layzel. He will give you the 
final verse to complete the Lifting Verse, and a hole in the ground will 
open. You can't go down yet as you have to go and see Arcia, so go back 
up to the town.

138. Town of Geltania

Go and see Arcia and Laramee in the ENE building. You will get the Coral 
Necklace from Laramee, and you will teach Arcia the lifting verse. Then 
go back to the Underground Cemetery.

139. Underground Cemetery

Go back to the hole you couldn't go down earlier, and jump down to the 
Imperial Fortress.

140. Imperial Fortress

Go south to the A Block. There is a Blade enemy here. Go Southeast from 
this room to find Jeel. He'll tell you about Gudelzepher, the leader of 
the Imperial Wizardry, then die. Keep going Southeast and you'll find 
another Blade. Go Southwest now, and through the room with the gears to 
find an Assault Golem. It is holding a security card, so you must fight 

Use the card on the console in this room. It is damaged, so the sceptre 
will restore it. Try using it again and it will work. Go out the North 
door to the B Block.

You can save here. Go East then on to the lift platform. Defeat the 
Drifer to get an extra LP and to raise the platform to the Northwest. 
Walk over it and go South from the circular room.

141. Spirit Geltania

This is an 'illusion' of Geltania. Talk to Wise Man Layzel to the West 
of the Tower of Requiem. Say you understand him and you will get a 
"Flare Sphere" spell.

142. Imperial Fortress

Go back down on the lift you originally came up. Fight your way North 
past the Blade and Kijil, then go up the next lift. Fight the Buster 
Golem to get a Life Stone, then go into the circular room and exit East.

143. Spirit Tulku

This version of the town is what Tulku was like before the volcano 
erupted. Talk to the Wise Man Gault on the North side of the town. You 
will get the Zeran Barrier.

144. Imperial Fortress

You should know what to do by now. Go back down using the lift, then 
fight your way West. There's a chest on the way with a Source of Power. 
Go up the next lift, fight the Royal Guard, then go to the North room 
from the circular room.

145. Spirit Arona

Wise Man Zora is waiting near a windmill at the West side of the town. 
You get the Zeran Sabre from him.

146. Imperial Fortress

Go back down the lift, South, up the lift, fight the Assault Golem, then 
go West from the circular room. Happy?

147. Spirit Pikshim

Go North to find Wise Man Wonoa outside the Consulate. You get the Zeran 
Guard from him.

148. Imperial Fortress

Now that all four Wise Men are free, you'll emerge somewhere completely 
different. Go Northwest to Zone X and save. Open the chest to the East 
and get the Ancient Mystery Stone to learn the Granstream spell. Go down 
the stairs, fight the Royal Guard and touch the console. Now go back to 
where you started and go Northeast to Zone Y.

There's a High Swordsman down the stairs. Defeat it then talk to the 
Magic Engineer. He gives you the passcode 'TTXO' (where T is a 
triangle). Touch the console to get a key card. If you go back to where 
you started you'll find the rest of the party waiting... but how did 
they get in?

To open the door to the North, go to it then look at one of the walls to
the side. The slot is here (it took me ages to find). Use the keycard on 
it, then key in the passcode you were given earlier when there is no 
text window on the screen. The door will open.

After the cut-scene, talk to Laramee to get her back to the elevator. 
Gandor will now sacrifice himself to get Eon across to the Power Core.

Gandor: Eon... Follow your destiny.

*Level up!*

149. Core of Fortress

Save here, then just go North to fight Gudelzepher. There are enemies to 
the West and East, but the only point of fighting them is if you're low 
on health and magic restoration items.

150. Boss 4: Gudelzepher

This boss has one big disadvantage, and that's that he is immobile. 
Unfortunately, he has a huge amount of lives, a lot of health and nearly 
all his attacks are unblockable. His weak point is the blue orb in his 
centre. Run up to it to break his defence, then attack it, then jump 
back twice to avoid his arms. When the orb starts to glow, shield 
yourself. Using Granstream on him will take off one of his lives.

Gudelzepher is a very hard boss, but not impossible if you have enough 
items to heal yourself with (you can't use Venatawa Fruit now that Korky 
is not with you). Just repeat the above tactic until he dies. I once 
defeated him using no curative or magic restoring items with only one 
life taken off, but admittedly I was using Onimaru.

Eon is now trapped in the collapsing fortress. Back at the Spirit 
Shrine, Arcia will recite the Lifting Verse.

151. Zephere Lifting Verse

Mother Earth with all your power,
Help us in this final hour.
To lift this land high in the sky,
So the people shall not die.

Flowers, grasses, birds and trees
Listen to our urgent pleas.
So when the morrow comes at last
Many more shall come to pass.

Mountains, valleys, lakes and streams
Places found in childhood dreams.
Give these people one more chance
To better human circumstance.

(FMV sequence - Lifting of Zephere)

[Arcia finishes reciting the Lifting Verse. She pauses for a moment 
before raising her hand. The continent is lifted by Airlim as the 
Fortress drops to the sea below.]

152. Spirit Shrine

The Four Wise Men will talk to you, and you will be transported back to 
the Spirit Shrine. Eon will be given another chance to die (!) by 
sinking Airlim into the North Pole. Go back to the town.

153. Town of Geltania

Go into the ENE building and talk to Arcia. Remember you can restore 
health and save here. Now go to the NW building and talk to Laramee, 
then leave the town and say 'Yes' to carry out the final mission. Arcia 
and Laramee will follow you on Karok (who is now actually Korky).

(FMV sequence - Flying Airlim to the North Pole)

[Weird teleport animation.]

Airlim's soul will return - restored by the Sceptre. Eon can now leave 

(FMV sequence - Sinking of Airlim...)

[Airlim slowly sinks towards the sea. As it touches the surface, ripples 
spread out from it. The sea and sky darken.]

Eon: What's happening - look at the sky! It's gone dark!

(This line is second only to James Bond's "It's metal.")

Arcia: Look at that light up there!

[There is a red light in the sky.]

Eon: What is it?

Laramee: We're being sucked into it!

[All scream as they are sucked towards the light.]

154. Hades Corridor

Take a few steps forward and Valos will talk to you (notice that Eon now 
has a mark on his face). More characters from earlier will talk to you 
as you proceed down the corridor - Selela, Ziruas and Gandor. Keep going 
North through the door. You'll meet Arcia and Laramee, and continue 

(FMV sequence - The Last Demon)

[They are in a huge cathedral-like room.]

Eon: Where are we?

Laramee: I don't know, but I don't like the looks of it.

[Arcia whimpers.]

Laramee: Arcia, what's wrong?

Arcia: I've seen this place before... [she clasps at her head] Oh, my 

[Arcia collapses to the ground, and Laramee crouches beside her.]

Eon [Turning to her]: Arcia, what happened?

Laramee: Arcia!

[A bright light shines on them and Demaar descends from the ceiling.]

Eon: Who are you?!

Demaar: My name is Demaar. The only surviving ruler of the 

Eon: Then you're the last demon!

155. Hades

After Demaar talks to you and tells you that Eon is in fact the Mah Oh, 
Slayzer will appear.

(FMV sequence - Slayzer's Return)

[Slayzer is thrown to the ground after attacking Demaar. He has a green 
aura around him.]

Eon: Slayzer!

Slayzer: [Groans] Demaar... [His mask falls from his face as he begins 
to get up] Is that the best you've got? Argh...

[Demaar is holding a glowing orb.]

Slayzer [his face is now cut]: Come on, try again. I want you to succeed 
- when I die my spirit will enter the Sceptre forever.

Demaar: If your puny spirit tries to enter the Sceptre I will destroy 

Slayzer [getting to his feet]: All right then, let's see if you can!

Demaar: What?!

Slayzer [Still facing Demaar]: Eon! Use your strongest magic on me so 
that my spirit can enter the Sceptre and save us all!

Eon: Slayzer, no, I could never do that!

Laramee: Brother!

Slayzer: Eon. You are the only one with the magic to stop the cycle. If 
you don't, evil will triumph forever and we are lost! EON! [Turns to 
face Eon and holds his hand out] KILL HIM NOW WHILE YOU CAN!

You have to use Genocide on Slayzer. If you say 'No', you will just be 
asked again.

*Level up!*

After another cut-scene, you will wake up at the Gates of Hades.

156. Gates of Hades

Save then go North. This is like a Boss section.

157. Boss 5: Path to Hades

You have to fight a series of hard monsters, including two Dragons. The 
first is a Sentinel, which is a Guardian type monster. It's difficult to 
knock its shield away, but it can be done. Once you've done that, it 
becomes a lot easier to kill. Just watch out for its fast Unblockable.

Each time you defeat a monster here, you get more dialogue from Demaar, 
Arcia and Laramee. Keep going North after every monster.

Demaar: I am winning. The evil is growing, taking control of him. He is 
losing his humanity. Soon he will be like the Ancient Ones.

Laramee [Uncertainly]: That's a lie... Eon is not evil. He won't give in 
to your magic... he won't...

Demaar: [Laughs] Yes, he will. He has been chosen. He is the One. Evil 
souls from all the worlds awaken when ghastly deeds are repeatedly 
committed. Eon is the reincarnation of Mah Oh, the wizard of Evil. He 
perpetuates the corruption and draws these souls to me. It is through 
him that I am able to lure them into my domain and rule them as I wish.

Laramee: No... no...

Demaar: You, your brother, and all the other survivors of the lands are 
merely pawns, manipulated by my hand to collect the souls of the evil 
dead. I have always been in control of your fate! [Laughs]

The second enemy, the Spligun, is a Guardian type as well. Again, it 
hangs on to its shield for a while, but once the shield is knocked away 
it gets easier.

Demaar: Yes. All the people you know who have perished in your pathetic 
wars have died in the name of the great Mah Oh Zeruge!

Arcia: No, stop! Stop, please! I've heard enough!

Demaar: No! You must hear it all! You must remember it all! The fear in 
your voice tells me that you are starting to remember. In your previous 
life, you were killed by Mah Oh Zeruge!

Arcia: No! It's not true! It's not true! [Sobs]

Demaar: You were an innocent princess in the ancient kingdom, who was 
killed by Zeruge so that you could serve him! [Laughs] 

The last two enemies are a White Dragon and a Black Dragon. Fight them 
in the same way as you fought all the other dragons in the game. They 
both have a LOT of health (even the Onimaru needs four hits to take a 
life off).

Demaar: Hatred is the fuel that powers evil. When Prince Zeruge was 
defeated he was treated with such cruelty that his hatred festered and 
grew to such an extreme that he unknowingly summoned the spirit of Mah 
Oh to become one with him. Once the spirit of Mah Oh is welcomed he 

Laramee: No. No... it can't be!

Demaar: When Prince Zeruge was taken over by the spirit of Mah Oh he 
became ruthless. He cut through the land like a scythe, crushing his 
enemies. He conquered all the worlds but one. That world was ruled by 
Princess Ellemera, who suffered the same hardships as Zeruge. Arcia was 
Princess Ellemera in a previous life.

Arcia: [Sobs]

Laramee: Princess Ellemera... I've read about her in Mah Oh mythology.

Demaar: Zeruge finally defeated Princess Ellemera's forces, but when he 
saw her, memories of their past life flashed before him. Despite this, 
he eventually gave the order for the Princess's execution.

Arcia: Please stop... stop it!

Demaar: Zeruge was a weak human, not worthy of Mah Oh. At the last 
minute he ordered his men to free the Princess. He sacrificed himself 
for her, and when he died he entered my world thinking he could 
challenge my powers! I've kept your world in an endless cycle of war 
because of Zeruge! You are helpless, locked into a never-ending 
repetition of your past! Only I hold the key to ending the evil, and as 
long as it continues I keep gaining power in my domain! You are such 
weak creatures. All the wars you've fought - you've fought before. All  
the people you've killed were the reincarnation of your old retainers. I 
have merely invited you to be violent and evil, and you have never 
disappointed me. You've gone to war without remorse for its victims. 
You've killed of your own free will. You are all as evil as Zeruge 
himself, and as long as you are evil you shall always be under my 
control! [Laughs]

After the Black Dragon, walk North and select 'Challenge Demaar'. 
Otherwise you'll have to fight the enemies again.

158. The Decision

You have to sacrifice either Arcia or Laramee to face Demaar. Talk to 
them both, then decide which one you want to sacrifice and talk to 
either Arcia or Laramee again. This decides which ending you get after 
defeating Demaar - the one you get if you choose to sacrifice Laramee 
seems to be the 'real' ending, but if you choose Arcia you don't exactly 
get a 'bad' ending... Make your choice now.

The soul you chose will be sealed in your sceptre. You now have to fight 

159. Boss 6: Demaar

Demaar isn't exactly hard, but the fight is confusing because of the 
weird camera angle and the fact that the arena is limitless. It also 
takes ages, firstly because of Demaar's huge number of lives, and also 
because he's hard to get close enough to hit. Avoid the red crystal that 
Demaar drops (keep double-tapping away from it), as otherwise you'll be 
trapped and Demaar will drain your life. You can only hurt Demaar when 
he is at 'ground' level (the camera will return to normal). Try and use 
physical attacks rather than magic on him, as he is good at blocking 
magic like Flare Sphere.

Like Gudelzepher, this fight will take ages because of Demaar's 
ridiculous number of lives, but persevere and use healing items and 
you'll be able to defeat him easily.

160. The End

When Demaar finally dies, Eon will say farewell to the soul you 
sacrificed, and meet with the other soul. As said before, the ending 
depends on which soul you sacrificed.

If you sacrificed Laramee...

Arcia and Eon will travel around the four continents remembering what 
happened before the world disappears.

(FMV Sequence - Arcia Ending)

[The light in the sky expands again, and Eon's face is seen. He is 
running through a forest. He falls, and the clanking of armor is heard 
behind him. He gets up again and continues running as a group of knights 

Knight (Slight Bond villain accent): The prince is the only survivor! 
Let's move out and find him! This way!

[Eon stops to rest. He sees a bird flying above him. It is Korky.]

Eon: K... Wait!

[He runs after the bird, but slides down the edge of a cliff. He 
collapses at the bottom. Some time later, Arcia arrives.]

Arcia: Oh... [She holds a cloth to Eon's head to revive him] There, does 
that feel better?

Eon: Yes... thanks, but why help me? I'm your enemy.

Arcia: But... you were hurt, I couldn't just let you lie there in pain 
because our people are at war.

Eon: But don't you know you're supposed to fear and hate the enemy?

Arcia: I don't believe in hating anyone. And besides, for some strange 
reason I know I can trust you. Why?

[Korky lands on a rock beside them.]

Both: ...Korky!

Arcia: Huh?

Eon: Am I right? Is that his name?

Arcia: Yes, it is, but... how did you know?

Eon: ...I don't know. But he's so familiar to me, he's like an old 

[There is a pause.]

Arcia: From the moment I saw you I felt I'd known you for a very long 

Eon: And I feel the same way about you. I wish I could stay here longer 
and talk to you. [He gets up and helps Arcia to her feet.]

[There are shouts in the distance of "Princess, where are you?", and 
"Princess, come back!"]

Eon: Uh-oh. It looks like you've been found. I'd better get going before 
I am too.

Arcia: Will I see you again?

Eon: Hmm. Count on it. Nothing will keep me away.

[They both laugh.]

Eon: 'Bye!

Arcia: Well, goodbye... for now.

[Korky lands on her shoulder.]

Or, if you sacrificed Arcia...

(FMV sequence - Laramee Ending Part 1)

[Arcia walks towards a golden throne in a huge chamber.]

Arcia: I have completed my journey and finished the last chapters of my 

Deep Voice (possibly Zeus): You've done well in studying these people, 
Arcia. I had considered them too evil to be worthy of more of my time 
and attention.

Arcia: There's so much to learn about these fascinating people - 
sometimes they're immature and primitive, but for the most part they're 
very intelligent and compassionate.

Deep Voice: It is obvious that more work must be done. I want you to 
continue working on your chronicles.

Arcia: Yes. As you wish.

There are views of the four towns that the party visited earlier on in 
the game. Laramee is waiting at the Spirit Shrine for Eon. She is 
thinking of her past...

Slayzer: Laramee. Today you have become a Desbat Pirate. You are now a 
warrior and will conduct yourself as one. Do not call me 'brother'. I am 
now your Commander.

Laramee: ...Aye, aye, sir.

[There is a pause.]

Laramee: How dare you walk into a lady's bedroom without knocking?!

Eon: Huh? Um... I... I'm sorry, but I didn't know where I was!

(FMV Sequence - Laramee Ending Part 2)

[Laramee runs out of the shrine to meet Eon, but turns away from him. He 
fastens the Coral Necklace around her neck. Her eyes well and she turns 
to him. A bird (Karok?) is seen flying into the sunset. Arcia closes her 
book of chronicles.]

Congratulations - you've completed the game! You'll now get some FMV 
clips from various parts of the game - it depends on which ending you 
got. After the credits and a remixed version of the title music, it's 
the end.

Side Quests

A. The Cards of Gods

There is an old man in the Kelsan's Assembly Hall (which can be got in 
to via the Religious Colony) who asks you for Cards of Gods that you 
have found. You can obtain these cards by opening the right Sceptre 
Forces (see the table later on).

You have to collect all six Cards of the Gods and give them to him.

B. The Merchant

The Merchant can be found in the southwest corner of the Religious 
Colony (opposite the entrance to the Assembly Hall) on Aquas after you 
leave Aquas for the first time. He has various items for sale, but you 
don't pay him in the normal way. Instead, he wants precious metals 
(gold, silver and bronze pieces).

Each time you talk to him he'll show you an item, ask if you want to 
hold it then ask if you want to pay him for it. If you don't get the 
item from him he'll keep asking you about that item until you pay him. 
There is a table below that shows what items you can get from him and 
how much it costs you.

You can get metal pieces by opening the right Sceptre Forces, or finding 
them in chests. However, the best way to get them is to buy them from 
Apothecaries. In Arona you can buy bronze pieces that cost 50 gems, 
Tulku sells silver pieces for 100 gems before the volcano eruption and 
the man in Geltania sells gold pieces for 200 gems each.

The item descriptions for the metal pieces indicate that a silver piece 
is worth as much as two bronze pieces, and a gold piece is worth as much 
as four bronze pieces. The 'cost' shown in the table is the amount of 
bronze pieces the trader wants for the item.

|No.| Name              | Cost | Description                 |
| 1 | Red Stone         |   4  | Gives 'Scanning' spell      |
| 2 | Blue Stone        |   8  | Gives 'Defencer' spell      |
| 3 | Yellow Stone      |  12  | Gives 'Thunder Blast' spell |
| 4 | Thick Metal Piece |  16  | Gives Moebius Shield        |
| 5 | Hard Metal Piece  |  20  | Gives Moebius Armor         |
| 6 | Sharp Metal Piece |  24  | Gives 'Avenger' dagger      |
| 7 | Lump of Rust      |  28  | Gives 'Omega Mace' weapon   |
| 8 | The Secret        |  40  | Gives list of secrets       |

When you get the Avenger you also learn the Quad Thrust, which can only 
be used with daggers. The Omega Mace gives the 'Cross Cut' ability.

Selecting 'The Secret' gives a few hints about the game...

1. The Giant Card can double the number of gems which you collect.
2. The Dragon Card can reduce the number of MPs used by half.
3. The Giant Card is available when you have attained "green" sceptre 
4. The Dragon Card is only available when you have attained "rainbow" 
5. To increase your battle status, defeat more difficult enemies quickly 
and use special attacks.
6. Lastly, the most powerful weapon is the Onimaru. It is buried on holy 
ground, but only a special eye can see it.

He'll ask if you want to hear it again. If you select "No" you'll have 
to pay him before you can get the hints again.

The total cost of all the items from the Merchant is 7,600 gems (152 
bronze pieces).

C. Looking for Toman

If you go back to Pikshim while going through the Ruins, you can talk to 
the woman who originally asked you to look for Toman. She'll tell you 
that he was working hard for Levante. There is now a dried herb in the 
barrel North of the apothecary. If you go into the Apothecary after this 
then the man will ask you who stole his herbs. Buy the Ancient Mystery 
Stone here to get the spell 'Frost Arrow'. 

Now go to the Consulate and Afto will greet you. You will be led into 
the next room to talk to Selela. There follows a bizarre dialogue that I 
can't make sense of. After the sequence, go to the West room and talk to 
Afto to get the magic spell 'Blizzard'. If you talk to him again he'll 
mention Toman.

Go to the Icy Corridor on the continent map. Go North into Heaven 
Stratum, then walk around and take the door South into Earth Stratum. 
Talk to the man here, and he will say that Toman was imprisoned but he 
has not been seen for a while. Talk to him again and he'll tell you to 
look in the northwest corner.

If you now do as he says and look in the northwest corner, you will be 
able to 
find Toman"s wedding ring. You have to stand in the exact location to 
find it - 
go to the back of the alcove (West end) in the Northwest corner, then 
search the 
North end of the North-to-East diagonal wall. When you"ve found it, talk 
to the 
man again.

Finally, go back to Pikshim and talk to Toman"s wife again. She"ll take 
the ring 
and give you a bar of gold for your trouble - it is shown as a Gold Piece 
your inventory, which can be used to trade with the Merchant (see Side 
Quest B).

Incidentally, you can still collect Obsidian from the walls in Earth 
They appear as 'Magic Rock' in your inventory, which trade for one gem at 
pawn shop (so it"s best not to bother).

D. Back in Arona

Go back to Arona on Shilf and go to the tavern. Look at the barrel with 
mushrooms in it for a strange cut-scene, then talk to Roddy. Go to the 
church and talk to Ray and Phyrea to find out that they are getting 
married the next day, then talk to the Priest. Leave the church and talk 
to Roddy again. Say you can stay the night.

In the morning, follow Roddy to the Church. Ray will not have arrived, 
so go to the Kilia Shrine to find him. He's at the entrance.

You'll now be taken back to Arona, and you'll get a cut-scene. That's 
all there is to this part of the game - and the reward fits the quest. 


You will find the enemies wandering around in the dungeons - if you 
don't want to fight them, you can just run away most of the time. You 
don't gain experience from fights, but on occasion you can find items or 
Sceptre Forces (details are given in the next section).

There are only a few types of enemies. The enemies in this list are 
grouped into their types - enemies of one type have similar features. 
Each enemy is given a star rating to show how powerful it is compared 
with the first enemy of that type you are likely to meet. The first 
enemy will be marked BASIC next to the star rating, and will usually 
(but not always) have a rating of one star.

Each enemy has a set number of lives (LP) - all enemies have at least 
two. This is shown under the 'Lives' heading for enemies.

Blob Type


Locations: Vangel

Appearance: Bizarre grey creature that looks like it's been knitted

Level: **

Lives: 4

The Blob is the same as the Roper and Slag, but with more lives and 
health. It's also a bit faster.


Locations: Muscle Layer, Internal Organ Layer

Appearance: Bizarre pink creature that looks like it's knitted

Level: *

Lives: 3

This is an annoying enemy rather than a real threat because you can't 
see it coming, and it floats around a lot. While it's floating you can't 
hit it and you can't break its defence. Shield yourself and wait for it 
to attack. As soon as it hits, hit back and you should take a life off.


Locations: Muscle Layer, Respiratory Layer, Internal Organ Layer

Appearance: Bizarre brown creature that looks like it's knitted, with 
unfortunate name

Level: *

Lives: 3

The Slag is supposedly more powerful than the Roper, but I can't find a 
difference. Follow the same advice.

Dragon Type

Locations: Ruins

Appearance: Dragon (colour varies)

Lives: Varies (from 4)

You fight all the Dragons in the game in the same way. Dragons have 
breath attacks which push you away from them as well as damage you, and 
also have very powerful claw attacks. Their big weakness is that they 
can only turn their head a certain distance, so try and get close to it, 
wait until it starts a breath attack, then strafe around it quickly and 
hit it in the back while it's still trying to attack you. Annoyingly, 
they can also heal themselves.

Golem Type

Assault Golem

Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Huge gold-metallic humanoid

Level: *****

Lives: 4

As if the Command Golem isn't powerful enough, the Assault Golem is a 
more powerful version. As before, don't use the three hit combo because 
it can keep attacking while you're hitting it.

Buster Golem

Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Huge metallic red and gold humanoid

Level: ****

Lives: 4

Buster Golems are just about the same as Assault Golems. Use the same 

Command Golem

Locations: Magical Labyrinth

Appearance: Huge metallic humanoid

Level: ** BASIC

Lives: 3

The Command Golem is a very slow enemy, and it can't block. But it makes 
up for this by having a lot of health and being very powerful. Don't 
ever use the three hit combo on it because you won't have time to block 
an attack after it. When it lifts the hatch on its front, it's about to 
fire a projectile. It also has a difficult-to-avoid unblockable attack - 
try jumping to the side rather than back to avoid it. You never know, it 
might help. Try and get around behind it and then attack.


Locations: Vangel

Appearance: Huge metallic humanoid, gold colour

Level: *

Lives: 3

This enemy seems to be exactly the same as the Slerg.

Ice Golem

Locations: Labyrinth of Punishment

Appearance: Huge metallic humanoid, blue colour

Level: **

Lives: 4

The Ice Golem and the Command Golem are very similar, but the Ice Golem 
is not as powerful and is weak against fire, as its name suggests.


Locations: Vangel

Appearance: Huge metallic humanoid, gold colour

Level: *

Lives: 3

The Slerg is the easiest type of Golem, but it's easy to miss as you can 
only find it when on the Vangel for the first time. See the Command 
Golem tactics.

Stone Statue

Locations: Labyrinth of Punishment

Appearance: Green stone statue

Level: **

Lives: 4

The Stone Statue is much the same as the Command Golem. Just follow the 
same tactics.

Guardian Type


Locations: Ruins of the Earth Spirits, Ruins of the Fire Spirits

Appearance: Metallic deep blue with sword and large shield

Level: ****

Lives: 4

The Braze looks like the Fortu, and is almost the same enemy. The Braze 
is faster and more powerful, though it doesn't have as many lives. Try 
knocking its shield away then trapping it in a corner and hitting it 
with the three hit combo. It is weak against Lightning.

Death Guardian

Locations: Wise Men's Cemetery

Appearance: Metallic green with sword and large shield

Level: **

Lives: 3

The Death Guardian seems to be exactly the same as the High Guardian, 
but with more health. Just use the same tactics as for defeating the 
High Guardian.


Locations: Ruins of the Earth Spirits, Ruins of the Fire Spirits

Appearance: Metallic deep purple with sword and shield

Level: ***

Lives: 5

This upgraded High Guardian can use its laser in more ways: a spinning 
attack and a three-directional attack. Use your shield to block the 
laser, then try and get up close to it to attack. It has a weakness 
against Lightning.


Locations: Wise Men's Graveyard, Kilia Shrine

Appearance: Metallic blue, sometimes only one arm

Level: 0 (Not even worth one *) BASIC

Lives: 2

The Guardian is a very basic enemy - it cannot defend itself, and when 
you meet it in the Wise Men's Graveyard it only has one arm. Its only 
threatening attack is its laser, but it takes a while to charge up so 
you should see it coming. It has a sword as well, but don't worry about 
it. Just hack away at it, strafing to avoid the laser if you have to.

High Guardian

Locations: Kilia Shrine, Cliff Labyrinth

Appearance: Metallic green with sword and shield

Level: *

Lives: 3

This enemy has a shield which it can use to block your attacks. However, 
continued battering will make it drop its shield. The best way to defeat 
it is to hit its shield until it is dropped, then stand on the shield so 
that the High Guardian can't pick it up again. You can also try staying 
away from it and tempt it into using its laser, then strafing, running 
up to it and hitting it before retreating again.


Locations: Ruins of the Earth Spirits

Appearance: Metallic grey and black with sword and large shield

Level: *****

Lives: 4

The Shadow is another Guardian version, similar to the Stormer. It has a 
weakness to Lightning.


Locations: Ruins of Earth Spirits

Appearance: Metallic grey with sword and shield

Level: *****

Lives: 3

The Stormer is another version of the Guardian. It has a very fast 
unblockable attack that's almost impossible to see coming, and also has 
a three-directional laser attack. Try to keep strafing around it and 
hitting it in the back.

Insect Type


Locations: Cavern

Appearance: Black insect creature with four 'arms', two 'legs' and horn 
on face

Level: ***

Lives: 5

The Balage looks almost exactly like the Slarg, and fights in the same 
way too. It has a lot of health and lives and blocks even more than the 
Slarg, so fights against these creatures can take a while. Be patient, 
and counter-attack when attacked. When it headbutts you away, you're 
still close enough to hit it. If it uses its fast unblockable attack, 
jump backwards and hit it as it comes down.


Locations: Lava Cave

Appearance: Red insect creature with four 'arms' and two 'legs'

Level: *

Lives: 3

I can't find any difference between the Bazam and the Slarg, apart from 
the fact that this creature is weak against Ice. Just use the same 


Locations: Cavern

Appearance: Black insect creature with four 'arms' and two 'legs'

Level: * BASIC

Lives: 3

The Slarg is fairly easy, but it tends to block a lot, slowing the fight 
down. To defeat it quickly, run into it to break its defence, then use 
your three hit combo.


Location: Lava Cave

Appearance: Red insect creature with four 'arms', two 'legs' and horn on 

Level: ***

Lives: 5

As far as I can tell, the Venom is the same as the Balage. Use the same 
tactics. It has a weakness to Ice.

Lizard Type


Locations: Lava Cave

Appearance: Red lizard creature

Level: ***

Lives: 3

These enemies are the same as the Jargo, but with more health. The same 
tactic works. It is weak against Ice attacks.


Locations: Cavern

Appearance: Blue lizard creature

Level: * BASIC

Lives: 3

One of the best tactics for defeating Jargo is to back away from it and 
then run up to it, breaking its defence. You can then use the three hit 
combo on it. If it uses its rolling attack, shield it then use the three 
hit combo as it recovers. The only things to watch out for are its fast 
unblockable attack, and the fact that it can attack with its tail if you 
try to get behind it.


Locations: Lava Cave

Appearance: Black lizard creature

Level: ***

Lives: 4

The Rampage is like the Zillo, but with more health. Use the same 
tactics to defeat it. It has a weakness to Ice.


Locations: Cavern

Appearance: Green lizard creature

Level: **

Lives: 4

The Zillo is to the Jargo what the High Soldier is to the Soldier. It's 
the same as the Jargo, but uses its unblockable attack more often and 
has more health. Just run right up to it and shield yourself. When it 
attacks, defend yourself then hit it with the three hit combo. If it 
starts its unblockable attack, you have enough time to hit it before it 
hits you.

Mimic Type

Locations: Inside chests

Appearance: Varies (same as a chest)

Lives: Varies, but usually 3 to 5

The Mimic is a fake chest that attacks you when you try to open it. It 
is a very annoying enemy to fight, mostly because it has so much HP. 
Block the items it spits at you, and try and get round to the side of it 
to attack. If you get close, it will try and 'headbutt' you. It 
sometimes spits three items out at different angles, so always be ready 
with your shield. When the chest is closed you can't hurt it. The best 
way to fight it is to wait until it closes, then tempt it to headbutt 
you. Once it has attacked you can counter-attack when it is not 
defending. Mimics usually have a large number of gems or useful items 
inside them, so they're worth fighting.

Shell Type

Head Hunter

Locations: Stalagmite Castle

Appearance: Red shell with blades on arms

Level: ****

Lives: 4

The Head Hunter is another version of the Slasher, Ripper and Marauder. 
The differences are that it's faster, has more health and has a very 
fast unblockable attack. To avoid this, strafe around it, but be quick.


Locations: Stalagmite Castle

Appearance: Grey shell with blades on arms

Level: ***

Lives: 3

The Marauder is like the Slasher and Ripper, but even more powerful. It 
has a slight weakness to Fire.


Locations: Wise Men's Cemetery

Appearance: Purple shell with blades on arms

Level: **

Lives: 3

The Ripper is an 'upgraded' Slasher. In addition to all the Slasher's 
attacks, it has a very fast unblockable spinning jump attack which you 
should strafe to avoid. It also seems to jump further than the Slasher.


Locations: Kilia Shrine, Cliff Labyrinth

Appearance: Green shell with blades on arms

Level: * BASIC

Lives: 3

The Slasher uses a variety of cutting attacks, but it doesn't seem to 
defend much unless it's cornered. Instead, it strafes to avoid your 
attacks - use the Horizontal Slash to counter this. One way to defeat it 
is to keep away from it until it charges at you with its arms whirling, 
then strafe away and stab it in the back. If you corner it, it can jump 
over you to escape. While it's jumping, sidestep in either direction and 
then hit Attack when it lands.

Soldier Type


Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Soldier in red suit with broad sword

Level: ****

Lives: 4

The Blade can use its sword for projectile attacks as well as hitting 
you with it, so try and get up close. Its close-range attacks are quite 
slow, but it blocks a lot. It has a reasonably fast unblockable attack 
which you should quickly jump back to avoid, and it can charge up its 
sword to make it more powerful.

High Soldier

Locations: Magical Labyrinth, Vangel

Apperance: Soldier in blue suit

Level: **

Lives: 3

The High Soldier is like the Soldier, but uses his unblockable attack 
more often. He also has more health.

High Swordsman

Locations: Vangel

Appearance: Soldier in blue suit with two swords

Level: ***

Lives: 4

The first thing to mention is that the High Swordsman has a fast 
unblockable attack, but you can strafe to avoid it. Other than that this 
enemy is quite easy, provided you only counter-attack when attacked.

Royal Guard

Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Soldier in black and white suit with broad sword

Level: *****

Lives: 5

Try and learn which of the Royal Guard's moves hit twice and which only 
hit once. It's then a matter of counter-attacking when attacked.


Locations: Vangel, Magical Labyrinth

Appearance: Soldier in yellow suit

Level: * BASIC

Lives: 2

The soldier relies on his sword for both attacking and defending 
himself. Use your shield to block his attacks, and counter attack when 
he's just attacked. He has an unblockable attack, but it takes a while 
to charge up, giving you a lot of time to get out of the way. He's 
immobile for a while after using it, so take the chance to hit him in 
the back. Also, look out for his four combo that looks like it's going 
to be just three hits.


Location: Vangel

Appearance: Soldier in green and blue suit, with two swords

Level: **

Lives: 3

The Swordsman is a fast enemy, and also has a fast unblockable attack. 
Shield yourself from his attacks and only counter-attack when attacked. 
He doesn't have a lot of health.

Sorcerer Type


Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Purple and red cloak with conical head

Level: ****

Lives: 4

This monster is another step up from the Herferg. In addition to the 
Herferg's spells it has a large black 'aura' and a white explosion 
spell. Otherwise it's just about the same.


Locations: Vangel

Appearance: Red and purple cloak

Level: ***

Lives: 3

Herfergs are the same as Legars, but they can use a fire spell as well 
as all the Legar spells. They also have more health.


Locations: Imperial Fortress

Appearance: Purple and red cloak with broad pointy hat

Level: ****

Lives: 4

Fight the Kijil in the same way as you would a Drifer, as it appears to 
be the same monster.


Locations: Magical Labyrinth, Cavern, Labyrinth of Punishment

Appearance: Red cloak

Level: **

Lives: 3

Legars are a lot like Sorcerers, but they use more spells. In a way, 
this makes them easier, as not all the spells are as effective as the 
one the Sorcerer uses. Just keep on blocking, and work your way towards 
him. He's at his most vulnerable just after he's cast a spell.


Locations: Cliff Labyrinth

Appearance: Green cloak

Level: * BASIC

Lives: 3

Sorcerers are very hard enemies during the early stages of the game, 
mostly because they only use projectile attacks. They also have the 
ability to shield themselves in a magic 'cage', and you can't break 
their defence. When you kill a Sorcerer, it reappears in a different 
place - mostly behind you - so be ready to block. There is no obvious 
tactic for killing Sorcerers, apart from blocking a lot and trying to 
hit it when it's just about to start a projectile attack.


Location: Ruins of the Earth Spirits

Appearance: Blue cloak

Level: ***

Lives: 3

The Wizard is another upgraded Sorcerer. He has two new attacks: a 
'boomerang' spell and a slow-moving mine. Use the same tactics to defeat 

Sceptre Force

Every time you win a fight without ever being hit (you are allowed to 
block attacks, but not actually have health taken off by them) you will 
get a Sceptre Force. You can either open it by selecting 'Yes', or 
memorise it by selecting 'No'. Every time you memorise a sceptre force, 
you have the chance of getting a higher level of force next time (but if 
you're hit you lose it). If you open a sceptre force, you'll get items. 
The value of the items corresponds to the level of force.

One way to think of this is like 'The Weakest Link' (well, if you must) 
- you can either 'bank' and save your items, or risk going to a higher 
level. If you are ever hurt during a fight you lose ALL your sceptre 
force and will have to start from Level 1 (Blue) again. When you decide 
to open a Sceptre Force, you get one of the following items:

| Level | Colour | Items when opened                        |
|   1   | Blue   | 10 gems                                  |
|       |        | 25 gems                                  |
|       |        | White Crystal                            |
|       |        | Fruit of Venatawa                        |
|   2   | Red    | Bronze Piece                             | 
|       |        | Silver Piece                             |
|       |        | Gold Piece                               |
|       |        | 35 Gems                                  |
|       |        | Card of the Water God                    |
|   3   | Yellow | Gold Piece                               |
|       |        | Silver Piece                             |
|       |        | Card of the Fire God                     |
|       |        | Life Stone                               |
|       |        | 50 gems                                  |
|       |        | 260 gems                                 |
|   4   | Green  | 75 gems                                  |
|       |        | Card of the Giant God                    |
|       |        | Card of the Earth God                    |
|   5   | Purple | 100 gems                                 |
|       |        | Card of the Fire God                     |
|   6   | Orange | Miracle Fruit                            |
|       |        | 500 gems                                 |
|   7   | Rainbow| Life Element                             |
|       |        | 750 gems                                 |
|       |        | Card of the Earth God                    |
|   8   | Dark   | Elixir                                   |
|       |        | 2500 gems                                |

You must open the Dark Sceptre Force when you reach it - the game does 
not give you a choice. Sometimes you will receive items dropped by 
enemies after a battle - in this case you won't gain Sceptre Force, but 
you don't lose it either.

You can"t gain Sceptre Forces just by fighting the same enemies. You can 
fight the same type of enemy three times, then you have to defeat a 
different type of enemy to level up your Sceptre Force. Also, if you get 
any items from enemies (such as gems from Mimics) you won"t get Sceptre 
Force along with the items, however it is not reset back to Blue in this 

Battle Items



Description: Simple, lightweight dagger. Good for nimble attacks.

Attack: 12

Special: The Dirk is very fast compared to the Broadsword, but is just 
over half as powerful.

Found: Vangel


Description: Produced from a special metal. At times absorbs wizard's MP

Attack: 45

Special: This weapon can absorb MP from any enemy that uses spells.

Found: Merchant

Battle Axe

Description: Slow, but increased attack power

Attack: 40

Special: None

Found: Curio Shop in Arona


Description: Long blade sword. Quick with good attacking power

Attack: 20

Special: None

Found: Wise Men's Graveyard

Bastard Sword

Description: Forged with wide blade. Long reach with high attack power.

Attack: 30

Special: None

Found: Wise Men's Cemetery

Flare Sabre

Description: Increases damage to enemies that are weak against fire

Attack: 50

Special: As said in the decription, fire damage is increased.

Found: Cavern

Tyrano Fang

Description: Gives a powerful hit with its sharp edge

Attack: 80

Special: None

Found: Labyrinth of Punishment

Holy Knife

Description: Increases the probability of obtaining items

Attack: 30

Special: Because this weapon doesn't do a lot of damage it's better to 
use a more powerful weapon for most fights, then switch to the Holy 
Knife near the end to increase your chances of getting items.

Found: Houses of Orkul


Description: Increases damage to enemies that are weak against ice

Attack: 50

Special: As said in the description, ice damage is increased.

Found: Lava Cave

Gaia Edge

Description: Blade of Spirit King

Attack: 120

Special: Enormously powerful

Found: Spirit Shrine

Arc Blazer

Description: Increases damage to enemies that are weak against Lightning

Attack: 50

Special: As said in the description, lightning damage is increased.

Found: Ruins of the Earth Spirits

Aero Force

Description: Most balanced attack ability

Attack: 90

Special: Defence +20

Found: Ruins of the Wind Spirits

Zeran Sabre

Description: Only effective against certain enemies

Attack: 100 (if all Zeran items are equipped, attack is 125)

Special: The Zeran Sabre can only damage some enemies, but it's very 
effective when it works.

Found: Spirit Arona


Description: Famous phantom sword. The ultimate sword.

Attack: 250(!)

Special: The Onimaru is a secret weapon, and is found in the Church 
Basement in Arona (see the walkthrough). It sometimes causes instant 
death to enemies if it hits while an enemy is performing a long attack 
(for example the Death Guardian's slow sword stab). This even works on 

Found: Church Basement (Secret)

Omega Mace

Description: Mace with sacred powers. Increased damage.

Attack: 180

Special: This is the most powerful weapon apart from the Onimaru.

Found: Merchant


Battle Suit

Description: Simple armor providing weak protection

Defence: 20

Special: None

Found: Wise Men's Graveyard

Plate Mail

Description: Many layers, strong protection

Defence: 30

Special: None

Found: Kilia Shrine

Cross Mail

Description: Unique magic features, but weaker protection

Defence: 28

Special: Unique magic features (I can't work out what)

Found: Town of Pikshim

Plate Armor

Description: Thick, but lightweight

Defence: 66

Special: None

Found: Town of Tulku

Wisdom Cloak

Description: Magical armor with sacred powers. Good for avoiding enemy 

Defence: 54

Special: When wearing this armor you can't be hit in the sides while 

Found: Vangel

Moebius Armor

Description: Strongest protection against magic attacks

Defence: 50

Special: Reduces damage from magic attacks.

Found: Merchant

Aero Guard

Description: Best defensive features overall

Defence: 77 (If all Aero items are equipped, Attack is 90 and defence is 

Special: None

Found: Ruins of the Water Spirits

Zeran Guard

Description: Best defensive armor for direct attacks

Defence: 87

Special: None

Found: Spirit Pikshim


Steel Shield

Description: A small lightweight shield. No special effects.

Special: None

Found: Wise Men's Graveyard


Description: Shield with special magic. Resists Ice attacks

Special: Attack +1, Defence -1. Ice magic is weakened.

Found: Retribution Stratum

Iron Shield

Description: Large alloy shield

Special: Defence +4

Found: Kelsan's Assembly Hall


Description: Shield with special magic. Resists Fire attacks.

Special: Attack +1, Defence -1. Fire magic is weakened.

Found: Lava Cave


Description: Displays special powers when used with sacred armor

Special: Attack +2, Defence +1.

Found: Spirit Shrine

Moebius Shield

Description: Decreases damage from magical attacks

Special: Magic damage is decreased (the only shield to not modify attack 
or defence)

Found: Merchant

Aero Barrier

Description: Increases defence power

Special: Defence +3. If all Aero items are equipped, Attack is 90 and 
defence is 100.

Found: Ruins of the Fire Spirits

Zeran Barrier

Description: Increases attack power

Special: Defence -2, Attack +5

Found: Spirit Tulku


(These are bugs, strange occurrences and quotes from the game.)

At the start of the demo version, there is the message 'This version not 
subject to exchange'.

The first objective in the game is 'make a cup of tea'. That's strange 
enough. Of course, 'save world' comes next.

When you try to use an item, the game responds with the message '(Item 
name) Use one'.

And if you discard an item, the confirmation menu says '(Item name) Has 
been thrown away'.

Near the start of the game, Valos uses the Pidgin English 'Allight' when 
he means 'All right'. After this, the game reverts to the more 
traditional misspelling 'Alright'.

'Those fried herbs were really delicious! Hey! My health is restored!'
- Eon

Trying to open the chest near the tavern in Arona gives the message 'You 
need permission to open this chest'.

The windmills in Arona spin at different speeds and in different 

After the Priest in Arona has talked to you for the first time, he walks 
through a wall.

Just about every scene with Jeel and Lang in it counts as an oddity. 
Best quote: 'Agreed! Heave-ho!'

'Now I can restore Eon's health too! Amazing...'
- Korky

The drunk man in Arona can still 'feel the land sinking into the sea' 
even after you've recited the Lifting Verse.

The paintings in the Consulate are by 'Gan Vogh' and of the 'Lona Misa'.

Examining a bonfire in Pikshim gives the message 'You suspect there is 
something inside the bonfire'...

Examining another bonfire gives the message 'Ouch! Fires are not for 
walking into, nimrod!'

The guard in Earth Stratum asks 'Are you trying to cheat?' when you try 
to get past him without ten pieces of Obsidian.

Why doesn't Eon escape from the Kels by using the Sceptre to restore his 

If Arcia is going to be sacrificed to Levante, why does the guard say 
'you will be punished if you are late'?

Korky says 'Phew, we did it!' BEFORE you copy the keys from the guard's 
hip in Earth Stratum. When you examine the guard after copying the keys, 
the message 'The guard continues to sleep while the key is replicated!' 
is given. The messages appear to be the wrong way round.

The Watch Tower in Pikshim is a LOT bigger on the inside than it is on 
the outside.

'What's going on? There must be some sort of intervening magic here!' 
- Youth/Legar at top of watch tower

The 'Kelsan Cave Entrance' becomes the 'Heresy Cave' when you visit it 
for the second time, and if you go to the entrance from the religious 
colony rather than the continent map it's called 'Religious Colony'.

'The Kel's Secret Cavern' is marked on your map. None too secret.

If you refuse to enter the Gate of Trials, it will say 'You will be left 
to die as you probably deserve to'.

When Gandor rescues Eon from the cavern, he asks 'What are you guys 
doing in here? Having a tea party?!'

The sound made when text is appearing is different when you talk to the 
man at the Apothecary in Orkul, and when the guard in Earth Stratum 
speaks to Eon.

The location name for the mayor's house in Orkul is 'Houses of Orkul' 
rather than 'Mayor's House'.

If a text window is open when the screen fades out during the rescue 
sequence in Tulku, the next window 'pastes' its text on top of that 

Old Man: "What? Barbara is coming to town?"
Eon: "No! LAVA is coming DOWN!"

Old Man: "What? The bull's nose is corrupting?"

There is a man hammering on the stained glass window on the church in 
Orkul to 'fix' it.

On the map of Volcos, 'Stalagmite Castle' is called 'Stalagamite 

When in the Vangel Passageway, watch the Desbat Pirate's running 

One of the locations on the Vangel is called 'Inspection Isle' (surely 
'Inspection Aisle'?)

The Wisdom Cloak is originally called the Wisdom Cloth when you pick it 

When using a lift in the Vangel, you can select the option 'Press your 
own buttons' instead of choosing a floor. This gives you the message 
'You press the buttons on your clothes. This is not accomplishing 

The town on Zephere is called Geltania. Be careful how you say that.

The Aero Force is spelled with no space (Aeroforce) when you originally 
receive it.

'It's so dark in here... please turn on the light!'
- Ghost in Public Cemetery

'I haven't had anything to eat for a very, very long time!'
- Ghost in Public Cemetery

'Greed leads to sin. Would you like some gems?'
- Old woman in Public Cemetery

'When they tell you to look both ways before crossing the road, you 
should listen.'
- Ghost in Soldier Cemetery

'I knew I shouldn't have eaten my mother-in-law's salisbury steak!'
- Ghost in Soldier Cemetery

The soldier in Geltania is still wandering around after he's supposedly 
been destroyed by the rest of the Imperial Army.

The 'Sentinel' enemy near the end of the game is spelt 'Sentinal'.

"Eon and his friends seemed to like fish."
- Afto

"I'm looking forward to serving many kinds of pies and other varieties 
of desserts!"
- Geintz

All the instruments in the music credits are in a strange abbreviated 
form, for example 'Cl', 'Fl', 'Cond'.


This is a list of all the people who gave me additional information, 
locations of items and so on. Thanks to all of them.


Location of Iron Shield (Apologies - I can't remember your name...)


Quick way past the Earth Strata part of the game
Location of 'Dirk' weapon


Help with Sceptre Forces (top three levels and why I missed them the 
first time)

Shadow Reaver

Location of Omega Mace and help with the Merchant.


How to get the Card of the Water God.
Notified me of the "Pikshim Problem" <¦-)
Completed the Toman side quest.


Sites with permission to host this FAQ


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Is it possible to actually find Toman?
How do you collect the remaining Cards of Gods?
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