La-Mulana is a ruin exploration platformer game; a mix of Metroid and
Castlevania. There are many puzzles to solve and enemies to beat.

This walkthrough is a spoiler-free version of Perspixx's walkthrough; it"s
mostly the same text and format, but a lot of details have been cut out for
easier read It covers the Wii version, but there are very few differences with
the PC version.

This walkthrough can be used with my maps also available on GameFAQs. Those maps
are also as spoiler-free as they can be.

Part I: Death Awaits the Powerless

Surface G-4
- Enter Xelpud's hut and get software.
- Break pot and buy Hand Scanner in shop.
- Scan grail point and head right to H-4.

Surface H-4
- Get 1 weight and climb up to H-3.

Surface H-3
- Go right to I-3.
- Get to back of statue and smash right wall to get treasure.
- Go left to H3 and proceed up to I-3.

Surface I-3
- Scan skeleton to get item and climb up to I-2.

Surface I-2
- Place weight on dais and get treasure, then proceed right to J-2.

Surface J-2
- Climb up to J-1.

Surface J-1
- Take upper-right path to K-1.

Surface K-1
- Kill enemy and follow next instructions quickly:
- Drop down in water and whip left wall to left of waterfall.
- Get chest and get out of water quickly!
- Go back to village and proceed left to F-4.

Surface F-4
- Take lower-left path to E-4.

Surface E-4
- Take the bottom-left path to D-4.

Surface D-4
- Jump in hot spring.

- Try to get at least 80 coins and head right to F-4 and enter PC Shop.
- Buy Reader.exe, Yagomap.exe and a pack of weights.

- Head back to H-3 and place weight, then drop down to H-4.

Surface H-5
- If you fell to H-5, climb to H-4 and whack wall in center.
- Go down to H-5 and head right to I-5.

Surface I-5
- Push block and read tablet, then continue right to Gate of Guidance C-1.

PART II: Thou Traipses On Holy Ground

Gate of Guidance C-1
- Take upper-right path to D-1.

Gate of Guidance D-1
- Step on floor switch and grab treasure.
- Head left to C-1 and take lower-right path to C-1.
- Jump down towards right to D-2.

Gate of Guidance D-2
- Read Grail Tablet, then head right to E-2.

Gate of Guidance E-2
- Head right to F-2.

Gate of Guidance F-2 (!)
- Move to upper-right to enter G-2.

Gate of Guidance G-2
- Place weight on dais.
- Climb down and place weight to unlock chests, but don't hit them.
- Take middle path to F-2.

- Jump down on spikes. (Yes, do it!)
- Place weight and get weapon.

- Head left to Grail Tablet in D-2.
- Climb down ladder to D-3.

Gate of Guidance D-3
- Ignore dais!
- Head left to C-3.

Gate of Guidance C-3
- Place weight and get treasure, then climb down to C-4.

Gate of Guidance C-4
- Whip the block 3x and go right to D-4.

Gate of Guidance D-4
- Drop down a level and JUMP left to C-4 to place weight.
- Go right to D-4 and jump as fast as you can and press left to get chest.
- Drop down and right to D-4 and D-5.

Gate of Guidance D-5 (!)
- Head up and climb ladder to D-4, prepare for attack with Shurikens.

- Destroy Red Skeleton quickly and do the same with the other from ladder.
- Go right to E-4.

Gate of Guidance E-4
- Push lower-right block to right off edge.
- Push lower-left block to right, over previous one.
- Push upper block down on top of plate.
- Place weight, walk past skeleton on right and get to B-4.

Gate of Guidance B-4
- Push block right on plate.
- Head left to E-4, then right to B-4.
- Quickly climb up ladder and jump to right side.
- Open chest and get item.
- Place weight on upper-right and enter NPC chamber.
- Jump sideways down or ride elevator down to B-5.

Gate of Guidance B-5
- Head down to B-6 and walk left to A-6.

Gate of Guidance A-6 (!)
- Head right to B-6 to scan skeleton, then left to A-6.
- Hit 3x: Flood (UL), Wind (LL), Fire (UR) and Meteor (LR).
- Place weight and go directly right to B-6.
- Shop for Guild.exe and weights if necessary.
- Head left to A-6 and take bottom-right path to B-6.

Gate of Guidance B-6
- Climb ladder and place weight.
- Head left to A-6 and take 2nd highest path to B-6.
- Climb up right ladder to B-5 and then walk right to C-5.

Gate of Guidance C-5
- Walk right to D-5.

- Place weight and get treasure.
- Warp to Grail point, go down and left to C-3 and proceed left to B-3.

Gate of Guidance B-3
- Push block to left, use the elevator to go to top and place weight.
- Climb up and go right to C-3. (Wink, wink!)

- Don't put weight yet, take ladder up to G-2 for treasures.
- Warp to Grail Point and go to B-3.
- Cross bridge again to C-3 and place weight.
- Go to D-3 but jump to platform after it scrolls.

- Place weight and refill again if needed.
- Go down to D-4, take bottom path to E-4 and go down to E-5.

Gate of Guidance E-5 (*)
- Use Ankh Jewel on Ankh.

Guardian #1: Amphisbaena

 One head will shoot fire at you, then after a delay the other one will.
 You can attack either head as they share the same health. Use the whip.

- Refill at village, stock on Shurikens (30).

Part III: Thou Art Tiny

- Warp to Gate of Guidance D-2 and go to A-5.
- Go down to Mausoleum of the Giants.

Mausoleum of the Giants B-1
- Go to bottom-right to place weight and go right to C-1.
- Throw 5 Shurikens at wall for chest.
- Head left to B-1 and drop to B-2.

Mausoleum of the Giants B-2
- Head down and place weight, then walk right and drop to lowest level.
- Head right to read tablet, then left to B-2 and left to A-2.

Mausoleum of the Giants A-2 (!)
- Kill three ghosts to trigger boss appearance.
- Get to bottom and hit boss whenever he comes down towards you.
- Weapon Get! Head right to B-2.

- Use weight and climb up and move right to C-2.

Mausoleum of the Giants C-2
- Press switch and move right to D-2.

Mausoleum of the Giants D-2
- Head up and right to ladder, avoid lower trapped platforms.
- Go up to D-1.

Mausoleum of the Giants D-1
- Don't read upper-right tablet!
- Get to NPC door and head left to C-1.

Mausoleum of the Giants C-1
- Place weight and head right, down and upper-left to C-2 to claim item.
- Walk right to D-2 and drop towards left to D-3.

Mausoleum of the Giants D-3
- Head right to E-3.

Mausoleum of the Giants E-3
- Read Grail Tablet and save, then head right to F-3.

Mausoleum of the Giants F-3
- Destroy pot to reveal shop and buy Hermes Boots.
- Go to bottom and left to E-3, then jump down or take elevator to E-4.

Mausoleum of the Giants E-4
- Head down to E-5.

Mausoleum of the Giants E-5
- Climb down to E-6.

Mausoleum of the Giants E-6
- Jump on either switch to put Star icon on top.
- Warp to Grail Point at E-3 and go right to G-3.

Mausoleum of the Giants G-3
- Place weight, go left 2x to E-3 and head down to E-4.
- Go right to F-4.

Mausoleum of the Giants F-4
- Place weight on foot of right statue and get item.
- Take upper path and go right SLOWLY to G-4.

Mausoleum of the Giants G-4
- Stay on edge of screen until trap disarms and climb up ladder to G-3.

- Get to middle platform and use a Rolling Shuriken to destroy face.
- Get over to chest and get item.
- Head down, left 2x and down 2x to E-6.

- Put Sun icon on top and climb up and right to G-4.
- Go right to H-4.

Mausoleum of the Giants H-4
- Place weight on giant.
- If you have at least 90 coins, go down to Twin Labyrinths. (190 is best)

- Go down the ladder in bottom-left and enter shop
- Buy Helmet and 3 sets of weights (90 coins in total). Exit then re-enter.
- Go up ladder on right then back down.
- Get in shop again and buy Dragon Bone.

- Warp Mausoleum of the Giants, go to E-6 and set disk to Moon icon.
- Climb up to E-5 and head left to D-5.

Mausoleum of the Giants D-5
- Head left to C-5.

Mausoleum of the Giants C-5 (*)
- Wait for the Giant to kneel and use Ankh Jewel on Ankh. (Save first)
- Run quickly to the right and climb ladder.

Guardian #2: Sakit

 Sakit has three attacks:
 - Rocks will fall from the ceiling as a result of his footsteps.
 - He can fire an energy ball from his right hand.
 - He can shoot his left arm out as some sort of extendo-punch.

 Avoid falling rocks by standing on middle platform, you can whip them too.
 If he begins charging an energy ball, climb up to top platform and jump.
 When his fist hits the ground, wait for rocks to fall, then run up his arm and
 whip his face once or twice. Run away right away.

 Once Sakit's face plate falls off, his attack will change, slightly.
 Instead of energy beams, he now shoots his right fist at you in a rocket punch.
 Just like with the energy beams, go to the top and jump.
 He is now also vulnerable to Shurikens. (20 should do it)

- Move left to B-5, even if Xeplud tells you to come back.

Mausoleum of the Giants B-5
- Go left to Endless Corridor D-1.

Endless Corridor D-1
- Head left to C-1.

Endless Corridor C-1
- Head left to B-1, but don't take the bottom path.

Endless Corridor B-1
- Take top-left path to A-1.

Endless Corridor A-1
- Read Grail Tablet and save.
- Go in chamber for info.
- Go left to D-1 and warp to Grail Point to get chest item.
- Warp to Surface to talk to Xelpud
- Refill, especially on Shurikens (80 if possible).

Part IV: Jump into the Sun

- Warp to Gate of Guidance at D-2.
- Drop down 3 levels to D-5.
- Place weight if needed and climb down to Temple of the Sun B-1.

Temple of the Sun B-1
- Jump down and place weight.
- Drop down to B-2.

Temple of the Sun B-2
- Head right to C-2.

Temple of the Sun C-2
- Climb up and go left to B-2.
- Climb up and go right to C-2.
- Destroy left wall midway through ladder and climb up to C-1.

Temple of the Sun C-1
- Step on switch, then head left to B-1.

- Destroy pot and whip lever behind pot.
- Drop to B-2 then climb back to C-1 and climb ladder.
- Push cart right until it falls down.
- Jump to Grail Point to read it.
- Climb down ladder to get item.
- Push statue all the way to the right.
- Drop to C-2 and push cart down to right.
- Get to top and walk right to D-2.

Temple of the Sun D-2
- Jump up and shoot Shuriken CAREFULLY through gap to destroy pot.
- Climb down on right and place weight, then step on switch.
- Go left to C-2 and right to D-2 from 2nd level to get weapon.

- Climb down to right and enter shop.
- Buy TextTrax and install.
- Head left to C-2 and then descend to C-3.

Temple of the Sun C-3
- Push cart down to right and enter door.
- Exit and head right to D-3.

Temple of the Sun D-3
- Drop down to D-4, as left as possible.

Temple of the Sun D-4 (!)
- Try to kill bats and drop down to D-5.

Temple of the Sun D-5
- Stand in cart to descend, then push it down to right.
- Go to top and climb up to D-4.

- Kill bats (if needed) for chest (don't hit it before).
- Get treasure and get up and right to E-4.

Temple of the Sun E-4
- Take top-left exit to reach pot in D-4.
- Go left to E-4 and take top-right exit to F-4.

Temple of the Sun F-4 (!)
- Climb up to F-3.

Temple of the Sun F-3
- Head left to E-3.

Temple of the Sun E-3
- Read tablet and walk through wall on left to D-3
- Press switch, then go to right to E-3.
- Stand beneath Sun. Jump up and whip it 4x facing left.
- Move to right and jump up and whip 2x; RUN TO RIGHT!
- Jump in empty space to warp to Temple of Moonlight.

Part V: Axe Crazy

Temple of Moonlight D-4
- Climb up to D-3.

Temple of Moonlight D-3
- Go left to C-3.

Temple of Moonlight C-3
- Go up a level and walk right to D-3.
- Get to top of D-3 and go left to C-3.
- Climb up to C-2.

Temple of Moonlight C-2
- Head right to D-2. (Weapons are OK)

Temple of Moonlight D-2
- Place weight, but avoid middle platform!
- Head down and left to C-2.

- Climb ladder and go left to B-2.
- Jump off wall here to climb ladder to B-1.

Temple of Moonlight B-1
- Place weight and drop down on right side to B-2.

Temple of Moonlight B-2
- Read Grail Tablet and go left through trap.
- Place weight and walk right to C-2, then go to B-1.
- Drop down while jumping towards left in small alcove to A-1.

Temple of Moonlight A-1.
- Carefully jump and kill enemies to reach top platform.
- Scan face for quick light and jump down to place weight.
- Claim item and jump down to A-2.

Temple of Moonlight A-2
- Head right to B-2 SLOWLY.

- Jump across to dais, place weight and MOVE AWAY QUICKLY!
- Collect item and exit to lower-right to C-2.

- Don't touch dais for now.
- Jump down to C-3 as left as possible, facing left.
- Destroy wall on left and enter to B-3.

Temple of Moonlight B-3 (!)
- Place weight and kill all enemies. (Don't hit box!)
- Hit skull with knife 8x and QUICKLY GRAB OPPOSITE WALL!

- Get weapon and warp to Surface.
- If you have over 150 coins, buy Waterproof Case and Shuriken.
- 3 choices: Guardian of Temple of Sun, Spring in the Sky and Inferno Cavern...

Part VI: Open the Floodgates

- Warp to Gate of Guidance D-2 and head right to G-2.
- Climb up the ladder to reach Spring in the Sky.

Spring in the Sky A-6
- Walk right to B-6.

Spring in the Sky B-6 (!)
- Drop down left waterfall to B-7.

Spring in the Sky B-7
- Read Grail Tablet and climb up to B-6.

- Stand on the lower-right part of room.
- Place weight and get weapon.
- Head right to C-6.

Spring in the Sky C-6
- Place weight and grab item.
- Climb up to C-5.

Spring in the Sky C-5
- Swim up QUICKLY and exit to right to D-5.

Spring in the Sky D-5
- Hop on elevator and go up to D-4.

Spring in the Sky D-4
- Keep going up to D-3.

Spring in the Sky D-3
- Jump to alcove on right and walk to E-3.

Spring in the Sky E-3
- Jump onto middle platform and hit enemy on head with Axe to kill it.
- Get up to E-2.

Spring in the Sky E-2
- Climb to chest and avoid traps to get treasure.
- Go left to D-2.

Spring in the Sky D-2
- Catch elevator up to D-1.

Spring in the Sky D-1
- Hop to small platform and place weight to get treasure.
- Drop down and left to D-2 and go left to C-2.

Spring in the Sky C-2 (*)
- Break the Seal and jump on switch until all way down.
- Place weight and  go right to D-2.
- Jump in pool and strike gear until it starts turning.
- Warp to Grail Point B-7 and climb down to B-8.

Spring in the Sky B-8
- Head down and swim right to C-8.

Spring in the Sky C-8
- Catch elevator up and jump across to place weight.
- Drop to water tank and hit character 20x.
- Go up and claim treasure.
- Drop down to C-9.

Spring in the Sky C-9
- Place weight and head left to B-9.

Spring in the Sky B-9
- Drop down to B-10.

Spring in the Sky B-10
- Strike mechanism in the top-left corner.
- Climb up to B-9 and strike pulley until it turns.
- Swim to top-right to C-9.

- Get to ladder and walk left to B-9.
- Walk left and stab wall to get to chest.
- Go back down to B-10 and drop down to Temple of the Sun F-3.

- Go to NPC Chamber.
- Avoid Sphinx and drop down to F-4.
- Swim right to G-4.

Temple of the Sun G-4
- Swim underneath seal and break it. (Don't break pots!)
- Head to bottom doorway to Chamber of Extinction.

- Head down ladder and shoot Shurikens right to kill enemy in the dark.
- Jump up and to right from tablet and strike emblem on wall until Horn sounds.
- Head left to Temple of the Sun G-4.

- Get all pots, place weight and get treasure.
- Warp to Surface and refill.

Part VII: Egyptosaurus

- Warp to Temple of the Sun C-1.
- Go left to B-1 and jump down to B-2.
- Try to land on lit platforms using Claw or angled jump.
- Get left to A-2.

Temple of the Sun A-2

Sub-boss: Buer

 Jump and strike him from below with Axe.
 If he goes on lower level, use your Rolling Shurikens.

- Exit right to B-2 then left to A-2.
- Jump to upper platform and hit middle of ceiling with weapon.
- Climb up to A-1.

Temple of the Sun A-1
- Read tablet and place weight to claim treasure.
- Warp to Endless Corridor and talk to Fairy queen.

- Warp to Temple of the Sun C-1.
- Drop down 2 levels to C-3 and break seal.
- Enter chamber multiple times to get all dialog.

- Head right to D-3 then down 2 screens to D-5.
- Take upper-right path to E-5.

Temple of the Sun E-5
- Destroy pot on bottom to reveal shop.
- Buy Heatproof Case and head left 2 rooms to C-5.

Temple of the Sun C-5
- Don't use weight on bottom!
- Exit to bottom-left to B-5.

Temple of the Sun B-5
- Stand underneath Eye and wait.
- Head right to C-5, them go up 1 level and right to B-5.
- Get treasure.
- Return to Surface to refill and warp to Temple of the Sun.
- Drop down to access D-6.

Temple of the Sun D-6 (*)
- Use Ankh Jewel and move right with cart.

Guardian #3: Ellmac

 When the mine cart is at the bottom level, just dodge Ellmac's fireballs.
 The best tactic is the wait near the right edge of the screen but not all the
 way at the edge. When he starts shooting, jump towards the right and the
 fireballs should land harmlessly to the left of you.

 When the mine cart is at a middle level, you can jump up and fire shurikens at
 Ellmac. He is invulnerable when he closes his mouth to charge up his fireballs.

 When the track comes up parallel to Ellmac's head, move left to get close
 enough to hit with your Axe or Knife, then retreat for the right before
 Ellmac charges at you. The Axe has a better range and does more damage per
 strike, but the Knife can hit 2 or 3 times.

- Once in Twin Labyrinths, warp out ASAP!

Part VIII: Thou Shall Reach the Underworld

- Head to Surface K-1 (Waterfall)
- Go to edge of platform in K-1 and jump to right.
- Strike with Knife as you fall to land on platform in L-2.

Surface K-2
- Jump over to alcove on right and break seal to get treasure.

- Warp to Temple of the Sun and descend to D-5.
- Enter door to Temple of Moonlight C-5.

Temple of Moonlight C-5
- Beware of Anubians, approach from behind.
- Drop down to C-6.

Temple of Moonlight C-6
- Do not place weight, just scan above dais.
- You can use the Fairy Point.
- Get up to C-5 and take elevator up to C-4.

Temple of Moonlight C-4
- Scan in the middle of four hands.
- Head to left elevator throw Shuriken at top face.
- Go right to D-4 and drop down to D-5.

Temple of Moonlight D-5 (!)
- Place weight on left dais. (Use Whip to avoid being zapped)
- Place weight on right dais and move right to E-5.

Temple of Moonlight E-5
- Break Seal and go left D-5.
- Take bottom path right to E-5.
- Climb up and destroy upper-left wall.
- Climb up to E-4.

Temple of Moonlight E-4
- Scan mural on left wall.
- Ride elevator up to E-3.

Temple of Moonlight E-3
- Avoid hitting left wall!
- Destroy block on the wall with Axe.
- Head down to E-4 and push block left on platform.

- Place weight, climb up and place weight on top of E-3.
- Go to D-5 anmd go down to D-6.

Temple of Moonlight D-6
- Get to top-right platform ASAP!
- Quickly send Rolling Shuriken to enemy until he blinks blue.
- Warp to Temple of the Sun and drop down 2 screens to Mulbruk's Chamber.
- Keep entering until she gives item.
- Heal up at Surface and buy Pistol.
- Return to Anubis.

Sub-boss: Anubis

 Kill the Anubian and go to the bottom-right of the room. This will force
 Anubis to do a backflip towards you; run under him and jump up to the top-left
 platform near the center of the room.

 Anubis will probably send his life-draining cloud toward you; lure the cloud
 toward you, then jump down and rush toward Anubis, who will not move while the
 cloud is active. Jump and strike Anubis in the head with Axe a couple times,
 then retreat before the cloud reaches you. Once the cloud dissipates, stand on
 the top-left platform again until Anubis sends another cloud at you, and repeat
 the process.

 If you stay on the ground-level too long, Anubis will charge at you.

- Claim treasure and warp to Surface.
- Equip Staff and show to Xelpud.
- Head to Hot Springs at Surface D-4.
- Climb ladder up to D-3 then walk left to C-3.

Surface C-3
- Talk to NPC and walk left to B-3.

Surface B-3
You can take down Argus one of two ways. You can stand on the right side of the
screen to jump and fire Shurikens from a safe distance, or rush in and
jump-strike with the Axe. It only takes four hits from the Axe to kill him.

- Proceed to A-3 and claim treasure.

Part IX: The Fish Master

- Warp to Spring in the Sky B-7.
- Head up then left to A-6.
- Take elevator up to A-5.

Spring in the Sky A-5
- Continue up to A-4.

Spring in the Sky A-4
- Break Seal to the left and climb up to chest for treasure.
- Warp back to B-7 and head towards C-5 to get item.
- Take elevator to D-4 and break Seal.
- Try to get Key Fairy from D-5 and enter shop if you have 300 coins
- Buy RandC.exe.

- Warp to Temple of the Sun and head to A-2.
- Go left to Inferno Cavern.

Inferno Cavern G-2
- Go left to F-2.

Inferno Cavern F-2
- Beware of crumbling platforms!
- Head left to E-2.

Inferno Cavern E-2
- The Sacred Orb is a trap!
- Climb ladder up to E-1.

Inferno Cavern E-1
- Kill enemies and hit both statues to claim item.
- Go down to E-2 then left to D-2.

Inferno Cavern D-2
- Go down ladder to D-3.

Inferno Cavern D-3
- Break Seal then continue down to D-4.

Inferno Cavern D-4
- Push block to reach upper-left platform.
- Destroy left wall and go left to C-4.

Inferno Cavern C-4
- Push block on upper-left to left until it falls.
- Get to center block and push it left until it falls.
- Hop down and push it left onto the plate.
- Push block on left to right so it falls off atop previous block.
- Push new block in upper-left towards left so it falls.
- Push it to left onto plate.
- Push new block all the way to plate at bottom-left.
- Push left block on top platform to left, then right and left and to plate.
- Push other top block on plate.
- Push last block left until it falls, then right until it falls again.
- Push it right onto bottom-right plate.

- Grab weapon and go right to D-4.
- Take bottom-right to E-4.

Inferno Cavern E-4
- Destroy pot in upper-left corner. Buy SpaceCap.exe for 150 coins.
- Take ladder down to E-5.

Inferno Cavern E-5
- There's a trap under pot and watch out for lava balls.
- Head right to F-5.

Inferno Cavern F-5
- The wall left of ladder can be destroyed for software. (Attack from ladder)
- Climb up to F-4.

Inferno Cavern F-4
- Read Grail Tablet and jump down to F-5, but with angle.
- Head right from F-5 to G-5.

Inferno Cavern G-5
- Place weight in lava and jump out ASAP.
- Push block to right off edge, then right on plate.
- Get item and warp to Surface to refill.
- Return to Inferno Cavern D-2 from Temple of the Sun.

- Drop in shaft while using Claw and fall down to D-3.
- Make your way left to C-3.

Inferno Cavern C-3
- A NPC chamber is hidden behind a block.
- Head left to B-3.

Inferno Cavern B-3
 Pazuzu makes rocks fall from ceiling, then throws them at you.
 You can use Axe and strike his head when he is on the left side of the screen
 or collecting a rock.
 You can throw Shurikens at him, but it's best to use Pistol (4x).

- Save and go left to A-3.

Inferno Cavern A-3
- Place weight on either dais and quickly ride column to top and jump off.
- Place weight on top dais and carefully get weapon.

- Return to Inferno Cavern F-2.
- Break left platform and drop in lava. Break left wall and swim to E-2.
- Get hidden chest in wall.

- Warp to Surface to refill if needed.
- Warp to Spring in the Sky and make your way to C-2. (Try to get Weapon Fairy)

- Jump on boat and use Ankh jewel. (Equip Axe and Flare Gun)

Guardian #4: Bahamut

 Bahamut has three attacks:
 - He jumps in the air and fire water breath.
 - He breachs water and try to land on you.
 - He pops his head and shoots fireballs.

 Strike when he is charging his water breath attack. Stay in center of room;
 when his waves send your boat in the air, hit him in the head with the axe,
 then dodge the water breath by standing right under his mouth. You can use
 flares from there.

 When Bahamut jumps out of water towards you, dodge and use flares.

 When Bahamut does his fireball attack, you cannot hurt him.

Part X: Let the Light Burn Here

- You will find yourself at Surface L-1.

Surface L-1
- Drop down two screens to L-3.

Surface L-3
- Attack the middle of right wall for chest.
- Don't destroy bottom of right wall.
- Head left to Surface K-3.

Surface K-3
- Go up to K-2.

Surface K-2
- Hit the left wall midway of lower ladder.
- Go to platform and jump down and enter tent.

- Warp to Surface G-4, head to G-3 and buy laptop in PC shop.
- Warp to Temple of the Sun then to E-5 to buy Flares.
- Go to G-4 and take lower gate to the Chamber of Extinction.

Chamber of Extinction A-2
- Get to tablet and fire Flare.
- Move right to reach B-2.

Chamber of Extinction B-2
- Climb down to B-3.

Chamber of Extinction B-3
- Get to bottom of room, then left to the spikes to place weight and get item.
- Fire Flare from chest then go right to C-3.

Chamber of Extinction C-3
- Head down ladder to C-4. (Light lantern first)

Chamber of Extinction C-4 (!)
- Attack boss with Axe or Knife and claim weapon.
- Re-light lantern and head to bottom-right exit to D-4.

Chamber of Extinction D-4
- Go right to E-4

Chamber of Extinction E-4 (Best coin-grinding spot with Item Fairy!)
- Re-light lamp and take lower-right to F-4.

Chamber of Extinction F-4
- Climb down to F-5.

Chamber of Extinction F-5
- Read Grail Tablet and head right to G-5.

Chamber of Extinction G-5
- Continue right to H-5.

Chamber of Extinction H-5
- Jump in pool of water to re-light the lantern.
- Break block on right wall for coins and left side for chest in F-5:
- JUMP to left to G-5 and continue left.
- There are traps on either sides of tablet above, so double-jump.
(Use Rolling Shurikens if needed)

- Drop down to left and break Seal.
- Warp to Grail Point, re-light lantern and catch elevator up to F-4.
- Jump over to chest to grab treasure.

- Head left to I-5 from upper path.

Chamber of Extinction I-5
- Break blocks at bottom for coins.
- Take ladder to E-4. (Yes, E-4)

- Head left to D-4 through upper path.
- Go left to C-4 and climb up to C-3.
- Jump over spikes and land on switch.
- Head to top-left and grab treasure.
- Go to H-5 and head right to I-5.

- Warp to Surface and break Seal in D-3 for chest.
- Refill, especially on weights.

Part XI: Ice Is Slippery. It Can't Be Helped

- Warp to Gate of Guidance D-2.
- Go right to E-2 and break Seal
- Use Flares on 3 lamps and get item.

- If you have 360 coins, warp to Spring in the Sky, then D-5.
- Get Key Fairy. (Four stars spinning in a counter-clockwise square)
- Ride elevator up to D-4 and enter shop when it explodes
- Buy Guild.exe RandC.exe if you don't have them.
- Run RandC.exe and Mekuri.exe to increase damage with Axe and Knife.

- Warp to Mausoleum of the Giants E-3.
- Go left to D-3 and enter door to Graveyard of the Giants C-3.

Graveyard of the Giants C-3
- Take right exit to D-3.

Graveyard of the Giants D-3
- Place weight then return to C-3.
- Place weight and climb up to C-2.

Graveyard of the Giants C-2
- Walk right away to D-2.

Graveyard of the Giants D-2
- Place weight and drop down to D-3 to get item.
- Circle back to C-3 then up to C-2.
- Climb ladder up to C-1.

Graveyard of the Giants C-1
- DO NOT place weight on top dais yet!
- Jump over ice block and walk past dais through false wall to drop to C-2.
(False wall might be below, access from ladder in C-2)
- Walk right to D-2 and place weight to read Grail Point. (Very important!)
- Warp to Mausoleum of the Giants and re-enter the Graveyard.

- Get to C-1, and place weight on top dais (Read Grail first?)
- Get to upper-right corner and destroy wall for chest.
- Take lower-left exit to B-1.

Graveyard of the Giants B-1
- As you enter, stab ground with Knife and drop to B-2. (Grapple slowly)

Graveyard of the Giants B-2
- Get Shield and equip it.
- Place weight and walk to A-2.

Graveyard of the Giants A-2
- Knock ice platform above heat.
- Take upper-left exit to A-1.

Graveyard of the Giants A-1
- There's a shop, but don't buy Shield. (Fake)
- Take lower-right path to B-1
- Continue to C-1 then climb ladder to go left to B-1.
- Destroy pot and ice chunk.
- Push block to plate.
- Warp to Mausoleum of the Giants and re-enter Graveyard.
- Head right to D-3, jump down to D-4 and land in D-5.

Graveyard of the Giants D-5
- Go down to D-6.

Graveyard of the Giants D-6
- Don't place weight on dais!
- Smash giant's face.
- Take upper-left ladder to D-5 and left to C-5.

Graveyard of the Giants C-5
- Plate in bottom-right is fake.
- Push bottom block off to left
- Push middle block down to left.
- Push top block to right and follow it.
- Push block on barrier and place weight.
- Take top-right path to D-5 and climb up to D-4.

Graveyard of the Giants D-4
- Double-jump and grapple left wall.
- Kick off to break Seal and get item.
- Place weight and head down to D-5 then 2 screens left to B-5.

Graveyard of the Giants B-5 (!)
- Don't hit ice block around chest!
- Double-jump from giant's knee to get to dais and place weight.
- Get treasure and equip it
- Head left exit to Tower of Ruin.

Part XII: Give Us Mercy

Tower of Ruin G-5
- Wait until crusher drops down, then place weight quickly to get treasure.
- Head left to F-5.

Tower of Ruin F-5
- DO NOT jump on center platform, swim through lava.
- Get two screens left to D-5.

Tower of Ruin D-5 (!)
- Do not strike the column!
- Take ladder up to D-4.

Tower of Ruin D-4
- Kill Salamanders with Axe and get to center platform.
Strike Thunderbird before he charges up. The shield can block lightning bolts.
- Take left path to C-4.

Tower of Ruin C-4
- Don't break pots yet, get to top of room. (You might get hit, it's OK.)
- Read tablet and climb up to C-3.

Tower of Ruin C-3
- Head right to D-3.

Tower of Ruin D-3
- Climb up to D-2.

Tower of Ruin D-2
- Read Grail Tablet and Save.
- Head down to D-3.

- Break floor directly above dais and place weight.
- Go left to C-3 and remember where shop is.
- Go right to D-3 and drop past crusher to D-4.
- Proceed right to E-4.

Tower of Ruin E-4
- Head to lower-right, break wall and walk to F-4.

Tower of Ruin F-4
- Break left middle block and right top block to get item.
- Go left to E-4.

- Jump down to fake wall between horizontal crushers on left side.
- Stand on top of crusher to place weight.
- Drop down, walk past bottom crusher and drop down to E-5.

Tower of Ruin E-5
- Grab weapon and take ladder down and go left to D-5.

- Throw Spears at Gargoyle statue and push column.
- Climb down to E-6.

Tower of Ruin E-6
- Enter door to Inferno Cavern D-5.

Inferno Cavern D-5
- Place weight and head up to D-2.
- Drop in lava to D-4 and place weight.
- Warp to Surface and refill.
- Buy Caltrops in the Endless Corridor Shop. (break Seal in C-1)

- Warp to Inferno Cavern F-4, drop down then go left twice to D-5.
- Climb down ladder to D-6.

Inferno Cavern D-6 (*)
- Use Ankh Jewel, then equip Axe, Caltrops and RandC/Mekuri software.

Guardian #5: Viy

 Whack the tentacles ASAP!
 Touching Viy's skin will drain your health rapidly.

 Pink demons will fly in from the corner to pry open Viy's eye. Once Viy's eye
 is open, he will either extend his eyestalk in the center of the room or fire
 his laser. While Viy's eye is open, the room will begin scrolling, so you will
 have to jump between platforms to keep up.

 If he extends his eyestalk, some fireballs will fountain out as well. You can
 destroy these with your weapon. After extending his eyestalk, Viy will fire a
 small laser at you.

 If his eye is extended and the center platforms are intact, You can hit him
 with the Axe. Viy's first attack is always an eyestalk extension. If you can
 get in 4 or 5 hits with the Axe now, you will be very close to killing him.

 If the platforms are destroyed when Viy's eyestalk extends, you can throw
 Shurikens or Chakram at it, or double-jump over it and throw an Earth Spear or
 Caltrops down in his eye.

- Drop to Chamber of Extinction and warp out to refill and save.

Part XIII: Player-Conscious Developers

- Warp to Spring in the Sky and spawn Key Fairy in D-5.
- Warp to Chamber of Extinction, light lantern and go right to G-5.
- Get through gate.

Gate of Time D-11
- You cannot walk through spikes!
- Take elevator up to D-10.

Gate of Time D-10
- Go right a few screens to G-10.

Gate of Time G-10
- Destroy floor on right corner, but don't take it.
- Head right to D-10 and take ladder up to D-9.

Gate of Time D-9
- Take top-left route to C-9.

Gate of Time C-9
- Take ladder up to C-8.

Gate of Time C-8
- Take ladder up to C-7. Watch out for trap on lower platform.

Gate of Time C-7
- Head left to B-7.

Gate of Time B-7
- Head left to A-7.

Gate of Time A-7
- Climb upper-left ladder to A-6.

Gate of Time A-6
- Go right to B-6; take 2nd highest path.

Gate of Time B-6
- Climb ladder up to B-5.

Gate of Time B-5
- Ride elevator up to B-4.

Gate of Time B-4
- Continue up to B-3.

Gate of Time B-3
- Go right to C-3.

Gate of Time C-3
- Go right to D-3.

Gate of Time D-3
- Climb ladder up to D-2.

Gate of Time D-2
- Climb up to D-1.

Gate of Time D-1
- Go left to C-1.

Gate of Time C-1
- Head out  door to B-1.

Gate of Time B-1
- Attack left wall midway of ladder for item.
- Head left to A-1.

Gate of Time A-1
- Enter tent.
- Warp to Surface to refill.

- Warp to Spring in the Sky and get Item Fairy.
- Warp to Chamber of Extinction, climb up to F-4, then right to E-4
- Get to top to the blocks and go back and forth E-4 and F-4 for coins!

Part XIV: The Fool Will Never Find His Way

- Make sure you have at least 40 weights.
- Warp to Temple of Moonlight and go right to C-2.
- Place weights on: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, Middle Right.
- Get treasure and head to B-1.

- Kill all bats in B-1.
- From center bottom of room, double-jump and cling to wall on right.
- Quickly release wall by turning left and fire Shuriken at spikes for chest.
- Climb ladder up to Eden.

Eden A-1
- Turn volume way up, then place weight.

Gate of Illusion G-6
- Go to bottom and walk left to F-6.

Gate of Illusion F-6
- Climb ladder down, head left and climb tall ladder up to top.
- Go up to F-5 and go left to E-5.

Gate of Illusion E-5
- Walk left along bottom to D-5.

Gate of Illusion D-5
- Walk left past two chests, then return right to E-5.

- Climb up ladder in E-5 and read tablet.
- Go through door on right and proceed to F-5.
- Drop down pit in F-5 to F-6.
- Climb down short ladder and jump to left side.
- Drop down in spikes and quickly double-jump up, facing right and attack
wall with Knife for chest of 100 coins.

- Drop down to bottom and climb up long ladder.
- Get to tablet in E-5 and scan lamp on right.
- Climb down ladder and walk to right to drop down.
- Climb up ladder and head left to D-5.

- Climb up ladder and walk past two open chests at top.
- Continue left to C-5.

Gate of Illusion C-5
- Head left and climb ladder to C-4.
- Place weight and drop down, rightwise.
- Go down new ladder and proceed right to D-5.

- DO NOT open chest! Use knife in this room.
- Walk right past chest and down ladder, then down ladder immediatly to right.
- Place weight and go left then up ladder.
- Stab wall with Knife for chest with item.
- Backtrack to C-5, take ladder up to top and go right to D-5.
- Go down ladder under top-right chest, turn left and walk in portal to F-5.

- Go directly left back to E-5 and walk in another portal to F-5.
- Walk left to E-5 and destroy four pots. Stand over last pot and press down.
- Walk right in portal to F-5 and walk right right away.

Gate of Illusion F-5
- Go up ladders to F-4.

Gate of Illusion F-4
- Enter NPC chamber for item.

- Warp to Gate of Guidance and then to C-1.
- Jump up to Olmec face and and use Pepper.
- Return to Surface to refill.

- Warp to Temple of Moonlight, then to Gate of Illusion.
- Navigate Teleport Maze again to NPC Chamber for new item.
- Drop down pool on right side and climb down to F-5.
- Climb up ladder on right and return to F-4.
- Jump left through false wall to reach dais and place weight.
- Jump back across to right and fall down pit to F-5.
- Get in NPC Chamber for another item.
- Climb down ladder and walk through portal on right to F-6.

- Head down ladder and place weight on skeleton, not on dais!
- Go right to G-6 and another portal to F-5.

- Drop down on right (not left) to F-6 and proceed right to G-6.
- Place weight on leftmost dais, then place weights on the other quickly!
- Warp to Surface to refill if needed.

Part XV: The Illusions Will Only Continue

- Warp to Mausoleum of Giants and go left to D-3.
- Equip Mini Doll and use it. (Horn will sound)
- Go to Graveyard of the Giants and head up to B-1.
- Go to ladder to Gate of Illusion C-5.

- Head right through either doors that you can, then 2 screens right to E-5.
- Drop down hidden passage and go left to top of C-5.
- Climb up right ladder to C-4.

Gate of Illusion C-4
- Climb up short ladder on bottom-right and break wall on left.
- Walk in space and break wall on opposite side.
- Push block off to left, climb down and push block under ladder to climb it.
- Take elevator up to C-3.

Gate of Illusion C-3
- Stand on left edge of elevator and destroy wall with fairy symbol.
- Jump off elevator to left and climb down ladder.
- Turn right and whip wall to dais.
- Place weight, go up ladders and walk left to B-3.

Gate of Illusion B-3
- Proceed left to A-3.

Gate of Illusion A-3 (!)
- Drop down then go right to shop: Buy Move.exe for 300 coins.
- You can install Lamulana.exe and move.exe to do more damage with whip.

- Get on moving platform and drop between spikes, don't access Fairy Point yet.
- Stab ground under left spikes, don't go down yet.

- Climb ladder to left and push lone block all way to right. (Don't hit them!)
- Jump on top and push top block off.
- Head right to B-3 and place weight.

- Return to A-3 and climb down new ladder
- Turn right to B-3 and to C-3 on the uppermost path possible.
- Jump up and read Grail Point. Read it again just to be sure...

- Warp to Surface to refill if needed.
- Warp to Spring in the Sky and get Key Fairy.
- Warp to Gate of Illusion C-3 and go 2 screens left to A-3.
- Drop down hole to A-4.

Gate of Illusion A-4
- Wait for Fairy and get item from chest.
- Warp to surface if needed, then back to Gate of Illusion.
- Go up ladder to C-2.

Gate of Illusion C-2
- Stand on moving platform to ladder.
- Climb up to enter door to Gate of Guidance A-3.

Gate of Guidance A-3
- Press switch on top platform.
- Take top-right to B-3 and climb down ladder back to A-3 to get item.
- Warp to Gate of Illusion C-3 and go up to C-2, then take top-right to D-2.

Gate of Illusion D-2
- Jump over spikes to edge without spikes.
- Walk left through spikes until you drop and place weight.
- Drop and go left through portal to warp to other side.
- Go down ladder and go right to drop to upper-right corner of D-3.

Gate of Illusion D-3 (!)
- Break seal and climb new ladder.
- Place weight and go left to C-3.
- Drop down a level and go right to D-3.

- Read tablet and approach wall. It should disappear.
- Take ladder down and go through door.
- Climb down ladder to D-4.

Gate of Illusion D-4
- Drop down to Chi You.

Sub-boss: Chi You

 He can throw subweapons at you, including Shuriken and Rolling Shuriken.
 The Silver Shield will block these.

 You need to hit him in the face, but if you try, he will raise his shield to
 block you. You need to stun him then hit him while stunned. With the Axe and
 the RandC.exec/Mekuri.exe software combo, it takes two axe blows to his shield
 to stun him. Once he is stunned, jump and hit him in the face. Repeat the
 process once he recovers. It should not take long to kill him.

- Run quickly to lower-left corner and wait.
- Claim treasure and break wall to right of pit for door. Enter it ;)
- Climb up to D-3 and enter gate to the Tower of Ruin.

Part XVI: Endure the Endless Trials

Tower of Ruin A-3 (!)
- Do not strike anything you're not supposed to!
- Place weight and climb up ladder. (Watch out for crusher)
- Destroy bottom of middle column with Knife and place weight.
- Go to upper-right and destroy pots there.
- Destroy upper-right wall and go right to B-3.

Tower of Ruin B-3
- Place weight, then go left to A-3 and return to B-3 through center.
- Grab item.
- Go to C-3 and buy Torude.exe in Shop.

- Warp to Temple of the Sun, then go 2 screens down and 3 screens right to F-3.
- Walk to rubble to pick up item and equip it.
- Warp to Surface and talk to Xelpud about it.
- Buy weights if needed.

- If you didn't buy Dragon Bone (100 coins):
- Warp to Mausoleum of the Giants and enter Twin Labyrinths from H-4.
(The ladder is one screen down the three to the right of the grail point.)
- Take ladder on lower-left.
- In next room, take ladder on upper-right, then immediately to back down.
- Enter shop here and purchase Dragon Bone.
- Farm coins if needed.

- Warp to the Endless Corridor A-1.
- Take lower-right path to B-1.
- Equip Key of Eternity and use it on keyhole here.
- Go down to to B-2.

Endless Corridor B-2
- Walk past doors in specific order, avoid any other doors!
- Head right to C-2.

Endless Corridor C-2
- Go to top of room and down ladder, then drop down to right.
- Smash sacred box to claim weapon.
- Take lower-right to D-2.

Endless Corridor D-2
- Walk past upper door and past middle door.
- Take small ladder and take lower-left to C-2.

- Jump up to ladder to top and continue left to B-2.
- Walk past lower-left door.
- Take bottom-left exit to E-2.

Endless Corridor E-2
- Continue left from bottom to D-2.
- Walk past door and use Key to Eternity on keyhole.
- Loot floor before going down to D-3.

Endless Corridor D-3 (Read ahead)
- Place weight: go to top and jump in false wall on right.
- Run to keyhole and use Key to Eternity before end of countdown.
- Go right to A-3.

Endless Corridor A-3
- Double-jump to grab treasure.

The Rong Xuanwang (headless horse) will spawn randomly as one of three types:
- The large version fires life-draining beam. Attack from rear, top or bottom.
- The middle version moves is immune to main weapons.
- The smallest version is immune to subweapons..

- Go right to B-3. (Upper-right wall is fake)

Endless Corridor B-3
- Head right to C-3.

Endless Corridor C-3
- Bottom platform will lower, this is normal.
- Break left wall beneath spikes for chest.
- Loot everything and head right to D-3 to go down to D-4.

Endless Corridor D-4
- Run Move.exe and DeathV.exe for longer invincibility.
- Head left to C-4.

Endless Corridor C-4
- Drop down and walk left (hide in spikes), then double-jump to B-4.

Endless Corridor B-4
- Same thing here.
- Climb down and walk right to C-4.

- Head right to D-4.
- Jump on platform and head right to E-4.

Endless Corridor E-4
- Don't touch bottom floor, kill bats at entrance, then jump on moving platform.
- Double-jump over to ladder and climb it.
- Walk through spikes but watch out for blocks. (Check structure)
- At D-4, place weight.
- Backtrack to C-4, use Key of Eternity and go down to C-5.

Endless Corridor C-5
- DO NOT read the tablet until you clear all enemies on floor!
- Kill enemy and take top-right path to D-5.

Endless Corridor D-5
- Destroy wall in bottom and kill all enemies.
- Go to top-right path to A-5.

Endless Corridor A-5
- DON'T READ TABLET! Kill enemies and practice jumping across pillars.
- Head top-right to reach B-5.

Endless Corridor B-5
- Kill bats but you cannot hurt Tai Shan yet.
- Make your way back to C-5 and read tablet.

Sub-boss: Blackbeard

Blackbeard is immune to attacks now. Facing towards him makes him
close his eye and go idle. Turning your back to him makes him chase you. You
have to go as fast as you can from B-5 back to C-5.

When you reach B-5, a dais will appear to the right of Tai Shan. Place a weight
here, then run all the way back to C-5. A new dais will appear here. Placing a
weight on this one will make Blackbeard vulnerable. Lure him close to you, then
turn around to hit him with the Axe or Chain Whip before he closes his eye.

- Go back to B-5 and kill Tai Shan (Easy!).
- Warp to Surface to heal and save.

Part XVII: Release the Twins

- Warp to Temple of the Sun and go to D-6. Drop down to Twin Labyrinths.
- Quickly drop down to left, climb down ladder then drop down to right.
- Walk left and enter Twin Door.

- Jump up to platform, jump over to ladder (there are trap doors)
- Jump up to left and place weight on right dais.
- Head down to Twin Door (use trap door) and go to previous room.
- Get to top-left and place weight. You are in D-1.

Twin Labyrinths D-1
- Climb down right ladder to D-2.

Twin Labyrinths D-2
- At bottom of ladder, smash right wall for item.
- Climb up to D-1 and take top-left to C-1.

Twin Labyrinths C-1
- Go left to B-1.

Twin Labyrinths B-1
- Place weight here and go right to C-1 and take ladder down to C-2.

Twin Labyrinths C-2
- Go left to B-2.

Twin Labyrinths B-2
- Press switch to get item.
- Walk right to C-2 and take ladder up to C-1
- Walk right to D-1 and walk right to E-1.

Twin Labyrinths E-1
- Silver Shield blocks songs and platform doesn't crush you.
- Read Frontside Grail Tablet/save then take platform up and right to F-1.

Twin Labyrinths F-1
- Proceed right to G-1.

Twin Labyrinths G-1
-  Head up to Shrine of the Mother.

Shrine of the Mother A-3
- Avoid crusher platform and place weight for item. Avoid other crusher!
- Go down to Twin Labyrinths G-1 and take Twin Door to D-1.
- Go left one room, then down to C-2.
- Take Twin Door to I-4.

Twin Labyrinths I-4
- Hop left to H-4.

Twin Labyrinths H-4
- Go left to G-4.

Twin Labyrinths G-4
- Get to shop and buy Bracelet for 150 coins.
- Drop down pit angling left to G-5.

Twin Labyrinths G-5
- Go down and read Backside Grail Tablet.
- Hop right over pit to H-5.

Twin Labyrinths H-5
- Shoot statue in face with flare.
- Climb ladder up to H-4, then hop right to I-4.
- Jump down to I-5 while angling to center of room.

Twin Labyrinths I-5
- Ride elevator up 2 screens to I-3.

Twin Labyrinths I-3
- Jump off elevator to make Peryton appear.

Sub-Boss: Peryton

 Peryton is not too tough. He will fly around spawning blue shadow people. You
 can destroy the shadows easily enough with your weapons and software combos,
 then hit Peryton when he lands close to you. Easier to stick to the bottom of
 the room and lef him come to you.

- Take ladder up to I-2.

Twin Labyrinths I-2 (!)
- Take Twin Door to B-2 and press switch.
- Return through Twin Door to I-2.
- Press new switch and stand in left alcove to drop to I-3.

- Go left from I-3 to H-3.

Twin Labyringths H-3
- To right of left mermaid, jump in ceiling and angle right.
- Destroy right wall for the chest and walk left to G-3.

Twin Labyrinths G-3
- Kill all 4 enemies, but don't kill the new one!
- Go right 2 screens to I-3, then drop down to I-4.
- Go right to J-4.

Twin Labyrinths J-4
- You can go to shop and refill spears and flares.
- Climb ladder up to J-3.

Twin Labyrinths J-3
- Climb right ladder to J-2.

Twin Labyrinths J-2 (!)
- Ankh Jewel is fake!
- Warp to Backside Grail Point in G-5.

- Jump to top platform and go left through door.
- Continue carefully left to F-5.

Twin Labyrinths F-5
- Trap door at entrance! Hop over and walk left quickly.
- Take top-left path to E-5.

Twin Labyrinths E-5
- Trap door left of tablet and crusher under left side!
- Hop over trap door and take top-left path to D-5.

Twin Labyrinths D-5
- Use weights and hop over pit and walk left to C-5.

Twin Labyrinths C-5
- Shoot flare at forearm of statue and walk left to B-5.

Twin Labyrinths B-5
- Climb ladder up to B-4.

Twin Labyrinths B-4
- Smash wall next to ladder in lower-left corner for chest.
- Walk left to A-4.

Twin Labyrinths A-4
You can buy Weights and Caltrops at the shop. Go up to A-3.

Twin Labyrinths A-3
- Climb ladder up to A-2.

Twin Labyrinths A-2
- Warp to Surface to refill and buy Pistol Ammo at Shop if available.

Part XVIII: We Cannot Grant The Mother's Wish

- Go all the way to K-1, then drop down to K-3.
- Enter gate and swim up until you find opening in ceiling.

Tower of the Goddess B-9
- DO NOT strike any Goddess statues in Tower!
- Climb up ladder to B-8.

Tower of the Goddess B-8
- Go right to C-8.

Tower of the Goddess C-8
- Destroy wall in top-left of room and place weight.
- Get item in lower-right corner and climb up left ladder to C-7.

Tower of the Goddess C-7
- Read tablet and place weight.
- Warp to Mausoleum of the Giants.

- Head to D-5 (Down and right)
- Jump on pot pointed by statue and press down.
- Drop down a screen and break seal with weapon.

- Warp to Spring in the Sky and go down to B-10.
- Walk right through false wall next to ladder to C-5.
- Drop down and break other seal.

- Warp to Surface to refill if needed and return to Tower of Goddess.
- Head to C-7, then left to B-7.

Tower of the Goddess B-7 (!)
- Watch out for glass floor!
- Break lower-right wall with Shuriken, then scan it with Torude.exe.
- Climb right girders to B-6.

Tower of the Goddess B-6
- Climbing up to B-5.

Tower of the Goddess B-5
- Press switch next to pipe for chest.
- Jump in left water pipe and swim left to A-5.

Tower of the Goddess A-5
- Swim up right to A-4.

Tower of the Goddess A-4
- Keep swimming up to A-3.

Tower of the Goddess A-3
- Climb ladder to A-2.

Tower of the Goddess A-2 (!)
- Place weight in center and drop down from lower-right platform to A-4.
- Place weight on new dais, go in pipe and swim down to A-5.
- Go right to B-5 and take lower-left path to A-5 to get treasure.

- Go 2 screens right to C-5.

Tower of the Goddess C-5
- Head right to D-5.

Tower of the Goddess D-5 (!)
- Place weight in the bottom-right corner.
- Climb up upper-right ladder to D-4.

Tower of the Goddess D-4

Sub-boss: Vimanas

 The Vimanas may appear here. They slowly move between D-4, D-3 and D-2. They
 will fire bursts at you when at the same level; these can be blocked with your
 shield. Destroy both Vimana with the Axe or Chain Whip. Do that in D-3

- Double-jump and grapple on wall, then kick off to next level.
- Climb up to D-3.

Tower of the Goddess D-3
- Destroy Vimanas and climb up to D-2.

Tower of the Goddess D-2
- Climb up to D-1.

Tower of the Goddess D-1
- Read Grail Tablet and save.
- Jump to left wall and destroy it, then go left to C-1.

Tower of the Goddess C-1
- Get to top and jump on small switch to right of Statue.
- Once it stops, double-jump up again to make it go down further.
- Go right to D-1 and to E-1.

Tower of the Goddess E-1
- Break pot on bottom with Knife, then break wall to left of where pot was.
- Get chest, then repeat process from C-1 on switch.
- Go to D-2 and take item.

- Warp up to Grail Point in D-1, then go right to E-1.
- Approach statue carefully, it will throw a shield. (Stay in front of tablet)
- Take ladder down to Graveyard of the Giants G-4.

Part XIX: Take Down The Wall

Graveyard of the Giants G-4
- Head left to F-4.

Graveyard of the Giants F-4
- Climb ladder up to F-3.

Graveyard of the Giants F-3
- (Use flares to get rid of enemies above)
- Go to lower-left corner and double-jump to right on platform next to Cross.
- Jump to far-left platform and stand on it until it drops all way down.
- Hop across to new platform in upper-right and wait until it drops to dais.
- Place weight and place another one on the next one.
- Drop down lower-left pit to F-4 and head left to E-4.

Graveyard of the Giants E-4
- Jump down to E-5.

Graveyard of the Giants E-5
- Place weight on top-right corner, then climb left ladders to E-4.
- Place weight on now-available dais.
- Drop down to E-5 and place weight on lower-left corner.
- Climb ladder to top of E-4.
- Push block all way to right and go up ladder to E-3.

Graveyard of the Giants E-3
- Jump up to make Kamaitachi appear.

Sub-boss: Kamaitachi

 You can use Pistol, but it's hard from a distance.
 If you're far away, he will charge at you and take out a big chunk of health
 if he connects. If you're close, he will shot some sort of blades at you.
 I wait until he spawns in the top-right or top-left of the room, then I jump
 up to the top platform and unload on him with the Pistol. 4 shots will do it.

- Grab weapon and go down to E-4.
- Climb down to E-5 then back up E-4 from left ladder.
- Get to platform left of middle ladder.
- Stand on right edge of platform, face left and roll bomb towards wall.
- You can go to grail point, then lower-right path to F-4.
- Stand on giant and face left, jump and toss bomb toward ice block.
- Scan room with Torude.exe for new software.
- Warp to Temple of Moonlight and head to E-4.
- Go to bottom of right-most wall and strike wall to go to F-4.

Temple of Moonlight F-4
- Toss bomb to bottom-right platform.
- Blow up platform above it by rolling bomb from platform above it.
- Buy Scriptures software for 400 Coins in shop.

- Get Key or Item Fairy from Spring in the Sky.

- If you get Item Fairy, go and grind for coins in Chamber of Extinction.
- Buy CapStar.exe in Inferno Cavern E-4.

- If you get Key Fairy, warp to Tower of the Goddess D-1.
- Head left to C-1 and get item from new chest.

Part XX: Only The Chosen May Proceed

- Warp to Endless Corridor and go to bottom to Shrine of the Mother C-1.

Shrine of the Mother C-1
- Do not go to lower-left corner!
- Head right to D-1.

Shrine of the Mother D-1
- Do not stand on the moving platform going down!
- Go down ladder in bottom-right to D-2.

Shrine of the Mother D-2
- Go right to E-2.

Shrine of the Mother E-2
- Get on moving platform and jump left to D-2.
- Take ladder down to D-3.

Shrine of the Mother D-3
- Go down to D-4.

Shrine of the Mother D-4
- Watch out for crusher on left side of lower level.
- Head right to E-4.

Shrine of the Mother E-4
- Throw Shuriken at chest to open it and grab treasure.
- Drop down a level and go left to to D-4.
- Continue directly left to C-4.

Shrine of the Mother C-4
- Take top-left path to B-4.

Shrine of the Mother B-4
- Take ladder down to B-5.

Shrine of the Mother B-5
- Install Yagomap.exe and Yagostr.exe, then jump down to B-6.

Shrine of the Mother B-6
- Equip Dragon Bone and use it while standing on top of statue.
- Climb up to B-5, then take right exit to C-5.

Shrine of the Mother C-5
- Read Grail Tablet and save, then drop down and go right to D-5.

Shrine of the Mother D-5
- Just take bottom-right to E-5. Say Hi to Beelzebub!

Shrine of the Mother E-5
- You might drop down to E-6.

Shrine of the Mother E-6
- Climb back up to E-5. LOL
- Take ladder up to E-4 and take top-left path to D-4.
- Climb up to D-3, go up to D-2, then right to E-2.
- Warp back to Surface and talk to Xelpud about chest.

- Return to Shrine of the Mother E-2 and get item.
- Warp to Surface and talk to Xelpud again for new item.
- Warp to Shrine of the Mother and head to D-2, then go left to C-2.

Shrine of the Mother C-2
- Break 3 seals then continue left to B-2. (Exit while at top)

Shrine of the Mother B-2
- Break Seal to unlock chest and equip Mulana Talisman to open it.
- Warp to Surface to show treasure to Xelpud and heal.

PART XXI: The Demon Altar

- Warp to Twin Labyrinths Backside Grail Point G-5.
- Go right one screen and climb up one screen.
- Take Twin Door to C-4.

Twin Labyrinths C-4
- Take right path to D-4.

Twin Labyrinths D-4 (!)
- Head to upper-left corner and blow upper-left wall with Bomb.
- Push off lower-right block left, then right to plate.
- Push off upper-left block right, then drop through trap on left end.
- Push off same block right, then push it right to middle plate.
- Push off lower-left block on left plate.
- Enter shop to buy Lamp of Time for 200 Coins.
- Stand in front of Nebra Statue to charge Lamp.

- Warp to Twin Labyrinths Backside Grail Point G-5.
- Go 2 rooms right to I-5 then take platform up to I-4.
- Enter Twin door on left to C-2 and go right to D-2.

- Place weight on dais on statue, then warp to Frontside Grail Point E-1.
- Go right 2 screens to G-1, then climb down ladder to G-2.

Twin Labyrinths G-2
- Break right wall to get treasure.
- Go through door to go right to H-2.

Twin Labyrinths H-2
- Destroy block at bottom of ladder on right and walk right to I-2
- Claim weapon, go left to G-2, then take Twin door to B-4.
- Climb ladder up to B-3.

Twin Labyrinths B-3
Meet Zu: Run along the bottom of the room and shoot Flares up at him.
You're able to avoid most of the feathers, even when he stops time.

- Go right to C-3.

Twin Labyrinths C-3
- Jump up in ceiling between mermaids.
- Head all the way to right and place weight to get treasure.
- Go right to D-3.

Twin Labyrinths D-3 (*)
- Kill four enemies and a white witch will appear. Kill it for Ankh statue.
- Heal and save if you need, then use Ankh Jewel.

Guardian #7: Baphomet (huh?)

 Drop down to bottom-left of main platform.

 Baphomet's first form is easy enough. She can summon lightning bolts, shoot
 energy balls in multiple directions and summon fire from group. Double-jump
 and you'll be able to hit her in the head with the Axe up to four times each
 go. Don't worry about dodging the lightning or energy ball attacks. You can
 dodge the fire by running around; the bottom of the screen shows which flames
 will appear first. After you do enough damage, Baphomet will jump down from
 the platform. This begins the transition to Phase Two; she cannot be harmed
 during the change.

 The second phase is a bit trickier. First she calls witches to help her. Try
 to kill them fast as they can be a pain. Baphomet can send energy balls toward
 you, they can be blocked with the Silver Shield. She still summons flames but
 they appear beneath you instead of in fixed locations. They can still be
 avoided by running away as soon as the attack begins.

 When she teleports to the center of the room, she is charging her lightning
 attack. To avoid it, stand on the left edge of the main platform. The bolts
 will pass harmlessly around you. Get in your Axe strikes whenever you can. You
 can also try using Chakram from a distance, just don't forget to switch back to
 the Shield.

 As she die, run to the other edge of the room and jump onto the platforms.
 (Try to pause game during death...)

Part XXII: The Secret of Life

- Warp to Gate of Illusion C-3.
- Go 2 screens left then climb down to A-4.
- Break lower-right wall with Katana for chest.

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess and get to A-4.
- Use Lamp of Time to stop crusher, then run up to dais.
- When time resumes, place weight quickly then walk left.

- Take ladder up to A-3 and enter Shop to buy Miracle.exe for 300 coins.
- Grind coins if you need (Miracle.exe and StarCap.exe) and recharge Lamp.

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess D-1, go left to C-1 and enter Gate of Illusion.

Gate of Illusion F-2
- Jump over statue here and take bottom-left path to E-2.

Gate of Illusion E-2
- Take top-left exit to D-2, then climb ladder to D-1.

Gate of Illusion D-1
- Destroy top-right wall.
- Carefully drop down to closest platform, then to next left platform.
- Destroy hand at top-center with axe by hitting wall by double-jumping.
- Go to top-right exit to E-1.

Gate of Illusion E-1
- Enter room and talk to character.
- Head down to E-2 and read 3 tablets.
- Go left to D-2 and climb up to D-1.

Sub-boss: Ba

 To defeat Ba, stand on the left side of the platform that is below and to the
 right of him. Jump up and strike him to make him drop down, wait for him to
 rise back up a bit, then activate the Lamp of Time. You should be able to kill
 him before the effect wears off.

- Drop down 2 screens to D-3 and walk left 2 screens to B-3.
- Destroy tile in center for light.
- Push block to right while Lizard Man is at top of room.
- Wait near light until Lizard Man climbs down to center level.
- Lure him toward light by running up to trigger his sword then running away.

- Recharge Lamp and go to Gate of Illusion F-2 from Tower of the Goddess again.
- Freeze with  Lamp of Time and destroy all the pots before it wears off:
 Stand next to pot on bottom-right. Activate lamp, hit pot, jump up and throw
 Shuriken. Double-jump up to statue and destroy pot, then smash remaining pots.

- Head to E-1 and place 3 weights.
- Enter room and talk to character.
- Grab treasure and read new tablet. Use Cog of Soul on it.
- Head to surface to refill.

Part OPT01: Developer Rooms

Run Miracle.exe and Mirai.exe for next three tasks:

- Warp to Gate of Illusion. Go right 1 screen then down to D-4.
- Break wall to right of pit and get inside door.

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess and drop down 4 screens to D-5.
- Jump in belly of statue and press up.

- Warp to Temple of Moonlight. Go right, down, then left to B-3.
- Stand in place where Axe was and and break floor with Katana.

Part XXIII: The Song of Curry

- Warp to Graveyard of Giants and go down to E-5.
- Take ladder down to Chamber of Birth!

Chamber of Birth D-1
- Stay for too long and walls will start shooting. Don't hit elephant statues!
- Read tablet then head down to D-2.

Chamber of Birth D-2
- Take the right path to E-2.

Chamber of Birth E-2
- Platforms on each end and top-right are safe from bottom sword.
- Kill Assassin to chest.
- Go right to F-2.

Chamber of Birth F-2
- Left edge platform, lower-left one and lower-right edge are safe.
- Go right to G-2.

Chamber of Birth G-2
- Do not go to bottom level yet!
- Kill Titan and wait for Mudmen to press switch on top for item.
- Drop down to G-3.

Chamber of Birth G-3
- Walk right to H-3.

Chamber of Birth H-3
- Drop down to H-4

Chamber of Birth H-4
- Destroy bottom-left wall for chest and ignore daises.
- Grapple on tilted column.
- Head right to I-4.

Chamber of Birth I-4
- Place weight on dais and place weight on rightmost skeleton.
- Walk right to H-4 then left to I-4.
- Climb up to chest and get treasure.
- Head back to H-4 and climb ladder up to H-3.

- Hit very top of pillar at top-right corner and break seal.
- Jump in alcove over left ladder and walk left to portal.

- Walk left to G-3.Go around to the top and kill enemy.
 Wait until he's facing away or climbing ladder and hit with Key Sword.
- Break wall to right of top pot or stand in top-left and shoot Shurikens.
- Walk right to portal.

- Get to center alcove and walk left to portal to Chamber of Extinction G-2.
- Place weight use portal on right side if you want.

Part XXIV: Go Forth on Your Path, Chosen One

- Warp to Temple of the Sun and equip Woman Statue.
- Go inside of E-4, kill enemies and stand for while. ;)
- Toss bombs to left side of Man mural on it for chest.

- Go to Temple of Moonlight with portal in E-3.
- Climb up to D-3 and go to top-right corner and use Maternity Statue.
- Climb up ladder to D-2 then drop to uterus in D-3.
- Go to bottom and pause game until you sleep to get treasure.

- Go right to E-3 and enter chamber.

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess D-1 and drop down to D-5.
- Go left to C-5 via small platform and enter chamber.
- Head to top-left ladder and climb up to C-4.

Tower of the Goddess C-4 (!)
- Make sure you have at least 7 weights and you just saved!
- Place weights: Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right.
- Stand on left scale to get weapon.

- Warp to Spring in the Sky B-7, climb up to B-6 then go left to A-6.
- Take elevator up to A-5 and enter chamber.

- Warp to Endless Corridor, then go right, down, left to E-2.
- Climb up ladder to Shrine of the Mother.

Shrine of the Mother F-3
- Avoid crusher to top of room and place weights on both daises.
- Grab treasure and read tablet.

- Warp to Temple of the Sun and head to B-5 and break seal in upper-left.
- Shop sells Pistol ammo and bombs for cheaper.

- Warp to Shrine of the Mother and go up to D-3 to break seal.
- Go to C-2 to break last seal and grab item.

- Head to Surface and refill on weights.

Part XXV: Pass Through the Place Where We Were Born

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess and get to A-2.
- Climb left ladder to Chamber of Birth.

Chamber of Birth A-3
- Walk through fake right wall to B-3 and drop to B-4.

Chamber of Birth B-4
- Destroy pot above chest and use Maternity Statue there to unlock treasure.
- Take middle-right path to C-4.

Chamber of Birth C-4
- Press up on Sephiroth space for shop and buy Ankh Jewel for 150 coins.
- Jump to right side, equip Crystal Skull, jump and use it on Skull mural.

- Go left to B-4 and take bottom-right path to C-4, then drop down to C-5.
- Use Serpent Staff on pedestal.
- Climb ladder up to C-4, go to B-4 and take middle path to C-4.
- Drop down in pit to C-5.

Chamber of Birth C-5
- Place weight then go right door to D-5.

Chamber of Birth D-5 (!!)
- Attack Skilleton with Key Sword or Shuriken.
- If you fall and get hit, you'll have to warp out.
- Equip Maternity Statue and use it in empty space on left.
- Double-jump over to other side and use Dragon Bone on empty space.
- Jump down and use Key of Eternity to unlock chest.
- Go to top-right alcove and walk right to E-5.

Chamber of Birth E-5
- Walk right to portal to C-5.
- Throw Chakram through small opening and double-jump to alcove to hit face.
(You can farm Chakram from Andras enemies in Tower of the Goddess or buy them
 in the Twin Labyrinths Frontside Shop in D-4)

- Go right to D-5 and drop down.
- Walk left to C-5 and climb up to C-4.
- Place weight and go left to B-4.
- Climb ladder up to B-3, place weight and walk left to A-3.
- Climb down to Grail Tablet to read it and save.
- Take middle-right path to B-3.

Chamber of Birth B-3
- Equip Cog Of Soul on small cog-shaped symbol.
- Climb up small ladder and use Cog again without being crushed.
- Drop down to B-4.

- Place weight and walk left to portal to E-5.
- Kill Skilleton then climb down and place weight.
- Go to bottom-left corner and hit it until it stops creating dust.

- Warp to Chamber of Birth Grail Point A-3.
-  Climb up ladder and walk left through trap.

- Walk right to D-5, equip Mulana Talisman and open chest.
- Fall through room to upper-right exit to E-5 and teleport to C-5.

- Jump in false wall over lower-right exit and walk right to portal.
- Walk right to E-5.

- Use weights and walk right to F-5.
- Climb down ladders and walk left to E-5.
- Drop down on left pit to E-6.

Chamber of Birth E-6
- Smash statue on bottom-left of shaft for chest
- Go right to F-6.

Chamber of Birth F-6
- Scan Ganesha mural: Worshipped in India as "Remover of Obstacles" ;)
- Walk right to G-6.

Chamber of Birth G-6
- Read tablet and do the Dance of Life: Attack left 3x, right 3x and jump up.
- Make sure you hear Horn and walk right to portal to E-5.

- Use portal in upper-right corner to B-4.
- Get to moving block of E-5 and take bottom-right exit to F-5.

Chamber of Birth F-5

Sub-boss: Skanda

 Skanda runs around more or less randomly, occasionally jumping between
 platforms or teleporting to another part of the room.
 It will often stop moving to look around; this is the best time to attack it.
 You can hit it in the chest with the Axe when standing on the same level.
 Skanda only does collision damage but it hurts.
 Don't be too reckless and it will die eventually.

- Get item.

Part XXVI: Golden Key In Hand

- Warp to Chamber of Extinction F-5.
- Light lamp and had right 2 screens to H-5.
- Make your way through false wall puzzle in G-5.
- Break seal once more in F-5.
- Head to Grail Tablet, re-light if necessary.
- Hop on elevator up to F-4 and shoot Flare to lantern cross.

- Take top path to top part of C-4.
- Climb ladder up to C-3, then go left to B-3 and climb up to B-2.
- Equip Pochette Key and use it on hole of new mural.

- Warp to Inferno Cavern and head to D-6.
- Drop down pit to Chamber of Extinction G-2.

Chamber of Extinction G-2
- Head right to H-2.

Chamber of Extinction H-2
- The ladder drops you in lava. Not cool!
- Climb down ladder to H-3.

Chamber of Extinction H-3
- Climb up right ladder to H-2.
- Destroy block to left of Naga platform for shop.
- Place weight above and climb down to H-3.
- Destroy block to left of bottom of ladder.
- Head right to I-3.

Chamber of Extinction I-3 (*)
- Don't run to middle of room right away! Wait for Ankh.
- You can go refill or save.
- Equip Pochette Key, use Ankh Jewel and use Pochette Key on Plane Model.

Guardian #6: Palenque (what?)

 Try to avoid Palenque's projectiles as best you can; you can't really use the
 Silver Shield here because you need your own subweapons to attack.
 Collision damage with Palenque drains your life rapidly like touching Viy did.

 You can kill Palenque pretty quickly by throwing Chakram at his head. However,
 you can take a lot of damage by remaining in front of him when he charges at
 you or fires his main laser.

 If the Chakram strategy doesn't work, fly above him and throw Earth Spears
 down in his head, dodging out of his way when he heads toward you. If all else
 fails, six shots from the Pistol will end the fight quickly.

 Once Palenque's death animation starts, move to the left side of the screen.
 He will jump out towards you; knock him back to his craft with any weapon.

Part XXVII: Cleft of Dimension

- Warp to Twin Labyrinths Frontside E-1 and go 3 screens right to H-1.

Twin Labyrinths H-1
- Exit right to I-1

Twin Labyrinths I-1
- Jump on belt of statue and jump up to top-left platform.
- Use Crystal Skull to create ladder.
- You won't be able to go back down to Twin Labyrinths.
- You can't teleport out either, so make sure you have Dimensional Key.
- Go up to Dimensional Corridor B-7.

Dimensional Corridor B-7
- Place weight in center of room for chest and grab item.
- Climb up ladder to B-6.

Dimensional Corridor B-6
- Door leads to Endless Corridor. Read Grail Point and save.
- Destroy top-right wall for chest and climb up ladder to B-5.

Dimensional Corridor B-5

Sub-boss: Girtablilu

- Girtablilu is a joke. You can hit her from below with the Axe and she can
never hurt you because her projectiles can't pass through platforms.

- Drop down to B-6 to save. Return up to B-5 and take left path to A-5.

Dimensional Corridor A-5 (!)

Sub-boss: Kuusarikku

 Entering the room will spawn Kuusarikku. It will wander back and forth slowly;
 eventually it will turn yellow and start charging around the room wildly;
 dodge when it does this. Hit it in the head when it is walking slowly. Be
 careful as you will be zapped if you accidentally hit wall in the upper center
 of room.

- Place weight to remove center wall and enter chamber.
- Read both tablets and go down to A-6.

Dimensional Corridor A-6
- Drop down to A-7.

Dimensional Corridor A-7

Sub-boss: Kulullu

 Kulullu will attack by jumping out of the water onto one of the platforms.
 Then it shots energy up from its trident which splits in four and shoots back
 down through the room. DO NOT fall in the water.

 Stay on the top platform; you can jump away if Kulullu jumps out of the water
 beneath you. If it comes within range, you can hit it with the Axe. If it
 lands on the left platform, jump to the right platform and the bolts can't get
 you; vice versa if Kulullu jumps onto the right platform. If it's on either of
 the middle platforms, you can grapple onto the wall to the right to be safe.

- Climb up to A-6 and walk back to B-6 to save.
- If needed, go to the Endless Corridor to refill.

- From B-6, climb up to B-5 and go left to A-5. Climb new ladder up to A-4.

Dimensional Corridor A-4

Sub-boss: Enlil

 Enlil isn't so tough. It will teleport around the room, then charge an attack
 that sends energy rings around the room. If you try to hit it before it starts
 charging its attack, it will jump away. Once it starts charging, you can hit
 it with the Whip a whole bunch of times before it attacks. You may get hit once
 or twice but you should survive.

- Climb up to A-3.

Dimensional Corridor A-3 (!)
- DO NOT leave this room without placing weight on top-left platform!
- Head right to B-3.

Dimensional Corridor B-3

Sub-boss: Mushnahhu

 The Mushnahhu spawn from the egg-rock which drops in the center of the room.
 First, one will spawn; kill that one and two will spawn. Kill one of those two
 and four more will spawn. Each has a fixed pattern, observe them and you'll
 figure out the best time to hit them. It only takes three hits with the Flail
 Whip or Axe to kill each one.

- Scan room with Torude.exe for software.
- Go left to A-3. DO NOT proceed right to C-3!

- Place weight on top-right and another one in lower center to grab treasure.
- Grail point is no go: Head 2 screens right to C-3.

Dimensional Corridor C-3 (*)
- Go farm Amon enemies in A-3 and A-4 for EXP to refill.
- Head right to D-3.

Dimensional Corridor D-3

Sub-boss: Umu Dabrutu

 The whirlwind around Umu Dabrutu makes him invulnerable; you have to wait
 until he sheds it, which he does when he charges at you. It's hard to hit him
 and avoid being hit at the same time. You just have to outlast him.

 Equip Lamulana.exe, Move.exe and Deathv.exe; Stand in the lower-left corner
 and wait for him to come toward you. Whip like hell when he does and you'll
 score one or two hits. When he sends a column of whirlwind towards you, whip
 that furiously. If all goes well, you'll kill him and take 150 damage at most.

- You can return to B-6 to save and/or exit.
- Climb up to B-5 and go right to C-5.

Dimensional Corridor C-5
- Climb up to C-4.

Dimensional Corridor C-4
- Jump up to spawn Ugallu.

Sub-boss: Ugallu

 Ugallu will jump around from platform to platform, being annoying and doing
 collision damage. You need to hit it in the head. When Ugallu turns blue, it
 will shoot around the room, but you won't take any damage from this if you
 face him the Angel Shield out (he will pass through you). Be careful as you
 won't have access to the exit right after this battle.

- Drop down to C-5 and proceed right to D-5, then go down ladder to D-6.

Dimension Corridor D-6
- Drop down to D-7; angle right to land on left platform.

Dimensional Corridor D-7

Sub-boss: Kuusarikku

 Lahamu will appear on the right platform. He will block sub-weapons, so jump
 over and whip/axe him in the face, then jump back over and wait for his
 attack. Dodge his attack, then jump over and hit him again.

 If you fall in the water, Lahamu will take a fish form and swim around down
 there. He's a lot harder to deal with when that happens, so try to swim out of
 the water back to the platforms and deal with him there.

Climb ladder up to D-6, up to D-5 and head left.

Dimensional Corridor D-5

Sub-boss: Ushum

 Ushum is a giant worm. It flies around the room trying to crash on you. Avoid
 it and whip/axe in the face until it dies.

- Backtrack to Grail Point and exit.

- Go to Shrine of the Mother D-3.
- Take left path to C-3 and read message.

- Go to Dimensional Corridor, return to C-3 then climb up right ladder to C-2.

Dimensional Corridor C-2
- Don't kill Ushumgallu yet!!!

 Ushumgallu has three attacks:
 - Shoots a barrage of blue breath at you (block with shield or avoid)
 - Shoots a red fireball at you from his tail (block with AngelShield or Whip)
 - Shoots a blue ball from his tail which creates a water spout that lifts you
 up from the floor.

 Ushumgallu will use three attacks while hovering in the center, then move to
 the left side of the room. He will then use three attacks from the left side,
 and fly over to the right, using 3 attacks there and then moving left/right
 over and over again with three attacks in each spot.

 We need to get up to C-1: Stay on the right side of the platform and wait for
 Ushumgallu to use his water spout attack. When he does, quickly swim up and
 jump up to the ladder in the top-right.

- Climb up to C-1.

Dimensional Corridor C-1
 You can use the Lamp of Time to freeze the pot that drops down in a spot where
 you can jump down on it, then jump over to the small platform on the left.
 Alternatively, you could jump, angle left to avoid the spikes, then use the
 double-jump to hop over there. Or just fall in the spikes and use the
 immunity period to make your jump.

 Once you make it to the small platform, double-jump up to the next platform
 above you. Carefully jump to the top-left platform, then drop down to break
 the Seal. Hop to the wall on the right, avoiding the spikes. Grapple and kick
 off to reach the chest. If you land too low on the wall to kick off to the
 chest, land on the platform below the chest and jump back to the wall to try

- Drop down to C-2.

Sub-boss: Ushumgallu

 The best tactic is to ride the water spout to the top-right platform again.
 Ushum's blue breath can't get you there. When he turns to face you, you can
 hit him with Chakram (Shuriken don't work). If he sends a fireball your way
 you can block with the Angel Shield or hit it with the Katana/Axe. When he's
 on the right side of the room, you can't hit him, but his wings won't hurt you
 either, so you're safe until he goes left again.

 If you can't get back to the top-right platform, use the middle platforms on
 either side. You'll have to jump and hit, then dodge and get back to the

- Go to the Grail Point, etc.

- At B-6, go left 1 screen then up 2 screens to A-4.
- Stand in front of statue in the background: attack left and attack right.
- Proceed right to B-4.

Dimensional Corridor B-4
- Drop down to B-5 and go right 2x to D-5.
- Stand in middle and do same dance as in A-4.
- Go left to C-5 and climb up to C-4.

- Perform same ritual in front of statue in center.
- Climb up to C-3 then go right to D-3.
- Perform ritual in front of swirly mural.
- Jump down to D-4.

Dimensional Corridor D-4

Sub-boss: Mushussu

 Mushussu has two attacks.
 - It shoots fire toward the ground at you.
 (Block with Angel Shield or grapple to wall on the right)
 - It rears up on its legs and sends a laser beam sweeping across the room.
 (Stand under its front left to avoid)

 Whenever Mushussu is not attacking, jump up and strike it in the face.

- Grab treasure and climb down to D-5.
- Make your way back to Grail Point to save and warp to Surface to heal.

- Warp to Dimensional Corridor and return to C-3.
- Run RandC.exe, Mekuri.exe, DeathV.exe and Move.exe and use Ankh jewel.

Guardian #8: Tiamat

 Remain at the bottom center of the room after breaking the Ankh until Tiamat
 forms. Have the Angel Shield ready to go, as you can block many of her
 projectiles with it.

 Once Tiamat appears, you can double-jump straight up and hit her with the Axe
 twice per jump. You can block her energy orbs with the Angel Shield. Don't
 bother trying to avoid her lasers; just keep plugging away with the Axe. It
 won't take long (nine Axe hits with software combination) for her to scream
 and change to her second phase.

 In her second phase, keep hitting with the Axe. Still block the energy orbs
 with the Shield and ignore the lasers. When she raises both arms to do her
 chest attack, move to either side a bit so the Angel Shield can block the

 When Tiamat leaps in the background, she is preparing her Tidal Wave attack;
 stand directly beneath one of the platforms in the room or you will take
 heavy damage. Make sure to get back to the middle of the room after the wave
 subsides so that you don't get trapped outside of her arms. Once you hit her
 enough to make her scream again, she will go into her final form.

 Keep plugging away with the Axe and dodging the Tidal Wave. Her third form
 follows up the Tidal Wave with the devastating Octogon Laser. After each Tidal
 Wave, jump up and grapple the top-left or top-right wall. Once she raises her
 arms, she is charging her Octogon Laser Attack. As soon as this happens, drop
 down to upper platform and double-jump across to the other side, then drop to
 bottom of the screen and run beneath Tiamat's chest. The Octogon Laser should
 miss you and you will be in position to attack Tiamat again.

 If she does the Octagon Laser attack without doing the Tidal Wave first,
 you'll probably get hit. You can hurt yourself with Caltrops and walk through
 the Octogon Laser while your mercy invincibility is in effect.

- Equip Mulana Talisman and open for treasure.
- You can no longer warp to Shrine of the Mother.

Part XXVIII: The Elixir Gives Shapes To Souls

- Make sure Lamp of Time is charged.
- Warp to Tower of Ruin D-2, then go down 2 screens and left 1 screen to C-4.
- Use Lamp of Time and kill at least two Sky Fish before the lamp wears off.
- Put weight on new dais without being crushed.

- Enter Chamber of Birth D-1 from Graveyard of the Giants E-5.
- Climb down 1 screen to D-2 and go 3 screens right to G-2.
- Equip Angel Shield and walk left towards bottom statue.
- Walk left to F-2 and open chest containing treasure.

- Get left to D-2 and enter backside door to Chamber of Extinction C-1.

Chamber of Extinction C-1
- Walk right to D-1.

Chamber of Extinction D-1
- Take right path to E-1.

Chamber of Extinction E-1

Sub-bosses: Horse-face and Ox-Head

 Take out Horse-Face by double-jumping up to hit him in the face. Then turn
 around and do the same to Ox-Head.

- Go right to F-1 and let back to E-1.
- Stand in center and use the Matagama Jewel.
- When at top, use Matagama Jewel again in hole in background.
- Head right to F-1.

Chamber of Extinction F-1
- Whip statue about 20 times and double-jump on its head.
- Ride statue until you can reach left platform.
- Climb ladder up to Surface J-3.

Surface J-3
- Climb up to J-2 and roll bomb on wall right of ladder for chest.
- Continue left to I-2, then drop down to I-3.
- Climb down ladder to the Inferno Cavern C-1.

Inferno Cavern C-1
- Run DeathV.exe for this room.
- Break open wall right of ladder for another chest.
- Grapple on right wall and kick off to right-most block.
- Wait a second then jump to center block, then jump the top-left block.
- HOP lightly left to B-1.

Inferno Cavern B-1
- Wait a few seconds before jumping off first block.
- Take door to Tower of Ruin F-1.

Tower of Ruin F-1
- Head right to G-1.

Tower of Ruin G-1
- Break seal and return left to F-1.
- Climb down to F-2 and place weight.
- Warp out to refill if needed.

- Warp to Chamber of Extinction, go up 1 screen and go left 2 screens to D-4.
- Scan room with Torude.exe for new software.

- Warp to Tower of the Goddess, head down 4 screens to D-5.
- Walk left 2 screens and down 2 more to B-7.
- Go to the Tower of Ruin G-2.

Tower of Ruin G-2
- New statue! Drop down in lava and place weight to go left to F-2.

Tower of Ruin F-2
- Climb ladder up to F-1. Go left to E-1.

Tower of Ruin E-1

Sub-boss: Nuwa

 Nuwa will come crashing down from the ceiling when you move toward the center
 of the room. Her fireballs can be blocked by the Angel Shield or destroyed
 with weapons.

 Stand on the right platform when you entered the room and wait for Nuwa to
 come close. When she does you can jump and strike here with the Whip or Axe.

 After you do enough damage, she will stop coming over there and start throwing
 more fireballs. You will have to approach her in the center of the room. When
 you get close, she will use her helix laser attacks; avoid these and try to
 get close enough to hit with the Axe. If you stand on the far-left platform,
 you should be able to double-jump and hit her with the Chakram or Pistol,
 finishing her off quickly.

- Equip Mulana Talisman and open chest for item.
- Go right to F-1 and climb down to F-2.

- Activate Mantra software and turn on DEATH mantra.
- Equip Djed Pillar and use it to dispel Dakini, then go left to E-2.

Tower of Ruin E-2
- Use Djed Pillar to dispel Yakshi.
- Break left wall with 10 Shurikens to reveal chest.
- Open Mantra menu and change to BIRTH mantra, then go left to D-2.

- Use Djed Pillar with BIRTH mantra in D-2 to dispel fairies.
- Go right to G-2, then equip Vessel and use it while standing under statue.
 (If you didn't receive Yellow Medicine, then you chased spirits incorrectly.
 You must take Vessel to Fobos in Dimensional Corridor to start over again.)

Part XXIX: Let Us Seal Them

- Head to Temple of the Sun F-3 and go right to C-3.
- Read tablets for locations of Wedges.

- Warp to Endless Corridor and head to D-1.
- Read Mantra tablet to record MARDUK mantra.
- Go to C-1, activate Mantra.exe, select MARDUK and use Djed Pillar.
 (Supposedly, it's based on the Crosses of Light. Tiamat's Room in the
 Dimensional Corridor is one room across and two rooms up from the Cross of
 Light, so the Wedge in the Endless Corridor is one room across and two up from
 the Cross of Light there.)

- Warp to Twin Labyriths G-5, go left 2x to E-5 and read mantra tablet.
- Warp to Backside Grail Point and right to H-5 to chant SABBAT mantra.

- Head to Chamber of Birth D-1 via Graveyard of the Giants E-5.
- Take backside door in D-2 to the Chamber of Extinction C-1.
- Get right to D-1 and read mantra tablet.
- Go to Chamber of Birth D-2 through backside door again.
- Chant MU mantra in Chamber of Birth D-2.

- Go to Tower of the Goddess in B-7 and enter Tower of Ruin G-2.
- Get to Tower of Ruin F-1 and enter backside door to in Inferno Cavern B-1.
- Destroy Lamia statue and place weight there
- Go to Temple of the Sun A-2 to Inferno Cavern F-2 and read mantra tablet.
- Walk to Tower of the Goddess B-7 and enter Tower of Ruin G-2.
- Get to Tower of Ruin E-2 and chant VIY mantra.

- Go to Tower of the Goddess B-8 and read mantra tablet.
- Go to Tower of the Goddess C-4 and chant BAHRUN mantra.

- Go to Temple of the Sun F-3 and go right to C-3.
- Read new tablet to record mantra.
- Go to Temple of Moonlight D-6 and chant WEDJET mantra.

- Go to Graveyard of the Giants F-3 and read mantra tablet.
- Go to Graveyard of the Giants B-1 and chant ABUTO mantra.

- Go to Gate of Guidance F-2 and read mantra tablet.
- Go to Gate of Illusion D-1 and chant LAMULANA mantra.
- Key Sword gets upgrade: It is now as powerful as Flail Whip.

Part XXX: Lemezacare

- Go to Shrine of the Mother C-1 through Endless Corridor.

- Drop down to C-2 then go left to B-2.
- Watch out for small moving tentacles.
- Go to bottom-left and place weight.

- Go right to C-2 and climb up upper-right "ladder" to C-1; go right to D-1.

- Climb down to D-2 and go right to E-2.
- Drop, go left to D-2 and climb down to D-3.

- Drop down to D-4 and go right to E-4.
- Drop down a level and walk to D-4, then drop a level and walk right to E-4.
- Drop down to E-5 and down to E-6.
- Take elevator up to E-5 and jump left to D-5. (Try to refill your HP with EXP)

Sub-boss: Beelzebub

 Beelzebub will shot a swarm of flies at you from a corner, then swoop down to
 the other side of the room in an arc. You are safest at the bottom of the
 screen, where you can walk away from the fly swarms and hit with the Axe when
 he swoops down.

 He will transform into a giant fly. Just beat on him with your best melee
 weapon, or shoot him with the Pistol until he goes away.

- Walk left to C-5 and read Grail Point.
- Warp out and refill, then return.

- Climb up to C-4 and go left to B-4, then drop down to B-5.
- Break middle statue with Katana for chest.
- You can also drop to B-6, then climb up right ladder to C-5 for Fairy Point.
- Go back to C-5 and climb up to B-4.

- Take top-right path to C-4; drop down a level and go left to B-4.
- Go down a level then walk right to C-4.
- Whip tentacle in your way and go right to D-4 and head to top. Crap...

- Warp to Endless Corridor and talk to Fairy Queen.
- Return to Shrine of the Mother and go to D-4.
- Climb up to D-3, then left to C-3.

Shrine of the Mother C-3
- Exit to refill and return to Grail point with an almost full EXP bar.
- Run software Deathv.exe, Move.exe, RandC.exe, Mekuri.exe and Lamulana.exe.
- Break four seals and hit Mother's Ankh with Key Blade.


- Phase One

 Double-jump up hit the face in the mouth with the Flail Whip or Key Sword. Use
 the Angel Shield to block the energy balls she spits out.

- Phase Two

 Stand on the side of the room opposite the Mother. When she swoops down, jump
 and throw a Chakram, then duck in the corner of the room until the Mother
 passes above you. Then run to the other side of the room and repeat.

- Phase Three

 Equip Angel Shield and Axe.
 This form will create lightning barriers on the edges of the screen to prevent
 you from hiding in the corners. The skull will cry tears which will drop down
 and can hurt you; they can be blocked with the Angel Shield. When the tears
 hit the ground they will form a group of flames.

 The baby will occasionally charge up a laser and fire at you. Keep moving.

 When the Mother stops moving left-to-right, she will call down a rain of
 crosses which strike directly below the skull. Move away.

 Double-jump up and hit with the Axe when she boops down.

- Phase Four

 This phase takes place underwater. The Mother will take the form of a large
 eye surrounded by three tentacles. She will swim toward you to do collision

 Striking the tentacles several times will make them retract; you need to kill
 the eye to proceed. Three shots from pistol should do, but don't waste them!

- Final Phase

 Mother's final phase will start out hovering slowly around the room. Jump up
 and hit her around the chest with the Whip or Axe. Stay behind or below her.
 Don't bother using subweapons, they are useless.

 Amphisbaena's Wedge:
 Mother will begin using Amphisbaena's flame attack now. She moves close to the
 ground when she does it. The attack is easy to avoid; you can get behind her
 when she does it and strike with the Flail Whip; if you are in front of her,
 move far enough away to avoid the attack.

 Sakit's Wedge:
 She will now shoot Sakit's energy balls. She will only do this from the lower
 corner of each room. The balls can be blocked with the Angel Shield, or you
 can dodge them.

 Ellmac's Wedge:
 She will shoot Ellmac's fireballs. You can tell when this attack is coming
 because she does it from a higher elevation than the Amphisbaena or Sakit
 attack. Two fireballs will go below her and one will go across the room. You
 can block the projectiles with the Angel Shield but not the ground fire they
 leave behind.

 Bahamut's Wedge:
 She will gain his water breath attack. You can tell when this is coming
 because she will move to the top corners of the room. If you stand directly
 beneath here, the attack will miss you.

 Viy's Wedge:
 She fires Viy's heavy eye laser across the room. She does this from the lower
 corners. The laser will pass over your head if you do not jump; you can get
 behind her and attack.

 Palenque's Wedge:
 She makes a bullet rain attack which isn't too hard to dodge if you are
 standing under her. You can jump and hit with the Axe in the brief delay

 Baphomet's Wedge:
 Mother is now able to create pillars of light from the floor. These do a fair
 amount of damage and limit your ability to move around the room. She also
 alters her Viy attack, doing it from a higher altitude but sweeping it
 downward. You can reach her with the Axe and double-jump when she does this.

 Tiamat's Wedge:
 That gives her the projectile rain that Tiamat shot from her chest. Mother
 does this only when she moves to the top center of the room. It can be dodged
 and the projectiles can be blocked with the Angel Shield. It is a good time to
 use the pistol.

 When Mother's health gets critical, a fetus-like creature will appear in the
 upper background.

Part XXXI: Run Away

- Head out right to D-3, climb up to D-2 and go right to E-2
- Make your way to top and go left to D-2.
- Climb ladder to D-1 and go up and left to C-1.
- Climb rope up then take ladder up to Endless Corridor.

- Go 2 screens left and drop down.
- Take right gate to Mausoleum of the Giants B-5.

- Go 3screens right and wait for elevator.
- Take it up to E-4.

 (You can go get a hidden chest: jump off to the right. Go three screens right
 to H-4. Climb down the ladder to the Twin Labyrinths. Go right one screen
 to B-2; part of the ceiling will fall down to reveal a hidden coin chest.
 Grab the coins and return to the Mausoleum of the Giants. Go left to E-4.)

- Climb ladder up to E-3 and head right to F-3.
- Climb up a level and return left to E-3.
- Take top-left exit to D-3 and climb ladder to D-2.
- Climb up to D-1 and go left 2 screens to B-1 from upper path
- Climb up to Gate of Guidance.

- Go right to B-6 from 2nd highest path.
- Take middle ladder B-5, take ladder up to B-4 and jump right exit to C-4.
- Hop down pit to C-5 and go right to D-5.

- Take bottom-right ladder to Temple of the Sun.
- Go right, drop down 2 screens and enter Mulbruk's Chamber...

Version history

Version 1.0: First version


Perspixx: For creating the original walkthrough on GameFAQs.
La-Mulana Remake Wiki: For additional information.
Nigoro: For making the game.

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