Walk-through for 2400 A.D.

2400 A. D. Walkthrough version 1.0.0
Copyright 1999-2000 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
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2400 A.D. is copyright Chuck Bueche "Chuckles," Origin Systems, 1987.
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I look over old Apple games for fun and don't really think there should be
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real _WORK_.  This was fun to write and, I hope, fun to read too.

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The year is 2400 A. D. and the Tzorg Empire has enslaved the city of Metropolis
for a while in its quest for galactic domination.  But wait!  There's hope!
You, with the help of the Underground, a covert resistance movement, can stop

I have asterisked out quests where you just need to find information.  They are
not strictly necessary, but they are neat puzzles.  Also alternative solutions
are labeled with "+."  They may require knowledge found elsewhere in the game.

First, start with intelligence=agility=endurance=30, and affinity=9.  If you
really need to improve affinity just talk to someone, cut off the conversation,
and talk again. That's one affinity point.  For endurance, run or climb stairs-
lowers it short-term, raises the maximum long-term. Agility comes from fixing 
using weapons, and intelligence comes from fixing or using items.  NEVER, NEVER
use a booster pill.  They're not worth it.  Boost labs are too hard to get to
although they are a neat puzzle.  Look for Fritz in the underground if you
really want to know.

The first thing to do is to go to Joe's Bar.  It's a building north and two to
the east of where you start the game.  Spider is in back, behind the bar.  He's
lying down. Now, he'll ask you to go to Johnnie's Corner to see Reggie, who 
tell you a password.  It isn't necessary to get the password, but if you don't,
you'll need to get a loan off Brehm's Bank at loan-shark rates.  Even Brehm
tells you the way you should be making money is by killing robots. Searching 
and finding energy cells and selling them at 5 credits is another, but it's a
little more tedious.  However, if you're out of credits and guns, this is
viable.  If you're out of ammo, just reload, get killed, and pick up your gun
again in the authority center.

**At Johnnie's Corner:  It's in the east sector.  Run all the way east(to avoid
the checker robot and social demerits) and Johnnie's corner is to the south of
the end of the walkway.  Johnnie's at the bar.  He'll tell you Reggie's 
if you ask about REGGIE.  Go upstairs and ask Reggie the PASSWORD.  By the way,
the stairs up/down are a great way to improve your endurance.  Most of the
places have tubes.

++An alternative way to get there is to enter the transporter just outside of
the check-in center and type "LETSGO" and then "01" which sends you to the
transporter just outside Johnnie's Corner.

Back chez Spider you'll get Plastiform(healing) and a hand blaster and a
passcard, which opens the door in the Novue Apartments, behind which you can 
to the underground. Don't worry about getting energy, or that you can't load
from an energy node without attracting attention.  In the underground there is 
place with unlimited energy cells.  There's also another place in the Megatech
warehouse that has lots of energy cells.  Rudy tells you about them.

++If you don't have a weapon, Spider will give you another.  This may be a 
cheaty way to get credits.  Talk to Spider, drop a weapon, talk to Spider, etc.

The first thing you'll want to concentrate on is buying a light shield.  It is
500 credits and can be found in the underground.  I'd advise picking off robots
guarding the borders first.  To sneak behind them, either run on the walkways 
use the transporters(type LETSGO and then at the second prompt type 01, 02, 03,
04 to send you to the restricted zones, and 00 sends you to the Public Tracking
Office!)  The checker will follow you, and you will probably want to sucker him
into a corner.  Then attack him.  A recurring strategy for fighting robots is 
arrange things so you take on one at a time instead of several.

By the way, if you get "killed," just search for the loose panel in the west of
your cell.  Climb down to the first level underground, then go west and climb
back up.  You'll be in administration(the west side!)  Then go back to the
correctional center.  That's the first building after you leave the western
zone, on your north.  Your items are in a box in the southwest corner of the
first level.  Items are put there whenever you go to jail, so this happens if
you Z(urrender) too!  It's convenient and makes the game easier, but you can't
help wondering that security's a little lax.  (Also, confiscated items go 

After you get the light shield you can attack robots with a little more 
I'd wait until you have 1000 credits to buy stuff from Wes(i.e. a Laser 
In fact, you might want to buy a lot from Wes and sell it back to Tim so that 
will give(that's right, give!) you the plasma rifle.  Of course, the rifle will
be broke, but we'll get to that later.  Your next priority should be the
blueprints.  If you've been "working out" your energy by climbing stairs at
Jonnie's Corner(or other stairs) it will be pretty high by now.  Once it's over
50, you can break into the orange handled "heavy" door in Megatech.  Behind it
is the blueprint room--there are some strange blueprints you should give to 
Ask him to BUILD the blueprints, and he will charge the modest fee of 3500.
It's worth it.  The field disperser is great armor(you can ignore attacks from
level 2 robots!) and will get you through force fields if you keep it charged.
It won't break, either!  With the field disperser the robots can't bug you any
more above ground, unless you poke around in the upper levels of the
correctional facility.  After this, you should concentrate on getting the very
best weapons with your credits.  There's not that much else to buy, anyhow.

But what about puzzles?  Stop off in the south subway to find the transporter
guidance device.  Make sure you don't get hit by a train!  There are some tough
level 4 monsters there so you may be best off to wait until they lose their
"charge."  This is a surprisingly effective strategy at any point.  Robots have
to recharge a lot, and they die out.  Just walk past them then.  Behind them in
the second room, you find the TGD.  Don in the hospital gives you the 
combination, 18-09-12-15.  I'll tell you what this means later.

**Off to the west there's another part of the underground. For a superquick
walkthrough you don't need to do this, just copy the deactivization codes, but
the puzzles are rather fun, and I recommend trying them before "copping out."
There are access terminals that give deactivization codes so you can win the
game.  Asking around at administration tells you they're behind Marion's 
It's one of those doors you need 50 endurance to break down, but don't worry.
There are no robots in this part of the underground, so you'll get your
endurance back with no trouble.  Once you follow the hall and go downstairs,
you'll have to climb over some pipes to get down to the second level.  Again
climb over some pipes to get to the first access terminal.  As Jimmy told you 
the west underground, "ACCTRM"(level minus 2) gives "ACCTRM0" as access code.
Type CODES to avoid the humorous error messages, giving you the first
deactivization code, CHLOBU.  The tube to the second level reveals a bunch of
conveyor belts.  If you don't feel like mapping them out, here's the shortcut.
Take the one to the east and follow it until it turns south. When you branch to
the south and west, go west and then take the next turn to the north.  Beyond
the belt is an access terminal.  Type ACCTRM1 and then CODES to get the second
code, PERABR.  For the third terminal go south and then east.  You will find
transporter 05(read when you're around the transporter!)  A wild guess, or
"seeing" the transporters beneath the garbage dump on the north side, might 
you try LETSGO and 06.  Voila!  Level 4.  Now there are a bunch of bins you 
to push around. Basically, you can only push a bin onto an empty space. You'll
want to get to a 2x2 room over on the west side, and on top of it, if you go
over there, the disk may re-load and re-shuffle the bins to their original
position, leaving you trapped.  Don't worry about being trapped--you can push
your way back out or even Z(urrender) if you must.  The pattern to get to the
third terminal is below("go W" means go all the way west):
2W, 3S of terminal 6.  Push W 2x.
Go N, Go W, Go S.  Push W 5x.  N.  Push E 2x.  N. W. Go 2S, W.  Push W.  S.  E.
Push E.  S.  W.  S.  W.  Push N.  Open door to W, go W twice.  Talk W, 
and "CODES" gives you EDDONE, the third and final code.

Getting to the Tzorg complex is tricky--go to the waste dump in the north, but
you might want to make sure you have two weapons loaded before you enter.  
the dump from the north and go to the east.  There is a maze, not too tricky,
but you will swing around to the southwest corner where you'll find stairs 
Here's where you hit the "funny" transporters.  If you don't have the
Transporter Guidance Device, you won't be able to complete this part.
Basically, you want to enter transporter 7.  Teleport to transporter 18(type
"LETSGO" and "18") and then 09, then 12, then 15, like Don told you in the
hospital.  Go east and take the stairs down.  Then you'll encounter four
teleporters. Doesn't matter which one you enter.  They're teleporters 19-22.
The one on the other side is, logically, 23.  "LETSGO" and "23" gets you there.
From there, don't enter any side rooms but go south.  Then off to the west is a
heavy-duty door.  There are robots behind there but let the robots plug up the
doorways, so you'll only have to take on one at a time.  After opening three
"heavy" doors there is a north-south hallway.  Skip by the hallway, and don't 
out until your endurance is high enough to take a few hits before you make it
through. Most of the guard robots are stationary but they're not guarding
anything.  Just keep going west through the doors. There's only one way to go
after that.  You'll find yourself in a narrow hallway going north.  Don't exit
it--just fight the robots one at a time.  There's also a possibility they'll
need to recharge--in that case, to the east of the passage's end and the south
is a place to recharge.  If you keep going east, behind a heavy door you will
find some much less difficult robots.  Get rid of them, and then look for
bookcases along the north wall.  Behind one of them is a flight of stairs.  
time you go up, there'll be more stairs close by.  Always take them.  At one
point you'll have a choice between a conveyor belt and the stairs.  Take the
stairs.  The conveyor belt is a convoluted one-way ticket back to Metropolis,
away from the secret entrance.  Climb up the stairs again and note a heavy door
to the right.  If you enter the Authority Complex directly you can break that
door open but couldn't climb over the garbage to get to where you are now.  Go
north through the force fields and save the game--just to be sure, as typos 
send you to the correctional center--before you type in CHLOBU, PERABR and
EDDONE to shut down the robots.  You win.  Enjoy the (primitive Apple IIe)

++-there is an alternate solution as well.  If you go through the front door of
the Tzorg Authority comlpex and get to the conveyor belt, you can cross it with
a jetpack.  Which means that the whole Transporter Guidance Device puzzle is
actually unneccessary.  Still it's fun to try this both ways.


Thanks to an unknown author of the FAQ at http://games.msk.ru:8102/abc/0.htm,
which showed me an alternate solution.  Thanks to everyone who made me believe
I *could* write a walkthrough and write the homepage.  Thanks to kahei
(www.kahei.com) for the hex editor that deciphered dialogs for me.  And thanks
to Chuck Bueche for making a fun, original game.

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