Happiness! Re:Lucks Walkthrough/FAQ

FAQ & Walkthrough by: KratosIrving (aaronmcdonald1987@yahoo.com)

For: Windows

Version 0.13 (September 17th, 2008)


This game is a bishoujo game, and is intended for adults only!!!
It contains graphic images with sexual content.
As such, this game is NOT for you if you are under the legal age to view adult
content in your country. If you feel that you might be offended by any such
material DO NOT read any further!!!!!

Note: All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Table of Contents
0.Main Menu
I.Basic Storyline
  (A) Haruhi's Story - Our Love isn't the only thing that continues to grow...
    (aa) Date: Friday, October 13th
    (ab) Date: Saturday, October 14th
    (ac) Date: Sunday, October 15th
    (ad) Date: Monday, October 16th
  (B) Anri's Story - We need to Spice up our relationship a bit! (Coming Soon!)
    (ba) Date: Thursday, November 9th

VI.Version History
VII.Contact Information
VIII.Additional Information

Preface: The Titles for the individual side stories I have entirely made
up, based on the scenario.

Seperatly, as I suck at Mahjong, I WILL NOT be
covering that area. For those who can comprehend the complex rules of that
game, feel free to write a Mahjong Mode FAQ of your own, it would fill in the
void I shall not cover.

0.Main Menu

When you start Happiness! The Main Menu looks similar to the following graphic.

	(Select a Story)		(Load Data)

	(Mahjong Mode)

	(Extras)			(Quit[Red Button!])

First off, choosing the Select a Story option brings you to a screen with seven
pictures, representing the stories of each of the seven girls. (including the
infamous trap, Jun)

They have their own titles and are layered on top of each other, but I prefer
my own titles. To choose a story, simply mouse over it, and it will be brought
to the forefront.

Loading Data serves the same purpose it does in almost all bishoujo games.

Mahjong Mode, as I have already explained in the Preface, I suck at. Mahjong
Mode offers two distince features: A standard game where you pick your
character from Happiness, (Only Yuma, Hachi, Shinya and Suzuri are open at the
start, you unlock everyone else by playing through the other mode, I believe.)
and play a game of Mahjong from there. 

The other option is almost another side story, as Hachi gets spirited away into
an alternate reality, and Yuma decides to bring him back before Hachi is lost.

The options in Mahjong Mode are like this:

	(Story Mode)

	(Free Play)

The Extras Menu has what it had in the first game, a CG Gallery, Dress-Up Mode,
Scene Gallery and Jukebox.

Here is the Extras Menu setup.

	(CG Gallery)			(Scene Gallery)

	(Dress-Up Mode)

	(Jukebox)			(Return to Main Menu)

As before, you can cycle through the CG Gallery, Dress-Up Mode and Scene
Gallery by selecting the options at the top right of the screen when you enter
any one of them.

I.Basic Storyline

Once again, you take the role of Kohinata Yuma, a 2nd year student at
Mizuhosaka Academy.  He had lived a normal life with his adopted mother, Otoha,
and her daughter, Sumomo, for ten years before the events prior to Happiness!

The backstory from this point on changes depending on which side story you
play on, but it is basic to say this: All of the side stories are a
continuation of the paths from Happiness. Ex. Haruhi's Side Story happens as if
you played Haruhi's Path. The same goes for Anri, Koyuki and Sumomo. The other
stories, those of Saya, Ibuki and Jun, all come around from the True Path.


The descriptions here follow the True Path fluxuations, as it's called the
True Path for a reason.

Kohinata Yuma
A 2nd year student at the Mizuhosaka Academy, and the protagonist of this
series. After the Shikimori Treasure incident, he transfered to the Magic
Section, and is quickly making up for his lost years of not practicing magic. 

Kamisaka Haruhi
A beautiful 2nd year student at the Mizuhosaka Academy Magic Section, she is
a prodigy in her magical talents, and is the only Class B magician among the 
2nd years. After the Shikimori Treasure incident, Haruhi and the other Magic
Section students have returned to their building to continue their studies, but
still sees her friends from the General Section whenever she can. She has also
developed a fetish for strawberries. (<_<) Her magic wand is named Soprano, and
was formed from a trumpet.

Hiragi Anri
Haruhi's best friend, she is also a 2nd year student at Mizuhosaka Academy
Magic Section. She has a strong-willed personality, and tries to influence
events in her favor. Anri's magical abilities haven't grown quite as much as
she would like to admit since the Shikimori Treasure incident, but she still
goes at her own pace, and everyone loves her limitless energy. Her magic wand
is named Paella, and was formed from a quill pen given to her by her parents,
who live in another country.

Takamine Koyuki
A 3rd year student at Mizuhosaka Academy Magic Section. She is the president of
the school's Divination Society, and she is quite skilled at it herself, as
none of her readings have been wrong on any accounts. After the Shikimori
Treasure incident, Koyuki has gained new apprentices in the Divination Club via
Sumomo, Ibuki, and her attendants Shinya and Saya. She continues to be her
cryptic self, but is always there to help out in a jam. Her magic wand is a
staff with a living part at the end, normally in the shape of a green ball,
that is originally called a Sphere-Tom, but Koyuki has named it Tama-chan.

Kohinata Sumomo
A pretty young girl whom Yuma has come to love as his sister since he moved
in with her and her mother ten years ago, and she has also come to love Yuma
as a brother. She wears a pendant around her neck that Yuma gave her shortly
after he arrived. A 1st year student at the Mizuhosaka Academy General Section,
she has a personality that causes everyone around her to like her. In the wake
of the Shikimori Treasure incident, Sumomo and Ibuki have become best friends,
although Sumomo is obviously the one who wears the pants in their relationship,
as she continues to force Ibuki into doing things she would never do without
Sumomo's influence.

Watarase Jun
A 2nd year student at Mizuhosaka Academy General Section, Jun looks like your
average girl. However, don't be fooled! Although he looks and sounds like a
girl, Jun is actually a guy! Jun hasn't changed much since the Shikimori
Treasure incident, although he is lonely since Yuma and almost everyone else is
back in the Magic Section during school days now.

Takamizo Hachisuke
A 2nd year student at Mizuhosaka Academy General Section, 'Hachi' for short,
he is one of Yuma's best friends along with Jun, and Yuma has known him for
almost ten years. Hachi hasn't changed his ways at all, always pining after the
beautiful women from the Magic Section.

Shikimori Ibuki
A young magician whom arrived at Mizuhosaka Academy to retrieve her family
treasure in the events of Happiness! In the events since that incident she has
settled down and become best friends with Sumomo, although she is still
willingly bossed around by her. Her magic wand is named Bisaim, and was formed
from an umbrella.

Kamijo Shinya
One of the two Kamijo twins whom attends Ibuki, Shinya has a rigid personality,
always apologizing for mistakes he makes, and talks to everyone with a proper
regard for them. Shinya hasn't changed at all since the Shikimori Treasure
incident, still attending Ibuki whenever she needs him. His magic wand is in
the shape of a wooden sword, which has the powers of wind and lightning, and he
refers to it as Fuujin-Raijinkami, (Japanese for "Wind" (fuu) and "Lightning"
(rai) or, the god of wind and lightning.)

Kamijo Saya
One of the two Kamijo twins whom attends Ibuki, Saya has a very shy personality
and always apologizes for simple matters, such as accidentally interrupting
others. Saya hasn't changed much either, except for the fact that she is extra
shy around Yuma. She still attends to Ibuki whenever she is needed. A 2nd year
student of the Magic Section, her magic wand is named Sanbach, and was formed
from a violin bow.

Kohinata Otoha
The woman whom Yuma has to come to regard her as his mother, and while she
thinks of Yuma as her son, she often teases him and sets him up in embarrassing
situations. Otoha is still just as carefree and careless as always, and
continues to run the school cafeteria, Oasis.

Minagi Suzuri
A teacher in the Magic Section of Mizuhosaka Academy, and Yuma's biological
mother. Since the Shikimori Treasure incident, Suzuri has been helping to
teach Yuma in order to make up for his lost years. She, like Otoha, loves to
put people, especially Yuma, in embarassing situations.

Shikimori Natsumi
The older sister of Ibuki who perished when the Shikimori Treasure consumed her
ten years ago. Yuma saw her when he saved Ibuki during the events of Happiness,
and since than Natsumi has moved on. She does not make an appearance in

Takamine Yuzuha
Koyuki's alcoholic and irresponsible mother. She is also the reigning
chairwoman of the Mizuhosaka Academy school board. She played an integral role
in restoring the Magic Section after the Shikimori Treasure events had played
out. Who knows if she'll be involved this time?

Author's Notes

This if my second FAQ/Walkthrough, so bear with me as I'm writing it, as I
acknowledge that there will be many holes in it.

This Walkthrough is similar to my Happiness! Walkthough as I will be
translating the script as best I can so that those who cannot interpret
Japanese at all can have some sense of the storylines.

As before, I will be putting side notes into my guide in parenthesis, so you
can see my thoughts on the storyline at the current progressive point.

Also, every paragraph break will be when the game shifts to another scene,
although the time of day will not necessarily change. For example, a scene
in a classroom followed by a scene in the school hallway will have a paragraph
break, but probably not a time notification. The reasoning for this is because
I there will already be huge walls of text in some areas, and splitting it up
based on scene location makes the best possible sense so that you won't lose
your place too often.

One last important note. Due to the fact that the majority of those who play
this game have to import or download it, I will assume that those who read this
guide possess the mental faculties to understand sexual acts and actions, and
thus, I WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be translating the H-scenes script, as it
would be A) Too repetitive, and B) Not worth my time. I will, however, have
small sections for each H-scene at its proper place in the walkthrough, and I
will input the various choices (Which for the H-scenes is just a matter of
deciding where to dump your load) that you can choose from.

Moreover, as Happiness! Re:Lucks is purely a fan disk by Windmill in response
to the reception Happiness! received, there are more H-scenes in Re:Lucks, with
somewhat of a less emphasis on story. If you wanted more H, this is for you,
so those whom this applies to, shut up and be happy. :)


(A) Haruhi's Story - Our Love isn't the only thing that continues to grow...

(aa) Date: Friday, October 13th

Time: After School

We join Yuma as he's hurrying, apparently late to meet Haruhi because Suzuri
kept him behind for cleaning duties. Yuma arrives at the classroom, hoping that
Haruhi isn't angry or upset with him and peeks from the door. Haruhi is inside,
giggling at a magazine she's reading. Yuma is glad she's not mad, but is
interested in what she is reading. Haruhi than starts to talk to herself,
saying this looks good, and is hesistating whether to throw something away or
keep it. Yuma wonders what could be going on and steps in and apologizes for 
being late. Haruhi, however, doesn't notice Yuma and is quietly humming to
herself while browsing her magazine. Yuma moves closer and sees that Haruhi is
looking at a new booklet on desserts, more specifically strawberry ones, and
comments on it. Haruhi at first doesn't realize that Yuma has arrived and
agrees with him, but eventually notices and jumps up, embarrased. She asks when
he got here, and Yuma says he just arrived. Haruhi nervously laughs and sits
back down, putting her magazine away as well. Yuma tells her to calm down,
since it's just the two of them in the classroom, and Haruhi says aloud that
she didn't know it had gotten this late. Yuma apologizes again for being late,
but Haruhi says it's alright and asks how the cleaning went. Yuma is a bit
speechless that Haruhi knew what he was doing, and she giggles. Yuma complains
that Suzuri is working him without mercy, but Haruhi assures him that Suzuri is
probably working through it as well. Yuma says he's glad Haruhi thinks so, but
it doesn't help that Suzuri likes to make fun of him as well. Haruhi nervously
laughs and says that's true. Yuma says he was help Haruhi as well, but Haruhi
tells him she's fine, since she was waiting for him. (Aw...) Yuma blushes, and
Haruhi praises him. Yuma says now she's making fun of him, and Haruhi giggles
than apologizes and says they've lost a lot of time today. Yuma says he doesn't
mind as long as he's with her, and Haruhi says they had better get to work and
takes out Soprano, as Yuma explains that Haruhi is still helping Yuma out with
practicing magic after school. Yuma asks Haruhi if she's sure she wants to help
him, and Haruhi says it's alright. Yuma sayss he's glad they can spend time
alone together, and Haruhi nervously says that's true, but says she thinks he
misunderstoon the idea. Yuma says probably, since they've had a lack of
together time for a while, and Haruhi says that's true as well. Yuma says he
still has a long ways to go with his magic, but is glad to see Haruhi's usual
smile and she keeps him going. Yuma says they should get started, and Haruhi
nods. Haruhi says they'll do light training today, and when Yuma asks why,
Haruhi says that tomorrow will be his first lab day, and he shouldn't overwork
the day before. Yuma says it can't be all that bad, but Haruhi says he'll want
to quit before ten minutes is up. Yuma says he hopes not, and Haruhi tells him
to work hard. Yuma says he couldn't have got this far without Haruhi, but she
says it's all his work, and that she's waiting for him to catch up. Both of
them at each other and they lean in to kiss when the door suddenly opens,
causing Haruhi to jump back in alarm as Anri enters the room, humming to
herself. Yuma lets out a startled cry, and Anri looks at both of them,
surprised to see them as well. Yuma asks Anri why she's still here, and Anri
shoots the question right back at Yuma. Haruhi quickly explains that they are
practicing their magic for a bit. However, Anri questions Haruhi further, and
she begins to crack, and Anri crows in victory and says she gets it. Haruhi
panics and tries to say that it's not what she thinks, and Anri asks what is
she supposed to think. (Oh crap! Caught!) Haruhi blushes and stops talking.
Anri asks Haruhi if she's right, and Haruhi replies maybe a little bit. Anri
is glad Haruhi told her the truth, and Haruhi blushes deeper. Yuma tries to get
both of them out of the situation, and Anri asks if they need help. When both
of them look at Anri in surprise, Anri giggles and says she'll keep watch for
them. Haruhi panics and says that's not it, and Yuma sighs inwardly, noting
that Haruhi is only making things worse. Anri notes that now both of them are
blushing deep red, than says they're always together. Yuma tries to say not
really, but Anri says she always sees them together at all times of the day.
Haruhi says that's not true, and says that they aren't always together at
night, than realizes what she just said and instantly clams up. Anri crows in
victory again but Haruhi quickly explains that she just wants to eat with Yuma
in the morning sometimes, and is glad to walk with him to school with him.
Haruhi continues on about what they do, and Anri continues to listen. Yuma
quickly begs Haruhi to stop talking, and Haruhi panics as she realizes what all
she's been saying. Anri says she understands now and turns to leave and says
that it would be rude to obstruct a couple's alone time. (YOU'VE ALREADY DONE
THAT!) Anri tells them not to do too much and quickly leaves, leaving Yuma to
say that Anri never changes, and Haruhi agreeing. Yuma explains that while no
one else has caught on that Haruhi and Yuma are together, they can't fool Anri
since she's known Haruhi for a long time. Yuma tells Haruhi not to worry about
it, and Haruhi says she'll try not to, but that it was a close call, and
wonders if they're becoming too careless. Yuma says she's worrying too much,
and Haruhi moves closer to him and kisses him. After they part, Yuma notes that
she likes to do that sometimes, and Haruhi says she succeeded again. Yuma
counters and says he likes it when she kisses him. Haruhi, however, simply
blushes and says she's glad too and says she'll keep that in mind, than says
they really should be getting back to work. Yuma says alright, and refers to
Haruhi as "Kamisaka-sensei", causing Haruhi to tell him not to joke around.
Yuma apologizes and stifles a laugh and they bow to each other, hoping to
continue to work well together, noting that while they are lovers, they are
student and teacher here as Haruhi begins her lesson.

~~End Friday, October 13th~~

(ab) Date: Saturday, October 14th

Time: After School

Yuma sighs and says that school is finally over, noting today seemed really
long, and that he's really not looking forward to today's practice. Haruhi asks
if he's alright, but Yuma sighs and says no, noting that he's already
exhausted. Yuma says he's glad that today is Saturday, and Haruhi giggles and
asks if that's because there are only morning classes today. Yuma nods and says
he's glad there's no afternoon classes, than drifts off and Haruhi quickly
tells him to wake up and that he's drooling. Yuma snaps up immediatly and
apologizes and says he didn't realize he was this tired. Haruhi asks if he
really wants to practice after school today, and Yuma says he wouldn't mind
taking the day off, but says he doesn't mind. Haruhi asks how so, and Yuma says
he looks forward to practicing magic with Haruhi after school. Haruhi says he
wasn't like that when they first started, and Anri mentions off in the
background that he still has a long ways to go in controlling his magic. Both
of them turn to Anri, who continues and says it's not like Yuma's that talented
anyway. Yuma says he knows but there's nothing he can do about that, and Haruhi
agrees and says all he can do is practice. Yuma is glad that Haruhi is sticking
by him, and says he can go the distance. Anri says it's only natural that he
can say that now. Yuma asks if Anri's worried about him too, and Anri says it
would be pointless to worry about a useless fool like him, saying that it's all
well and good to be able to learn magic, but putting it into practice is a
whole different matter. Yuma is about to say something ugly to Anri but catches
himself and say that's what he expected her to say. Anri quietly gets mad and
asks who he's talking to, to which Yuma calmly replies back that he means her,
than continues and brings up Anri's less than spectacular magic experience, and
says that she's obviously jealous that she's not the worst student in the
class. Anri quickly giggles and says she doesn't understand what Yuma means,
and Yuma says she'll never be like Haruhi. Anri immediatly gets pissed, and
Yuma quickly tries to says she misunderstood, but Anri isn't buying it and
declares that she'll someday exceed Haruhi. (Only on your route, chicky. :)
Yuma asks how her practice is going than, and Anri hesitates before admitting
that it's not going as well as she would like. Haruhi pipes in and says that
defeating her can't be that important, to which Anri says defeating Haruhi is
very important to her, and puffs and says that day will be soon. Yuma remarks
that she's always number one when it comes to being energetic, and Anri says
he's mistaking things again, than asks Yuma why he isn't all energetic. Yuma
admits he isn't, and Anri leans in and asks if he practiced too much today and
tired himself out. Yuma is glad that Anri is genuinely worried about him, but
says he's alright. Anri leans on him for a moment, than asks if they all want
to hang out today. Yuma asks what she has in mind, and Anri says they should
invite Jun and Hachi along since they haven't seen them in a while. Yuma perks
up at this, and asks Haruhi her opinion. Haruhi says that sounds fun, and Yuma
is glad and perks up. Anri giggles and says ok, and says they should get ready.
Yuma tells Anri not to push things, and Anri says it'll be alright as her phone
rings, and sees that it's Jun and picks up. Apparently Jun asks if Yuma and
Haruhi are there, and Anri confirms that she's talking with both of them now,
than says they'll meet up with him later as she hangs up and tells Yuma and
Haruhi that Jun and Hachi will be waiting for them by the front gate of the
school. Yuma asks if they should go, and Haruhi agrees, along with Anri.

When they get to the gates, Hachi yells out to Haruhi, saying he was waiting
for her, and immediatly gets pounded to the ground by Anri, saying he shouldn't
run up to them like that. Hachi gets up and says it's because he hasn't seen
Haruhi in a long time, and Yuma notes that Hachi's really high-strung today,
most likely because of his lack of seeing Haruhi. Jun says he was waiting for
Haruhi too, and Haruhi quietly moves away. Jun than slowly turns to Yuma and
grips him in a hug, saying he was waiting for Yuma even longer. Yuma tries to
shove Jun off, telling him not to grip him so tightly all of a sudden. Haruhi
looks distraught, and Jun lets go and says it really has been a long time. Yuma
admits that it has, and Jun says he's been thinking about Yuma every day.
(GACK!) Yuma says he really didn't want to hear that, and Anri butts in and
says that Yuma's always cozy with Haruhi. Both of them let out a surprised
yell and blush, and Jun nods and says he thought so, but says that's good, and
says that while he can't be Yuma's wife he'll stick to the shadows and watch
out for him. Haruhi blushes again as she repeats the word wife, and Yuma
quickly tries to changes the subject. Jun moans and says Yuma's is as
cold-hearted as usual, than turns to Haruhi and asks her how Yuma is doing in
his magic studies. Haruhi nervously laughs and says he's finally past the
beginner stages, although things were rather bleak when he started. Yuma asks
why they are talking to him like something to be rented, and Anri turns to
Haruhi and asks how lovey-dovey they get. Haruhi panics and Jun says he's
really jealous. Hachi cries and says he wishes he could be all lovey-dovey with
Haruhi too. Yuma he's he'd never stand a chance, and Anri crows and asks if
that's so. Haruhi tries to get Anri to stop, but Anri crows again and tells
everyone she caught Yuma and Haruhi yesterday. Haruhi panics and Yuma tries to
get Anri to shut up. Jun says it's interesting, but apologizes and says he's
holding up the story. Yuma tells Jun thanks, and Jun nods but says he wants
details later. (BASTARD!) Haruhi quickly tries to change the subject and asks
where they are all going today. Anri and Jun finally go along with it and they
all head for the shopping area as Yuma says that things seem normal again.

As they are walking towards the shopping area, Anri asks if anyone wants to
talk about Haruhi and Yuma again. Jun says yes immediatly as Yuma tries to get
Anri to stop. Hachi also expresses an interest, and Anri says now that two
people have said yes she won't stop, and loudly proclaims the first act of
Haruhi and Yuma's Love Theater. (WTF) Haruhi finally cracks and tries to tell
Anri to stop, but Anri launches into the act, begining with it being a normal
afternoon. Hachi portrays Yuma, saying he forgot his homework, and Jun portrays
Haruhi, saying he can borrow hers. Hachi thanks her and grabs it, but
accidently grabs her hand when they move close, and both look at each other and
kiss. (...LAME) The scene shifts back to Anri, who begins the second act. This
time Jun has prepared Hachi lunch, who is happy to receive it. They end up
kissing again. Onto the third act, where Hachi pushes Jun out of the way of an
oncoming car, and punches it away, blowing it up. (Ok, this is too stupid.)
Kiss again. Act four: An alien invasion, Kiss. Act Five: Just a kiss. Finally
the real Yuma has had enough and yells for them all to knock it off. Jun asks
how far they've actually gone, and Haruhi quietly admits Act two. (!_!) Yuma
panics and quickly tells Haruhi to stop talking, and Haruhi apologizes. Yuma
sighs and Haruhi asks if he's mad. Yuma says it's nothing really to get mad
about, and Haruhi thanks him, as the other three mime a kiss, and both of them
turn around in surprise as Anri thanks them for the encore. Jun adds they must
feel embarrassed, and Hachi cries that he wishes he was in Yuma's place again.
Yuma says that they are all too into this, and Anri says to deal with it. Jun
asks Yuma if they've gone even further, to which Yuma states no. (...Liar) Anri
asks if that's really true, and Haruhi backs up Yuma. Anri sighs and says that
would have been a good thing to hear, and says they'll let their guard down
eventually. Haruhi looks confused, and Anri bullshits and says that if they
don't do anything their relationship will stagnate. (...True) Haruhi says she
doesn't get it, and Jun says that wouldn't be good at all and that they should
stay in love. Anri asks if they've done anything to "help" each other, and
Haruhi says maybe. Anri says she thought so, and Yuma says Anri is acting like
she's had a boyfriend for a long time now. Anri gets pissed and yells at Yuma.

The group finally arrives at the shopping area, and Yuma asks what they should
do. Anri says she would like to bowl, and Yuma says anything but that. Anri
asks why not and Haruhi says that Yuma is really tired. Anri asks why Yuma came
along to hang out than, and Jun asks Haruhi what she wants to do. Haruhi says
she's up for anything, and Jun suggests karaoke. Haruhi says that would be
alright and asks Yuma if it's ok with him, to which he agrees. Hachi says
alright, and Anri says they can all be mystified with her singing voice.
Haruhi says she'll look forward to it, and Anri asks Haruhi if she'll sing.
Haruhi embarrasingly tries to avoid the conversation now, and Jun pipes in and
says she's never heard Haruhi sing. Hachi says that's true, than quickly
proposes they do a duet together. (Nice timing) Jun spoils his chance though
and says that if Haruhi will do a duet with anyone it will be Yuma. Yuma looks
confused to hear himself join the talk, and Jun says of course. Haruhi panics
and says it would be too embarrasing. Yuma says she doesn't have to be forced
to sing, and Haruhi blushes and looks at him. Jun says she'll look forward to
it today, and says they can share one mic. Anri says they'll support them, and
when Yuma asks what they'll do, Anri says she'll use a tambourine while Jun can
use a clapper. Hachi, now excited, asks what he can do. Anri says he can be
the mic stand. At first Hachi is ecstatic, than finally realizes what that
means and Anri cracks up. Yuma sighs, and Haruhi asks what they can do. Yuma
says it looks like they can do nothing but see how this plays out, and Haruhi

Hachi says he had a great time. Jun pipes in that they really haven't been
together in a long time and Anri agrees. Jun says that Yuma and Haruhi really
should have done a duet. Anri agrees, and Jun asks Yuma if he will sing one
next time. Yuma and Haruhi try to steer the conversation somewhere else, and
Anri crows and says she thought they really did want to sing one together, and
says next time they can. Jun looks happy and Hachi is jealous again. Haruhi
apologizes that they didn't sing today, and Jun says it's alright, that she and
Yuma put on a good enough show earlier to make up for it. Haruhi asks what he
means, and Jun brings up their little almost-kiss earlier. Haruhi panics and
Anri says next time maybe they'll see more, and Haruhi gets really embarrassed.
Yuma joins in and says it won't that bad next time, and Haruhi moans at him.
Hachi says there's nothing to be embarrassed about, and says he's already made
it a great memory, and that it'll keep coming up in his dream rotation tonight.
(...Ugh...) Yuma demands Hachi forget about it now and clocks him. Jun says
that Yuma really does stick up for Haruhi. Yuma cracks, and Anri says it's all
because of Haruhi's chest. (...Well, it is pretty damn big...) Yuma stammers
and says that's not it, but Jun calls him on it, and Yuma damns himself by
saying there are other attractive qualities he likes besides Haruhi's chest.
Haruhi tries to get Yuma to be quiet, and Yuma sighs. Anri says she can
understand Yuma's feelings though, and Yuma says he is a guy after all. Haruhi
blushes again, and Anri turns to Haruhi again and says that something seems a
little...different. Haruhi asks Anri what is it as she stares at Haruhi's
chest. Anri thinks for a moment, than asks Haruhi if her chest has been
growing. Haruhi cracks, and Hachi immediatly butts in. Anri says she's sure it
is, and that it's growing at a rapid rate. Haruhi blushes furiously and asks
Anri to stop it, and Anri pushes Haruhi to tell her how she's making it grow.
Haruhi quietly says that's a secret, and Anri says she won't mind if she cops a
feel to find out for herself. (!_!) Haruhi yelps and moves away as Yuma thinks
to himself that he understands the situation well and recalls how Haruhi's
chest feels, with it being soft and large. Yuma lets a real dopey look come
across his face and blushes, and Haruhi snaps him out of it by telling him to
stop thinking perverted thoughts. Yuma asks why he would be thinking of her
chest, and Anri says he just blurted it out. Haruhi says he really is a
perverted fool, and Yuma tries to tell them to keep their voices down as a
crowd is gathering. Haruhi calls Yuma an idiot again.

Time: Evening

Haruhi thanks Yuma for walking her and Anri back to the dorms. Yuma notes to
himself that if it was just Haruhi he would give her a goodnight kiss, but
since Anri is also here he decides he better not. Haruhi shifts, and Yuma notes
that she's probably thinking the same thing. Anri says good night than, and
Yuma jumps than recovers and says good night. Anri asks why she surprised him,
and Yuma says it's nothing, just Anri being Anri. Anri says she'll look forward
to hanging out in the future, and Yuma tells them both goodbye.

After Yuma leaves, as he's walking through the park his phone rings. Yuma sees
that it's Haruhi and picks up. Haruhi asks if it's alright to talk by phone,
and Yuma says sure and asks what's up. Haruhi says no real reason, she just
wanted to talk with him until he got back to his house. Yuma says that's fine,
and Haruhi says she wasn't able to reward him for escorting her back to the
dorms today. Yuma admits he thought about that himself and Haruhi giggles. Yuma
slows his walking pace, noting that it won't be a boring walk back home thanks
to Haruhi.

It's late as Yuma nears his house, and Haruhi says she was really happy today.
Yuma says that the other three may have already made too much of a fuss about
it, but says she really is a good singer. Haruhi thanks him, and Yuma asks next
time if they should invite everyone they know. Haruhi says that will be fine,
than asks what everyone would think. Yuma says it will be alright, and Haruhi
admits that it will be embarrassing. Yuma moans, and when Haruhi asks him what
is it, Yuma says he's arrived at home and says time really passed. Haruhi says
that's true, and Yuma thanks Haruhi for talking to him. Haruhi says it's
alright and Yuma tells Haruhi to get some rest. Haruhi asks Yuma to wait a
second before hanging up, and when Yuma asks what is it, Haruhi slowly says she
wants to hang out with him alone tomorrow. (DATE!) Haruhi continues and says
that they couldn't have any time alone together today even if they did have fun
because of everyone else. Yuma says he understands and that he'll look forward
to it. Haruhi asks what time they should meet, and Yuma suggests 11 AM. Haruhi
says that will be fine and they tell each other good night.

~~End Saturday, October 14th~~

(ac) Date: Sunday, October 15th

Time: Morning

Yuma tells Sumomo thanks for breakfast. Sumomo asks if he's done already, and
Yuma says he's done for now. Otoha asks if he's on a diet or something, and
Yuma says that's not it, just that he's meeting Haruhi soon. Otoha says she
gets it now, that they are going on a date. Yuma tries to deny it and insists
that it's not a date, and Sumomo asks if he'll be back late. Yuma says he isn't
sure yet, but tells them to go ahead and eat if he isn't back by dinner. Otoha
crows and asks what he means by that. Sumomo pouts and says he surely can't be
going out at night for quickies. (WTF) Yuma shouts out that's not it, and Otoha
asks what he does mean and says just because he's young doesn't mean he can be
reckless. Sumomo joins in and gets mad and says that if he does such a thing it
will embarrass her. Yuma explodes and asks they always act like this every time
he goes on a date, and Otoha says she thought so. Yuma gets up pissed off and
leaves. Otoha calls after him, trying to apologize but Yuma ignores her and
takes off.

Time: Forenoon

Yuma heads to his meeting spot with Haruhi and arriving early, yet Haruhi is
already there, implying that she came even earlier. Yuma sees looking happy and
singing to herself, and stops walking and strains his ears to try and hear what
Haruhi is singing. Despite his best efforts Yuma can't recognize the tune, and
Haruhi opens her eyes, spots Yuma and runs over to him. Yuma says it seems he
kept her waiting, but Haruhi says she only arrived a short time ago herself,
about five minutes. Yuma apologizes anyway and says he was late meeting her.
Haruhi giggles and says she forgives him, and Yuma asks her what she was doing
before she came here, wondering if the various things that women do to get
ready caused her to come earlier. Haruhi says it's further from this spot is
further from the school than Yuma's house so she decided to leave early. Yuma
complains that he should have been the one waiting, and notes to himself that
she defeated his purpose in coming early. Haruhi tells Yuma not to worry about
it and says she was happy waiting for him, wondering what to talk to him about,
and where they can go together. (Aww..) Haruhi looks up at Yuma, notices him
blushing, and asks if he liked what she said. Yuma slowly nods, noting that
she's really cute like this and that he would embrace her if they weren't in
public. Haruhi than asks if they're just going to stand around here than, and
Yuma asks if she has a place in mind she would like to go. Haruhi says a nearby
coffee shop has a new menu she wants to try, and Yuma, remembering something
from the other day, asks if the magazine he saw her have has anything to do
with this. Haruhi panics and asks how he knew and Yuma sighs and says it was
just a guess, although he was sure as he remembered the way Haruhi's eyes lit
up while reading that magazine. Yuma says they should hurry and Haruhi agrees,
and they join hands and walk down the street towards the coffee shop. Yuma
recaps that when they were first going out they always stressed over the little
details, such as timing when to do things, but as of late they've just been
going with the flow.

Time: Lunch

As they enter, Yuma takes note that the place is very busy, although most of
the customers are women. Haruhi wonders if most of them are also here for the
new dessert menu, and Yuma picks up a pocket menu and reads that today is the
start of the shops' Strawberry Festival. Haruhi's eyes light up again, and Yuma
is glad he can see Haruhi look like this than looks back at the menu and sees
the large variety of strawberry desserts. Haruhi squeals, and when Yuma asks if
she wants to try one, she squeals yes. (Strawberry fetish...wow) Yuma asks
which one she wants and Haruhi admits that she can't decide, saying they all
look so delicious. Yuma says there's no rush, and Haruhi says she's so
embarrassed that she can't make up her mind. Yuma asks why not order a little
bit of everything, but Haruhi says she'd probably just get fat if she ate
a lot. Yuma cracks a joke and says he wouldn't want to be seen with a fat
Haruhi, and Haruhi cracks and says she has no intention of becoming so. Yuma
says he can't imagine where she's getting fat anyhow, and Haruhi shrinks away
and quietly says he can see it. Yuma says he can't see anything and Haruhi
blushes again. Yuma says she worries too much, and Haruhi worries that he
wouldn't care if she got fat, but says everything really looks delicious and
panics again from indecision. Yuma says she can have half of what he orders
than, so that she can have more than just one thing. Haruhi asks if that's
alright and Yuma insists that it is. Haruhi thanks Yuma and finally decides on
a strawberry shortcake and strawberry tart to have. Yuma says they really do
look delicious, and a waitress comes over and asks if they are ready to order.
They relate their orders (Yuma orders a strawberry mousse). As the waitress
heads back to give their order Haruhi shouts out to add a millefeuille to it,
surprising the waitress, but she still adds it to the order. Yuma turns to
Haruhi and asks her if she really wanted the millefeuille, and Haruhi says she
wanted to eat it the most. Yuma sighs and says this probably wasn't such a good
idea, thinking of his wallet, but Haruhi says she thinks this will be great.
Yuma looks around the shop again as they wait for their order, and says that
since it's so busy they might have to wait a while for their order. Haruhi
agrees and Yuma says they should talk until than and Haruhi nods.

Shortly afterwards as they talk, a song comes on in the store that causes
Haruhi to gasp. (Great tune too, Haruhi's theme song if you remember it from
Happiness!) Yuma remembers it vaguely as he remembers Haruhi humming it this
morning. Haruhi, surprised, asks Yuma if he likes this song. Yuma says starts
to say yes, but Haruhi assumes no and says she didn't think he would since he
probably doesn't even know it. Yuma says he knows it, however, surprising
Haruhi again. Yuma admits that while this is his first time hearing it in full,
he says he's heard Haruhi sing it plenty of times before. Haruhi looks
surprised, and Yuma clarifies that she always sings or hums it whenever she's
in a good mood. Haruhi panics and says she never realized it before, and
blushes and shrinks from embarrassment. As the song continues, Yuma says it's
a good song and asks what it's name is. Haruhi says that it's called
"Soyokaze", (which means "A gentle breeze, or light wind" in English) and Yuma
says that name suits the song nicely. Haruhi says it's her favorite song, and
Yuma says he's glad he knows the title now, saying that it's hard to remember
a song if you don't know it's name. Haruhi nods and thanks Yuma, and Haruhi
asks if he has a favorite song besides this one. Yuma says he'll tell her
later, for now he just wants to listen to this song. Haruhi nods and says they
can listen to it together and takes out a CD player from he bag and hands Yuma
one of the headphones. They listen together, and Haruhi asks if he really likes
this song. Yuma nods and Haruhi says she's glad he does. Yuma asks Haruhi to
sing it for him sometime and make a karaoke tape of it, and Haruhi says this
song isn't anywhere karaoke is, (Aww..) as she was looking through the songlist
yesterday when they were with everyone. Yuma says that's a real shame, but says
it could hit karaoke sooner or later. Haruhi says she hopes so, and they
continues listening to the songs Haruhi has. Yuma says he really likes her
taste in music, than looks up and is surprised to see Haruhi really close. Both
of them look at each other for a second than Haruhi closes her eyes, and Yuma,
looking around to see that no one is watching, quickly leans over and kisses
Haruhi. Haruhi asks if anyone saw them, and Yuma says he looked around. Haruhi
giggles and says her heart is still pounding, and Yuma notes to himself that
his is too. Haruhi asks if they can kiss again and Yuma agrees. As Yuma leans
in again, the waitress arrives with their order, and they quickly seperate.
Both of them apologize to the waitress, who says it's alright and hands them
their order and walks off smiling. Haruhi panics and asks Yuma what they are
going to do, and Yuma quietly asks her to calm down and be quiet herself,
saying that it was only a kiss. Haruhi continues to panic, but Yuma calms her
down by passing her one of her strawberry desserts. Haruhi regains her
composure as she eats it and Yuma asks her how was it. Haruhi proudly declares
that it was delicious, and Yuma asks if he can have some. Haruhi nods and tells
him to open wide. Yuma asks if this isn't more embarrassing than having others
watch them kiss, and Haruhi cracks and finally realizes what Yuma means. Yuma
says it's alright, as long as they are careful and hide it. Haruhi nods and
quietly whispers for him to open wide. Yuma eats a bite, than says it's his
turn and feeds Haruhi a piece of shortcake. Haruhi worries about everyone
making fun of them if they saw this, and Yuma says that's true, but times like
this alone together make the chaos around them managable and worthwhile to put
up with, especially since Haruhi alone was able to put up with Anri for a long
time, and they both share a laugh at this.

After they leave Yuma asks what they should do next, and asks Haruhi if she has
anywhere else in mind. Haruhi says she has a request, and Yuma tells her to go
ahead. Haruhi says it's a little far, but Yuma says if it would take longer
than a day. Haruhi says of course not, since she knows they have school
tomorrow, but admits that she wouldn't mind taking a trip together with Yuma
sometime in the future. Yuma says they can think of something if they have
consecutive days off and Haruhi nods. Yuma asks what they can do about their
current situation however and asks Haruhi where she wants to go. Haruhi asks
Yuma if he's heard about the new beachfront area, and Yuma asks if she means
the one with the seaside park. Haruhi nods and asks if he'd like to go there.
Yuma says it's still in the neighborhood, so yes. Haruhi adds that it's lately
become the number one date spot for couples, and Yuma asks if that's so, than
says they should go, and Haruhi nods enthusiastically.

When they arrive, Haruhi says the air feels really nice, and Yuma agrees,
noting that the wind has carried Haruhi's smell to him as they lean on a
railing overlooking the sea. Haruhi calls Yuma over, and when he turns to look,
Haruhi says she wants to feed the seagulls. Yuma asks how and Haruhi says
couples can buy food bags nearby. Yuma looks around and sees many couples
with similar bags, and remarks the idea is stupid, as someone will be attacked
by the seagulls sooner or later. Haruhi nervously laughs and says that's
probably true. Yuma says to forget about it, but Haruhi says she already bought
a bag, and Yuma asks when. Haruhi says she bought it shortly after they
arrived, and says they should feed them together. Yuma asks if she didn't hear
what he said just a minute ago about the seagulls attacking people, and Haruhi
stops, than asks Yuma if he'd help her if a seagull attacked her. Yuma blushes
and says of course, and Haruhi says it'll be alright than. Yuma sighs, and
Haruhi calls out to a nearby seagull. Yuma remarks that Haruhi's acting more
like a kid, and a bird comes over. (WTF DOES "BASABASABASA" MEAN?!? DAMN BIRD!)
Haruhi holds out food for it, and it eats it quickly. Haruhi says it's really
cute, and the bird loves every minute of it. Yuma decides to get in on the
action, and holds out food too, and the bird turns its attention to him. Haruhi
says she's surprised Yuma is doing this. Haruhi holds out more food, and the
bird takes too much of a liking to Haruhi and attacks her for more food.
(...Oh come on. Not this lame please...) Yuma smacks the bird away, and rushes
to Haruhi's side, asking if she's alright. Yuma sympathizes with the bird on
some level though, since it attacked Haruhi out of everyone here. Yuma says he
can't believe his warning actually happened to them. Haruhi apologizes that
something like this happened, but Yuma says it's alright and asks if she was
hurt anywhere. Haruhi says no since Yuma came to her aid right away, and Yuma
blushes. Haruhi says she really thought he was joking earlier with his bird
attacking story, and Yuma agrees too and Haruhi clings to his arm. Yuma cracks
and asks what is it, and Haruhi says she's glad that he came to her aid.
(Aw, all lovey-dovey~) Yuma says it's only natural, but they are out in public
after all. Haruhi says that only other couples are around though and that
no one would pay them any mind and says she wants to stay like this for
a while. Yuma says Haruhi is being more aggressive today, and Haruhi denies it
at first, than says it is their first date in a while, and their first date
here. Yuma says this is a special date really, and says he won't let Haruhi
down today. Haruhi giggles and pulls Yuma ahead, and apologizes for depending
on him too much. Yuma says it's alright, and Haruhi asks if he can kiss her
really quick. (Damn she is bold today!) Yuma blushes and hesitates before
moving forward and quietly embracing and kissing Haruhi. However, Haruhi yelps
and quickly pushes Yuma away. Yuma asks what's the matter, and Haruhi
apologzies and says right now isn't a good time. Yuma asks what's wrong again,
and Haruhi hesitates before saying she can't tell him. Yuma asks if he's done
anything for her to hate him, and Haruhi panics and says no. Yuma is
bewildered, and Haruhi insists it's nothing wrong with him, it's her. Yuma asks
what it is, and Haruhi blushes before finally admitting that her bra came
undone. (!_!) Yuma waits a second before yelling it out, and Haruhi quickly
tells him to quiet down. Yuma apologizes and asks if she's alright, and Haruhi
says she is. Yuma asks if there's anything he can do to help ($_$) and asks if
she wants him to fix it. Haruhi says no and says she can do it herself. Yuma
cracks and says he didn't expect to be shot down that harshly, and Haruhi says
she can't let him do that. Yuma says he was only offering assistance, and moves
forward and says to let him take care of it. Haruhi struggles for a second
before pushing him off and telling him to wait a minute and runs for a nearby
restroom. Yuma notes that she really shouldn't do that, as "they" shift too
much like that.

Haruhi arrives back, blushing, and apologizes for keeping Yuma waiting. Yuma
asks Haruhi if she's alright now, and Haruhi says she is and apologizes again
for this trouble. Yuma says it's not her fault, and Haruhi sighs and wonders if
she should buy new underwear. Yuma asks if Anri said the same thing, and
Haruhi nods, saying that her bras have been fitting very tight as of late. Yuma
says a big chest is more serious than he thought, and Haruhi says he shouldn't
worry about it and says it's his fault to begin with. Yuma asks how so, and
Haruhi grows quiet. Yuma says he didn't hear her, and Haruhi says it's because
Yuma always grabs her breasts so much. (///) Yuma apologizes (WHY!) and says
he'll buy her new underwear than. Haruhi asks if he's sure, and Yuma says
she'll have to keep up with her growing chest, and Haruhi agrees. Yuma wonders
where they'll go, and Haruhi grabs Yuma's attention. Yuma asks what is it, and
Haruhi points out a nearby lingerie shop and asks if he wants to shop with her.
Yuma pauses and asks what Haruhi said again, and Haruhi blushes and quietly
says lingerie again. Yuma cracks, and Haruhi asks if he doesn't want to. Yuma
says that's not it, but falls silent, noting that he's actually really
interested (most guys would be) but asks Haruhi if a guy would really be
allowed inside a place like that. Haruhi says it'll be alright, and says a lot
of other couples seem to be going in and out of the shop as well. Yuma says he
didn't know that and Haruhi nods again. Yuma asks if she's going to window
shop again, and Haruhi says she can't afford to do that this time. Yuma says is
that so, and Haruhi blushes and quietly says she wants to do something to
please Yuma. (!_!) Yuma reflects on this and quickly says he understands and
that he'll go in with her. (...Such a guy.) Haruhi says really and Yuma nods,
and Haruhi grabs his arm again and says she's glad. Yuma feels Haruhi's
breast against his arm again, than suddenly hears a button pop. (NOT AGAIN!)
Haruhi and Yuma both jump in surprise, and Yuma asks if her bra came off again.
Haruhi quickly says she'll be right back and dashes to the bathroom again, and
once again Yuma comments that "they" will shift too much if she runs.

Time: Afternoon

Haruhi leads Yuma into the forbidden universe of women's lingerie. Yuma stops
moving and glances around, mesmerized by the various clothes. Haruhi asks
what's wrong, and Yuma says it may be better if he waits outside. Haruhi asks
if he hates this after all and looks depressed. Yuma tries to say that's not
it, and says he'll try to stick with it, since he said he would help Haruhi
pick out her underwear.

As they browse the shop, Yuma remarks that he didn't think there were so many
types and colors. Haruhi says this is the largest shop in the area so it has a
large stock of clothes. Yuma asks if that's so, and Haruhi asks him what he
thinks of a pair she's found. Yuma looks away and says he thinks it looks fine,
and Haruhi moves back to the center of his vision and says another pair looks
good too. Yuma looks away again and says he's sure it looks lovely. Haruhi
giggles and says this is fun, and asks Yuma what kind of lingerie he likes.
Yuma slowly says he likes all of it, and Haruhi groans than holds up another
pair. Yuma asks if it will fit, and Haruhi groans and tells him says he doesn't
know sizes at all. Yuma apologizes and says he's only had experience with
Sumomo's clothes when he does the laundry, and Haruhi says she'll forgive him
than. Yuma says looking at these clothes is embarrassing enough and he can't
even look at Haruhi straight and says he's sure Haruhi will look great in
anything she picks out. Haruhi sighs and says he has to decide on something
as well, and Yuma sighs and says he understand and tells Haruhi to wait a
moment while he looks again. Yuma heads over to a nearby stand and asks Haruhi
what she thinks of a pair. Haruhi says it looks a little childish, but is still
lovely. Yuma points out a black and purple pair and asks her about it, but
Haruhi blushes and says she doesn't think that suits her. Yuma thinks for a
moment than asks what she thinks about pink, and Haruhi brings over a pair.
Yuma says that fits, and Haruhi is glad and decides to get it, and asks Yuma if
he sees anything else he likes. Yuma says he can't tell, and Haruhi says she
thought so. Yuma asks if he's really that easy to read and Haruhi nods yes.
Haruhi says let's go than, and when Yuma asks where, Haruhi says to the
changing room of course. (!_!) Yuma, bewildered, asks if he's supposed to go in
there with her, and Haruhi nods happily. Yuma says he doesn't think he can
stand that, but Haruhi says she wants to try them on for him. A switch flips on
in Yuma's head and he decides to stay. (Such a guy..) Yuma shouts out alright
and begins walking to the front, and Haruhi quickly pulls him back and says
the changing room is in the other direction.

(Woo! Showtime!) Haruhi says she's coming out, and comes out in a green set and
asks how does it look. (DAMN!) Yuma is speechless, and Haruhi embarrassingly
asks him again. Yuma stutters that it looks great on her. Haruhi asks really,
and Yuma says yes again. Yuma asks why she's so embarrassed if he's supposed to
be in here with her, and Haruhi admits that once she started to realize she
would be trying clothes on for him she felt really embarrassed. Yuma asks if
this is her first time doing something like this and also asks if she needs to
calm down. Haruhi says this is different than usual, and Yuma says that's true,
than begins to imagine kissing Haruhi and making her lose what little clothes
she has on. Haruhi apparently picks up on his thoughts and tells him to quit
thinking pervertedly. Yuma jumps, and Haruhi asks if he's had enough already.
Yuma shouts out that he can't help it since she looks like this, and Haruhi
blushes again. Haruhi than asks if he's settled down a little from earlier, and
he recalls how nervous he was earlier in the store. Yuma says it's probably
because no one can see them, since there are curtains seperating the changing
room from the rest of the store. Yuma than says there's nothing to worry about
since no one can see them, but Haruhi says it's still embarrassing. Yuma looks
over Haruhi's body again and is drawn into the vast cleavage. Haruhi asks if he
likes the design, and Yuma says he thinks the color matches her and her melons
well. (HAHA!) Haruhi asks what he means by melon, than looks down and gets it
since the bra is green and gets pissed. Yuma asks why she's all mad for, and
Haruhi says it's because he's saying abnormal things. Yuma says it's not
strange, and that melons are quality goods. (Way to go, keep digging that
hole!) Haruhi says that's still not good, than asks Yuma if he really likes her
chest that much. Yuma admits as such and says he wants to touch her right now.
Haruhi shrinks back and blushes, than shuts the curtain and says she's changing
again. (Aw, damn.)

Shortly afterward Haruhi comes back out in a pink set, and Yuma lets out a
small yelp of pleasure, since this pair enhances Haruhi's chest more than the
green set. Yuma says this seems a little more adult like than the last pair,
and Haruhi blushes and says that's true. Yuma says it looks more beautiful as
well, and Haruhi thanks him for the compliment and says she'll buy it than.
Yuma starts imagining things again, and Haruhi asks him if he's thinking dirty
thoughts again. Yuma admits it and Haruhi asks if there's anything missing.
Yuma says not really, and says that pair suits her well. Haruhi asks which is
better, the green or the pink, and Yuma stutters and says he can't make up his
mind. Haruhi brings up the melon thing again, and Yuma says he likes peaches
as well. (...Dumbass) Haruhi asks Yuma what's with his use of fruit
terminology, and Yuma struggles to answer. He eventually sighs and Haruhi asks
if he's done now. Both stare at each other, too embarrassed to say anything,
and Haruhi finally asks Yuma to say something, saying that it's really
embarrassing. Yuma finally says he can't leave since he promised to help her
choose again, and Haruhi blushes and says she's changing again.

Haruhi comes out a third time in a great-looking blue set, and Yuma immediatly
moves to her chest and stares, causing Haruhi to blush. Yuma finally speaks and
says he doesn't know what to make of this. Haruhi asks what he means, and Yuma
says he already used melons and peaches, but can't come up with a blue fruit,
(Blueberry? nah too small.) and apologizes that his vocabulary is so bad.
Haruhi groans and says he doesn't have to always compare her assets to fruit,
and Yuma apologizes. Haruhi asks if he really likes this pair, and Yuma nods
and says he really likes it, and that it really suits Haruhi well. Haruhi asks
really, and asks what part he likes the most. (I bet I know..) Yuma quickly
lies and says the string, and both fall silent before Haruhi says she won't buy
this set. Yuma cracks and asks why not, and Haruhi says he didn't give her a
good enough reason. Yuma says it's not his fault she looks great in everything,
and Haruhi blushes again. Yuma says this'll do than, and gathers up the
clothes. Haruhi asks him to wait, and Yuma waits for Haruhi before they head
for the front to pay for everything.

Time: Evening

The two lovers arrive back at Haruhi's room at the dorms, and Haruhi asks Yuma
to sit down. Yuma sits and says he didn't expect such small clothes to weigh
so much, and Haruhi nods and Yuma sighs, saying he was really lucky today.
Haruhi brings over a cup of tea for him, and Yuma thanks her for it and quickly
drinks it. Yuma says she makes great tea, and Haruhi asks if he wants another
cup. Yuma says yes and Haruhi obliges him. Yuma says this room feels pleasant,
and Haruhi asks if she should start telling him welcome home when he comes
over. Yuma says he isn't sure about that yet, and notes that he was always
really uncomfortable coming here when they first started going out, but now
it's almost as easy to relax here as his own room. Haruhi thanks Yuma for
today, and Yuma asks why she said such so suddenly. Haruhi says she was really
glad to go shopping with him today, and asks Yuma if he really enjoyed it too.
Yuma struggles and admits to himself that there were many moments where he
just wanted to get away, but says he was really happy today. Haruhi says he
doesn't look too enthusiastic, and Yuma asks Haruhi if he always go with her
when she goes shopping for underwear and says he'll promise never to miss an
opportunity if so. Haruhi says not to get the wrong idea, and blushes. Yuma
asks Haruhi which one she'll wear first, and Haruhi goes back to the bag and
digs around in it. Yuma says she really did buy a lot, and Haruhi admits so now
that she's looking at all of it and wonders if she bought too much as Yuma
recounts that they kept going in and out of the changing room to try on more
pairs. Yuma says he really meant to buy everything though, and Haruhi says she
couldn't let him blow all of his money like that but was still glad that he
still wanted to pay for some of it. Yuma says it's because they looked great on
her, and Haruhi giggles and says thank you and that she's glad. Yuma blushes
and notes that Haruhi really is a cute girl, and Haruhi says she can't decide
which one to wear since they bought so much. Yuma asks her which one she likes
the most, and Haruhi thinks for a moment before pulling out a set and says
she'll always wear them when they go out on a date. Yuma says he wants to enjoy
it now, and Haruhi asks him again if he's thinking perverted thoughts. Yuma
says he's already thought of dressed like that in his mind, and Haruhi sighs.
Yuma asks Haruhi to put on a pair now, saying he really wants to see her in a
pair. Haruhi blushes and says it'll be too embarrassing, and Yuma asks if it's
no use. Haruhi quietly asks if he wants to see her like that so badly, and Yuma
says yes. Haruhi blushes and says she'll do it than, and asks Yuma to wait a
minute. Yuma cheers and Haruhi asks Yuma to turn around for a moment while she
changes. Yuma asks if he still can't see her change clothes even here, and
Haruhi says of course not. Yuma says he understands than turns around. Haruhi
says that's good, and begins to change when the doorbell suddenly rings. (!_!)
Yuma quickly turns around, and Haruhi tells Yuma to hide as the doorbell rings
again. Yuma quickly thinks, and notes that the situation is bad, with him in
here with Haruhi's new underwear all over the place, and bets that anyone else
would think he was a pervert if he was seen here. Yuma asks where he should
hide, and Haruhi panics before finally saying the closet. Yuma ducks inside,
noting that it's really cramped and all of Haruhi's clothes are in there. Yuma
asks if this is fine, and Haruhi nods and apologizes and tells him to put up
with it for a little while. Yuma nods and crouches down. Haruhi asks if he's
alright, and Yuma asks what they are going to do about his shoes. Haruhi says
she'll tidy things up and Yuma thanks her. Haruhi apologizes again and tells
Yuma to stay quiet until the person is gone, and the doorbell rings again and
knocks as well. Haruhi hurries to the door, and Yuma sits there in the dark,
noting that it really is uncomfortable like this. Yuma peeks out the door and
Anri asks Haruhi what was with her not answering the door although she rang it
several times. (Figures that it's her..) Haruhi apologizes and Anri says it's
alright and says she's coming in. Yuma cracks as he notices that it's Anri, and
Haruhi apologizes for the mess. Anri notices all of the new underwear, and asks
Haruhi if she just bought it. Haruhi nods and says she got it today. Anri than
asks if it was at the shop over by the beach and Haruhi nods again. Anri groans
and says she wished Haruhi had invited her along. Haruhi apologizes and Anri
says she wants to hear all about today than. Haruhi quietly asks what she
means, and Anri says she brought a snack over so Haruhi can eat with her.
Haruhi thanks Anri, but after looking over at Yuma in the closet, says that she
already ate. Anri says she can surely eat dessert though and insists on it,
and Haruhi looks back at Yuma in the closet and her eyes say she's sorry. Yuma
sighs and notes this will take longer than he would like.

Afterward, Anri says Haruhi sure did buy a lot of underwear, than holds up a
pair and says it's really lovely. Haruhi says she liked that one too, and Anri
asks how much it cost. Haruhi moves close and whispers to her the price, and
Anri cracks and says she can't believe it cost that much. Haruhi nods but says
it's worth it. Anri crows and says she gets it now. Haruhi cautiously asks what
she means, and Anri says she bets she wants to show off to someone. Haruhi
panics and says she doesn't want to show it to Yuma, and Anri crows again and
says she wanted to show it to Yuma after all. (Insert foot into mouth.) Haruhi
freezes, and Anri says she understands now why Haruhi bought so much. Haruhi
tries to say no, but Anri continues to say it's only natural to buy this much
if you want to show it to someone else and says she wishes she could do it for
someone. Haruhi says she's sure Anri would look good no matter what she wore,
and Anri says everything is too new. Haruhi than proposes that they go along
together next time, and Anri happily agrees. Haruhi says they can surely find
something Anri will like if they are together. Anri insists that they have to
find something for Haruhi too, and Haruhi nods and says she'll look forward to
it. Anri asks what about the problem of their budgets, and Haruhi agrees that
the really cute ones are expensive. Yuma sighs and notes that he's already lost
this waiting game and hopes that Haruhi hasn't forgotten about him in her talk
with Anri.

Yuma thinks about half an hour has passed since than and the situation hasn't
changed at all, and peeks out again, wondering how much longer Anri is going to
stay. Anri holds up a pair and says it looks cute, and Haruhi says that's the
melon one. (!_!) Anri asks what she means by melon, and Haruhi panics and says
it's nothing. Anri says she doesn't get it and holds up another one. Haruhi
says this one is the peach, and Anri asks if there's something wrong. Haruhi
brushes it off as nothing again, and Anri wonders what's up. Yuma notes that
things are becoming awfully suspicious and hopes that Anri will leave soon,
especially since he's becoming very cramped in the small closet. Yuma notices
Haruhi glancing at him from time to time, and tries to tell Anri that it's
getting late. Yuma hopes that Haruhi has almost got Anri to leave, and as Anri
says her goodbyes, she asks Haruhi if she's going to try her new clothes on
later. Haruhi quietly says she is, and Anri pushes for Haruhi to try on a pair
now. Yuma sighs and notes he still won't be able to go out.

A while later, Anri says that if Haruhi wears that pair Yuma will be sorely
tempted to jump on her. Haruhi tries to tell Anri not to say embarrassing
things, and Anri hums and looks at the clothes, than says that because there's
so many of them, Yuma must really love the color pink. Haruhi says that might
be true, and Anri says she's sure she's right. Haruhi nervously laughs and Yuma
notes that Anri saw right through Haruhi's act and that it's somehow great, yet
embarassing. Anri thinks hard while looking at one of the bras, and when Haruhi
asks her what's wrong Anri says Haruhi's chest really is too big. Haruhi tries
to say that's not her fault, and Anri groans, than begins laughing. Haruhi
notices the look in her eye, and backs away, asking Anri what is it. Anri
charges and grabs Haruhi's chest from behind. (!_!) Haruhi, panicing, asks Anri
what she's doing, and Anri simply replies with a breast check. (YOU BITCH!)
Yuma yells in his head, and Anri begins groping, saying that everything seems
to get alright. Yuma notes that it obviously can't be simple touching anymore,
and that she's surely feeling Haruhi up! Anri laughs and says it feels good as
usual. (WTF?!?) Haruhi protests strongly and breaks free of Anri, who asks why
she ran away. Haruhi says it's because she grabbed her chest so suddenly, as
Yuma is still caught up on what Anri said about it feeling as good as usual.
Anri says it surely felt good though, and Haruhi begins to protest that it's
because Anri is a woman. Anri asks what's wrong with that, than asks if she
wouldn't mind if it was Yuma who was feeling her up. Haruhi freezes and
blushes, and Anri takes this moment to strike again, saying that Yuma can't be
the only one who can do this and begins again. Haruhi tries to protest again,
and Yuma, embarassed for Haruhi, quietly shrinks away from the view as he
endures Haruhi's small gasps from Anri's groping.

Later, Yuma finally escapes the closet and stretches, trying to lose the
stiffness in his limbs after suffering in the closet for over an hour. Haruhi
apologizes again for having him stay in the closet that long, and Yuma says
it's alright, noting that it was worth it in it's own way. (Zing!) Yuma says it
was really difficult to keep quiet in the closet though, and puts a hand on
Haruhi's shoulder. Haruhi looks up, blushing and asks Yuma what is it. Yuma
asks Haruhi what Anri did to her, and Haruhi jumps, blushing further. Haruhi
insists nothing, and Yuma says he heard her moaning. Haruhi says Anri was only
playing a bad trick on her, and Yuma stares at her, doubting the explanation
since he was able to hear most everything from the closet. Haruhi asks if he
doesn't believe her, and Yuma says he was sure he heard a loud moan. Haruhi
cracks and admits it and apologizes for Anri, but tells Yuma not to get
confused and that she only likes him. Haruhi begs for Yuma to believe her,
and Yuma snatches a kiss from her, causing her to melt, and Yuma says he
understands and apologizes for teasing her and firmly embraces Haruhi.

Haruhi's Side Story, Scene 1

1) Come inside.

2) Come outside.

~~End H-Scene

~~End Sunday, October 15th~~

(ad) Date: Monday, October 16th

Time: Morning

Yuma wakes up to an irritating noise. Haruhi shifts beside him, and after
several noises, Anri knocks on the door and calls out to Haruhi, asking if
she's still asleep. (OH SHIT!) Haruhi takes a second than cracks when she
realizes that it's Anri, and Yuma falls out of bed after figuring it out as
well, especially that he's still in Haruhi's room. Haruhi quietly asks Yuma to
hide in the closet again, and Yuma nods, struggling into his clothes and runs
into the closet and shuts the door. Anri continues to knock and calls for
Haruhi, whom calls back and says she's coming. Yuma is glad that the door is
locked, otherwise they would have been screwed, and Anri and Haruhi greet each
other when Haruhi opens the door. Yuma peeks outside again, noting again that
it was really close, and that Haruhi looks to be all together too. Anri asks if
she came too early, or whether Haruhi stayed up too late last night. Haruhi
panics and says that was it, and Yuma steals a look at his watch, noting that
he still has time to get to school probably if Anri leaves quickly enough.
Haruhi asks if Anri will be training later, and Anri says later she will, than
looks around the room. Haruhi nervously asks what she's looking for, and Anri
crows and says she gets it. Haruhi nervously shrinks away and asks what Anri
means. Anri wryly says nothing and giggles. Yuma notes that Anri seems to be
really happy now, and starts to feel uneasy. (NO SHIT!) Anri asks Haruhi if she
washed her new underwear yet. Haruhi cracks than calms down and says it's only
natural to do so. Anri agrees, than asks why aren't they drying with her other
clothes. Yuma let's out a strangled cry, wondering if they've been caught.
Anri perks up and asks Haruhi if she heard a strange voice just now. Haruhi is
in full panic mode now though, and Anri asks if she shouldn't take a closer
look around now, than says it's her fault for not realizing it at first.
(SHIT!) Anri calls out and asks Yuma if he's there, and Yuma bursts out of the
closet asking how did she know. (...IDIOT!) Anri stops and says she's surprised
that he really was here. (IDIOT!!!) Yuma and Haruhi freeze, and Anri says
she's still confused. Haruhi cries out that Anri is being mean, and Anri asks
if Yuma stayed over last night. Yuma cracks, and when Anri sees his reaction
she smirks and says they'll tell her what happened last night. Now. (NO!)
Haruhi says she can't possibly say so, and Anri says there's no getting out of
it and tells her to confess everything. Haruhi asks Yuma what they are going to
do, and Yuma thinks quickly and grabs Haruhi's hand and says they are running

Time: After School

We rejoin Yuma and Haruhi in the park, and Haruhi says that Yuma seems to be
really tired. Yuma says he is and he wanted to sleep in class. Haruhi giggles
and says she felt the same. Yuma says they both had a lack of sleep, and Haruhi
nods as Yuma recounts that they barely slept last night, than adding in the
fact that they had to run away from Anri both this morning and throughout the
school day. Yuma wonders what they are going to do about Anri, and says that
he hopes Anri will let them off the hook. Haruhi says she doubts it, and that
it seems it's become Anri's purpose in life for no to catch them and make them
spill the beans. Because of that, Yuma notes that they'll have to cancel their
after-school magic training lessons, and he asks Haruhi if it'll be bad to be
seen together for a while. Haruhi giggles and says no, than asks if they should
rest a little more. Yuma nods and they both sit down on the grass. Haruhi tells
Yuma to move closer and puts his head on her lap. She plays with his hair as
the wind blows gently, and Haruhi giggles. Yuma says this feels really nice,
and Haruhi agrees as she gently rubs his cheek. Haruhi than says he can drift
off if he likes, and Yuma says she's surely tired as well. Haruhi says it's
alright, and that it'll be a chance for her to see his sleeping face. Yuma
sighs and apologizes for depending on her too much, and Haruhi says he can
depend on her as much as he wants, and Yuma drifts off to sleep.

Yuma wakes up hearing Haruhi softly sing Soyokaze and slowly opens his eyes.
Haruhi greets him good morning, and says he's up and says he slept soundly.
(Great time to pop out this tune.) Yuma sighs and says he feels refreshed, and
tries to get up, but Haruhi quietly holds onto his shoulder and asks if they
can stay like this together for a little while longer. Yuma nods and they watch
the autumn sky together. Yuma speaks after a time, saying it's really quiet,
and Haruhi agrees. Yuma says he heard Haruhi singing, and she nods. Yuma asks
if she noticed this time, and Haruhi nods than asks if it annoyed him. Yuma
says of course not, and Haruhi asks if he would like her to sing a little more.
Yuma nods and says he would love for her to sing more. Haruhi giggles and
begins again, as Yuma notes that her voice is almost lost among the wind and
that everything is calm and fulfilling. Haruhi quietly says she wishes they can
stay like this forever, and Yuma nods and says he wishes the same, and notes
that while he doesn't know what the future will hold, he hopes they will stay
together. Haruhi nods and says together, and smiles and says she's really
happy. Yuma notes that she spoke his desires plainly, and they kiss again, as
Yuma hopes the magic of this happiness will continue for a long, long time.



As I am not entirely fluent in Japanese, my translations, and thus, my
walkthrough, will not be 100% accurate, but it will be accurate enough that the
important parts of the story are made clear.


Me, for finally creating a translated walkthrough for the public.
Windmill for producing the original Happiness! game.
GameFAQs.com for hosting this walkthrough.

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Completed Haruhi's Side Story.

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