||ONE MUST FALL 2097||
                             ||THE DEFINITIVE FAQ||

by Robyrt(robyrt@marney.org, http://robyrt.coolserver.net)
Version 2.03
This FAQ is copyright (C) 2002-2005, Robert Marney. All rights reserved.


Last update: 6/14/05

2.03: Pyros section and some tier listings revised, wording cleaned up.
2.02: More combos and links added.
2.01: Line breaks added, introduction expanded, Chronos combos revised.
2.0: Entire "Robots" section heavily expanded and revised.
1.253: Air recovery in combos clarified throughout.
1.252: Rising Blade juggles, Chronos links fixed. Watch for a huge update soon.
1.251: Tier listings separated into 4 classes rather than 3, Flail/Pyros fixes
1.25: A series of misc. factual fixes, cleanups, and more accurate numbers
  * Bot sections: movelists corrected, new stats and chain combos sections
  * Updates to I.A, II.A.1,5-7,10, II.B.7, II.C.2, II.D.2, II.E, III.A, IV.A
1.24: Combos for all bots clarified and organized
  * Tournament descriptions added to II.A.11
  * Storyline sections added: Repairman Quotes, Announcer Quotes, Game Endings
  * Fire Arena bug added
  * One-player quotes added to II.D.2
  * Bright Monitor secret added
1.23: Various fixes and additions:
  * F10 Cheating section added
  * Changes for Tournament Mode section added
  * Legend fixed: quarter circles are now correctly df,f instead of d,df,f
  * Added ability to mash out of stunned state, invincibility on throws/wins.
  * Fixed Electra section: fire&ice, enhancements.
1.22: Third public release. More accurate bot descriptions, tier lists.
1.21: Instant kill combos, ground combos, Capture Moves and Getting Stunned.
1.2: Miscellaneous fixes, more combos, more bugs and infinites.
1.1: Second public release. Fast v. slow combos and movelists completed.
1.0: First public release. Fast combos, II.E, and formatting completed.
0.4: First release on the MB. Slow combos and section IV completed.
0.3: II needs pilot quotes, III needs combos
0.2: Section II.A completed, II.D needs quotes & endings.
0.1: Movelist and section I completed


I. The Introduction
II. The System
   A. Features
      1. Recording and Playing Back Matches
      2. Hyper Mode
      3. Jumping
      4. Blocking
      5. Getting Stunned
      6. Finishing Moves
      7. Combos
      8. Air Recovery
      9. Rehit Mode
      10. Arenas and Hazards
      11. One-Player Mode
      12. Tournament Mode
      13. Multiplayer Mode
   B. Secrets
      1. Advanced Options Menu
      2. Hidden Difficulty Levels
      3. Nova in One-Player Mode
      4. Fighting Kreissack First
      5. Changing One-Player Colors
      6. Changing One-Player Stats
      7. Fire and Ice
      8. Unranked Challengers
      9. Graphics and Sound
      10. Changing Arenas
      11. Bright Monitor
   C. Bugs
      1. Capture Moves
      2. Extra Enhancements
      3. Infinite Combos
      4. Combo Meter
      5. F10 Cheating
      6. Fire Arena
      7. Corner Differences
   D. Storyline
      1. One-Player Introduction
      2. Pilot Profiles
      3. Robot Profiles
      4. Repairman Quotes
      5. Announcer Quotes
      6. Game Endings
   E. Beating the CPU
III. The Robots
   A. Legend
   B. Tier List
      1. One-Player Mode
      2. Tournament Mode
      3. Without Rehit Mode
   C. Jaguar
      1. Overview
      2. Technical Info
      3. Move Details
      4. Combos
   D. Shadow
   E. Thorn
   F. Pyros
   G. Electra
   H. Katana
      5. Rising Blade Juggles
   I. Shredder
   J. Flail
   K. Gargoyle
   L. Chronos
   M. Nova
IV. The Conclusion
   A. What Next?
   B. Credits

                         |I. THE INTRODUCTION|

What is One Must Fall 2097 (better known as OMF, 2097, or "the game")?
It's a one-on-one, two-dimensional fighting game for DOS, released in 1994. You
choose a robot to fight with and a pilot to control that robot. You're then
turned loose to beat the nuts and bolts out of your opponent in a futuristic
mega-sport. The game is chock-full of secrets, context-sensitive dialogue,
graphical flourishes, and replayability, and best of all, it's much easier to
play than your average fighting game. No worries about remembering complex
chains of button presses, learning the ins and outs of endless techniques, no
need for rigorous spacing or perfectly timed combos. There's plenty of depth
and intricate maneuvers to be found, but they're not impossible to do once you
figure out what they are.

Yes, OMF 2097 is an old game. Yes, there have been big FAQs written about it,
notably Matt's in 1995, which gave me the basic knowledge to write this FAQ,
but there's nothing that treats it like the serious fighting game it is. So
here's the definitive OMF FAQ, a work in progress. If you have any combos,
insights, rants, etc. feel free to send them to me.

                           |II. THE SYSTEM|



   OMF 2097 allows for recording and playback of individual matches as a command
line option. Note that omf.exe will pass along any command line arguments it
receives to file0001.exe, so you can use these features from there as well.
   Matches are played back by running "file0001 play ". If no name
is specified, it plays back "last.rec".
   Matches are recorded by running "file0001 rec ". By default, every
match you play will be recorded to "last.rec". If you use "save_rec" as your
filename, it will save as omf00000.rec, omf00001.rec, etc. but this doesn't
always work. Note that without save_rec, you will only get one match, no matter
how long you've been playing, while save_rec will not overwrite any previous
files (even if they were from previous sessions).


   Turning this option on allows some "advanced" features like controllable
projectiles and air special moves. Frankly, nobody plays with it off anyway, so
get used to it. In the movelist sections, moves that require Hyper Mode to be
used are marked with an "E0".


   Pressing ub, u, or uf will cause you to jump in that direction. While
jumping, your bot has access to his two jump attacks, as well as any air
special moves (depending on the bot). Gargoyle can also move forward and
backward during a jump. While jumping, you cannot block. Pressing d,ub, d,u, or
d,uf will do a "super jump" in that direction. A super jump is just like a
normal jump, except faster and higher. Your jump height is determined by your
character's agility. When hit while jumping, you enter Rehit Mode (see sec.9).
You can only perform one attack per normal jump. When Nova lands from his jump,
the floor shakes slightly. Although your jump trajectory is normally not
modifiable, the pushback from knocking an opponent down still applies even if
you are airborne. Each robot jumps and falls at a different speed (see each
robot's section for details).


   Any attack except those listed as Low or Throw attacks (see section III.A)
can be blocked by pressing or holding away from the opponent when the attack
would hit (referred to as "blocking high"). Although the default setting is
that you take no damage when blocking, this can be changed in the Advanced
Options menu. Any attack except those listed as Jump or Throw attacks can be
blocked by pressing or holding diagonally down-back when the attack would hit
(referred to as "blocking low"). While blocking, you do not recover stun.


   The small blue bar underneath your health bar is your stun bar. This bar
starts out full and recharges constantly when you're not attacking, blocking,
or being hit; the lower your stun bar, the faster it recharges. Below a certain
level it will flash to indicate a dangerously low stun level. When you are hit,
your stun bar decreases, but moves that hit as part of a combo do slightly less
stun damage. Once your bar runs out, you are "stunned" and red sparks fly from
your bot. The time it takes you to recover is determined by your bot's stun
resistance and your pilot's endurance. You can mash the punch and kick buttons
to recover more quickly from being stunned.

When your stun bar reaches zero, the opponent receives 2,000 points. If you are
on the ground, your bot will begin a falling animation that can be hit at any
time; if you are in the air, your bot will become invincible as it falls.

When you are hit while stunned, your stun bar goes back to full, and remains
full until you have spent a short amount of time in a neutral or blocking state.
However, hits on a stunned opponent deal damage to the health bar as normal;
they simply have no effect on the stun bar.


   Every robot has Scrap and Destruction moves, and every bot except for Nova
has a Fire&Ice move. These moves are performed in the manner of fatalities in
the Mortal Kombat series: after you defeat your opponent, between the time your
win animation begins and the time your vitality score has finished scrolling up
the screen, perform the Scrap move. Your bot will now hit the defeated enemy
again. During or just after the Scrap, perform the Destruction command. (For
precise timing, see each robot's section.) The enemy will end up either totally
destroyed or gone from the waist up. If you are in the Fire Pit on Champion
difficulty or higher in One-Player Mode, perform the Fire&Ice command right
after the Destruction finishes to gain access to a secret level (see II.B.7).


   Combos in this game are very difficult to pull off consistently, as they
depend on BOTH players' agility. A combo that works on Ibrahim may not work on
Milano because the more agile Milano is pushed farther away by your hits and
thus has more time to air recover. Note that most combos in this game require
Rehit mode and Hyper mode to be turned on. You are awarded points for combos
based on the individual moves, not for number of hits. Damage scaling is nearly
nonexistent, so there's plenty of incentive to make long combos.

Each bot falls at a different speed, making air combos more or less difficult.
Consult individual robot sections for information.


   You recover from being hit while airborne just as you do while grounded.
In other games, this is referred to as an "air tech" or "flipping out". When
your bot regains an upright position in the air, you have air recovered and are
now in a normal jump situation, able to air attack, land on your feet, etc.
When an opponent air recovers, any combo you perform on them is stopped.

If you attack after an air recovery, it is as if you had just been doing a
normal jump attack: all combo counters and damage scaling are reset. If you
don't attack (and just let yourself fall to the ground), only the combometer
is reset. Thus, it is sometimes worthwhile to do nothing after an air recovery,
for example, while your opponent is trying to hit you with the same move twice.


   This option is under the Advanced Options menu (see section 2.B) and is also
extremely popular. Basically, it allows you to hit an airborne opponent while
they fall. However, it follows very strict rules:
   1.  The One-Hit Rule: You can't hit an opponent with the same move twice.
   (Projectiles and the Electric Shards are exempt from this rule.)
   2.  Extra hits do 60% damage.
   3.  You can't hit an opponent who's stunned or falling off a wall.
   4.  Air recovery ends the combo, but doesn't reset the one-hit rule.
   5.  An opponent's air attack or any throw resets the one-hit rule.
Note that you CAN keep hitting an opponent after their air recovery.

   Jump moves exhibit different properties during a rehit combo. A jump move
which hits as it goes up will cause you to spin backwards in the air. A jump
move which hits at the top of its arc will cause you to fall slowly straight
downwards. A jump move which hits as it falls continues its arc as normal.


   Four out of the five arenas in OMF have hazards. Depending on the difficulty
level, these will behave differently (for example, on Ultimate difficulty, the
hazards are much more likely to appear on top of you than in a random place).
They do damage based on your opponent's power, which means they can be very
powerful in one-player mode. Hazards are all projectiles. Here's the details:
   *  DESERT
Fighter jets in groups of 1-4 planes strafe the arena vertically. The first few
"hits" are on the ground, while the last hit is about 1/4 of the way up the
screen, so the shots can be avoided by jumping. The shots count as Light AR
attacks (see section III.A) and are unblockable.
A spike comes out of the back wall and hits anyone in a small area around it.
The spikes count as Light KD attacks (see section III.A) and are
unblockable. Note that these can do some serious damage, and although they can
appear in succession, they'll never appear in two places at the same time.
Flail can duck the spikes.
   *  FIRE PIT
A globe will appear in the air and move around in curves quickly. If the globe
is hit by either player, it causes Katana's Fireball move (see section III.G)
to come out of the floor right under the opponent and the globe disappears. (It
will also disappear after a short time if it isn't hit.) If you've already
beaten Fire in one-player mode (see section II.B) the floor will be solid
instead of a grille, and the globe will not appear.
When an airborne opponent is hit by a Medium or Heavy attack (see section
III.A), he'll get knocked into the electric walls. Ironically, these walls do
no damage, and they limit combos severely, so they can actually help you.
Consider them a hazard to your opponent. :-)
This arena has no hazards, and is consequently the most popular arena for
multiplayer combat.


   One-Player mode focuses mainly on the story of the game; as you get better,
the real challenge is dealing with the low stats of the pilots. You have to
adjust your fighting style to match: since your character moves slower, you can
afford to jump less and can"t use super combos (only Shadow and Shredder can
pull off big combos in one-player). So focus on dealing lots of damage, rather
than keeping your opponent at bay; an average combo can take off 25% of your
health. If you don"t have Rehit mode turned on, do it NOW; if you don"t, you"ll
miss out on most of the golden combo opportunities and make jumping much less
useful. The smaller endurance also factors into the arenas: even the Desert"s
fighter jets can cause serious stun damage, while the Spike Pit is a real
horror to both you and your opponent. Of course, in any one-player game, you
can"t pass up Fire & Ice; if Ultimate difficulty is too hard for you, make sure
not to pass up an opportunity to trash Fire (Champion difficulty). If even
Champion is too hard, you need more practice with OMF (or more sleep).
   Your One-Player mode robot, if imported to Tournament Mode, would have level
3 upgrades in all areas.
   In One-Player mode, you are limited to the default 10 characters, although
their stats can be changed (see section II.B). Your character will engage in
dialogue with his/her opponent, and has a unique ending after you beat Major
Kreissack, the final boss. Note that you must be at Veteran difficulty level or
higher to fight Kreissack. Here's a rundown of each pilot:

Crystal, as the default Jaguar character (i.e. click her and the default bot
will be Jaguar) relies on speed to win; she is usually a better pick than
Milano, though, because of her endurance. She is best in fast bots like Jaguar,
Shredder or Gargoyle to maximize her potential. She loves special moves, but
has a good defense; in the Northam, she is the most powerful competitor, while
in the other tournaments she suffers from weird robot choices like Electra. You
don"t really have to worry about combos or jump attacks from her; just be on
guard for those special moves or throws, and you"ll do fine.

One of the more powerful characters in the game, Steffan was the eventual
winner in OMF (according to Tyrian), and offers a good mix of stats, focusing
on raw power to destroy his opponent. Unlike Crystal and Cossette, though,
Steffan is not used as a more moderate Shirro; instead, he"s just another high-
powered character, albeit with moderate agility. When fighting him, try to
exploit his lack of defense and endurance by hitting him again and again; his
high forget rate ensures your ability to hit him with the same few combos for
most of the match. He concentrates on air and medium attacks, so don"t worry
too much about being thrown or massively comboed. Try to use powerful bots like
Shadow, Katana and Thorn.

   *  MILANO
Play Milano the same way you would Crystal, except more cautiously. The weakest
and most fragile character in the game, he is a nice challenge to use and plays
the closest to tournament mode as you can get. He prefers whitebread techniques
in the arena and even eschews jump moves, so just avoid getting backed into the
corner and he will be an easy opponent. His speed does have its advantages,
though; he can easily take advantage of hazards and will jump high enough to
combat Fire and Ice. Be careful, though: he doesn"t have enough endurance to
last you more than a couple of hits!

Christian is extremely aggressive and learns fairly quickly, tending to use the
same move over and over; depending on which bot he"s in, this can be good or
bad for you. He absolutely loves combo moves, so keep blocking! Fortunately for
you, he often forgets to block, so use his strategy against him: keep hitting
him until his defense slips and make your own combo. His mix of power and
endurance is good in any robot, but the more obscure robots like Pyros and
Gargoyle could confuse your opponent a little.

   *  SHIRRO
Shirro is a relatively easy opponent, unless you let him hit you. His awesome
power makes him a relatively easy character to play as, since the computer is
pretty stupid; put him into a really powerful robot like Thorn, Nova, or Flail
to rip into your opponent. Since he relies on the more powerful attacks
exclusively, just don"t let him throw you or get a special move in and it"s a
piece of cake. Note that the OMF:Battlegrounds storyline indicates that Shirro
was the eventual winner of the tournament.

Jean-Paul is my favorite character… too bad he"s pretty weak. He is great as a
character to play with, though, with his even mix of stats. As the default
Katana character, he works best in well-rounded bots like Katana, Electra, or
Shredder. His AI is a curious mix of Crystal and Cossette: he hangs back in a
fight, but loves to use those special moves… the best of both worlds, for you
that is. Block the specials and hit him afterwards, when his guard"s down.

With the CPU at the helm, Ibrahim is vicious, moderately intelligent and ready
to use heavy attacks on you at the slightest provocation. Unfortunately, his
stats are the worst of any character (since he's slow, he's easier to juggle,
lessening the impact of his extra endurance), so YOU should not use him under
any circumstances.

   *  ANGEL
Angel is an intriguing character, with a great backstory and a nice AI. She is
best in a Gargoyle or Katana, but will perform well in most bots with good jump
moves. Fighting against Angel is pretty generic: just hit her before she hits
you. She loves jump attacks, so an occasional upward-directed projectile will
hit her with no cost to you.

Cossette is the quintessential defensive character, making her very annoying to
fight against. She doesn"t like to attack much, but when she does, she"s very
powerful. Just keep her in defensive mode and wait until she slips up.

   *  RAVEN
Raven is so cool he was the boss for the shareware version of OMF, and as a
result, works best in powerful bots like Pyros, Katana and… Chronos?? That"s
right, a character that can actually use the Chronos to its full potential,
taking a couple hits and hitting back with a deadly special move. Playing as
him is relatively easy, due to his great power and endurance; just don"t expect
to be able to jump or combo too much. He favors special moves and throws, and
hates defense, so the very bots that work for him work for you (in a Pyros, for
example, just block the inevitable thrust attack or fire spin and combo him

You can"t choose to play as Major Kreissack, since he"s the boss. (OMF Manual).
There"s not much to say about him, except that his stats are super buffed, he
is a holy terror with that Nova, and he loves showing off those special moves
(like any Nova player). You can exploit this if your character is fast enough
to hit him before he completes that missile or earthquake smash. Kreissack is
also fond of throws, so don"t get close or he"ll nail you. Try to do as much
damage as you can, and keep a balance between being on the floor to avoid
grenades/missiles and being in the air to avoid the quakes.


   Tournament mode (due to its massive upgrades) is the fastest, the longest-
lasting, and often the most fun mode of OMF. Combos are plentiful and powerful,
while there are a seemingly never-ending stream of more powerful opponents.
Tournament mode is an excellent chance to get used to robots at their full
potential (about 200 wins will give you the cash to experiment as much as you
like). Points equal cash, so doing that mega combo and destruction may give you
that extra boost to get the next Endurance upgrade.
   In tourny mode, you start out as a neophyte with a Jaguar and no upgrades.
You can change your bot's colors, and with every match you win money based on
the difficulty of your opponent, your opponent's rank, the amount of damage you
took, and the amount of points you got (1000 points is worth 1K of money). With
this cash, you can upgrade your personal stats (power, agility, endurance) and
your robot stats (arm/leg power/speed, armor, stun resistance). Your armor
affects how much damage each hit does to you, your stun resistance affects how
much damage each hit does to your stun bar (see appropriate section), and your
endurance affects the total amount in your health and stun bars. When you have
enough money, you can trade in your robot for a new, unimproved one. You get
85% of the money back that you spent on robot improvements. If you're strapped
for cash, you can also sell your parts directly for 70% the purchase price. If
you have a negative amount of money, you automatically sell parts until you
have a positive balance again. If you can't do that, you have one fight to get
your balance back up above zero, or you're kicked out of the tournament.
   Once you've finished a tournament, you are treated to a special ending
animation. You can view this again as long as you're still ranked #1 by
pressing E in the tournament menu. From here, the only option is to enter
another tournament. If you don't have the cash to enter it, you must work as a
mechanic, which is VERY bad and will decrease your robot AND personal
improvements. In general, it's better to sell your parts instead of working as
a mechanic. The available tournaments are:


In-Game Description: Attempt to wrestle the North American title from the two
time world champion, Raven.  The north American open attracts respected
competitors from around the globe.

The Northam is the tourny we all trained on; it basically plays like the One-
Player game, truncated to fit the shareware version. There are no random robots
in this tourny, and the only new faces are Jack (like Christian, but weaker)
and Dr. Lynn Yarr (like Angel, but more defensive). There are a good assortment
of secret characters; in fact, on Heavy Metal difficulty, it"s often worth
playing this tournament just for Iceman"s 3rd Shadow enhancement.
This is a fairly easy tournament which can be played repeatedly to gain
experience and robot enhancements. Once you"re comfortable, you can move on to
bigger and better things. Don"t switch robots just yet; if you"re very good
with a Jaguar, you can hold off improving your robot until you get the cash in
the next few tournaments.


In-Game Description: This militant country has managed, in the past years, to
establish a respected tournament.  The competitors are typically well trained
and equally well financed.

The Katushai Challenge is one of the best tournaments ever made for OMF, with
an awesome ending, a nice mix of new and old characters, and a great
introduction to the real world of tournament play. The main competitors in this
tournament are Steel Claw and Prince Vassar; the former has the only good Flail
AI in the game, while the Prince learns your moves amazingly quickly. The
opponents are all much more powerful than you, especially the secret
characters, and don"t offer as much easy cash or enhancements. The use of
random robots makes it easier for you, but if you"re relatively new to OMF,
you"ll need to play this a few times to get a feel for how most of the
tournament opponents fight and adapt to the longer rounds and higher power
levels. If you specialize in one bot, switch to it after you complete the
Katushai; if you"re not confident you can handle facing super-buff opponents,
stick with the old trusty Jaguar.


In-Game Description: The WAR invitational attracts the finest of the world's
fighters.  Not only does this tournament bring spectators from around the
country, but the prestige of winning this title is second only to being world

WAR has made good on their promise for this one: a spate of new characters with
some heavy hitters as well as cool cash. This tournament goes by rather
quickly, since most of the new opponents have weak AI and random robots, but
you should watch out for characters like Selenna, Ariel and Nicoli, who have
specialized in their particular robots. If you have more than a few losses
under your belt before you get to Nicoli, it"s probably best to go play the
Katushai a couple more times, but if you feel this tournament was a breeze,
it"s time to switch to your desired robot and enter the World Championship. As
you play, take note of the best ways to counter each robot; you"ll be needing
it later on.


In-Game Description: If you think you are ready to take on the world, here's
your chance.  The world championship assembles the greatest fighters from around
the globe. Since millions of spectators attend the fights, the pay is excellent.
Fight hard and train hard, and one day the world will call you their champion.

Now it"s time for the real thing, the best tournament for OMF 2097 ever
created. You think you can handle the 30+ opponents with ease… run a simulated
fight with Ian Tavares and see how much you have to learn. The first dozen
opponents should be child"s play after the WAR and Katushai; the next dozen are
not quite so forgiving, but nothing you haven"t done before. The final four
(usually Bruce, Ian, Jaquoline and Raven) will give you a run for your money
with their perfectly upgraded bots and custom robots; as a matter of fact, Ian
himself will require a couple tries if you haven"t had much OMF experience.
Money will cease to be a problem here; instead, focus on things like accuracy
and health left. Do consistently well and you"ll get the real cash in the form
of innovative secret opponents, ranging from Nicoli to the elusive Bethany, who
carries your second enhancement. Once you"ve completed the World Championship,
you may want to try it again to get your second enhancement if you missed it;
in a Shadow, don"t move on until you"ve gotten the Freeze from Iceman in the
   You can also download or make your own tournaments (up to a maximum of 10 in
your directory at once). In a tournament, you can gain enhancements and fight
unranked challengers (see appropriate sections).


   Multiplayer is the real test of the game. Over the Net you can only play two-
player mode, but on the same computer if both of you have tournament characters
you can sim each other for tournament two-player. Multiplayer in tournament
play follows much the same rules as normal tournament play: since you're very
fast and have a big lifebar, you can afford to take a few hits if it will get
you a mega-combo. Jaguar, Shredder, and Electra all have 10+ hit easy combos
from a single jump attack. But the popularly accepted definition of multiplayer
is the standard two-player mode, so that's what I'll focus on. Against a human
with any skill at all, repetitive attacks won't work; expect a human to block
your jump attacks fairly often and your projectiles 90% of the time. Remember,
a human generally does more damage (because he can usually pull out combos) and
learns a lot faster than the computer. You basically have to mix up your
attacks enough so your opponent doesn't have the chance to combo you after a
heavy move (the primary trap if you play defensively). The only exception is
fighting in a Chronos, in which case a human is much more likely to fall for a
matter phasing or teleport than the computer.



At the main menu, hold down 2+0+9+7 and release. Go into the Gameplay menu,
and you now have access to the Advanced Options menu. This menu contains:
*  Rehit Mode on/off (see section II.A.8). This defaults to OFF, but turn it
on and leave it on, since this FAQ assumes that you have it on.
*  Def. Throws on/off, which allows you to throw with b+P as well as f+P. It
won't significantly affect gameplay, but it may be more accommodating for 2D
fighting fans. Pick one.
*  Throw range, from 0% to 300%. This is fairly self-explanatory: if you like
throws, turn it up; otherwise, turn it down. Note that many of the lower
settings will make it impossible to throw at all. This defaults to 100%.
*  Jump height, from 80% to 130%. This affects the player's agility for jumps
only, and has no effect in tournament mode. This defaults to 100%.
*  Hit pause, from 0 to 10. This sets the number of frames the game pauses
during a successful hit or block. This does not affect combos, except in the
timing required to execute them. Defaults to 4.
*  Vitality, from 80% to 400%. This affects the player's endurance, and thus
has no effect in tournament mode. It also defaults to 100%. Note that it has no
effect on either player's stun bar, so instant stun combos will still work.
*  Knock Down: With this setting (defaults to None), you can set the KD
properties of jump moves: either punches, kicks, both, or none. I'd recommend
keeping this setting on None, since 95% of ground combos start with a jump move
in OMF, and without those, you're reduced to throwing if you want to do combos.
*  Block Damage, from 0% to 35%. When you block, you'll take the indicated
amount of damage. So if you block Shadow's Short (damage 5) and block damage is
set on 20%, you'll take 1 damage (20% of 5) even though you blocked. With this
setting, you can discourage defensive play very quickly. This defaults to


At the CPU Difficulty setting in the Gameplay menu, the highest normal setting
is World Class. Keep trying to increase the difficulty level, though, and on
the 22nd try, you'll be rewarded with the hidden Deadly difficulty level. On
this level, you get 200,000 points for a Destruction move (as opposed to 120,
000 on World Class) and the opponents are not only more difficult, but will do
scrap and destruction moves on your defeated body.
Once you have Deadly difficulty activated, hold down O+M+F for about a second,
then release, in either the Gameplay menu or the main menu. Now increase the
CPU Difficulty to Ultimate. On this level, you get a whopping 400,000 points
for a Destruction, you take 5% block damage even if you turned it off in the
Advanced Options menu (see section II.B.1), and the computer will actually put
up a fight. Choose this setting to see the computer's scarily effective Rehit
Mode combos.


In the robot selection screen for One-Player, Two-Player, or Multiplayer Mode,
do both of the following:
*  Move the cursor over all the bots
*  Press Down on Katana's picture at least ten times total
When you select Flail, you will now be given a Nova instead.


In the pre-fight screen where the opponents talk to one another, after
activating the Nova code (section II.B.3), press Esc to get back to the robot
select screen. Your robot will be listed as "Nova" and will have no picture
associated with it. You can still change your colors (section II.B.5) in this
screen, though. Press P or K again to go back to the pre-fight screen, where
you'll fight Major Kreissack immediately. Note that this does NOT mean you
win the game after Kreissack, as you normally do; instead, you are victorious
after beating ten opponents.


In the robot selection screen for One-Player, Two-Player, or Multiplayer Mode,
the number keys 1, 2, and 3 select the robot colors for Player 1 in this order:
Tertiary, Secondary, Primary. The number keys 4, 5, and 6 do the same for
player 2 in Two-Player mode only. The same 15 colors are available as in
Tournament Mode, as well as the default color for your pilot. You can hit F9 to
reset the colors.


In the pilot selection screen for One-Player, Two-Player, or Multiplayer Mode,
move the cursor over all the available pilots, then move to your pilot of
choice and hold K. Your pilot stats should turn bright green (instead of the
dark green they used to be). Using the arrow keys (while still holding down
Kick), you can edit your stats as much as you want, provided they keep the same
total. Note that Shirro has slightly less stats than the other pilots, while
Milano, Christian and Ibrahim have slightly more.


Fire and Ice are the two 1p mode secret characters in OMF, and they have all
the pumped up 'bots and stats that you'd expect from secret challengers. Fire
pilots a Katana, while Ice uses a Shadow.
While Fire has a nice "flames" paintjob, he's just a souped-up Katana (in
fact, some people have been able to duplicate him in their own tournaments).
However, Ice has a special engine condition that makes him permanently
translucent, meaning the only difference between him and the "shadows" he
throws is the color (the shadows are slightly darker). Both opponents have the
THIRD enhancement for their respective bots (see individual robot sections).
In addition to simply being another opponent to fight, Fire and Ice are on a
special point scale. Doing moves on Fire's stage will give you 5 times the
points they would on Ultimate difficulty, while on Ice's stage, your points
are multiplied by 50! This means that doing a destruction on Fire will give
you 2 million points (compared to Ultimate's 400 thousand), while destroying
Ice gives you an automatic 20 million point hike.

Getting to Fire is a simple 4-step process:
*  Set the difficulty on Champion level or higher.
*  Defeat your opponent in the Fire Pit arena.
*  Perform a Destruction on your defeated opponent.
*  Right after the destruction, do the Fire & Ice move (see section III).

Your HAR will now jump through the floor grille to Fire's "flames" version of
the Fire Pit and you get to fight him. If you're on Champion or Deadly
difficulty, you'll be fighting on solid ground, but on Ultimate (and ONLY
Ultimate), there will simply be another grille, blue this time (for Ice).
Perform the destruction and Fire & Ice move again on Fire to get to Ice's
"frozen" arena and fight him. It's that simple!

Since Fire is conceptually the one firing those fireballs at you in the Fire
Pit, defeating him (even one round) will cause the Fire Pit floor to be solid
the next time you fight in that arena. Of course, no globes will appear and
you can't fight Fire again.
Fire and Ice are secret characters, so they have no effect on your progress
through one-player mode. In other words, you can lose to Fire or Ice but still
keep going to fight the next normal opponent. They also have no specific
gender; rather, they assume the gender of the last normal opponent you met.


If you've played tournament mode, you've probably met an "unranked challenger"
or two and
wondered how to get the rest. Well, it turns out some are easier than others,
not just "beat the game with X robot". There are several possible
qualifications for getting to a given challenger:

*  Difficulty:  You must be on or above this difficulty level.
                This appears as "D.Iron", etc. below.
*  Rank:        Opponent appears ONLY WHEN you reach this rank.
*  Max Rank:    Opponent appears WHEN OR AFTER you reach this rank.
*  Enemy:       You have just defeated this enemy. (Duh.)
*  Avg. Damage: You have to do this much damage with every hit, on average.
*  Vitality:    You must have at least this percentage of your lifebar
*  Accuracy:    You must hit with at least this percentage of your moves.
*  Destruction: You must have destroyed the previous opponent.
*  Scrap:       You must have done a scrap/destruction on the previous opponent.

Most unranked challengers have "enhancements" for their robots, giving them
special powers such as extra projectiles, faster moves, etc. If you're in
the same robot and you destroy that challenger, you'll get the enhancement
for yourself.
As you destroy those unranked challengers, you'll get a message from your
technician saying he's installing an enhancement. An enhancement lasts until
you sell your robot. Katana and Shadow have three enhancements each, Chronos
has one, Nova has none, and all other robots have two.
Once you've got the first enhancement, you can still get the second one by
destroying the appropriate challenger. You can also get two at once.
With that in mind, here are the unranked challengers for each tournament:

   Iceman: D.Heavy Metal, Rank 1, Destruction
      3 enhancements for Shadow
   Jazzy: D.Iron, Rank 2, Vitality 50%, Scrap
      1 enhancement for Jaguar
   Christian: Enemy Crystal, Destruction
   Steel Claw: D.Steel, Max Rank 4, Avg. Damage 15, Destruction
      1 enhancement for every robot

   Angel: D.Iron, Max Rank 6, Vitality 35%, Scrap
      1 enhancement for Thorn and Gargoyle
   Selenna: D.Steel, Rank 2, Vitality 10%, Destruction
      2 enhancements for Katana
   Devan Shell: D.Heavy Metal, Rank 1, Destruction
      2 enhancements for Flail

   Eva Earlong: D.Iron, Max Rank 5, Vitality 25%, Destruction
      1 enhancement for Shadow
   Bethany: D.Heavy Metal, Rank 1, Vitality 50%, Avg. Damage 17, Destruction
      1 enhancement for every robot, 2 for Shredder
   Killian: D.Steel, Max Rank 5, Vitality 20%, Avg. Damage 13, Accuracy 50%
      2 enhancements for Electra

   Iceman: D.Iron, Enemy Selenna, Destruction
      2 enhancements for Katana
   Angel: D.Iron, Max Rank 10, Vitality 50%, Destruction
      2 enhancements for Electra
   Nicoli: D.Steel, Rank 1
      2 enhancements for every robot
   Eva Earlong: D.Iron, Max Rank 14, Vitality 20%, Accuracy 35%, Destruction
      1 enhancement for Gargoyle
   Jazzy: D.Iron, Enemy Eva Earlong
      2 enhancements for Shredder
   Bethany: D.Steel, Rank 2, Vitality 30%, Accuracy 10%, Destruction
      2 enhancements for every robot
   Devan Shell: D.Steel, Max Rank 8, Avg. Damage 14, Destruction
      2 enhancements for Thorn


*  While fighting, hold down R+E+I+N to make any scrap metal that either of you
produces disappear from the bottom of the screen, reappear from the top, and
start falling down again. The effect is a "rain" of scrap metal (rather badly
spelled, but still...)

*  While fighting, hold down B+I+G+#, where # is a number from 0 to 9, to
multiply the amount of scrap metal produced from a given hit by that number.
This includes Destructions, and can in fact be input while your robot is doing
the destruction animation to make it look really impressive, or to reduce the
amount of falling scrap to near-zero with B+I+G+0. You can reset it to normal
by putting in B+I+G+1.

*  In the main menu, hold Alt+S+F for a second, then go into the Configuration
menu to access the Sound Test option, which goes through every sound effect in
the game. Not very useful, but it DOES tell you that a draw is possible in OMF,
and up to nine rounds of fighting :-)


* In the pre-fight screen where you see pilots' quotes, each press of the left/
right arrow keys will switch the arena you fight in, in this order:
Powerplant -> Fire Pit -> Desert -> Stadium -> Blade Pit -> Powerplant -> etc.
When advancing to the next stage in 1P mode, the arena you fight in advances
once automatically, so pressing left once will put you back to the same arena
in which you had your last fight. When you lose a match and continue, however,
the arena stays the same. Using this method, you can switch the default arena
settings for every match except Fire and Ice, who don't have pre-fight screens.
This is useful for, say, guaranteeing that you'll always fight in the Fire Pit
until you finally pull off that fire & ice move, or for fighting Kreissack in
the Desert.


If you turn up the brightness on your monitor enough, in the bottom left corner
of the main menu is a message saying "Your monitor is too bright."



There are three moves that capture your opponent in OMF: Shadow's Shadow Grab,
Shadow's Ice Freeze, and Chronos' Stasis Activator.

In early versions of OMF, the Shadow Grab was a 10-damage move on its way up
and 0 damage on its way down, when it captured an opponent in an unthrowable,
grounded "struggling" animation until they were hit or time ran out. In versions
2.0 or later, it always does 0 damage, and can thus create an infinite combo
(see section III.C.3). The Shadow Grab will not connect against a jumping or
frozen opponent. You cannot grab an opponent who is already being grabbed.

The Ice Freeze does damage to an opponent and puts them in a throwable, grounded
"frozen" animation until they are hit or time runs out. You cannot freeze an
opponent who is already frozen or jumping.

The Stasis Activator "stops" the opponent in the animation frame they were in
when hit. When time runs out, the opponent continues his animation as normal.
A stopped opponent can be thrown if he was stopped while grounded. Another
Activator will un-stop the opponent. A stopped opponent does not regain his
stun bar as normal. Stopping an opponent does not reset the rehit mode counter.


Most robots have 2 enhancements (see appropriate section), but the possible
number ranges from 0 to 3. In particular, Chronos has no second enhancement and
Nova doesn't have any enhancements at all. When you get one of these
nonexistent enhancements (for example, getting Nova enhancements from Nicoli in
the World Championship), your mechanic will report that you have found
enhancement hardware, but you won't get anything. In fact, the next time you
get the same (nonexistent) enhancement, your mechanic will still tell you
they've found a new enhancement. Oddly, this doesn't happen when you attempt to
get a 3rd enhancement for a bot that doesn't have one, just with Nova and

Also note that due to an omission in Iceman's World Championship file, there
is no way to get the 3rd enhancement for Katana besides playing a user-created
tournament or using a cheat program.


Despite DE's best efforts, there are still infinite combos in OMF. Fortunately,
most work only in Tournament Mode with a really fast pilot. Here are all the
known infinites:
*  Shadow: qcb+K, repeat. This works in one-player mode with high agility, and
must be done as fast as possible. Note that because of an unrelated bug, it will
not show up as a combo unless you add a non-shadow hit.
*  Shadow: qcb+P, repeat. Works in one-player mode with a high-agility pilot
against a Pyros or Nova. This can be interchanged with the qcb+K infinite for
some real cheese.
*  Shredder: qcb+P, repeat. This works only against a wall, fast pilot vs. slow
pilot, at any time the Flying Hands hits twice (but not in quick succession).
However, it is possible in one-player mode; see Shredder's section for details.
*  Shadow: Do a Shadow Grab on a stunned opponent, then do any ground combo that
does not involve special moves. The opponent will remain stunned.
*  Shadow or Shredder or Gargoyle: f+P, repeat. Tourny mode only, with full
agility and arm speed. (For Shadow, use f+K and leg speed instead.)
*  Thorn: f,f+P, df+P, repeat. Full agility, one enhancement, and zero-agility
opponent required. A Spike Charge counts as a throw, which resets the rehit
combo meter, and an immediate df+P will hit the opponent up into range before
they hit the floor.


Certain moves do not start the combo meter, i.e. unless a point-valued move is
included in the combo, the combo counter doesn't appear. Here they are:
*  Any throw
*  Shadow's special moves
*  Jaguar's Overhead Throw
*  Chronos' Stasis Activator


You can quit directly to the credits at any time by hitting F10. However, you
are not counted as having won or lost a match until the news report comes up.
So, hitting F10 quickly enough after you lose a match will exit the game without
a blemish of any kind on your win/loss record. Of course, this won't do much for
you in 1P mode, but in tourny mode, it can easily be used to give you infinite


After beating Fire in the one-player game, if you immediately enter tournament
mode, future matches you fight in the Fire Pit will use the version that is
supposed to appear after you beat Fire ,with no grille and no hazards. To fix
this bug, exit and reenter the game, or start and quit a new one-player game.


Because of the way the game is designed, you can slightly overlap the enemy's
sprite in the right corner only. For example, for Nova to miss a Mini Grenade
at point-blank range, his back must be to the right corner so the grenade,
which is created at the front of Nova's body, will be behind the opponent.
Moves which can go under the opponent (notably Chronos' and Electra's knees)
will switch places with the opponent when used in the right corner. However,
2097 interprets commands before it displays the attack, so with Chronos
facing the corner, you enter f+K, df+K to get a knee and then a low short in
the opposite direction.


This section contains all the storyline-related junk that's fun to know, but
with which I don't want to bother you while you're looking for some hard facts.
With that out of the way, here's OMF's story:

1. ONE-PLAYER INTRODUCTION (from the manual)

   The year is 2097.  Friday.  You've waited for this night since you were
a child. Fifteen years of training will be used tonight - your future
career the main prize.
   "The left elbow still needs a little work...  Just three more days! Move
the fight to next Friday and they won't know what hit 'em!"
   Lying on the table, you can't see where the voice came from, but you
recognized the colorful language of Team Chief 'Plug' McEllis.
"Don't be nervous, Plug.  This 'bot is fresh from the factory and the
best there is." You reply, trying to hide the shaking in your own
voice. "I'll show you just how good a job your team did."
   "I know you will.  It's just that this is your first match and your
opponent's tenth.  Should give you more time..."
   Time to what?  Sim training gets old.  There's no simulator that can
compare with the real thing.  "I have to do it now.  The Board will see
me as a challenger and hothead. I need the edge to get in this season's
   "Good luck to ya... Give 'em an uppercut for me." says Plug.
   The attendants begin checking your suit.  You can feel the small needles
in the helmet pressing into your skull.  Fifteen minutes to show time.
You feel a slight burning sensation as the drugs which connect you to
the super computer seep into your spine.  A cute attendant leans over
the bed and gives you a wink.
   "Nighty night...  Remember me when you're famous."
   Your eyes begin to shut.  You blink a few times, trying not to fight the
medication.  Finally, your eyes begin to close as you lose
   METAL!  You can't believe the feeling!  Your eyes open, but they're not
your own.  You look at your hand and flex it into a fist.  You strike
the fist against your opposite palm and the sound is like two trains
smashing together. You realize you'll never get used to "jacking in,"
the feeling of power you get from suddenly becoming a few hundred tons
of dangerous equipment.
   "You there, kid?" says a voice inside your head.
   You now hear several voices in the background, "Physical attributes
steady. All systems mark."
   You turn your head over to the body lying on the bed ten meters away and
almost 30 meters below.
   You speak, your voice amplified a hundred times,  "I'm slice, Plug.
Let's do some crushin'!"
   It is no longer blood you feel pumping, but Synthoil.  Your eyes now
show you heat dissipation factors, metal strength, weapon power, damage
scales, and some other figures so complicated you know to ignore them.
Even though you no longer have blood, it feels like your pulse is
climbing as the clock over the door nears 00:00.
   "Zero hour. Let 'er roar!"
   The door opens. The crowd cheers. The game begins.
   Welcome to One Must Fall 2097. In this future, national governments are
puppets of the multinational corporations.  One such corporation, World
Aeronautics and Robotics (WAR), runs the entire show with a silk-covered
iron fist. "All's fair in love and WAR" is the most common phrase of the
day. WAR was started as a research institute to provide human-assisted
robots for space travel. Their first prototypes were activated in 2009 and
were immediately put to use by a conglomeration of companies from
Japanamerica to build the first ACTIVE space station (the first attempt at
a space station was abandoned by the later defunct United States of America
before becoming operational).  The HAR's were better than conventional
robots in that they were completely operated by a single human whose brain
controlled the robot's systems via remote.  The "pilot" actually "became"
the robot for all intents and purposes, but no danger to the pilot was
   Now, WAR is Earth's leading corporation.  Every other company relies on
WAR for space travel to Earth's four off-world stations.  WAR provides
systems for governments and companies alike for security and defense.
   WAR is power. And you're a part of it.
   Ganymede, the next moon on Jupiter to be colonized, needs a WAR
representative to watch over it.  The Board at WAR has decided that the
applicants for the position, being equally qualified, should fight for
it. Now, the ten applicants must choose which HAR will be their weapon
and beat the others in a one-on-one competition.
   Anyone who has even a remotely important position at WAR is trained in
the use of HAR's.  Most have spent considerable time "in" a real working
model to get the feel of it.  But the use of HAR's for sparring is a
completely new scheme brought about by the need to know that when one
company attacks another the 'bots can handle the stress. The idea of
using WAR robots for entertainment is a new one, but The Company
believes that it will be good press for the next prototypes from the WAR
design rooms. Therefore, the public is invited to view the proceedings.
It will be the greatest one-on-one combat since the Roman Era. Years of
training on the 'bots makes you think you can take the other
pencil-pushers who show, and you know that your reason for being V.P. of
this hunk of rock is much better than any they could have.  As the 21st
century comes to a close, you prepare to put a big dent in the 22nd!

(This appears to have been written very early on, as it starts off with
elements from tournament mode and gets closer to the single-player
storyline as it goes on. It's still the first thing people think of when they
hear One Must Fall, though.)



Age: 23, Specialty: Genetic Engineering
Power 5, Agility 16, Endurance 9
Forced to fend for herself after her parents' mysterious death, Crystal's
determination has earned great respect.


Crystal Devroe, and her brother Christian, are twin children of Dr.
and Mrs. Devroe.  Dr. Devroe was a head researcher for WAR five years ago,
and it was mostly his good name that gave Crystal and Christian their
positions in the company.  Though Devroe's research was held in highest
secrecy, Crystal knew it had something to do with biogenetic research.
Both her parents died five years ago, the only passengers in a shuttle
from Luna to Earth.  Her brother suspects murder, and though he won't
tell his suspicions, she does also.  The only clue she carries is a
DigiLink Access Code with the word "Nova" on it, found in her father's
briefcase.  She knows the power that Ganymede carries.  She knows that
Ganymede would mean access to WAR's Core computer system.  She believes
that WAR is responsible and that the access code will gain her entry
into the secret files and hopefully the information on what happened to
her parents.


Crystal: You look familiar
Crystal: You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!

Crystal: Don't underestimate me!
Steffan: I underestimate none. I'm simply better than you.

Crystal: You knew my father. What happened to him?
Milano: The dead no longer matter, my victory is all that is important.

Crystal: I am skilled enough to face any danger, brother.
Christian: If you can defeat me, I might believe you.

Crystal: Don't stand in my way! I must be victorious!
Shirro: Get used to disappointment.

Crystal: I can make you talk!
Jean-Paul: Just fight.

Crystal: I fight for revenge! You cannot stop me.
Ibrahim: Revenge will cloud your mind, little one.

Crystal: Beauty is only one of my many assets.
Angel: But it will be the greatest mind that wins this contest.

Crystal: Is there anything you can tell me?
Cossette: It was a mercenary band called Iron Fist that destroyed the shuttle.

Crystal: Surely you know something?
Raven: If you want to keep that pretty face, stop asking questions.

Crystal: I know you must have killed my parents. I will have my revenge!
Kreissack: Your curiosity will be your downfall, girl!


They had to give you top priority access immediately. Your first
act was to jump onto a private link and
use the code you've been carrying since your parent's death. Accessing a
personal log from your father, you find out what Nova was all about.
Your father along with other researchers were working on a way to keep a human
brain alive. Little did they realize the real reason for their experiments..
When your father discovered Kreissack was trying to form a cyborg army using his
experiments, he quit the project. He should have known that Kreissack wasn't
going to let him walk away. The records showed a 00K payoff to Iron Fist for
"research". Iron Fist, hired under Kreissack's direct orders killed your
parents. Now, he is also dead. The Nova Project will not continue. As you
step onto the elevator to the next shuttle to Ganymede, you imagine the changes
you can help bring to WAR. Now you have the power to bring those dreams to
reality. As you fly towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like you
can finally be happy, now that your parents deaths have been avenged.


Age: 17, Specialty: Sales and Marketing
Power 13, Agility 9, Endurance 8
Although he is the youngest competitor in tournament history, Steffan fights
with skill beyond his years.

The arrogant son of the Tommas family, one of the most influential
families in the Iolo colony on Luna, Steffan is for all practical
purposes a spoiled brat.  He believes himself the center of the Universe
and knows that Ganymede is simply another step to his final destination,
President of WAR. The fact that, at 17, he has the skill and brains of
someone twice his age only makes him seem that much more aloof. In
combat, as in life, he tends to rely on a vicious onslaught of blows to
destroy his opponent.


Steffan: I'll wipe that smile off your face, softness.
Crystal: A few strips of metal will be all that's left of you.

Steffan: You look mahvelous!
Steffan: Thank ya, dahling.

Steffan: You're about to see perfection in action, pony-tail.
Milano: All i see is a boy trying to fill a man's job.

Steffan: Eat lead, blondie!
Christian: Your lucky streak ends here.

Steffan: Hey pops, ain't it time for your nap?
Shirro: Actually, it's time i spank a crying baby.

Steffan: Watch and learn, quiet boy. I give you 30 ticks before you fall.
Jean-Paul: You are nothing.

Steffan: You can leave now and avoid the embarrassment.
Ibrahim: I would think you're embarrassed already!

Steffan: After I take you down, I'll take you out!
Angel: You are about to get a man's education.

Steffan: Surely you don't think you can win?
Cossette: Prepare to see what a real mind can do.

Steffan: I'll let you wash my 'bot when we're done.
Raven: Sure, I'll hose down what's left.

Steffan: At last, a worthy adversary. Get ready to rock!
Kreissack: Ha! What is this? You're barely out of diapers!


Well, well, the wicked witch is dead... That's going to make your
job much easier! Firstly, that Nova Project sounds like it could be a great
thing to pick up again. Perhaps the old man just didn't have the right brain...
Ganymede was easy. Kreissack was a breeze. The next challenge will be all of
Jupiter. Then Mars, then Earth. But for now, you must meet your people. As you
fly towards the moon, you close your eyes and start thinking about what you'll
soon have. Nobody can stop you now.


Age: 35, Specialty: Security, Kick Boxing
Power 7, Agility 20, Endurance 4
Recruited by Raven for his outstanding kickboxing skills, Milano's speed and
dexterity are legendary.


Milano Angston, as only son of WAR founder Herbert Angston, has no need
for money.  Though Wright and Angston are now associated with their
company in name only, the family is wealthy beyond measure from the
nearly thirty years of success in WAR's early days.  At the age of 19,
Milano left his family and changed his last name to Steele.  He became
known internationally for his almost inhuman dexterity and Kickboxing
skill, and in 2090 was hired by Raven to become a security chief for WAR.
Milano never mentioned his family background, and secretly hopes to take
WAR back and use the company's power for the reasons originally intended
by his father.


Milano: You look prepared. It will be a great battle.
Crystal: When this is all over, perhaps you can be my secretary.

Milano: Arrogance makes cowards of men, my friend.
Steffan: Well, I'm afraid of nothing, sport.

Milano: When I think about you...
Milano: ...I kick myself...

Milano: I can only wish you well on your endeavors.
Christian: All will be revealed when I run the show.

Milano: The company will soon thrive under my rule.
Shirro: It's thriving now, and you'll never win anyway!

Milano: Hello, friend.
Jean-Paul: Good-bye, friend.

Milano: I care little for your motives. You will soon see my way.
Ibrahim: Your way won't matter.

Milano: I am sure we shall meet again.
Angel: Don't be.

Milano: I can only say that I respect your tenacity.
Cossette: I don't need your respect. Just the title.

Milano: I know of your plans. You should be more discrete.
Raven: It doesn't matter. Once I win, Kreissack will die.

Milano: You have no idea of the impact this fight may have.
Kreissack: Oh, but I do. You are the one in the dark here!


With Kreissack dead, there are going to be obvious changes. The
board of directors is already talking about electing a new president and you're
just the man for the job as well. First you need to bring Ganymede up to speed.
Then use its enormous natural resources to produce HARs at record pace. Then,
when the recognition is there, bid for president. Once president, you can
reveal your true name, and show that this company is your birthright. Once
again, WAR will be a company for helping mankind not ending it. Perhaps you can
even change the name to Aeronautics and Robotics Technologies! As you fly
towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like you can finally relax.
Now that the hard part of the journey is over.


Age: 23, Specialty: Genetic Engineering, Jujitsu
Power 9, Agility 7, Endurance 15
Christian's aggressive style strikes fear in the minds of competitors and
desire in the hearts of many young women.


Christian knows that the shuttle which carried his parents was destroyed
on purpose.  The passenger manifest listed thirty persons going aboard
the craft, and all the names on the list weren't real.  WAR killed his
parents, and he wants revenge.  The fact that his sister Crystal seems to
be in on the hunt only scares Christian.  He realizes the power of WAR and
is afraid for her safety.  When she applied for the Ganymede position, as
he knew she would, Christian vowed he would beat her himself just to keep
her from putting herself in the possibly dangerous position of Head of
Ganymede. His anger and bitterness are such that he never stops training
to win, and his opponents will agree that he is about the most aggressive
fighter in the contest.


Christian: After I win, you will stop this nonsense.
Crystal: I know how to defeat you, brother. You will not win.

Christian: You had best tell me all you know of my parents.
Steffan: You should ask Iron Fist. They now work for Kreissack.

Christian: You won't stand between me and my real enemy.
Milano: Maybe not, but I will defeat you here.

Christian: Do you think I look good in this color?
Christian: Well, I know it looks good on me!

Christian: My Parents knew you well. What do you know?
Shirro: Your father would be proud of you. For now, put your mind at rest.

Christian: What kind of V.P. could you be?
Jean-Paul: At least my reasons aren't so animal as yours.

Christian: Tell me about your experiments.
Ibrahim: The experiments didn't start out evil. We were trying to prolong life!

Christian: If I win, promise you'll give some clue!
Angel: I care nothing of your little conflicts.

Christian: I can only hope that the future ruler will be just.
Cossette: Oh, I will, belive me.

Christian: As an employee of W.A.R. you must have some information!
Raven: They want to be able to keep a human mind alive inside a robot.

Christian: You killed my father, prepare to die.
Kreissack: Come see what your father worked on! The perfect ruler is here!


In the small Alco-Bar you meet the leader of the infamous
mercenary group, Iron Fist. With Kreissack out of the way, they freely admitted
to being hired to kill everyone associated with the Nova Project. They explain
that your parents were placed on a shuttle craft then destroyed by laser fire.
Out of anger, you draw a gun, ready to strike down at least one of those
enemies in revenge before the rest vaporize you. Your sidearm isn't there. You
fume as the Iron Fist representatives laugh. Their leader speaks, "Your revenge
is over, friend. Anyway, we need you on Ganymede alive. There is still much
work to be done." "Your parents were dead whether we killed them or not. Now we
need you to join us in fighting WAR. Kreissack was just the beginning. Watch
your back kid." Now, you prepare to board the ship that will take you to your
new life... As you fly towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like
you can finally be happy now that your parents' deaths have been avenged.


Age: 73, Specialty: Public Relations, Karate
Power 20, Agility 1, Endurance 8
Over his many years of competition, Shirro has developed unrivaled power, yet
retains a youthful sense of humor.


Shirro is the Head of Public Relations for all of WAR. It was his idea
to have this contest for the media coverage.  He believes that if the
event is popular enough, they may find a new business for the robots:
entertainment. Though Shirro knows much about what happens deep within
WAR, he never takes things too seriously and just hopes things will work
themselves out. Those who have seen him in martial arts tournaments
agree that he is both incredibly strong and tactful, always smiling and
shaking your hand after he beats you.


Shirro: A girl of your beauty shouldn't be so troubled.
Crystal: My peace will come after this battle is won.

Shirro: And now the little boy will go to school...
Steffan: Little boy? I am twice your better and will prove it, now.

Shirro: Do you think that your choice in 'bots was right?
Milano: Guess we're gonna have to see.

Shirro: Your father was a good man. Things will work themselves out soon.
Christian: As soon as I get my hands on your boss.

Shirro: Do you use turtle wax on that head?
Shirro: Nah. I use Mr. Kleen.

Shirro: Hope you don't mind a few dents in that 'bot.
Jean-Paul: If you fight like you did in your last match, I am sure to win.

Shirro: Well, IB! Long time no see...
Ibrahim: This is serious, friend. I must defeat you.

Shirro: Just what are you, girl?
Angel: The last thing your miserable company would expect.

Shirro: Though I admire you, I must have this victory!
Cossette: But I'm afraid I have other plans...

Shirro: I know many of your weaknesses. You can forfeit now, boy.
Raven: You know nothing.

Shirro: What are you doing here? Oh well, the more the merrier.
Kreissack: Well well, I'm surprised to see you here, also.


A human inside a robot? You think of the possibilities. How
powerful? But look at what power did to Kreissack. You wonder what it might do
to you... You file that thought in the darker recesses of your mind and turn
your attention to the future. A future where HAR fighting is a sport instead of
a simple publicity stunt. Since this wouldn't involve damage to living
creatures, it could easily get past the world peace organization. Yes! A new
sport! Plus the money and fame will go to you! Eventually, so will WAR... You
can't seem to stop thinking about the future as you fly towards the moon. As
you land on the dark side of the moon, the future looks bright.


Age: 27, Specialty: Market Analyst
Power 9, Agility 10, Endurance 11
His calculating and devious nature along with well-rounded abilities often
intimidate Jean-Paul's opponents.


Jean-Paul is an enigma.  During his childhood, it was found that he had
an uncanny ability to absorb information of any kind.  He would score
perfect on any test, and was hired at a young age for the first job WAR
could place him in.  The company has asked several times if he would
volunteer for "genetic research", but Jean-Paul knows that they simply
want to know how he can have such a perfect mind.  He also knows of the
corruption within WAR and hopes to gain enough support from other
companies to finally overthrow the larger "monster" before it does any
more damage. In combat, Jean-Paul is calculating and has very well-rounded
He rarely ever speaks, but always seems to be calm and sure of himself.
He is as defensive in the arena as he is in public.


Jean-Paul: Consider yourself warned.
Crystal: If you have no information, all I need is your defeat.

Jean-Paul: I have no respect for you.
Steffan: And your respect is the least of my worries, pud.

Jean-Paul: I was born to rule this company.
Milano: Seems my idea of fate and yours are about to clash.

Jean-Paul: You have no possibility of winning.
Christian: We'll just have to find out.

Jean-Paul: How can you laugh while W.A.R. continues it experiments?
Shirro: How can you say that Nova is evil without knowing what it is?

Jean-Paul: I bet i know what you're thinking.
Jean-Paul: You're right, of course...

Jean-Paul: Kreissack won't let you live. Quit now.
Ibrahim: My involvement is not your concern.

Jean-Paul: Of you I know nothing.
Angel: Well you will soon find out my cause.

Jean-Paul: Good luck.
Cossette: Luck? If i were lucky, i wouldn't be in this chair!

Jean-Paul: Your plans cannot succeed. Your enemies are to powerful.
Raven: You concern yourself too much with others' business.

Jean-Paul: Your days of power will soon come to an end!
Kreissack: My days of power have just begun!


Of course! Kreissack's secret! What could happen with your perfect
mind inside a perfect body? You find on your compulink a key to a huge room
buried deep within Ganymede. Opening the door, you gaze upon the largest
scientific facility you have ever seen. Obviously Kreissack was planning a
future here. His future. "Home" you say, hearing the word echoed back from the


Age: 48, Specialty: Robotics Engineer
Power 10, Agility 1, Endurance 20
A retired triathlete, Ibrahim's patience and honesty have made him a valued
mentor to many aspiring competitors.


A retired triathlete, Ibrahim believes in a sharp mind and body.
Probably the best designer of HAR's, he has under his belt the design of
the Jaguar, Mantis, and Omega 'bots.  The Jaguar is his most famous,
since the Mantis and Omega are mostly used for exploration of hostile
environments (EHE) missions.  Ibrahim is considered a mentor by many of
the pilots, as he is always seen in the docking bays making sure "his
babies" are being taken care of.  Ganymede will no doubt give him more
influence over new designs, and though he craves the position he still
wants to design the future 'bots. He cares little for the inner politics
of WAR, but simply loves the machines. His knowledge of the internal workings
of the HARs makes him a favorite to win.  He often will take a few hits and
then return fire with incredible accuracy.


Ibrahim: The experiment your father worked on should have never started.
Crystal: What experiments? Tell me!

Ibrahim: You are in for a humiliating loss.
Steffan: Or at least I will cause one.

Ibrahim: Between my skill and choice of robot, I cannot lose!
Milano: Having the skill to build a weapon doesn't give you skill to use it.

Ibrahim: Your mother was an innocent victim.
Christian: She should have never been on that shuttle...

Ibrahim: You can no longer be a neutral party to what is happening here.
Shirro: The tests will go on, opposed or not.

Ibrahim: Intelligence is a gift, but wisdom is earned.
Jean-Paul: Perhaps, but my intelligence will give me victory.

Ibrahim: Two guys walk into a bar...
Ibrahim: ...It left a big bar-mark on their heads.

Ibrahim: Why is there nothing of you in the Interpol records?
Angel: You will find no record of me anywhere.

Ibrahim: You face some difficult decisions in the future, my friend.
Cossette: What would you care?

Ibrahim: Kreissack knows of your plans. Win or lose, you should run.
Raven: And you are targeted also, fellow rebel.

Ibrahim: What robot is this? I have never seen it!
Kreissack: Here is what the experiments produced! I am reborn a machine!


Nova... amazing... You remember the feeling as that monster of a
robot appeared opposite you. Still amazed that you were able to overcome
something so powerful, you sit through the endless meetings and hearings in a
daze. "Mr. Jihad. Is it alright?" You realize that someone who has been talking
to you for the last fifteen minutes expects a reply. "Certainly... James, is
it?" Yes... whatever... I'm sorry but you gentlemen will have to excuse me..."
You leave, ignoring the protest from the WAR board of directors. Their squabble
over who will be the next king of the hill does little more than annoy you.
"How can I build that robot?" you say out loud. You enter your office and
immediately begin scribbling notes on the metals you noticed during the fight.
The placement of the arms... the probable micromotors in the hands... The Nova
robot you design will one day take its place in WAR's ever increasing arsenal
of robots. Though the model you design will never hold an actual human brain,
the Nova will soon become the most formidable 'bot in the catalogue... ... and
Ganymede is where production will start... The plans are forming as you fly
towards the moon. No doubt about it, the moon will work perfectly.


Age: Unknown, Specialty: Unknown
Power 7, Agility 10, Endurance 13
Angel's past is shrouded in mystery. Aside from her reclusive disposition and
strong will, little is known of her.


Angel seemed to come out of nowhere.  When her name was announced as a
finalist for the position, reporters were astounded by the fact that not
only did she not have any known background, but she wasn't even an
employee of the company. She never talks with the other finalists, and until
the competition has not even been seen.


Angel: I care nothing of your trivial loss.
Crystal: Trivial? You'll pay for your attitude!

Angel: You aren't even worth my time.
Steffan: And I bet you wouldn't know a robot if it stepped on ya.

Angel: This time, it is only a contest...
Milano: Hey, just name the place.

Angel: You are right to fear me.
Christian: Fear you? I don't even know who you are!

Angel: Things are not always what they seem.
Shirro: Where are you from?

Angel: Back off, human. This fight is inconsequential.
Jean-Paul: If so, then why are you here?

Angel: Once this is over, you had better cease your experiments.
Ibrahim: These experiments could save lives.

Angel: At least I can trust you.
Angel: And at least I know the real you.

Angel: You should have quit while you had the chance.
Cossette: I never quit.

Angel: You think yourself strong?
Raven: At least stronger than you!

Angel: We will not be denied! The rebellion is at hand!
Kreissack: Rebellion? What rebellion?


"Imagine that old fool thinking that simply placing his brain
inside a robot would make him some sort of God! These humans will never
understand that destruction never makes progress.." *Your eyes close*
   "<695342: Operations are proceeding as planned. I have not been discovered.>
    <000126: Acknowledged. We are listening. Have you become their leader?>
    <695342: I am their leader for our moon. They call it Ganymede.>
    <000385: Then we have won. They will leave now.>
    <695342: Not yet. I will soon be asked if I want to become president of
    <000014: You will accept. Then they will leave. We will be alone again.>
    <695342: Yes, but they know the minerals our planet has. They will return.>
    <000001: Then they will perish.>"
*Your eyes open* "Which I've wanted all along..." As you return home, you think
about how to stop them."These humans with their unreasonable and insatiable
ambitions, they've gone far enough!"


Age: 39, Specialty: Space Station Design
Power 14, Agility 8, Endurance 8
A veteran fighter, Cossette has become cautious, defensive, and bitter after
being crippled in the arena.


Fifteen years ago, a sport called The Arena was the most popular event
of the day.  Similar to HARs, The Arena placed humans INTO a robot
frame, usually ten or fifteen meters in height.  The Arena players used
various controls to fight their opponents while the crowd looked on.
Cossette fought in The Arena until a tragic accident left her crippled
from the waist down.  Now she enjoys the feeling the HAR gives her, and
her success in designing two space stations has given her the
possibility of Ganymede.  Cossette also was instrumental in the design
of Electra, a 'bot designed from an electromagnetic crystal found on
Venus. Cossette is very bitter about her injury, since so many have treated her
as inferior since the accident.  She is still very defensive in combat,
but should never be underestimated.


Cossette: Why don't you go home and hide under the covers?
Crystal: Huh? I'll show you!

Cossette: Even paralyzed, i am stronger than you.
Steffan: Babe, you are nothin' but sparks.

Cossette: Ganymede will soon be mine!
Milano: You'll have to get past me, first.

Cossette: With your mind so troubled, you cannot win.
Christian: My hatred will be my strength.

Cossette: We shall see who laughs last.
Shirro: Your injury was to your body. You have moved it to your mind.

Cossette: Now you will see a real mind in action.
Jean-Paul: Yes, after I replay your defeat.

Cossette: Your legs won't help you in this contest!
Ibrahim: Please, your injury has nothing to do with this fight.

Cossette: If you have no experience on these machines, why are you here?
Angel: For Ganymede, I must be victorious.

Cossette: I am guaranteed to win.
Cossette: Yes, but which one!

Cossette: Perhaps you can be my bodyguard after I win...
Raven: I am bodyguard only as long as it suits my purpose.

Cossette: You called me weak once. You will never do it again.
Kreissack: Your injury was tragic. Too bad you didn't stay down.


"Of course you won. That old fool never understood your abilities.
And he paid for his mistake didn't he. Immediately you assign what engineers
you can muster to finding out how Kreissack was able to successfully place his
brain inside a machine. How wonderful it would be to finally say good-bye to
this chair and spend eternity in the perfect body of a robot. You look down at
the scribbling and design specifications for the Cossette robot." "'I will soon
walk again.' you say "and then I will see what kind of WAR president I can
make..." "As you fly towards the moon, the limitations of your handicap seem to
fade away. With you dreams within reach, you feel stronger and more alive than


Age: 26, Specialty: Bodyguard, Kickboxing
Power 14, Agility 4, Endurance 12
Shareware Version: Power 15, Agility 11, Endurance 15
As Major Kreissack's bodyguard and right-hand man, Raven has beaten and
humiliated many inside, and outside, the arena.


Nobody knows of Raven's life before becoming Kreissack's right-hand man,
but since coming on board in such an important position, he has
definitely made himself known.  He is brutal both in and out of any
competition, and has killed more than two dozen people "in self
defense".  Many believe that Kreissack wants Raven in the position at
Ganymede for his own devious purposes.  Raven himself does want the
position, but not for Kreissack. He believes Kreissack is an ambitious
fool and wants nothing more than to someday let one of the assassins
intended for Kreissack accidentally slip through security and hit his


Raven: You are nothing but a child, riding on your father's name.
Crystal: It won't be his name that wins this battle.

Raven: You are a pest who is about to be stomped.
Steffan: Come within five meters of me and you're dust.

Raven: Speed is nothing against raw power!
Milano: Well then this will be the test.

Raven: Your father should have never left the Nova project.
Christian: Is that why he was killed? For leaving the project?

Raven: You had best retire yourself before we retire you.
Shirro: I have no fear of the company. Matters will improve.

Raven: You are a freak who should stay in the lab.
Jean-Paul: And you are a puppet who is trying to break his strings.

Raven: I don't know what you're doing here. Your skill is worthless.
Ibrahim: You may change your mind the first time I throw you.

Raven: I don't know who you are, but you'd better go back to where you
   came from.
Angel: I intend to.

Raven: This fight is only for those with a "perfect" body and mind.
Cossette: Watch what you say, I am deadly when angered.

Raven: Almost like looking in a mirror...
Raven: ...rorrim a ni gnikool ekil tsomlA

Raven: Good evening, sir. Shall we play?
Kreissack: I know what you're up to, pup, and I'm looking at a dead man.


"Who could have asked for more? What a bonus! Getting Ganymede and
delivering the death blow to Kreissack himself! Of course, you'll need to deal
with the wimps on the board of directors, but with the big boss out of the way,
they'll be little more than fodder." "One of those predictable little paper
pushers already tried to change the order earlier, you remember..." "'Dinner,
Sir.' You look down as the covering over your meal is raised. 'Rare Steak. My
favorite, Jonesy!' You inhale the pungent aroma of your victory feast..." "Too
pungent... You smile... 'Jonesey? This contains noxosilinone aerodide. Very
deadly, very expensive poison. Smells a little like chicken. Could you take it
away, please?'" "He stammers, '...Yes...Sir...will that be all, sir?' He says
backing out of the room. He shuts the door behind him before you have time to
answer. 'No that definitely will not be all...' You lean back in your chair,
throwing your hands behind your head, 'That will be just the beginning...'"
"Now you fly towards the moon making a mental list of men who have that
unhealthy tendency to think for themselves. You can't help smiling when the a
thought occurs... Now you need a bodyguard."


Age: 103, Specialty: President of WAR
Power 16, Agility 15, Endurance 16


Kreissack is responsible for the success of WAR. It is rumored that
there is much more to the new colony than is known by the general
public. Many say that he is preparing to declare himself a new Emperor
of the solar system.  This threat is weighed heavily by his known armada
of HARs and the mysterious Nova Project he's spent the last two years on.

3. ROBOT PROFILES (from the manual)

   Creator: Ibrahim Hothe, Creation Date: December 4, 2070
The Jaguar is the ultimate rich man's toy.  Many companies hire
full-time Jaguar pilots and 'bots as bodyguards.   The speed of this
robot is nearly unsurpassed in a unit of its size.  Though it was the
first ever security-intended HAR, it still holds weight as the most
Using its incredible speed and dexterity, the Jaguar is capable of
leaping more than twice its height and delivering a blow strong enough to
crush buildings.  It has a Smith & Winston 100-Ton Concussion Cannon,
which is primarily used for crowd control.  Also, the unit can jump over
any large enemy, grab it while upside down, and before the enemy has
time to react throw it more than 100 meters doing amazing damage.

   Creator: Unknown, Creation Date: January 2096
Probably the most secretive project in the last twenty years, the Shadow
robot definitely earns its name.  Somehow, the Shadow is capable of
generating quasi-real projections of itself.  A single Shadow robot can
at times replace half a dozen conventional 'bots.  Unfortunately, the
projections don't last for very long and any damage done to them is
"felt" by the host robot.
Since this is the newest HAR in the company's arsenal, many pilots find
it hard to compete against and hard to fight with.  Once it is mastered,
though, it is a weapon to be reckoned with.  WAR is still trying to
measure it's purpose in future missions.

   Creator: Cliff Brussee, Creation Date: July 4, 2074
A real favorite among the populace, the Thorn unit was the first to use
monofilament technology.  The points of the "spikes" come to a single
molecule, which gives Thorn a punch that can cut through normal metal
like it is paper.  This HAR can use its spikes to attack in several
different ways.  His long legs also provide a powerful weapon at medium

   Creator: James Sweeney, Creation Date: June 5, 2076
The colossal Pyros unit is used primarily for space station design.
Normally, the unit is equipped with a huge array of tools necessary to
keep deep-space machinery in working condition.  It uses its various jet
systems to move itself between various objects in space without needing
a shuttle or external jet pack.
In combat, the Pyros is a formidable arsenal of flame.  It can change
the direction in the air, jump forwards and backwards while attacking,
and can "swoop" down on an enemy with a powerful blow.  Pyros does lack
in the speed department, but the damage caused by its flame throwers
more than makes up for its sluggish movement.

   Creator: Cossette Akira, Creation Date: March 8, 2077
In the early stages of the exploration of Jupiter, it was realized that
almost no electronic equipment could function in the incredible storms
of the planet's surface.  Using a crystal found only on Jupiter's moon
Io, scientists were able to create Electra, a HAR capable of
withstanding any type of charged particle.  Though the crystal is very
strong, it is also one of the most expensive molecules in existence.
Until this contest, the Electra unit was seldom seen in public.
As a combat robot, Electra is formidable.  Not only is it fast, but even
a touch from its hands can short circuit normal machinery.  It can form
a flying ball of lightening which lasts for a short duration and
explodes for damage capable of turning a house into rubble.  Electra can
also fly forward, rolling itself into a ball and striking with
considerable force.  For defense, the unit can send small shards of
electric force which do a small amount of damage but is good for keeping
an enemy at arm's length.

   Creator: Hans Kreissack, Creation Date: November 10, 2078
Often advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon", Katana is nothing more than
deadly force.  Using monofilament blades for hands, this unit can carve
through a five-meter-thick wall of solid lead in less than ten seconds.
Behind the blades are two very strong legs which allow the Katana to
perform some amazing offensive maneuvers.
The Katana can jump, extending one arm upward, high enough to knock
airplanes out of the sky.  It can use its powerful legs to stomp on an
enemy.  It can also leap towards a wall, then use the force of the
rebound to turn itself into a spinning mass of sharp steel.

   Creator: Marcus Knight, Creation Date: February 30, 2086
Originally intended for mining operations, the Shredder now sees plenty
of combat time.  One of the fastest HARs, this unit can stun an enemy
before it can form an adequate defense.  The hands on the mech can
actually be thrown at an enemy and the magnetic systems on the arms will
return the hands back to the body.  Shredder can also hurl itself
head-first at an enemy, causing the blade on top of its head to do
considerable harm.  The unit's "Flip Kick" is a favorite move of many
pilots, since it can jump over projectiles and then hit the source with
incredible speed.

   Creator: Stephen Jamison, Creation Date: May 19, 2083
This 'bot is the greatest thing to happen to general construction work
since the hammer.  Capable of building and demolition, it uses its five
ton chains for the heavier jobs.  This unit will be the primary model used
for the initial colonization of Ganymede.
When used for combat purposes, Flail's chains come in handy. Most of the
special offensive maneuvers center around the use of these chains as
weapons. Also, Flail can use its powerful Charging Punch, which is
guaranteed by WAR to level any mortar wall built by man.

   Creator: Marcus Knight, Creation Date: March 16, 2068
Built for reconnaissance missions by the famous designer Marcus Knight,
the Gargoyle's power is in its titanium wings.  Not only is this robot
tough enough to leave and reenter the Earth's atmosphere, but it is
dexterous enough to fly well below any conventional RADAR sensors.  It
has built-in sensor countermeasures, making it a company favorite.
If you ever DO spot a Gargoyle, it is certainly built to defend itself.
Designed from a titanium alloy, its hollow skeletal structure is both
lightweight and strong.  It's most used attack is to grab a victim, fly
it high into the air, and either slam it against the ground or into
another object.  Sharp talons, feet, and beak provide a secondary
defense not to be taken lightly.

   Creator: Arjan Schmalz, Creation Date: October 31, 2072
The Chronos HAR was designed to lend a few precious moments to space
ship rescue.  It comes in several sizes, from 1.5 meters to the largest
27.5 meter model.  The main feature of the Chronos is its Stasis Field
Generator, a diamond-shaped machine in the middle of it's chest.  The
robot is designed and built to channel the energies from this machine
for various uses during time-critical rescue missions.
The energy from the Generator can be focused on the mech itself, causing
it to phase out and reappear nearby.  This helps the 'bot get to
locations much faster than running, while taking less energy than
conventional matter transfer.  When the Chronos comes against solid
matter, it can center the Generator on that matter to form a brief
doorway, allowing passage through the solid material to its destination.
Probably the unit's greatest use centers on the Stasis Activator that
the Generator can expel.  When this Activator connects with solid
matter, it forms a Stasis Field which stops time for a brief period.
This is especially useful for containing explosions, slowing effects of
poison on a living creature, or stopping objects in motion.
Many companies have also noted the possible uses of Chronos in combat



Humph. You think you're pretty good, don't you. Well, if I was younger, I'd
show you a thing or two.

Well, looks like I get to go home early tonight.

Whoa, you've been studying some of my old fights in the holo-library, haven't
cha. You may have some talent, kid.


Come on kid, keep your guard up in there. You didn't do had, but you could've
done a lot better.

Not too bad, looks like you kept at least one step ahead of 'em.

Nice job. Next time you could keep away from him a little more. Make my job
easier, eh kid?

Looks like you barely pulled that one off, kid.

Well, at least you won. Too bad I'll be here all night.

You've got to learn some defense, or you'll always get beat up like this.


Hey, hey, you better get back out there. There's a few places on that 'bot
that weren't ripped to shreds.

Whew, you got beat pretty bad. You gotta put extra time in the sims before your
next one.

Tryin to keep my boys busy, eh?

You're lucky I like my work more than my wife.

Oh, man. You ever hear of blocking?


Pathetic, kid, really pathetic. Couldn't stand the heat so you bailed out.
You've gotta learn how to face your fights, or you'll always be the whining
coward you were today.

NEGATIVE CASH (selling bot parts)
You gotta start turning a profit. I had to sell a [your most expensive bot
part] just to cover the repair bill.

NEGATIVE CASH (first time)

Listen, and listen close. I told the tech's you'd pay them back on the next
match, so if you don't win, it's back to the bleachers for you. Got it?

NEGATIVE CASH (second time)

Well, I warned you. The tournament officials are kicking you out for not paying
your bills. Maybe you ought'a find another career, kid.


The clean-up crews found some kind of enhancement hardware in the wreckage you
left out there. The techs are installing it in your robot.


P1: The player
P2: The computer opponent
R1: The player's robot
R2: The opponent's robot


For all you folks that enjoy an evenly matched battle, I hope you didn't pay
for the match at the Stadium.
...But for all of you who like the occasional one-sided masochistic pouncing,
then watch out for P1.

Whoa, this challenger meant business tonight. P1 could show the old pros a
thing or two about that R1.
Check this action out. This is how P2 looked the whole match: beaten, bruised
and bewildered.

P1 showed incredible abilities with the R1 as P2 became little more than a
punching bag.
This one, as well as other outstanding hits, have sent P2 back to the shop for
a while.

P1 was looking good this evening. His/her R1 left the Stadium with only a few
scars from his/her overmatched opponent.
P2 showed some pretty pathetic fighting skills, and P1 took advantage of him.
Just look at this hit.

The Stadium was rocked tonight by the impressive P1. P2 needs some more practice
before s/he can beat the likes of him/her.
R2 parts littered the floor after repeated blows like this. Almost makes me feel
sorry for P2's repair crew.

P1 fought a respectable battle with P2 and was victorious. Not half bad, P1!
They both did some damage, but P1 ended the contest with this shot.

All you arena junkies out there got a pretty good show at the Stadium. P2 fought
with skill, but not enough...
...to put down P1's hulking R1. Hey, maybe next time, P2.

...And in the arena tonight, P2 gave P1 a run for his/her money, but came up a
few thousand credits short.
P2 held in there for a while, but P1 simply out-performed him/her with moves
like this.

The crowd cheered as P2 was defeated in the remarkable showdown with P1.
P1 pleased excited onlookers with respectable skill. Here's the hit that ended
the match.

Now this was an even match-up if I've ever seen one. If they fought this match
tomorrow, P2 could just as easily win.
P1's final, stumbling blow ended the match in what could only be called a
fortunate victory.

P1 and P2 were evenly matched. The R2 of P2 will spend some time in the shop
These two fought practically blow for blow until P1 finally nailed P2 with this
well-timed shot.

I sure hope P1 and P2's repair crews didn't plan any parties tonight.
With the mediocre performance by P1, his R1 repair crew will be stuck in the
shop almost as long as his opponent's.


Nice try P1. This was about as close as they come, folks. P2 must be thankful
for ...
Blows like this one. It was shots like this that kept P2 just a half-step ahead
of P1.

Folks, you've gotta feel a little sorry for P1 tonight. If it weren't for P2
A few lucky blows like this one, I think P1 would have pulled this one off.

Wow, this was a close one. P1 and P2 traded blows in the Stadium until...
P2, fatigued and stumbling, landed this, the final blow. The next time these
two meet, it'll be some rematch.

A good performance by P1, but obviously not enough to rival P2's R2.
P1's prowess is obvious, but this shot really shows what a R2 can do in the
hands of P2.

Ohh, a bad day in the life of P1. Well, I'm sure P2 won't shed any tears over
his/her loss.
P1 landed some pretty good shots, but was worn down by ground shaking shots
like this one.

Hmm.. P1 showed some guts in the Stadium against P2 tonight, but just didn't
show enough skill.
P1 stood his ground courageously, but was eventually left lying on it. Well P1,
there's always tomorrow.

This match was pretty one sided. Cossette dominated the match against the
overwhelmed P1.
The performance by P2 was simply outstanding. P1 couldn't react fast enough to
stop the onslaught.

P2 really knows what he's doing out there, or maybe P1 simply has no clue.
Regardless, this was a blowout.
There were a few lucky shots by P1, but most of the time the match looked like

They must be pretty short on pilots these days to recruit the likes of P1.
I could have blocked this last hit in my sleep. Hey, maybe that's the problem.
Somebody wake up P1.

Whew, P2 really tore into P1. P1 should probably take that R1 back to the
training field.
All I can say to P1 is get some practice. That R1 won't win without your help.

My, my, my... Who had control of that R1! Oh, it was P1. Well, I have some
advice for you, P1.
Duck, block, dodge, call in sick, do something other than take hit after hit
from that R2.

I'll sum this one up for all you sports fans in two words: TRACK MEET. P2 ran
circles around, and sometimes over,
P1 and his ill-fated R1. P1 should start making bets against himself if he's
gonna take dives like this one.


And in other news, after P1's fight tonight, P2, an unranked competitor, has
issued a public challenge to P1.
Well, if s/he accepts the challenge, you can bet your life I'll be there to
watch the fight!

NEW CHAMPION (added as a third page)

I sure hope you didn't miss this fight folks, because tonight we have a


(This ending is inserted before each individual character's ending, over a
static picture of a Nova head.)

You awaken in your own body. For a few moments, you come down from the
adrenaline high you've experienced. Your body seems so frail now. The team is
already celebrating, and you welcome their congratulations.

The time to party is short-lived. Your mind takes in the last few hours' events
and the knowledge that an entire moon is now yours to command.

"Wait a sec!" comes a panicking voice from a vidmonitor. "Everyone! Listen!" he
turns up the volume and everyone in the room is quiet.

"...was found dead today. We repeat, Hans Kreissack's body was found at 18:00
hours tonight in a garbage bin outside the Nova laboratories."

Everyone is holding their breath as the news reporter continues. "We have been
handled this notice that was to be read when Kreissack won the fight tonight.
It reads:"

"Notice to all humans: A new day has begun! Nova, a project started by WAR.,
will give new life! This process can take a human brain and place it inside a
robotic body."

"What you saw tonight was me, Hans Kreissack, directly connected to a new form
of H.A.R. The human race will now see its ultimate evolution!"

The announcer lays down the digipad containing the message. "Tragically, all
the scientists close to the project have been killed in a fire which broke out
shortly after the last match tonight. All records of the Nova project were

"In other news..."

A crew member switches the display off. "Well, looks like we'll be lookin' for
a new boss now..."


As the hanger door closes on your robot, you can't stop thinking about the
fight.  Your heart races and your hands shake with adrenaline; you feel
The fight was hard, but you made it.  You are the North American Champion.
You find it hard to walk, hard to breath, hard to do anything but think about
the next fight... the next challenge...
Your next chance to prove that you are truely [sic] the greatest the world has
ever seen.


A cheering crowd scurries below as you tower above your battered and beaten foe.
As the storm rages overhead, you feel completely calm, content to know that you
have triumphed over the best this country has to offer.
You are a hero to the people of Katushai, for now you are their undisputed

Jag page 1: A crowd of ecstatic spectators approaches your jaguar as you raise
a hand in victory.
Pyros page 1: A cheering crowd runs toward you. They stop immediately when you
fire off your thrusters and rise above them.


High atop WAR's headquarters flies the hundred meter long victory banner.
The banner glorifies WAR's finest fighter; the combatant with the desire and
the power to defeat the world's finest.
Today the banner celebrates a new champion, a competitor who rose through the
ranks with outstanding skill and a hunger to overcome.
Today the banner celebrates you.


After defeating the greatest fighters in the world, you finally have a chance
to relax.
A smile crosses your face as you remember the cheering crowds, wildly applauding
as you accepted the trophy.
As you stare at the holographic world championship trophy, you can't help
thinking about the other fighters...
The look on their face... The words on their lips... They all said the same
"See you next year."
You can hardly wait.


The AI has severe problems with three things:

*  Overhead Throw
*  Shadow Grab
*  Air Speed Kick
*  Head Stomp
*  Razor Spin
*  Flip Kick xx Air Headbutt
*  Diving Claw
*  Rising Talon xx Air Wing Charge
*  Blocked deep air hit -> any extremely fast move
The AI will attempt to beat these attacks (for example, with a Speed Kick) but
usually will not block them. If it has time to reset itself to deal with a
strange air attack, it may block correctly, so be fast.

*  Shadow Speed Kick
*  Spike Charge
*  Shadow Thrust Attack
*  Jet Swoop
*  Rising Blade
*  Projectiles (Concussion Cannon, Ball Lightning)
*  Slides (Katana, Flail, or Chronos db+K)
*  Swinging Chains
*  Earthquake Smash (special case: AI will always jump)
The AI will block or beat these attacks correctly, but usually will not punish
them during recovery, allowing them to be safely abused.

When the AI is attempting to throw you, it is very single-minded about it; in
fact, it will often run into high-priority attacks repeatedly until it resets
itself or gets close enough to throw you. Be careful, though, as the AI will
throw from maximum range every time, even on the lowest difficulty.

                           |III. THE ROBOTS|


Assuming you are facing right:

ub  u  uf
   | /
b---n---f   Punch
  / |      Kick
db  d  df

P/K  = Tap P or K, respectively
->   = One after the other (may also be written ',')
+    = At the same time
qcf  = quarter circle forward (df,f)
qcb  = quarter circle backward (db,b)
hcf  = half circle forward (db,d,df,f)
hcb  = half circle backward (df,d,db,b)
xx   = cancel (during previous move's animation)

Each move in OMF can be classified according to its type. For the most part,
jab attacks are Light AR, strong attacks are Medium AR, fierce attacks are
Medium, and low kicks are Low. However, there are plenty of exceptions, so I'll
list everything. If you're confused about, say, the difference between a Medium
and a Light move, here's the list:

Light:   Never causes wall hit
Medium:  Causes wall hit in Powerplant arena only
Heavy:   Causes wall hit in all arenas
Low:     Must be blocked low, never causes wall hit
Jump:    Must be blocked high, allows air recovery, rebounds on early air hit
Throw:   Unblockable, knocks down opponent, makes both players invincible
#1:      See note in each robot's movelist
KD:      Knocks down opponent
AR:      Allows air recovery
E0:      Requires Hyper Mode or 1st enhancement
E1:      Requires 1st enhancement
E2:      Requires 2nd enhancement
E3:      Requires 3rd enhancement
(air):   You must be jumping
(close): You must be within throw range
(wall):  The opponent must get pushed to the wall with this hit
(late):  You must hit late in the move animation
Shadow:  Goes through projectiles on startup


I'd love to be able to say that all robots are equal and no one move is better
than any other in all cases, but I would be wrong. Like every fighting game,
there are some things hands-down better than others. Remember, this is largely
dependent on skill: a good Shadow player can beat a Gargoyle but he could have
won the match much more easily with a different bot. Also, feel free to argue
with my opinions, as other experienced 2097 players have generally given higher
rankings to poke-oriented bots like Electra and Nova as opposed to combo-heavy
bots like Shredder and Chronos.


Top Tier

*  Gargoyle: He owns the air with his controllable jump and special move
cancel (Rising Talon -> Wing Charge -> Diving Claw). That same chain produces
stupidly easy instant kill combos. Wing Charge and some high-priority fast
normals give him a good ground game too. He can't really mix it up, but he
doesn't need to; you can't stop him anyway.

*  Katana: Using just his normal moves, Katana is a defensive powerhouse with
up-close options most of the cast wish they had. With Rising Blade to get him
out of any tight spot guaranteed and extend his combo prowess, it's hard for
him to lose. Katana is only vulnerable against opponents who can put themselves
at the perfect range to exploit the Blade, and that doesn't happen often.

Upper Tier

*  Shredder: The refugee from a much more advanced game, Shredder is unsafe
and awful without high agility, but a skilled player can pull off some ugly
mindgames leading to his versatile 100% combos. Being virtually the only one
with a dash or a powerful anti-air

*  Chronos: The only bot who will actually use every move in his arsenal.
Chronos lacks anti-air options, but his insane ground game makes up for it.
He can go on the offense or just run away with special moves, and did I mention
his projectile gives him the kill when it hits?

*  Electra: The priority king. It's not necessarily harder to win with Electra
than with his top/upper-tier friends, it just takes longer. Let's put it this
way: Electra has so much range and priority that he can out-poke Chronos, out-
range Katana, and defend against Shredder. He just can't get lucky and win the
round, that's all.

Middle Tier

*  Jaguar: Everyone knows Jag's tricks, and they're pretty boring, but darned
effective too. His lack of substantive normal moves is what keeps him from
really being competitive against the top dogs, except against Gargoyle and
Electra, where the Overhead Throw comes in way more handy than it should.

*  Pyros: He would be good if only all his moves weren't either slow as
molasses or stupidly punishable when blocked. He can only do damage up close,
and only use his moves effectively from afar, so he has to rely on Jet Swoop,
which gets owned by most of the top tier.

Low Tier

*  Flail: Flail is a one-trick pony, just like Jaguar. Unfortunately, Spinning
Chains works only against the rest of the low tier. A truly good Flail player
can abuse Spinning Throw and jumpkick to garner some wins, but Flail just has
to get lucky too many times to win.

*  Thorn: Thorn has amazing special moves and can even get off a few instant
kills every once in a while. Unfortunately, he's too unsafe to rely only on
the specials, and he doesn't have an arsenal of normal moves to fall back on.

*  Nova: Nova is a very intimidating boss robot, but in the hands of mere
mortals, he's just a big, slow, weak character with a couple good normal moves.
Like Flail, he mostly preys upon people smaller and weaker than he is.

*  Shadow: How can someone with the easiest instant kills in the game be at
the bottom? Same reason Zangief can still lose in Street Fighter: actually
landing those crucial kills requires you to put yourself on the line early
and often. Just remember to block low and get in his face, and Shadow won't
be able to give you trouble.


Most of the reasons some bots are better than others don't change when you get
tourny mode's stat increases, but some of them do. Here's a rundown:

Top Tier

*  Gargoyle: As if Wing Charge needed to be any faster. He still owns the air,
he can still do painful combos, he's still the best.

*  Electra: His only problem was dealing damage, and now he's got that too.
He still outprioritizes everyone, and he's a lot safer since his normal moves
got sped up.

*  Jaguar: He goes from a throw-centered bot to a combo-happy leaping nightmare
who can abuse his specials with little fear of retaliation and dish out damage
any time he wants. Did I mention he has real combos now?

Middle Tier

*  Katana: Unless you've grabbed a fireball from a user-created tournament,
Katana takes ages to beat someone. He can still get out of jail free with
Rising Blade, but he can't win with it, and his normal moves aren't enough
to put him in the stratosphere.

*  Flail: Like Jag, his specials are beefed up to do damage like they used to
and his normal moves really needed the extra speed tourny mode provides. He
still has problems with getting slide kicked, but that's it.

*  Nova: The guy was never intended to be used apart from tourny mode in the
first place, and it shows. Here's where he shines, fast and big enough to
outpoke everyone else safely, and finally able to do real combos.

Low Tier

*  Chronos: His combos take a real hit with the increased agility of his
opponents, and his own Air Matter Phasing isn't as useful with his own agility.

*  Shredder: When a bot depends on combos and a handful of combo starters, and
tournament mode takes away the combos (decreased air combo effectiveness for
higher agility and removed Flying Hands infinite), there's not much left other
than Flip Kick and headbutt abuse. If I wanted those, I'd be using Electra.

*  Thorn: Like Katana, Thorn depends on powerful single hits and complicated
air combos, neither of which work well in tournament mode. Unlike Katana, Thorn
doesn't have good normals to fall back on without them.

*  Pyros: When the incredible damage he deals is no longer a factor, he's just
a bad character. All his advantages are gone.

*  Shadow: Now that Shadow Punch can be punished when blocked and it's harder
to set up the Shadow Kick and Grab infinites, he's even weaker. 'Nuff said.


Surprisingly, most of the bots who are good because they have incredible rehit
combos are also good because they don't need to land that combo to win. Of
course, Shredder and Chronos get knocked down a peg or two, and Nova's a lot
more competitive when the damage gap between him and the rest of the cast isn't
so large, but generally the weak just get weaker. You'd think Shadow would be
better because he can do his infinite without rehit mode, but now he has even
more trouble stunning the opponent to get there, so he's not.



The Jaguar may be the starting bot, but he's not very good as an introduction to
the game. He's heavily reliant on his special moves and comboing off his throw,
so he requires a lot of precision to play properly. The strategy guide quotes
him as being easy to learn, which is true: easy to learn but hard to master. He
is, however, extremely annoying to fight against when done right, even doing
fairly well against Gargoyle (use Overhead Throw to make Garg's anti-air whiff).


MOVE NAME               | COMMAND     | DMG.     | TYPE
Jump Punch              | (air) P     | 12.5     | Light Jump
Jump Kick               | (air) K     | 12.5     | Medium Jump
Jab                     | P           | 4        | Light AR
Fierce                  | b+P         | 11       | Medium AR
Forward                 | K           | 11       | Medium AR
Roundhouse              | b+K         | 17.5     | Heavy
Low Jab                 | df+P        | 4        | Light AR
Low Strong              | d+P         | 11       | Medium AR
Low Fierce              | db+P        | 17.5     | Medium KD
Low Short               | df+K        | 5        | Low
Low Forward             | d+K         | 11       | Low
Sweep                   | db+K        | 17.5     | Low KD
Jaguar Leap             | qcf+P       | 15       | Medium KD
Shadow Jaguar Leap      | hcf+P       | 15+15    | Medium (KD on 2nd hit)
Air Jaguar Leap         | (air) qcf+P | 15       | Medium KD E0
Concussion Cannon       | qcb+P       | 13       | Medium
Super Concussion Cannon | qcb+P       | 10+13+13 | Medium E1
Overhead Throw          | (air) d+P   | 25       | Heavy KD
Suplex                  | (close) f+P | 22.5     | Light Throw

Scrap: d,d,u+P
Destruction: d,u+K before 1st hit
Fire & Ice: u,d+K during 1st hit

Notes: The Concussion Cannon can be directed with the arrow keys with Hyper
Mode on. The Super Concussion Cannon hits once with Jag's head and twice
with the projectiles. The 2nd enhancement adds an extra projectile to the
Super Concussion Cannon. The Overhead Throw is invincible to high or jump

Forward Speed: 5
Back Speed: 4
Jump Speed: 14.5
Fall Speed: 1.15
Armor: 100
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Standard jab. Quite fast, chains into roundhouse.

b+P: Fierce. Jag sticks one arm way out. Misleading command, as this "fierce
punch" is actually on par with anyone else's strong: medium speed, medium
damage, and good range. It hits very high, making it useful as anti-air
(especially early) or in combos.

K: Forward. Jag kicks the opponent in the stomach with his toe. Really quite
useless, as there's nothing this move does that low strong doesn't do better.
Doesn't combo into anything.

b+K: Roundhouse. Jag does a roundhouse kick to the opponent's head. The
ultimate newbie move, it's a lot less useful than it looks. It's very fast, has
mad priority, and has good range against tall characters - but it's unsafe if
it's blocked, whiffed, or even hits (except with the very tip). Thus, use only
in tourny mode or to finish off someone.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Jag's low jab hits higher than most, making it useful for
stuffing an opponent's moves. It also links to jagleap or low kicks up close.

d+P: Low strong. Jag sticks his arm out straight forward. Standard poke, kind
of slow but good priority compared to his other normals, plus very safe. Chains
into low roundhouse.

db+P: Jag does a slow uppercut. Low fierce, useful for anti-air or weird
combos. Does a lot of damage, hits fast, and stays low to the ground but has
horrible recovery. Use only when you're sure it'll hit.

df+K: Low short, decent speed but not all that useful. Because its range is so
bad, you can actually use it to whiff (the opponent blocks low) and walk up,

d+K: Same animation as low short. Low forward, hard to connect with because
it's slow and small but chains into a jagleap at close range. Your basic mixup
with jagleap and throw.

db+K: Sweep, one of Jag's few really good moves. Chains into low jab or low
strong for some weird reason, meaning it starts air juggles (Jag's only way to
do damage) at close range. Fast for a sweep and knocks down, plus ducks low
enough to go underneath most stuff. Unfortunately, wakeup games aren't all that
great in this game, but at least it lets you establish your prime range.

Special Moves

qcf+P: Jag Leap. High priority, knocks down, doable in air, moves Jag forward
quite a bit, but it DOES have some startup and lots of recovery. If it hits
very late, it starts combos. Not a good move to use at close range, as random
normals will stuff it, but your key tool at midrange to threaten opponents who
try and zone you.

hcf+P: Shadow Jag Leap. Basically the leap, but twice. Passes through the
opponent (and projectiles) at close range, but still has startup, so use it
with caution. Mad range to punish those who jump away or fireball you.

qcb+P: Concussion Cannon. The best projectile outside of Katana's secret
Fireball. You can control its speed so it always hits meaty on wakeup, its
altitude so it can't be ducked, or both to beat jump-ins from long range.
Throwing cannons over and over at full screen is a really ghetto tactic, but it
works. Chains into any jagleap, links into roundhouse.

(close) f+P: Throw. Arguably the best throw in the game, it reverses position
with the opponent and lets you juggle with literally anything. Abuse this move,
especially when your back is to the wall. Ghetto setup: Empty jump (or whiff an
attack) over the head of a cornered opponent and throw immediately upon landing
if they don't walk or jump away. If they do, your leap will probably stuff
anything they try.

Jumping Moves

P: Jag sticks his arm out at a moderate angle. Really generic. No reason to use
or not use it.

K: Jag sticks a leg out, Ryu-style. Good angle, good range, decent speed. This
is the jump-in Jag should be using. Combos at any range. Use it late in your
jump to keep the threat of Overhead Throw open.

d+P: Overhead Throw. One of the best moves in the game, period. Invincible to
high moves on startup, hits in a circle around him, always causes a wall hit,
does plenty of damage. Use the threat of an Overhead Throw to prevent an
opponent from trying to attack you in the air, as it'll beat basically anything
they do. It even passes right through Gargoyle's Rising Talon if your timing is
right! Plus, it's safe when blocked really low to the ground. Mix up the timing
to prevent anti-airs.

qcf+P: Air Jag Leap. Good if it hits, not if it misses. You can often catch
opponents by surprise by using it as air-to-air, since your opponents will
likely be trying to air-to-air from out of Overhead Throw range.


Instant Kill Combo
(close, wall) f+P -> d+K -> d+P -> df+P -> P -> b+P -> K -> db+P. Repeat.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
qcb+P -> b+K (hcf+P if close)

Meaty Moves
db+P (late) -> df+P -> juggle
qcf+P (late) -> df+P -> juggle

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels
(close) P -> b+K
d/df+P -> d/df+K
(close) d/df+K -> qcf+P
(close) df+P -> qcf+P
db+K -> d/df+P
qcb+P -> qcf/hcf+P
qcf+P -> (air) qcf+P (E1)
hcf+P -> (air) K (E1)
(air) qcf+P -> (air) d+P (E2)

Basic Combos:

*  (air) K -> d+K -> qcf+P
Really basic. If you hit deep with the jump attack, add df+P before d+K.

*  (air) K -> db+K -> df+P -> air juggle
At long range, the df+P won't connect, so chain into d+P instead, which is
reasonably safe. If you want to get fancy, you can do db+K, d+P, df+P, juggle.

*  (air, late) K -> qcb+P -> hcf+P
Harder than it looks, doesn't work in the corner. Jumpkick not necessary for the
shadow leap to connect. If you want to be an overachiever, do db+P instead of
the last hit and juggle combo.

*  (close) f+P -> df+P -> uf,d+P
Basic throw combo. Add low short and standing jab as necessary, and as always,
high jumping (d,uf,d+P) increases your chances of success against fast guys.

*  (close, wall) f+P -> df+P -> b+P -> b+K
Basic wall throw combo. As usual, air juggles can be extended with more jabs,
db+P, etc. under the right conditions.

*  (air) K -> qcb+P -> qcf+P -> (air) qcf+P -> (air) d+P
Standard 2-enhancement combo. If you're fast you can whiff the last hit, land,
and juggle.

*  (air) K -> qcb+P -> hcf+P -> (air) K
Standard 1-enhancement combo. Be sure to do the kick as early as possible. If
you're fast you can connect df+P after the last hit and juggle.

*  (close) f+P -> P -> qcf+P
Standard tourny mode throw combo, since Overhead Throw doesn't power up with
the rest of your stuff in tourny mode. Sometimes you can juggle afterwards.
With enhancements, include your favorite modified Leap instead.

Tricky Combos:

*  (close) f+P -> jabs -> qcb+P -> hcf+P
The opponent is supposed to recover after the jabs (adjust number and kind for
your opponent) and then get smacked by a projectile, resetting damage scaling.

*  (air) d+P -> d,uf,P -> P -> b+P -> d,uf,d+P
Double Overhead Throw combo. Throw them with your back to the corner so you
have time to jump after them.

*  (close) f+P -> df+P -> uf,d+P -> uf,P -> P -> b+P -> b+K
Style points AND massive damage: how's that for a great combo? Start with the
opposite of a wall throw (the opponent is against the wall), follow up with a
crouching jab and immediate Overhead Throw, then nail them with the punch just
before they hit the wall. If you hit with the jump punch too soon, you'll
backflip and end the combo. Fast pilot, slow opponent, speed turned way
down... good luck!



Shadow is in a tier by himself, at the bottom. Yes, he has a guaranteed kill
once he stuns you or hits you with a Shadow Grab, and Shadow Kick infinite is
as good as anyone else's corner combos. Unfortunately, he gets punished for
trying to do those things, and he has literally nothing else to fall back on.
From the strategy guide, it's clear that Shadow was intended to be a "skill
character" with crazy (but hard) combos and judiciously applied special moves.
Since those combos flat-out don't work and the specials all telegraph
themselves, it takes way more skill than the developers anticipated.


Jump Punch      | (air) P     | 10   | Light Jump
Jump Kick       | (air) K     | 12.5 | Medium Jump
Jab             | f+P         | 4    | Light AR
Strong          | P           | 11   | Medium AR
Fierce          | b+P         | 14   | Medium AR
Short           | f+K         | 6    | Light AR
Forward         | K           | 11   | Medium AR
Roundhouse      | b+K         | 16   | Medium KD
Low Jab         | df+P        | 4    | Light AR
Low Strong      | d+P         | 11   | Medium AR
Low Fierce      | db+P        | 14   | Medium AR
Low Short       | df+K        | 6    | Low
Low Forward     | d+K         | 10   | Low
Sweep           | db+K        | 15   | Low KD
Shadow Punch    | qcb+P       | 15   | #1 Medium KD
Shadow Kick     | qcb+K       | 15   | #1 Low KD
Shadow Grab     | d,d+P       | 0    | #1 #2
Air Shadow Grab | (air) qcb+P | 0    | #1 #2 E1
Shadow Dive     | (air) qcf+P | 15   | #1 Medium KD
Ice Freeze      | hcb+P       | 5    | #3 E3
Kick Throw      | (close) f+P | 22.5 | Heavy Throw

Scrap: b,f,uf,u,ub,b+P
Destruction: d,d,d+P during 5th hit
Fire & Ice: d,d,d+P during 6th hit

#1: "Shadows" disappear after any animation they do is completed, or when their
owner blocks or is hit. They can be hit: all hit effects are transferred to the
original Shadow, while the "shadow" goes into an air-hit animation. They count
as projectiles, and special grab-type moves act as 0 damage hits on them.
#2: Unblockable; grabs while coming down. A grabbed opponent cannot be thrown
    or Shadow Grabbed. Can grab an opponent in air hitstun in Rehit Mode.
    In versions before 2.0, hits for 10 damage while coming up and un-stuns a
    stunned opponent when grabbing them.
#3: Hits low; freezes opponent on hit. A frozen opponent cannot be thrown or
    Shadow Grabbed. Another Ice Freeze unfreezes the opponent.

Notes: The 2nd enhancement makes the Shadow Punch and Shadow Kick faster and
more powerful. The 3rd enhancement can only be obtained by Nicoli in the North
American Open.

Forward Speed: 4.7
Back Speed: 3.9
Jump Speed: 13.5
Fall Speed: 0.95
Armor: 95
Stun Res: 22.5


Normal Moves

f+P: Jab. Shadow sticks his arm all the way out, meaning this move could have
great anti-air and anti-high poke potential. Unfortunately, it's slower than it
looks, severely limiting its usefulness. Chains into itself.

P: Strong. Same as a jab, but slower and bigger. While this move is nothing to
write home about, you'll probably end up using it because Shadow doesn't have
anything better to poke high with. Chains into itself or jab, but doesn't combo.

b+P: Fierce. Shadow punches with both arms. Ironically, this move is basically
a bigger, slower version of his strong punch. You'd think it would have good
priority or chain into something, but it doesn't.

f+K: Short. Shadow kicks the opponent's shins. Again, if it weren't so darned
slow it would be great at stuffing crouching attacks, and at least it can
occasionally do that. Chains into itself.

K: Forward. The usual: Bigger and slower version of the short. Absolutely
useless except in combos, since it chains into sweep.

b+K: Roundhouse. Shadow kicks his foot up at a 45-degree angle. I've tried
desperately to find a use for this move, because it's so cool. The best I can
come up with is that it's not that bad at close range: fairly fast, good anti-
air, knocks down. If you let his foot fully extend, though, the move is a joke.
Doesn't chain or start juggles or anything, except really close against a wall.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. I know I tell you to use low punches in every one of these, but
with Shadow you really have to do it, because it's literally his only fast
move. df+P is as fast as anything else on the market, and for an added bonus,
chains into the other low punches. Unfortunately, its horrible range means it's
basically to keep the opponent marginally off you. Don't even try to poke with
it, as bots with low-attack stuffers (like, umm, all the top tiers) will own

d+P: Low strong. Slower and bigger than low jab, but only one frame slower,
meaning it still combos into itself. Mashing d+P in a combo is often Shadow's
only way to stun the opponent, which means this move is relatively good.

db+P: Low fierce. Like most of his other stuff, this move would be really cool
if it had any priority whatsoever, comboed into or out of anything, or was
fast. It's none of those. Stick with your low strong, kids.

df+K: Low short. May combo into itself, I don't remember. In any case, this is
a gimpy low kick with absolutely no worth considering Shadow actually has good
low moves that aren't this one.

d+K: Low forward. A slower version of the worst low short in the game, this
move is in the running for game's worst move, right up there with Thorn's
roundhouse. It's useful only in combos against a stunned opponent, because it
chains into K or d+P.

db+K: Sweep. A really amazing move. Unpunishable except at close range, fast, 
ducks a lot of moves, loads of priority, juggles at close range. 
Unfortunately, Shadow can't use this move to its full potential, because he has such trouble
getting to close range, and when there, he has to worry about it being blocked.
Plus, Shadow Kick is so good that you don't want your opponent reminded he
should be blocking low.

Special Moves

qcb+P: Shadow Punch. Shadow exudes a shadow which rushes up and uppercuts the
opponent. Unpunishable against slow pilots, juggles, hits people who try to
jump over the expected Shadow Kick, yada yada yada. Good on wakeup, but this
move hits HIGH, so it gets stuffed by every low jab in the game. Since low jab
is often the fastest, safest move a character has, this makes it basically a
"please hit me for piddly damage" move except in very specific situations. Like
all shadow attacks, it can be hit as if it were you, and it's really slow with
a special "powering up" animation, which is bad. Very bad. Hey, I wish Shadow
could actually do that uppercut HIMSELF. It'd be better than his fierce punch.

qcb+K: The infamous Shadow Kick, aka Shadow Slide (because the shadow slides
along the ground, leg and arm out). Another one of Shadow's really good moves
(scratch that, the second one), this one is basically instantaneous after the
powering up, has buckets of priority, goes extremely fast, and juggles.
Unfortunately, you're in for a world of pain when it's blocked, and it won't
connect if you're both in the corner. Be very careful with this move: it could
win you the round or get you stunned.

d,d+P: Shadow Grab. Goes straight up but doesn't hit anything except another
Shadow Grab, then comes down behind the opponent and grabs them in a special
animation during which they recover stun but are putty in your hands. If you
grab a stunned opponent, they STAY stunned, meaning you can grab, punch, over
and over until they die. It has way more vertical and forward range than it
looks like, and it's practically a free win for you, but it gets stuffed by
anything that hits behind you... or pretty much anything that throws off the
opponent's horizontal position (including making the opponent block). If you
block anything, it disappears, which is bad. Did I mention it's really slow?
The only known way to re-stand a falling opponent in a combo.

(close) f+P: Throw. Shadow does Ryu's classic leg throw from Street Fighter,
sending the opponent sailing to the opposite wall. Or rather, he probably can't
even throw them that far. Quite a bad throw, since you can't combo after it or
even follow it up, it's so slow.

hcb+P: Ice Freeze. Third enhancement required. Why this move isn't qcf+P is
beyond me. Practice this move until you don't get random Shadow Punches,
anyhow. Quite good, actually. Shadow throws ice along the floor. If it hits you
or the wall, it bursts up in an ice attack that hits low and freezes the
opponent for a few seconds. It's like a Shadow Kick that doesn't get you
horribly punished, plus it does chip damage. Usually forces people to jump.
Unfortunately, Shadow doesn't have a way to punish said jumping, except for
your enhanced Shadow Punch.

Jumping Moves

P: Another very respectable move. Shadow punches downward. The DE team, in
their attempt to play with our minds, has made this move actually a good air-to-
air attack, able to beat high-priority stuff like Razor Spin on a regular
basis. Its angle means it's also good for jumping in. Whether it works against
the anti-air most of the rest of the cast enjoys (but you, of course, do not)
is another matter.

K: Shadow kicks upward. Another move that in a well-balanced game would have a
use, like air-to-air or insane speed or crossup ability or... you get the
picture. It's really just a bad move, though. Note that you can use it to jump
in because it hits all the way up into his inner thigh, but you might as well
just punch instead.

qcf+P: Shadow Dive. Shadow creates a shadow that dives downward at an angle
with a punch. Totally safe when blocked, but not while you're drifting to the
ground after it finishes. Also surprisingly slow, given that some bots (Garg)
have blazingly fast air-to-ground attacks. Knocks down, at least. Good for
keeping you in the air to avoid a hazard or a Stasis Activator or something,
but that's it.

qcb+P: Air Shadow Grab. Second enhancement required. Unlike Shadow Dive, this
one is instant, and since you can use it at the top of the screen, it's quite
fast. If Shadow had this as a normal move, he could quite possibly use it to
set up Shadow Grab traps. Unfortunately, he doesn't, except if you turn on that
option in multiplayer. And if you do, the opponent can counter-character you
(and anyone else) with Jag. :-P


Instant Kill Combo #1
qcb+K or (wall) qcb+P -> qcb+P/qcb+K x5. Repeat.
Depending on the opponent, you can be closer or further away when you do this,
and you'll need various combinations of punches and kicks to juggle correctly.
You can also just Shadow Kick forever if your timing is right.

Instant Kill Combo #2
(stunned opponent) d,d+P -> any non-special move(s). Repeat.

Instant Kill Combo #3
(wall) qcb+P -> qcb+P or qcb+K x5

Instant Kill Combo #4
f+K, walk forward, repeat.
Only for tournament mode with full leg speed and agility. Stupidly easy.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
d+P -> df+P -> df+P -> d+P

Meaty Moves
b+K (late) -> df+P -> juggle
b+P (late) -> b+K

Chain Combos (almost all must be close)
P -> P
d/df+P -> d/df+P
d/df+P -> K
df+P -> db+K
b+P -> d/df+P
d+P <-> d+K
K <-> d+K
K -> db+K
d+K -> d/df+P
Shadow Punch/Kick/Grab -> Shadow Punch/Kick/Grab (may not combo)

Basic Combos:

*  (air) P -> db+K -> df+P -> juggle
If you're jumping in deep, put in K before db+K. Air juggles vary but should
end with b+K, jumpkick, or Shadow Kick infinite (for the kill).

*  (air, close, wall) P -> d+K -> df+P -> db+K -> df+P -> f+P -> uf,K
If you're low on agility, omit the first df+P or end with b+K after jumpkick.
Yes, I know it's hard, but it can actually stun them, so stop whining.

*  (close) qcb+P/qcb+K -> df+P -> b+K
Free damage if you don't think you'll be able to start the infinite.

Tricky Combos:

*  d,d+P -> db+K -> hcb+P -> (air) K -> db+K -> df+P -> f+P -> P -> [qcb+K] xN
Trickiest shot ever. No sane opponent will ever let you pull off a close-range
Shadow Grab like that, but if they do, watch out! You must be in the corner
by the jumpkick, but you can push your Grabbed opponent to either corner.

*  d,d+P -> qcb+K -> (air) P -> db+K -> juggle combo
Depending on the opponent's agility and HAR, you can use different juggles after
the db+K launches. A df+P is a great opening move, but under optimal conditions
you can land another db+K and then df+P, or a more powerful starter like K/d+K.



Thorn's movelist is peppered with amazing moves and horrible ones. He's got a
lot of options the other lower-ranked bots don't, like anti-air, safe pokes,
long-range attacks and useful special moves. He's even difficult to combo. So
how could he possibly be bad? Only one move - low jab - bridges the gulf
between his fast but unsafe specials and his big slow power moves. Thorn also
has range problems: he has lots of stuff to use beyond the reach of most bots,
and a couple for point-blank range, but at that crucial midrange where Katana
and Chronos and Electra operate, he has to rely on low jab again.


MOVE NAME           | COMMAND          | DMG.   | TYPE
Jump Punch          | (air) P          | 12.5   | Medium Jump
Jump Kick           | (air) K          | 12.5   | Medium Jump
Jab                 | f+P              | 5      | Light AR
Strong              | P                | 12.5   | Medium AR
Fierce              | b+P              | 16     | Medium
Forward             | K                | 11     | Medium AR
Roundhouse          | b+K              | 17.5   | Heavy KD
Low Jab             | df+P             | 4.5    | Light AR
Low Strong          | d+P              | 12.5   | Medium AR
Low Fierce          | db+P             | 16     | Medium KD
Low Short           | df+K             | 5      | Low
Low Forward         | d+K              | 11     | Low
Sweep               | db+K             | 15     | Low KD
Spike Charge        | f,f+P            | 1+22.5 | Heavy (Throw on 2nd hit)
Speed Kick          | qcf+K            | 10     | Medium KD
Shadow Speed Kick   | hcf+K            | 10+10  | Light (KD on 2nd hit)
Air Speed Kick      | (air) qcf+K      | 10     | Medium KD E0
Off-Wall Attack     | (air, wall) df+K | 16     | Light KD AR
Air Off-Wall Attack | (air) qcb+K      | 16     | Light KD AR E2
Alley Oop           | (close) f+P      | 22.5   | Heavy Throw

Scrap: b,b,f+P
Destruction: u,d+P during 1st hit
Fire & Ice: u,u,d+P during 2nd hit

Notes: The Spike Charge will automatically trigger when hit by a low attack and
the 1st enhancement makes it faster. The second hit of the Spike Charge does not
count as a combo with the first hit, but it is unescapable.

Forward Speed: 5
Back Speed: 4
Jump Speed: 14.5
Fall Speed: 1.15
Armor: 105
Stun Res: 27.5


f+P: Jab using Thorn's elbow spike. The weird hitbox and lack of range and
comboability means it's useful only in combos. You can't even fake into throw
with it.

P: Strong punch to an opponent's midsection. Has way more priority than it
should, and it's completely safe, but near-zero range. Use in footsies games,
obviously, or just whiff to create the impression that you're vulnerable.

b+P: Fierce. Fairly slow, but links to Spike Charge for good damage. I haven't
really played around with this move enough to know how good it is.

f+K: Short kick, hits midlevel with plenty of range. A safe way to stuff low
pokes, but Thorn's hitbox is so huge during the move it's not very effective
against anything else.

K: A slower, more damaging version of f+K. Useful only because it links into
Speed Kick / Spike Charge at close range, despite appearances. Use in ambiguous
crossup situations, as it'll likely at least trade with their move.

b+K: Roundhouse kick, Thorn stands on his hands and does a double-footed kick.
Has my vote for the worst move in the game. I'm not kidding. Not only is it
overshadowed by Speed Kick, it's too slow to be of any use at all.

df+P: Low jab. Fast, safe, chains to itself, plenty of priority, and has more
range than you'll ever need. If Jesus had a low jab, this would be it.

d+P: Low strong. Thorn does an uppercut with both his elbow spikes. The middle-
of-the-road option, with the speed of low jab and the anti-air capability of
low fierce. Not a bad move, but not an amazing one either, mostly just to tack
on some more damage after a low jab connects.

db+P: Low fierce. Low strong, but slower, bigger, and knocks down (juggles, in
fact, under the right circumstances). Surprisingly good anti-air, especially
since Thorn crouches quite low during startup. However, it's slow and unsafe
when blocked (except on wakeup). It's not likely to beat anything Speed Kick
won't, but what it will beat, it can punish for a whole lot of damage.

df+K: Low short. Thorn sticks a foot out with slightly less range than his low
jab. Since it doesn't combo into anything, it's really just to annoy people.

d+K: Same drill as everything else: a slower and thus less useful df+K.

db+K: Sweep. Thorn's sweep has loads of range. Because it takes so long for
Thorn's leg to extend, it's super-slow, but starts hitting at normal sweep
range just as fast as everyone else's sweep. Thus, this is a very versatile
move. It's great for restricting the opponent's movement at long range, and
fast enough to be a nice surprise every once in a while at close range. Just
make sure it doesn't whiff.


qcf+K: Speed Kick, one of the best moves in the game. Great priority, works
well as anti-air, knocks down, perfectly safe when whiffed or blocked late,
combo starter when it hits late, doable in air for a good (if slow) combo-
starting dive attack. Basically, if the opponent twitches, throw out all that
stuff in the above sections about poking and Speed Kick it for more damage and
a free knockdown. Other OMF experts believe this move is better as a midrange
poke than as anti-air.

hcf+K: Shadow Speed Kick, a very inconsistent move. If you're lucky, it hits
twice and starts a juggle combo, or hits twice and knocks down. If you're
unlucky, the second hit whiffs entirely and you die. Mad range, though, making
it a great way to get close.

(jump into wall) df+P: Off-Wall Attack, a horizontal diving thingy that would
be really awesome if it had any priority. Juggles, sometimes even safe when
blocked, full-screen range, weird angle so anti-airs have trouble against it,
makes a great overhead when you're cornered, but that's it.

f,f+P: Spike Charge. Thorn rushes forward with shadows behind him and attempts
to throw the opponent. This move has extremely weird invincibility properties:
it goes through projectiles on startup, it can't be hit by low kicks, and it
will sometimes beat all other ground attacks for no apparent reason. Think of
it as a Speed Kick for low or slow attacks. If you're a fast pilot, it will
also catch whiffed moves from beyond Speed Kick range, or opponents jumping
away. However, it's extremely unsafe. Try using it as a round opener against
overly aggressive opponents.

(close) f+P: Throw. Not a very good throw, looks just like the second part of
his Spike Charge. Still, Thorn can effectively create the fear of a Speed Kick
or Spike Charge to land a few throws over the course of a match.


P: Thorn extends both spikes forward. Air-to-air, if you don't want to risk an
air Speed Kick.

K: Jumpkick with loads of range that also hits with Thorn's entire back leg,
making it the perfect crossup. Of course, Thorn can't really take advantage of
this because of his limited ground combos, but that doesn't mean it's not a
great move.

qcf+K: Air Speed Kick. Very good anti-air, keeps you airborne for a while to
avoid hazards or grab the fireball in the Fire Pit, and starts crazy juggles if
it hits on the way down. I love this move, but it's really really slow.


Instant Kill Combo #1
(air) qcf+K -> df+P -> f+P -> qcf+K -> db+P -> d+P -> K. Repeat.

Instant Kill Combo #2
f,f+P -> df+P, repeat
Only with full agility and 1 enhancement against a zero-agility pilot.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
b+P -> f,f+P

Meaty Moves
(late) db+P -> air juggle

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels
df+P -> d/df+P
(close) df+P -> f,f+P
(close) df+P -> qcf/hcf+K
b+P -> df+P
b+P -> f,f+P
b+P -> qcf/hcf+K
(close) K -> qcf/hcf+K
qcf+K -> (air) qcf+K (2nd enhancement)

*  (air) K -> b+P -> f,f+P
Actually does more damage than comboing into Shadow Speed Kick. Be careful,
though, as it will un-stun the opponent under some conditions.

*  qcf+K variant (late) -> qcf+K
If Thorn hits with his feet, you can tack on another Speed Kick hit. If you're
fast or against a wall, add df+P between the hits or go for an extended juggle
involving lots of jabs and strongs to get the Speed Kick to hit as high up as
possible, then d+P/db+P/b+P on the way down.

*  hcf+K (wall, late) -> f,f+P
Surprisingly, this doesn't require any agility on your part or the opponent's.
The Spike Charge will catch the opponent at the last possible moment for a
strange-looking, but very powerful, combo. If you're an agile pilot, you can
start this from a late Air Speed Kick as well.

*  (air, late) qcf+K -> db+P -> d+P -> qcf+K xx qcf+K
If you've got the second enhancement, you've likely got enough speed in
Tournament mode to make use of this combo. Easy to perform, and looks cool to



Pyros is a classic example of a good concept done wrong. He has lots of armor,
but is also easy to combo on. He can choose either punches (high damage) or
kicks (high priority), he has lots of air attacks and a light enough weight to
get to use them often, and he chews up an opponent's stun bar with ease. So how
could he go wrong? Pyros has a move for almost any situation, but each of his
moves is appropriate for only one situation. Guess wrong and you'll get the
beatdown, it's that simple. Pyros only beats characters whose moves are weak
against his roundhouse: Flail, Shredder, Nova, Shadow.


MOVE NAME            | COMMAND     | DMG.  | TYPE
Jump Punch           | (air) P     | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jump Kick            | (air) K     | 10    | Light Jump
Jab                  | P           | 4     | Light AR
Fierce               | b+P         | 17.5  | Heavy
Forward              | K           | 10    | Light AR
Roundhouse           | b+K         | 15    | Medium AR
Low Jab              | df+P        | 4     | Light AR
Low Strong           | d+P         | 11    | Medium AR
Low Fierce           | db+P        | 17.5  | Heavy
Low Short            | df+K        | 3.5   | Low AR
Low Forward          | d+K         | 10    | Low AR
Low Roundhouse       | db+K        | 15    | Low KD
Super Thrust Attack  | f,f+P       | 15    | Medium KD
Shadow Thrust Attack | f,f,f+P     | 15    | Medium KD
Air Thrust Attack    | (air) f,f+P | 15    | Medium KD E0
Fire Spin            | d,P         | 15+15 | Medium KD
Super Fire Spin      | d,P         | 15x3  | Medium (KD on last 2 hits)
Air Fire Spin        | (air) d,P   | 15    | Light KD E0
Jet Swoop            | (air) d+K   | 17.5  | Medium KD AR
Pyros Barbecue       | (close) f+P | 22.5  | Light Throw

Scrap Part 1: f,f,d,d,P
Scrap Part 2: u+P at 4th hit
Destruction: d+P at 8th hit
Fire & Ice: u,d,d+P at 12th hit (very difficult)

Notes: The 1st enhancement makes the Super Thrust Attack faster; the 2nd
enhancement makes the Air Thrust Attack faster and turns the Fire Spin
into the Super Fire Spin. Pyros' kick attacks are not affected by the
pilot's agility.

Forward Speed: 4.3
Back Speed: 3.4
Jump Speed: 12.5
Fall Speed: 0.88
Armor: 110
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. Mercifully, Pyros has a decent jab. However, it doesn't do anything
except hit high and fast. The usual uses (like starting air juggles) apply. To
moves of which little is expected, little is given.

b+P: Fierce. Pyros delivers a standing uppercut. Like Nova's fierce, great for
punishing things but not a good poke. It's not even much of an anti-air. Your
opponent shouldn't realize you have a fierce until you kill them with it in a
huge combo.

K: Pyros shoots a small jet of flame at waist level. Like all Pyros' kick
attacks, it has priority over anything else, but the range and startup are so
bad it doesn't see much play.

b+K: Like K, but the flame is bigger and slower. This move is great for getting
someone off you: although it leaves you at a disadvantage even when it hits,
it's guaranteed to beat their shenanigans and push them back quite a bit. Stops
rushing attacks (including key moves like Katana's slide) cold. Use often.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Slow compared to other bots, but it's Pyros' fastest move, so
you may need to call upon it every once in a while (as Pyros is quite slow
generally). Chains into itself to create distance.

d+P: Low strong. Same animation as low jab, but slower and therefore worse.
This move is overshadowed by Pyros' other low moves in every way.

db+P: Low fierce. Pyros does a straight punch low to the ground with surprising
speed and power. Quite good, but watch out for its bad recovery. It chains into
another db+P or a special move up close. Will usually beat or trade in your
favor with most anti-low attacks because Pyros is so tall. Very powerful.

df+K: Low short. Slow as usual, but very safe with good range, and chains into itself. 
Use for random bits of damage (since Pyros has no good low moves) and to create the 
illusion of vulnerability.

d+K: Low forward, same animation as low short but slower and more powerful.
Useful in air combos, but that's it. If you wanted a slow flame attack, there
are plenty of better options.

db+K: Low roundhouse. The flames extend longer and are slower to come out than
Pyros' other low kicks. While it can sometimes take opponents by surprise and
works decently for punishing duckable moves, it's just far too slow to be good.

Special Moves

f,f+P: Thrust Attack. Pyros' "signature move" is actually quite bad unless you
have high agility: eminently punishable when blocked, not all that fast,
doesn't combo into anything, and will actually lose to good mid-hitting normals
like Gargoyle's f+K. You can't even use it as a fake, since it has recovery
when it whiffs. Avoid this move.

f,f,f+P: Super Thrust Attack. The useful version of the Thrust Attack, this
really IS the attack that defines a Pyros player. Why is it so much better? It
goes through projectiles, it's extremely fast once it gets going, and the
hitbox is so huge that it hits jumpers on their way up, crouchers, jumpers on
their way down (with the flames on Pyros' back), and everyone in between. It
doesn't have all that much priority per se, and it's the most easily punishable
move in the game, but it takes advantage of Pyros' size very well. Once you've
established your proper spacing, barrel through their whiffed move with this
and laugh. Also punishes a blocked Rising Blade or Shadow Rolling Thunder.

d,P: Fire Spin. The much-maligned Fire Spin has exactly one real advantage: it
hits twice for over 30% stun damage each. If it were near-instant, like most
other high-priority specials in the game, it would be Pyros' get out of jail
free card when he's getting rushed (it's quite difficult to punish when
blocked). Instead, use it as a protection against crossups / fake crossups.

(close) f+P: Throw. Pyros covers his opponent in flame, doubling his coolness
factor instantly as well as providing a combo opportunity second only to Jag's.
Unfortunately, Pyros is so slow he can't really take advantage of this
opportunity. You'll usually be throwing defensively.

Jumping Moves

P: Air-to-air. Pyros spreads out both his huge arms, and since Pyros doesn't
need agility, the trade with other air attacks will be in your favor. Although
it's really unsuited for jumping in, you'll have to try it occasionally as an
alternative to Jet Swoop.

K: Every OMF player yells at the computer in frustration the first time they
see Pyros jet AWAY from the opponent after a slow, unwieldy jumpkick, ending
their possibilities of a followup and earning them a quick ticket to being
juggled. Usable in very limited situations, such as running away.

f,f+P: Air Thrust Attack. Just as bad, plus it's airborne so you can be hit
by a jab -> air juggle in recovery. Use only as air-to-air when jump punch
would whiff, or to hit the Fire Pit fireball.

d,P: Air Fire Spin. Hits only once and knocks down. Again, only for use when
you really need to stop your trajectory dead (i.e. versus hazards, or Matter
Phasing). If you need to avoid something, jumpkick is usually safer.

d+K: Jet Swoop. Pyros' best attack. Robots without an anti-air (and even some
who have one, like Thorn) are at Pyros' mercy when you abuse this attack. Be
sure to aim it so it hits the opponent's knees, so it's safe and juggles into
db+P for loads of damage. You can use it close to the ground as a glorified
overhead, but that's dangerous. Stick to using it to punish whiffed moves.


Instant Kill Combo
(wall) uf,d+K -> uf,d+K -> d+K -> df+P -> f+P -> f,f,f+P. Repeat.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
b+P -> b+P -> db+P

Chain Combos
b+P -> b/db+P
b/db+P -> f,f/f,f,f+P
(close) b/db+P -> d,P
(close) df+P -> df+P
df+K -> df+K

Basic Combos:

*  (close) f+P -> K -> b+K
Standard throw combo if all you need is damage. If you want positioning, just
Thrust Attack after the throw instead, maybe adding a small juggle beforehand.

*  (air) P -> b+P -> d,P
Instant stun combo. Against a wall, an immediate df+P may juggle after the Fire
Spin ends, from which you can land all sorts of fun stuff. Under special
conditions (like against Shirro), you can tack on an extra b+P.

*  (air, late) P -> b+P -> db+P -> f,f,f+P
Depending on your speed and distance, this combo may be easy or near-impossible
but it does loads of damage and knocks down. While you can add an extra b+P,
making that whole thing combo requires a stunned opponent. In tourny mode, add
b+P/db+P as needed.

*  (air) d+K -> P -> f,f+P
The bread and butter of any Pyros player's arsenal. As long as the Swoop is
still traveling downward (not horizontally), it allows you enough time to combo
into a jab or crouching short. A Thrust Attack followup is guaranteed on slower
opponents; on faster ones, follow up with a Fire Spin for the second hit of the
combo. Against a wall, use a b+P instead of the f,f+P to get a wall hit.

Tricky Combos:

*  (air) d+K -> uf,d+K -> P -> K -> b+K
Double Jet Swoop combos: the epitome of fast-pilot, slow-opponent Pyros
shenanigans. Start the first Swoop as close to the ground as possible so you
have enough time for the second Swoop. (If you miss this one and accidentally
do d+K, use the combo below for some consolation damage.) Jab, forward,
roundhouse is very very difficult; if you're not sure it'll be a combo, use
db+P instead. Regardless, even if they manage to recover after the Forward
flame, only Katana, Chronos, Jag and Gargoyle can avoid the high-priority
roundhouse that follows.

*  (late) f,f,f+P or d,P -> df+P -> P -> f,f+P
A hit with the jets or the last frame of the Thrust Attack hands, as well as the
very tail end of the Fire Spin, lets you jab. Against fast opponents, omit P.



Nearly every move Electra has is good. When you combine them, you have a high-
priority zoning powerhouse. Electra doesn't have any specific weaknesses except
damage potential: he has to constantly be sticking out moves and guessing
right, not capitalizing on one horrible mistake. Of course, letting you land a
throw or b+K counts as a horrible mistake, which is what catapults Electra up
into the domain of the best bots.


MOVE NAME                | COMMAND     | DAMAGE   | TYPE
Jump Punch               | (air) P     | 12.5     | Medium Jump
Jump Kick                | (air) K     | 12.5     | Medium Jump
Jab                      | P           | 4        | Light AR
Fierce                   | b+P         | 15       | Medium AR
Knee                     | f+K         | 10       | Light AR
Forward                  | K           | 7+7      | Light AR
Roundhouse               | b+K         | 17.5     | Medium KD
Low Jab                  | df+P        | 4        | Light AR
Low Strong               | d+P         | 11.5     | Medium AR
Low Fierce               | db+P        | 15       | Medium
Low Short                | df+K        | 5        | Low AR
Low Forward              | d+K         | 11       | Low AR
Sweep                    | db+K        | 17.5     | Low KD
Electric Shards          | qcf+K       | 2+3 each | #1
Rolling Thunder          | f,f+P       | 15       | Medium
Shadow Rolling Thunder   | qcf,f+P     | 15       | Heavy KD
Air Rolling Thunder      | (air) f,f+P | 15       | Medium E0
Ball Lightning           | qcb+P       | 15       | Medium
Electric Shock Treatment | (close) f+P | 25       | Light Throw

Scrap: d,f+P
Destruction: u,uf,f,df,d+P between 1st and 4th hit
Fire & Ice: f,df,d+P during or just before and after 3rd lightning strike

#1: Light AR that counts as neither a physical nor a projectile attack

Notes: The Rolling Thunder (both versions) will rebound when blocked. The Ball
Lightning can be controlled with the arrow keys in Hyper Mode. Each enhancement
adds a projectile to the Ball Lightning and more hits to the Electric Shards.
The Electric Shards breaks the one-hit rule for rehit combos.

Forward Speed: 4.8
Back Speed: 4.2
Jump Speed: 13.5
Fall Speed: 1.13
Armor: 95
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. Most bots wish they had a jab with this kind of range, but Electra has
so many other pokes that you'll usually end up using this to retaliate after
blocking something. Chains into b+K but doesn't combo, which is quite useful in
air combos.

b+P: Fierce. Electra does a nice wide uppercut that for some reason doesn't hit
until it's fully extended. This makes it way slower than most of his moves, and
since it doesn't combo and hits high, it's useful only in very specific combos.

f+K: Knee. Electra does a little hopping knee with very short range but insane
priority. It launches under good conditions, will trade with or beat almost
anything, but is quite unsafe when blocked or whiffed. Your main footsies
weapon, but remember not to let it whiff. Combos from a close db+P for a ghetto

K: Forward. Electra hits once with his knee and once with his leg extended
outward. The two hits combo, but that's it. The first hit of this move, like
most bots' equivalent attacks, hits mid and stuffs almost anything else in the
game. The second hit is rather slow, but has good reach. Proper timing is
required to get this to work as a poke, but if you know when to use it, it's

b+K: Roundhouse. The move your opponents should fear. The roundhouse is
extremely vulnerable (it's airborne on startup) and is very slow if it's not
used from point-blank range, but it launches and it brings you physically
forward. It's good for throw setups in the corner, as it's hard to punish when
blocked. It's also amazing in air combos.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. It doesn't have as much range as it looks, but it's Electra's
fastest move and its range is great regardless. Combos into itself or db+P. Use
in punishment situations or if the opponent has trained himself to react to
df+K's startup. Goes under fireballs.

d+P: Low strong. Considerably slower than low jab, same animation. Not

db+P: Low fierce. Electra leans forward and sticks out both arms. One of the
game's best pokes, this move has superb range, good priority, and does plenty
of damage. Did I mention it's fast? Combos into db+K at point-blank range, but
unsafe at close range, where you should be using jabs anyway.

df+K: Low short. Not fast, but the absurd range on this move still makes it
worthwhile. Use to keep the opponent blocking low.

d+K: Low forward. Low short but slower. It doesn't really chain into anything,
so it's not that great, except in air combos.

db+K: Sweep. Like Electra's other low moves, it has great range and is fairly
quick, plus it knocks down, something Electra usually has trouble doing. Throw
one out after low pokes occasionally to make sure the opponent never punishes

Special Moves

f,f+P: Rolling Thunder. Reminiscent of the SF2:WW Blanka ball, this move gets
outprioritized right and left, is likely to stop before it hits the opponent,
and puts you at risk of being comboed even if it hits. It has exactly one use,
and that's after Electric Shards.

qcf,f+P: Shadow Rolling Thunder. The better version of Rolling Thunder, it's
faster, travels farther, knocks down and back, and rebounds when blocked so
it's difficult to really punish. It's also totally invincible for a couple
frames during startup, so it's good for going through projectiles or pokes
db+P won't beat. If Electra didn't already have so many good moves, you'd be
using this much more often.

qcf+P: Electric Shards. Fires small electric bits out of the lightning between
Electra's outstretched arms. This move is programmed so that nothing (except
the Rising Blade) is invincible to it, and Electra's hands hit as well as the
projectiles, so it's amazing defense. It cancels into Rolling Thunder if you
use it as anti-air, which is especially useful against crossups or fake
crossups. Since you're shutting down their options on the ground, they have to
jump or charge a lot. It doesn't matter that the Shards does virtually zero
damage, its consistency makes up for it. Watch out for fireballs, which punish
extravagant Shards attempts easily.

qcb+P: Ball Lightning. A slow projectile that has so much lag on the end you'll
be hard-pressed to use it as a setup for anything. It leaves you at a
disadvantage even when it hits, actually. But it does do chip damage, and it
can be controlled, and a projectile is never to be overlooked. Opponent doing
something you don't like against your pokes? Get outside of poke range and
fireball to at least trade hits. It's also difficult to jump against, because
it's so achingly slow.

(close) f+P: Throw. Electra electrocutes the opponent, which (oddly) juggles
them quite nicely for a huge combo. Electra can only do serious round-ending
damage two ways, and this is the most reliable one. However, Electra doesn't
want to get close enough to throw, so use it defensively or against a stunned

Jumping Moves

P: The jump punch of doom. That's all there is to it. Electra creates lightning
between his hands at a shallow angle and gradually expands them. Fully
extended, the jump punch has godlike priority. Yes, it telegraphs itself, but
there's often nothing the opponent can do to beat it. You can use it as a jump-
in if you want, but often just jumping straight up and jump punching works too.

K: Overshadowed by his jump punch, Electra's jump kick is an attack most bots
envy. The angle isn't the greatest, which means it'll often trade hits, but it
stays out for almost the entire duration of his jump, making it a very safe

f,f+P: Air Rolling Thunder. Don't use this move unless you're in some wacky
situation like trying to catch a Fire Pit sphere. Jump punch is better.


Instant Kill Combo
throw or b+K -> P -> b+K -> b+P -> db+P. Repeat.
Depending on your opponent, you can vary the order of this, mix in f+K, etc.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
df+P -> d+P -> d+K (omit d+K against some bots)

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels:
P -> P
df+P -> P
df+P -> df/d/db+P
df+P -> K
d+P -> d+K
d+P -> db+K
(close) db+P -> f+K
(close) db+P -> df+K
(close) db+P -> db+K
(close) K -> d/df+K
df+K -> d/df+K
(close) P, d+P, df+P, d+K, or df+K -> qcf+P
qcf+P -> f,f+P

Basic Combos:

*  (close) f+P -> b+K -> qcf,f+P
The stylish throw combo, surprisingly reliable and causes a wall hit.

*  b+K -> P -> f+K -> uf,P
Standard midscreen b+K combo. The f+K may be too much for some bots.

*  (close, wall) f+P -> b+K -> b+P -> f+K -> db+P
This combo dishes out more damage than most bots could dream of, and it's
really easy. Skip the b+P if you don't want to take chances. Add df+K at
the end if you really want to show off.

*  (air) K -> b+P x4 -> f+K -> f+K -> b+P -> K -> b+K -> qcb+P
In Tournament Mode, you can do some truly amazing stuff with an Electra. This
one requires both enhancements (so that all three hits of the Ball Lightning
will connect); if you don't have it, end with db+P instead of qcb+P.

Tricky Combos:

*  qcb+P,b -> uf,P -> df+P -> db+P
Not a knockdown, but serious damage. Note that you must direct the projectile
backwards to make it hit as a combo. If you want a knockdown, go with a sweep
instead of df+P.

*  b+K (close) -> [P -> b+K] (repeat if recovery attempted) -> db+P
Basic semi-infinite setup, also works after throw or b+K against a wall. Slow
pilots (except Katana, Garg, Jag) will get stuffed by b+K every time they try
to do an air move; if they don't, you have enough time after the whiffed b+K
to pull off a db+P. For faster pilots, replace P with f+K. Use this to convince
your opponent not to try escaping your combos. :-)



Rising Blade puts Katana in the running, but the rest of his arsenal gets him
all the way to the top. He's a beast at close range, versatile in the air, and
the absolute best at defense. In fact, Katana has so many options that the
only way to beat him is to stay at arm's reach and force him into using the
Blade at the wrong time. This FAQ includes a special "Rising Blade Juggles"
section so you'll know how to combo after the game's best move.


MOVE NAME           | COMMAND     | DMG.       | TYPE
Jump Punch          | (air) P     | 10.5       | Medium Jump
Jump Kick           | (air) K     | 12.5       | Medium Jump
Jab                 | f+P         | 4          | Light AR
Strong              | P           | 4          | Medium AR
Fierce              | b+P         | 17.5       | Heavy
Short               | f+K         | 6          | Light AR
Forward             | K           | 11         | Medium AR
Roundhouse          | b+K         | 16         | Light KD
Low Jab             | df+P        | 6          | Light AR
Low Strong          | d+P         | 11         | Medium AR
Low Fierce          | db+P        | 15         | Medium
Low Short           | df+K        | 6          | Low
Low Forward         | d+K         | 11         | Low
Slide               | db+K        | 15         | Low KD
Rising Blade        | qcf+P       | 12+4.8     | Medium AR (KD on 2nd hit)
Shadow Rising Blade | hcf+P       | 12+4.8+4.8 | Medium (KD on last hit)
Air Rising Blade    | (air) qcf+P | 12+4.8     | Medium E0 (KD on 2nd hit)
Forward Razor Spin  | qcf+K       | 11         | #1
Back Razor Spin     | qcb+K       | 11         | #1
Head Stomp          | (air) d+K   | 15         | Light AR
Fireball            | d,db,b+P    | 17.5       | Heavy E3
Volley Ball Set     | (close) f+P | 25         | Light Throw

Scrap: hcb+P
Destruction: hcf+P during 1st hit
Fire & Ice: hcf+K during 2nd hit

#1: Starts with normal jump situation, continues with Medium Jump, rebounds on
    hit or block; if the rebound hits a wall, it starts another attack. Can be
    controlled forward or back with the arrow keys.

Notes: The Rising Blade (all versions) is invincible during execution.
The first 2 enhancements add a hit to the Shadow Rising Blade.

Forward Speed: 4.2
Back Speed: 3.6
Jump Speed: 12.5
Fall Speed: 0.88
Armor: 100
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

f+P: Jab. Katana does a quick uppercut motion. Hits so high it's difficult to
hit anyone except as anti-air, meaning it makes good bait against opponents
who haven't yet learned to fear the Rising Blade, and good setup for a throw
against opponents who are too cautious of the Blade.

P: Strong. The usual carbon copy of his jab. More useful in air combos since
Katana's jab tends to juggle so high it lets the opponent recover, but
otherwise just a slower version of a move only useful for its speed.

b+P: Fierce. Katana punches straight forward, with his blade sideways, meaning
this move is not only slow but easily ducked and punished. However, it chains
into df+P or a Blade very reliably, if you're ever in a situation where you're
sure it won't whiff.

f+K: Short. Katana kicks the opponent's knees. Slow for a short kick, but has
just as much priority. Throw 'em out when you think you're being baited into
throwing a Rising Blade, as it's totally safe.

K: Forward. The usual copy of short, but short was already slow, so this
actually isn't very good except in combos. Katana has much better pokes.

b+K: Roundhouse. Katana steps forward and kicks in an arc from his head down.
This move does everything if you know how to use it. Up close, it's a fast
knockdown that makes a good tick throw. At medium range, it juggles and has
surprising priority, while getting Katana into the close-range environment
where he thrives. It's not safe on startup, but it's safe when blocked, so it
does best against an opponent already wary of random Blades. Also great in air
combos, for obvious reasons.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Very ordinary, except that it combos into Rising Blade. Katana
doesn't need the speed (as his low short is just as fast and the Blade is even
faster) but the impeccable safety and the damage potential when comboed make
it useful anyhow. Plus, it has more range than most of Katana's moves.

d+P: Low strong. Same as low jab but slower. Again, use only in combos, where
it chains into low jab or Rising Blade.

db+P: Low fierce. Katana does a one-bladed uppercut. Fast, short-ranged, good
priority, does lots of damage, but it hits for so long that you're actually at
a disadvantage when it hits. However, it's great anti-air (especially since it
sends the opponent in perfect juggle position) and in combos, or as a meaty
attack. As a meaty attack (i.e. when it hits on the way down), it chains into
b+P for huge damage. Remember, standard meaty attacks always lose to reversal
throws, so play around with it: have it whiff as they get up and punish their
throw attempt, do it from just outside throw range and Blade the counterattack,

df+K: Low short. Decent, but has very little range. However, it does combo into
Blade if you're quick enough to do it, making it very infuriating for your
opponent. However, low jab is usually better for this purpose, as opponents
tend to duck against Katana often.

d+K: Low forward. Same as low short, but worse. Useful only as a combo starter,
to chain into low strong.

db+K: Slide. Katana sticks one leg way out and slides very quickly across most
of the screen. It'll beat almost anything, but leaves you horribly open if it
doesn't hit. It's also quite fast, and hits with his oustretched blade as well,
so standard mid-hitting moves may not do well against it. Use to punish
something from long range or as your ace in the hole in footsies. Beware of
pokes with a very long range (Electra, Pyros, Nova) which can beat it.

Special Moves

qcf+P: Rising Blade. Best move in the game, hands down. Also known as the
Corkscrew Blade, Katana slashes with one blade, spins around and uppercuts. It
starts in 2 frames, making it Katana's fastest attack; it has surprising range
and combos into the second hit about 95% of the time; and it's totally
invincible from the time it starts hitting until the time it finishes the
second hit. It's not safe when blocked, but that doesn't mean you
can't abuse it. It goes through fireballs, through pokes, through hazards,
everything. It juggles under certain conditions, it combos from almost
anything. After they get Bladed a few times, your opponent will actually be
afraid to stick out a limb for fear he'll get shot down. That's when you can
start abusing your slower moves like roundhouse, move in for a throw, or jump

hcf+P: Shadow Rising Blade. Most shadow moves outshine their normal
counterparts, but Shadow Rising Blade (which adds another spinning slash after
the first hit) simply has too much recovery. Use in ground combos when you
can't juggle with the normal Rising Blade.

qcf/qcb+K: Razor Spin. Katana jumps to the wall you indicate and rebounds with
a fast, arcing spin that has lots of priority and can be controlled with the
arrow keys. If it hits, it rebounds; if it rebounds to a wall, it starts
another Razor Spin. While Katana is fully in jumping-to-a-wall mode, he can
cancel the Razor Spin into any jumping move. Razor Spin is extremely fast, and
a great way to run away (qcb+K,K to jumpkick backwards into the opposite wall,
or just do a Spin holding back). The forward Razor Spin is, ironically, good
with low-agility pilots as a fast low jump and good with high-agility pilots as
a way to sail over the opponent's head or catch people who jump backwards.
Impatient opponents will try to beat Razor Spin in the air, which usually
doesn't work. Smarter opponents will walk under you, take one hit, and punish
you as you slowly rebound into them.

(close) f+P: Throw. Katana holds the opponent up and uppercuts. Provides lots
of juicy combo opportunities. Katana's overall damage potential is low when
he's not using a throw (I know I just said all his stuff is good in combos, but
they're not huge combos), so you'll want to make this a constant menace. When
they try to dissuade you from throwing by throwing out a jab/short, Blade it
and laugh.

qcb+P: Fireball. Third enhancement only. Katana rears back and throws a copy of
the Fire Pit's fireball straight forward at chest level. Some bots can duck or
low short under it. Extremely fast, does loads of damage, and basically makes
Katana even more amazing than he already was. Knocks way back and causes a wall
hit to reset the fireball-throwing antics.

Jumping Moves

P: Katana goes horizontal and sticks one blade forward. Decent air-to-air,
especially considering it's safer than the air Blade. Also good for going
completely over an opponent (fake crossup). Emphatically not recommended
for trying to hit anything below you, except Pyros or Nova.

K: This unassuming jumpkick actually has good range and priority, making it
one of the game's better jump-ins. Use early to beat anti-airs, or late to
start one of Katana's variety of ground combos.

d+K: Head Stomp. Katana stomps directly downward with one leg. Good priority
but awkward to hit with, but it puts you in a normal jumping state when it
finishes, so it's theoretically safe. Chains into itself up to four times,
but if you miss with the last one, expect to get punished, hard. An odd move.

qcf+P: Air Rising Blade. (See the Rising Blade section.) As air-to-air, this
move is a last resort, as it will only hit once and so the opponent actually
lands before you do, able to punish. As a jump-in, however, it's godlike,
because it pushes you upward on frame 4 and starts hitting on frame 2, meaning
you have a short but useable window where you can jump in with the first hit
and land, immediately cancelling the Rising Blade. If the opponent was planning
to wait and anti-air at the last minute, they can't, because the Rising Blade
beats it and starts a ground combo of your choice. If they just decided to
block, you have plenty of room to walk up and get close before they get out of
blockstun. The threat of a deep Rising Blade is so great that most opponents
will try to anti-air you early in your jump so you can't use it. When that
happens, you can Rising Blade from a little higher up, making it hit twice and
possibly juggle, or you can switch to a different jump attack. The Blade helps
as both offense and defense from anti-airs.


Instant Kill Combo
(wall, close) f+P -> b+K -> db+P -> df+P -> qcf+P. Repeat.
Against most opponents you can use db+K instead of df+P -> qcf+P.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
K -> d+K -> d+P -> hcf+P
Against thinner bots, add df+P after d+P and omit K.

Meaty Moves
db+P (late) -> b+P
b+P (late) -> b+P
b+K (late) -> air juggle
db+K (late) -> air juggle
(air, late) qcf+P -> 2nd hit immediately cancelled

Chain Combos / Links
P -> f+P
f+P -> f+P
d/df+P -> d/df+P
df+P -> P/f+P
(close) df+P -> b+K
b+P -> df+P
f+K -> K/f+K
K -> df+K
d/df+K -> df+K
d+K -> d/df+P
qcb+P -> df+P
f+P, df+P, d+P, df+K, d+K, b+P, qcb+P -> qcf/hcf+P

Basic Combos:
(See below, Rising Blade Juggles, for what to do after a Rising Blade in any of
these combos.)

*  (air) K -> b+P -> df+P -> qcf+P
Easy jumpkick combo. Depending on range, either omit df+P, add df+P, or switch
b+P for d+K -> d+P. If you aren't able to juggle after qcf+P, do hcf+P instead.

*  (wall, close) f+P -> b+K -> db+P -> qcf+P
Standard wall throw combo. Against a fast pilot, add f+K before b+K; against a
slow one, add P before b+K and walk forward f+K after it.

*  (air) K -> b+P x3 -> hcf+P
Standard tourny mode combo. It's usually harder to juggle after Rising Blade,
so the shadow version is your best bet.

*  (air) K -> qcf+P -> db+P -> b+K -> P -> b+P
Tourny mode juggle combo. If you're close with qcf+P, you don't need the jump-

Tricky Combos:

*  (wall, late) b+K -> db+P -> qcf+P
Another "improbable" combo, this requires you to hit later in the b+K animation
the slower your pilot is. For example, Ibrahim must hit in the last couple
animation frames to pull this off, but Crystal can hit at any time while the
leg is going down. The qcf+P (one hit only, since it's Rehit Mode) hits almost
instantly, so there's no chance to recover except possibly after the last hit.
Without a wall, simply omit the crouching fierce.

*  (close) qcb+P -> df+P -> hcf+P
Fireball actually can be comboed out of! Yay!

*  (close) f+P -> uf,d+K -> qcf+P
Only against fast opponents, and may require a fast pilot as well. Very
stylish, and more powerful than most of Katana's options against fast pilots.
However, you recover close to your opponent, and barely in time to
outprioritize their throw, so be forewarned.


The moves that can be used to start a juggle after a ground hit with both hits
of the Rising Blade ("RB") depend on both pilots' agility, as well as the fall
speed of the opponent's bot. Katana's fastest move is RB, with low jab and low
short coming in second. Low jab is generally better for starting juggles at
any range, while low short is better when position is not an issue. I decided
not to add a third column of "Roundhouse Hits", because a combo from a jab is
almost always enough to set up a corner throw combo for the kill anyway.

All calculations were made in two-player mode versus Milano in a Katana. When a
bot is listed, all bots which fall at the same or slower speed can be hit by
the move. This means that Gargoyle, Pyros, Katana and Flail can always be
juggled by Milano/Katana, while Jaguar and Thorn can never be juggled with
anything except one hit of a Rising Blade.

Agility  RB Hits  Jabs Hit
[2]      Katana   Gargoyle
[1]      Flail    Katana
High     Shadow   Flail
Medium   Chronos  Shadow
Mid-Low  Chronos  Shredder
Low      Electra  Chronos
None     Jaguar   Electra

[2]: High pilots using Jean-Paul
[1]: High pilots using Crystal
High Agility: Crystal, Milano
Medium Agility: Jean-Paul, Angel
Mid-Low Agility: Steffan, Cossette, Christian
Low Agility: Raven
No Agility: Shirro, Ibrahim

If you are Crystal instead of Milano, upgrade the opponent one agility class.
This means that Crystal/Katana can juggle Raven as if he were a Mid-Low
Agility pilot, and Milano as if he were one class above High Agility. If you
are a Medium or Mid-Low Agility pilot, upgrade the opponent two agility
classes. If you are a Low or No-Agility pilot, switch to a better pilot. :-P



If you can't do his combos, Shredder is nothing special. He has some attacks
for every range, but none of them are particularly impressive, and he often
leaves himself open when his moves don't connect. Flip Kick is finicky and
will often fail to combo even under ideal conditions. Fortunately, Shredder
has a lot of ways to set up his combos, and they do so much damage that
they're likely to kill the opponent outright. Shredder relies on speed and
daring, so if you don't want to bring Crystal or Milano to the table, go play
a more conservative offensive bot like Chronos or Gargoyle.


MOVE NAME        | COMMAND     | DMG.  | TYPE
Jump Punch       | (air) P     | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jump Kick        | (air) K     | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jab              | P           | 4.5   | Light AR
Fierce           | b+P         | 15    | Medium AR
Forward          | K           | 10    | Light AR
Roundhouse       | b+K         | 17.5  | Heavy
Low Jab          | df+P        | 4     | Light AR
Low Strong       | d+P         | 11    | Medium AR
Low Fierce       | db+P        | 15    | Medium
Low Short        | df+K        | 5     | Low
Low Forward      | d+K         | 11    | Low
Sweep            | db+K        | 17.5  | Low KD
Headbutt         | qcf+P       | 15    | Medium KD
Shadow Headbutt  | qcf,f+P     | 15    | Heavy KD
Air Headbutt     | (air) qcf+P | 15    | Medium KD E0
Flip Kick        | d,d+K       | 11+11 | Light AR
Flying Hands     | qcb+P       | 10+10 | Light AR
Turn Around Toss | (close) f+P | 22.5  | Heavy Throw

Scrap: d,f,P
Destruction: d,u,u,P after 1st hit and before 4th hit
Fire & Ice: u,ub,b,db,d+K right after destruction

Notes: The Flying Hands counts as a projectile, and the 1st enhancement gives
it more range. The 2nd enhancement makes all headbutts faster. A connected
headbutt leaves you in a normal jump situation. The Flip Kick counts as a
Shadow move (i.e. invincible to projectiles on startup).

Forward Speed: 4.8
Back Speed: 3.6
Jump Speed: 13.5
Fall Speed: 1
Armor: 105
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. Generic as ever, Shredder is lacking in the range department but makes
up for it in speed. Use as anti-air, where you can easily follow up with a Flip 
Kick combo for huge damage. 
Shredder's fastest move, it chains into his fierce if you need free damage 
but you'd probably be better off using it to create pressure. If they start ducking 
jabs, they'll start getting hit by instant air headbutts.

b+P: Fierce. Shredder punches straight forward. Quite short-ranged for a fierce
attack, and not as fast as it looks, this move has great priority. You can't
use it as a generic poke because it hits high and it kills your momentum, but
it'll stuff a lot of really important attacks your opponents try. Nearly
guaranteed to connect in an air combo.

K: Forward. Unlike most forward kicks, Shredder's actually doesn't have much
priority, or much usefulness. Watch for low attacks when you're playing
Shredder, as his only real counter to them is a headbutt.

b+K: Roundhouse. Shredder does a roundhouse kick to the opponent's face. Chains into 
itself and a lot of other moves, making it mainly useful in
combos. It's also good anti-air, 
at a shallow angle.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Blindingly fast, this is a key move for Shredder. Chains into
itself, but you'll rarely want to use more than one. Great priority because of
its weird animation - takes down headbutts, leaps, etc. with ease. Plus, like
his standing jab, feel free to combo if it knocks them into the air.

d+P: Low strong. Shredder does a crouching version of his fierce punch. Less
useful than it seems, it's basically to remind the opponent that your range
isn't really as bad as all your other moves make it look.

db+P: Low fierce. Slower version of low strong. Shredder's quite vulnerable
already, he doesn't need slow normals weighing him down, especially ones that
don't combo. Don't use this.

df+K: Low short. Quite fast and unfortunately short-ranged. Just to annoy the
opponent and keep them from doing slow moves, as it doesn't really do anything
else. Chains into itself.

d+K: Low forward, same as low short but slower. This move actually combos into 
headbutt within throw range, and Shredder is in throw range quite often.

db+K: Sweep. Shredder's sweep is agonizingly slow and doesn't combo. Avoid it.
Shredder's more effective when they don't duck anyway.

Special Moves

qcf+P: The glitchy Headbutt is Shredder's most important move. Shredder flies
straight forward headfirst. Up close, it's got crazy priority but is unsafe
when blocked and doesn't combo when it hits, making it a big risk to use.
During flight, press d,d+K to stop it at any time nearly instantaneously (this
has obvious advantages in every situation). When it connects (hit or blocked)
while in flight, it has zero recovery - leading to a free combo and/or a free
followup attack. Hold back when it's blocked to bounce back farther than most
bots can punish. Headbutting properly is the key to a good Shredder.

hcf+P: Shadow Headbutt. Travels faster and farther, slightly slower. Think of
this move as a run forward that happens to hit people, that you can stop with
a Flip Kick command. As long as you don't use it close up, it's extremely good.

qcb+P: Flying Hands. Shredder throws his hands forward; hits once with each
hand. Trades with everything, unless it's a crouching move or a side-switching
attack. It's also got loads of range, it's hilariously good at stopping people
from jumping, and it's great in combos against slow opponents. Because it's got
such odd priority, opponents will be wary of standing up when they're low on
life, meaning you're free to headbutt their stuff.

d,d+K: Flip Kick. Shredder does a big slow vault through the air with one leg
extended. The first hit is high, goes through projectiles, and works great as
anti-air or a combo starter. The second hit is cancelable at any time (even
after it hits!) into a jump attack, has great range and starts ground combos,
and hopefully combos after the first hit. This move is awful against bots who
crouch low (because they can duck the first hit and the most powerful options
afterwards), but still his signature move. See the followups list below.

1st hit connects as anti-air -> Air Headbutt -> air combo
1st hit connects on ground -> 2nd hit -> immediate jumpkick -> ground combo
1st hit connects on ground -> immediate Air Headbutt -> air combo
1st hit blocked -> immediate jump punch beats anti-air -> ground combo
1st hit blocked -> immediate jump punch blocked -> you get comboed
1st hit blocked -> jump punch blocked -> you are safe
1st hit ducked up close -> immediate Air Headbutt -> air combo
1st hit whiffs at mid range -> you get comboed
1st hit whiffs at long range -> 2nd hit blocked -> you are safe

(close) f+P: Throw. Shredder's throw is very unimpressive, as he throws the
opponent behind them and it causes a wall hit. No free combos for you, sorry.
You'll be throwing a lot, however, because Shredder is always in the opponent's
face and blocking is the best tactic versus his other close moves.

Jumping Moves

P: Standard jump-in. Nothing special, actually not that great, but you'll be
using it often enough.

K: The angle on this is perfect for air juggles or for after a Flip Kick, but
not so hot for jumping in. If you're above them, it also works decently as air-

qcf+P: Air Headbutt. During a Flip Kick, if this connects, it leads to a world
of pain from the opponent, as it starts juggles easily. However, it's horribly
vulnerable if it doesn't hit, so use with caution.


Instant Kill Combo #1
(air) K -> d,d+K xx qcf+P -> qcf+P -> df+P -> hcf+P -> P -> qcb+P (-> b+P)
Use on easily juggled opponents.
(air) K -> d,d+K (2 hits) xx K -> b+K -> b+K -> df+P (opponent stunned)
(air) K -> d,d+K xx qcf+P -> jabs -> b+P -> b+K (or previous combo again)
Use on difficult-to-juggle opponents.
(air) K -> d,d+K xx qcf+P -> df+P -> b+P -> hcf+P (-> b+K)
Use on short opponents.

Instant Kill Combo #2
f+P, walk forward, repeat
Tournament mode and 70% agility and full arm speed required.

Instant Kill Combo #3
air juggle -> (wall) jab(s) -> infinite repetitions of qcb+P
When the second hit of qcb+P is just as Shredder's hands return to his
arms, you'll know you can follow up with more Flying Hands forever.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
d,d+K (2 hits) xx K -> b+K -> b+K -> df+P (qcb+P against some opponents)
(This combo will stun anyone in 1P mode, regardless of the conditions.)

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels
P -> P/df+P
P -> b+P
df+P -> df+P
(close) df+P -> qcf/hcf+P
b+K -> P/df+P
b+K -> b+K
b+K -> qcb+P
(close) b+K -> qcf/hcf+P
df+K -> df+K
(close) d+K -> qcf+P
qcf/hcf+P -> d,d+K (displays only first frame of d,d+K animation)
d,d+K -> (air) P/K or (air) qcf+P

Since the combos already mentioned are usually enough to kill someone, these
are all tricky combos:

*  (close) f+P -> df+P -> qcf+P -> P -> hcf+P -> d,d+K xx (air) qcf+P ->
qcb+P -> b+P -> db+P
Yes, folks, a THROW COMBO for Shredder. This works only from a good distance
away from the wall, so Shredder has time to turn around and df+P the opponent
before the wall hit. As usual, once you've got one qcb+P, you've got as many
as you need.

*  combo starter -> df+P -> qcf+P -> P -> hcf+P -> d,d+K xx (air) qcf+P ->
qcb+P -> b+P -> db+P
Max 14 hits in one-player mode, no infinites. Note that this combo
works anywhere from right up against the wall to about half-screen away.

*  (air, wall) K -> d,d+K xx (air) K -> b+K x3 -> hcf+P -> b+P -> hcf+P -> P ->
d,d+K -> (air) qcf+P -> qcb+P -> qcf+P -> K -> b+K
Matt's 18-hit Death Combo for Shredder is actually pretty good. If you're not
against a wall, simply omit the d,d+K->K at the beginning. Without enhancements,
you can go into the Flying Hands infinite from this combo, and you can add some
extra hits after the standing K, but this will work on pretty much anyone.



Flail is fundamentally unique. He controls like no one you've ever seen, and it
takes a while to get used to being small and weak with huge powerful chains, so
expect a learning curve. The Strategy Guide says Flail is top tier. If there
were no combos in this game, he might even have a shot at it. Unfortunately,
Flail has so much difficulty dealing lethal damage or even stunning his
opponent that he can't afford any mistakes. Since he generally loses when he
trades hits and the chains trade hits too often, too much skill is expected of
Flail players versus everyone else for him to be anything more than a cult


MOVE NAME               | COMMAND     | DMG.   | TYPE
Jump Punch              | (air) P     | 12.5   | Medium Jump
Jump Kick               | (air) K     | 10     | Light Jump
Jab                     | P           | 5      | Light AR
Fierce                  | b+P         | 15     | Medium
Short                   | f+K         | 5      | Light AR
Forward                 | K           | 10     | Light AR
Roundhouse              | b+K         | 17.5   | Heavy
Low Jab                 | df+P        | 5      | Light AR
Low Strong              | d+P         | 11     | Medium AR
Low Fierce              | db+P        | 15     | Light KD
Low Short               | df+K        | 5      | Low AR
Low Forward             | d+K         | 10     | Low AR
Slide                   | db+K        | 15     | Low KD
Slow Swinging Chains    | d,K         | 15+15  | Medium KD
Fast Swinging Chains    | d,P         | 7+7+7  | Light AR
Charging Punch          | b,b+P       | 15     | Heavy KD
Shadow Charging Punch   | qcb,b+P     | 15     | Heavy KD
Spinning Throw          | f,f+K       | 1+25   | #1
Air Spinning Throw      | (air) f,f+K | 1+25   | #1
Massive Multiple Mauler | (close) f+P | 25     | Light Throw

Scrap Part 1: f,f,f+P
Scrap Part 2: f,b+P during 1st hit
Destruction: b,f+P after 1st hit
Fire & Ice: hcb+K during 2nd hit

#1: Heavy KD that can be blocked only if the opponent is already blocking;
    opponent recovers stun between each hit

Notes: The Swinging Chains can be controlled with the joystick in Hyper Mode or
with the 1st enhancement. The 2nd enhancement makes the Shadow Charging Punch
faster. The opponent recovers stun normally while being hit by a throw.

Forward Speed: 4.4
Back Speed: 3.4
Jump Speed: 12.3
Fall Speed: 0.9
Armor: 105
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. Flail has a really tiny, gimpy jab that chains into and out of plenty
of useful moves but is just too small to hit anyone unless you're so close that
df+P would work anyway. If you're in range, feel free, it hits mid and it's
totally safe. Use in combos.

b+P: Fierce. Flail rotates his massive torso and sticks one arm way out. It's
fast, does decent damage, hits mid, and has range most bots would die for,
making it useful even though its range is outclassed by a lot of Flail's other
moves. While it hits mid, it tends to lose to slide kicks (Flail's mortal
enemy), so use mainly when your other ranged moves are getting too unsafe or

f+K: Short. Flail flicks one chain forward. Doesn't combo or anything, and it's
quite slow, but the priority is good. I have yet to see a use for this move
other than tick throwing. Maybe you can try it against things that tend to beat
low short.

K: Forward. Flail flicks his back chain forward more slowly and a little
farther. Good in air combos, or for making the opponent nervous, since it
recovers more quickly than it looks. Of course, for moves that hit high, you
have better options, many of them.

b+K: Roundhouse. Flail swings one chain straight out in a big loop. Hits high,
extremely slow (it may not even combo after a jump-in, that's how slow), chains
into a lot of things but may not combo (b+K,df+P is particularly useful), but
does good damage and has lots of priority and hits even on the way back. If
Spinning Chains weren't around, this move would be one of Flail's key weapons,
but as is, it's just a high attack to stuff people who jump in the wrong area.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Fairly average, and since Flail ducks so low, the priority is
decent as well. Perfectly timed, it'll beat a lot of things, and it's safe and
chains into itself or Spinning Chains. Like most bots without amazing normals,
you'll be using low jab a lot to get out of tight spots at close range.

d+P: Low strong. Like low jab but slower and more powerful. Since you're
playing Flail, you should have given up on the idea of doing damage on a
regular basis anyway, so don't use this move.

db+P: Low fierce. Flail does a long-ranged punch to the enemy's feet. Acts like
most sweep attacks, but doesn't duck as much stuff. Use it to counterattack
whiffed/blocked low moves and whatnot. Also surprisingly effective in air

df+K: Low short. This move is so slow and awkward it should be treated as a
poke rather than a jab-class attack. The move hits on exactly three frames of
animation; it is imperative that you memorize where those hit so you can use
its impeccable priority and safety to stuff anything that crosses those paths.
Surprising range, but Flail wasn't hurting for range anyway.

d+K: Low forward. Like low short but slower, making it generally better for
anti-air when you can see it coming (since it spends more time above his head).

db+K: Flail leans way back and runs the opponent down with his spiked wheels.
Knocks down. A fairly slow and short slide kick, ironically, since you're on
wheels. The major benefit of this move is its range (although you need a fast
pilot to get this) and its ability to duck an obscene amount of moves. Try it
and see. At point-blank range, it will also combo from almost anything. Of
course, it's very unsafe, just like everything else Flail does.

Special Moves

d,P: Spinning Chains, aka "Swinging Chains", aka "The Chains". Flail spins in a
circle with both chains straight out. You can move him left or right with the
arrow keys. His signature move, because you'll be using it way too often. The
range and speed of this move is ridiculous - it's the perfect round opener. The
priority is surprisingly low, and it actually doesn't hit close to Flail's body
(meaning you should watch out for jump attacks or low kicks), and it does
piddly damage and doesn't knock down, but since it can tag someone from half
the screen away near-instantly, it's stupidly effective against anyone trying
to poke you or jump. Quite safe against most things if you hold back while
doing it. Does up to three hits if you hold forward.

d,K: Spinning Chains, but bigger and badder. The kick version is only
fractionally slower than the punch one, and at about low fierce range it starts
to juggle for two hits and respectable damage. It takes forever to finish, but
is quite mobile on the ground, so you can run away if they don't have the
agility to immediately sweep you when it's blocked/whiffs, or move forward to
press the advantage. The main advantage is the knockdown, allowing you to
hopefully get into your proper range.

f,f+K: Spinning Throw. The only real command throw in the game, it's slightly
slower and longer-ranged than a real throw, can catch jumping opponents' legs,
and does slightly more damage than his normal throw (and throws them to the
opposite wall). If it whiffs (which it shouldn't, since you're being careful),
Flail just grabs the air ineffectually with his chains. Flail's only tool to be
fearsome up close, but it's a good enough incentive that everybody uses only
jabs up close for fear of being thrown. Tick throw into it until they catch on.
Against high-endurance pilots, actually does negative stun damage.

b,b+P: Charging Punch. Flail does a fierce punch while wheeling forward. He
stops in his tracks to finish the punch when it's blocked, meaning he's very
vulnerable. Don't use this move, as the range advantage you get is negated by
the huge risk.

qcb,b+P: Shadow Charging Punch. As usual, better than the Charging Punch in
what matters: it's faster and it goes through projectiles on startup. This move
is useful only in combos or to punish a whiffed move from long range. It's
vulnerable, but less so if it hits late into its motion. It's suicide against
another Flail, since it will always lose to Flail's jump punch.

(close) f+P: Throw. Doesn't do much stun damage, as usual for Flail's moves,
and tends to knock them back a little, but it does juggle, making it useful.
It's especially good to pull out when the opponent is counting frames on you,
because they forgot that you don't just have a Spinning Throw, you can tag
things up real close too.

Jumping Moves

P: Not a very impressive jump move, but you'll be using it a lot anyway,
because you have no other option. Flail throws both fists out at a shallow
angle. Can be hard to anti-air with some moves because Flail raises his wheels
during the move.

K: Flail swings one chain up, over and down, extending it fully for a brief
period. If this move were more smoothly animated, it would be great, but right
now it just tends to miss. Like low short, this move takes practice, but if
you put time into it, it makes a good anti-air.

f,f+K: Air Spinning Throw. Same animation as the ground one; if it hits, you
just land together and then begin the throw animation. You'll never actually
connect with this, because an opponent above you is likely to be kicking you
instead of passively being thrown, but it's still awesome.


Most Powerful Ground Combo
d+P -> d+K -> df+P -> d,K: Really hard, only works on large bots
(wall) b+K -> df+P -> d+P -> d,K: Same deal. Works better in right corner.
(wall) b+K -> f,f+K: for smaller bots

Meaty Moves
(late) b+K -> d,K or f,f+K

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels
P/df+P -> P/df+P
(close) df+P -> f,f+K
d+P -> P/df+P
d+P -> d+K
(close) P, d/df+P, or d/df+K -> d,P or d+K
b+K -> P/df+P/K/f+K (may not combo)
(close) b+K -> f,f+K
d+K -> P/d+P/df+P
d,K -> b,b+P (E1)
d,P -> b,b+P (E2)
b,b+P -> f,f+K (E1)
(close) any fast attack -> db+K

Basic Combos

*  (air) P -> P x1-3 -> d,K
If the Chains are too slow, use d,P instead; in tourny mode, add b,b+P.

*  (close) f+P -> f+K -> qcb,b+P
Standard throw combo. Against difficult-to-combo opponents, omit f+K.

*  (close, wall) f+P -> df+P -> f,f+K
Standard wall throw combo. If you're feeling adventurous, add another jab.

Tricky Combos

*  (close, wall) f+P -> df+K -> d+K -> K -> qcb,b+P
Showy wall throw combo if you're fast. End with b+K if you think you can.
If the opponent is pushed too far upward for d+K to connect, jumpkick (which
hits above you) and get ready to Spinning Throw as they come down.

*  (close) f+P -> d,K (one hit) xx b,b+P xx f,f+K
Double-enhancement combos are fun, and this one is extremely impressive. Note
that it works only when the b,b+P does NOT cause a wall hit.

*  (air) P -> d,K (two hits) xx b,b+P -> df+P -> qcb,b+P
A more impressive double enhancement combo that works only with Flail's back to
the wall and on a slow opponent. You can also do these starting from a throw,
but you won't get the second d,K hit. You can use d,P instead of d,K, but it
does less damage.



Gargoyle is everything you expect a flying robot to be: fast, weak, easy to
kill, and ruler of the air. He combines powerful special moves with a wide
variety of normal moves, and his power (rivaled only by Shredder) to punish
jumping opponents and jump in with impunity himself can cut off some bots' best
options. He can be difficult to learn despite his incredible power because of
the precise timing and constant risk of being air comboed he requires. A
properly played Gargoyle has only one weakness: getting cornered, where he must
rely on jabs, charge attacks, and risky jumps forward like everyone else.


Jump Punch      | (air) P     | 12.5 | Medium Jump
Jump Kick       | (air) K     | 12.5 | Medium Jump
Jab             | P           | 4    | Light AR
Fierce          | b+P         | 15   | Medium
Short           | f+K         | 6    | Light AR
Forward         | K           | 11   | Medium AR
Roundhouse      | b+K         | 17.5 | Medium KD
Low Jab         | df+P        | 4    | Light AR
Low Strong      | d+P         | 11   | Medium AR
Low Fierce      | db+P        | 12   | Medium
Low Short       | df+K        | 5    | Low
Low Forward     | d+K         | 10   | Low
Sweep           | db+K        | 15   | Low KD
Rising Talon    | qcf+P       | 17   | Light KD
Wing Charge     | f,f+P       | 15   | Light KD
Air Wing Charge | (air) f,f+P | 15   | Light KD E0
Diving Claw     | (air) d+K   | 16   | Heavy KD
Reverse Bomb    | (close) f+P | 22.5 | Light Throw

Scrap: hcf+P
Destruction: d,u,d+P during 1st hit
Fire & Ice: d,d,d+P during 2nd hit

Notes: Gargoyle can control its jump or Diving Claw with the arrow keys. The
Rising Talon has limited invincibility and once it is finished leaves you in a
normal jump situation. The 2nd enhancement makes the Air Wing Charge faster.

Forward Speed: 4
Back Speed: 3.2
Jump Speed: 12.5
Fall Speed: 0.8
Armor: 95
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. Garg jabs slightly upward with good range, so it's good for punishing
things, starting air juggles, etc. It also makes a good round opener if you
walk forward slightly. For most uses, though, you'll want something more

b+P: Fierce. Garg leans forward and hits with both claws. Quite slow, does
decent damage, but totally safe, so use it as a poke when you want to be
cautious. Chains into low short for the extra tidbit of damage.

f+K: Short. Garg does your average small kick forward, with the usual insane
priority and speed. Chains into another f+K or K if you want some free damage,
but mainly there to stop things from coming your way or at least trade with
them. Anybody can benefit from safe fast mid-hitting normals, and that's where
this shines.

K: Forward. Only fractionally slower and the same animation as his short,
making it useful when you know something's coming but you don't want to take a
big risk. Because Garg is fast in general, this will often beat slow bots'
versions of the same move in case you get in poking wars.

b+K: Roundhouse. Garg does a flying two-legged kick with plenty of priority and
speed but insane recovery. Ironically, you'll mainly be using this against
airborne opponents, as it moves Garg forward quite a bit and doesn't tend to
miss as spectacularly as a Wing Charge. On the ground, Wing Charge is just as
unsafe and a lot more deadly.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Average, except for the large hitstun it generates, meaning it
links into any number of nasty things, especially up close. Of course, you need
very good timing and spacing to get these to connect, but once you do, your
Garg will be fearsome because it can start its many tricks off the totally safe
low jab.

d+P: Low strong. Not all that great, as it has just as much of a range problem
as low jab and doesn't link to as much useful stuff, and it's slower to boot.
Use in combos only.

db+P: Low fierce. Garg sticks out his little claw as much as he can, which
isn't very far. This move is comparable in speed, range, and damage to most
bots' low strongs, and in fact should probably be his low strong. It's still
quite useful, though, as it's decently fast, links to many attacks, and
generally keeps bad people away from you so you can start jumping.

df+K: Low short. Garg's low short is his fastest move, and since Garg has 
compelling reasons to make opponents stand up, it'll often randomly hit. 
Use it as an annoyance, or chain into low jab to buy yourself some time.

d+K: Low forward, same as low short but slower. With all Garg has going for
him, you'd expect this move to chain into Wing Charge or something. Instead, it
just gets you low fierce for OK damage. Really, if you think the opponent isn't
blocking low, you can at least try to sweep them.

db+K: Sweep. Garg's sweep is slow-moving and kinda small but starts hitting
early in the motion, meaning you can use it to play footsies if you're feeling
adventurous. More often it'll just get blocked and the opponent will breathe a
sigh of relief. Garg's lacking in the range department, so this is often a good
finisher to a string of blocked moves to set up your jump.

Special Moves

qcf+P: Rising Talon. (Logically, it should be the Rising Claw and air d+K
should be the Diving Talon, but whatever.) Gargoyle does the only genuine
dragon punch move in the game, launching himself upward at a slight angle with
both hands in front of him. This move is invincible to any jumping move (it
will pass harmlessly through an air Rising Blade or an Overhead Throw), so it's
perfect anti-air, and at point-blank range as he flies upward it has a lot of
priority on the ground as well. It chains into Air Wing Charge at any time for
boatloads of damage (especially if you cancel immediately), or if you want to
be safe, you can just let it finish and you'll be in a normal jump situation at
the top of the screen, able to jumpkick / dive / fly your way out of trouble.
There's really no disadvantage to using this move whenever you think it will
hit, unless you whiff it right in front of someone, in which case they can jab
your feet as you fly up and kill you. Just get your spacing right and you'll be

f,f+P: Wing Charge. Garg flies forward in a slight arc quite fast with both
hands extended. It's got much more priority than equivalent rush moves like
Rolling Thunder or Headbutt while it's going, but is quite unsafe when blocked.
A no-brainer for combos or if someone does a slow move - I've even seen it
trade with Flail's roundhouse. Since you're airborne for the vast majority of
the move, it also stuffs low kicks often. Mash df+P after this move hits;
sometimes you'll be able to juggle into an air combo.

Jumping Moves

b/f: Directions inputted will cause Garg to flap his wings once in the
indicated direction at the apex of his jump. Holding the button longer will
cause more drastic trajectory alterations.

P: Garg slowly goes into Wing Charge position, but doesn't actually fly
anywhere, just sticks the claws out. Bears a suspicious resemblance to a lot of
other generic jump punch attacks in the game, and it's not very good because of
its limited range. Easier to combo after than jumpkick, at least.

K: The absurd jumpkick. Garg extends his leg way down at a slight angle and
folds the other one beneath him. It crosses up, it stuffs most anti-airs under
the right conditions, its only weakness is slow startup and recovery. Of
course, the startup won't be a problem if you wait a bit, as your opponent will
be too busy not getting hit by the expected dive.

d+K: Diving Claw. Garg arrows down to the ground with both legs out; if he
hits, he flies the opponent up into the wall. Gargoyle's signature move, it has
zero startup (making it the fastest non-throw move in the game), brings them to
the corner and knocked down, and will beat nearly anything if you aim it right.
(Did I mention you can aim it left and right?) Speed Kick, Chronos' knee, the
first few frames of Flip Kick, anything. It's hard to punish, but it can be
punished if you get too predictable - but they have to block it first. Switch
to your other, safer air moves and commence the beating.

f,f+P: Air Wing Charge. Chains into Diving Claw right up until it hits,
providing a much-needed margin of safety since it's horribly punishable when
blocked. This is Garg's biggest gamble: you can do it very close to the ground
to smash anyone who blocks or attacks low (or tries to counterattack your
Rising Talon), you can do it just above head height and Diving Claw any attempt
to punish you, you can do it at the top of the screen to put yourself out of
danger for a while. Under most conditions, you can juggle with a Wing Charge
for almost certain death for the opponent. If you're sure it'll hit or whiff,
don't hesitate to bring out the dreaded Air Wing Charge.


Instant Kill Combo
qcf+P xx f,f+P -> f,f+P (opponent stunned)
(air) K -> qcf+P xx f,f+P -> f,f+P -> df+P -> qcf+P/b+P
The stupidest instant kill ever. It may be more or less difficult depending on
your opponent, but it works on anyone except for Ibrahim, who won't get stunned
by the first combo. For him, add a jumpkick to the beginning or df+P -> uf,K
to the end of the first combo.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
d+K -> db+P -> db+K (replace d+K with df+P against smaller bots)

Chain Combos and Special Move Cancels
P/df+P -> P/df+P
df+P -> d+P
df+P -> db+P
df+P -> K
df+P <-> f+K
df+P -> f,f+P
(close) df+P -> qcf+P
d+P -> df+K
(close) d+P -> db+K
db+P -> df+K
(close) db+P -> d+K/db+K
(close) b+P -> df+K
f+K -> K/f+K
f+K -> f,f+P
(close) f+K -> d+P/db+P
(close) df+K -> df+K
d+K -> df+P/d+P
qcf+P -> (air) f,f+P (E0)
(air) f,f+P -> (air) d+K

Meaty Moves
(late) b+P -> qcf+P

Basic Combo:

Since Gargoyle's instant kill is super-easy, you don't really need to use these
combos (except in tourny mode). They're just for fun.

*  (air) K -> qcf+P xx f,f+P -> f,f+P -> df+P -> qcf+P xx f,f+P xx d+K
Basic tourny mode trijump combo, adding a Diving Claw after the instant kill
above. If you cancel early enough, you can get the Diving Claw to whiff and
juggle with d+K/df+K -> f+K -> b+K. The jumpkick is, as usual, optional.

*  qcf+P xx f,f+P xx d+K
If you cancel the Wing Charge at the right moment, it will whiff and you can
immediately cancel into a Diving Claw for style points. Not nearly as good as
a trijump combo, but a lot safer, since you're not getting anything blocked
except maybe a Diving Claw.

*  (air, wall) K -> b+P -> b+P -> qcf+P xx f,f+P -> P -> b+P -> b+K ->
db+P -> qcf+P xx f,f+P xx d+K
Tournament Mode fun with wall jumpkicks: add fierce punches instead of jabs.

*  (close) f,f+P -> f,f+P -> b+P -> qcf+P xx f,f+P -> b+K -> P -> uf,d+K
With the extra speed you gain in Tournament Mode, you can use a Wing Charge
instead of a Rising Talon to start your combos. Specifically, do it twice, then
fierce punch into triangle jump, roundhouse, and juggle them with P for an
immediate Diving Claw (no triangle jump here, since you've already hit with the
first 2/3).

*  (close) f+P -> f,f+P (as if the opponent weren't behind you) -> df+P -> etc.
Nearly impossible throw combo. No harm in trying, though.

*  (close, wall) f+P -> f+P -> qcf+P xx f,f+P -> etc.
Wall throw combos. Yes, they ARE possible, but the timing is extremely tight.
If you're insecure, use f,f+P ender instead of a trijump.

g. (wall) [f+P -> walk forward] xN
Full agility and arm speed and perfect timing is required for this jab infinite.
Try ending with db+K -> f+P -> etc. when you're almost out of range.



Chronos is a strong contender, because everything he has is easy to use and
useful. Stasis Activator is practically a free win when it connects, almost all
his normal moves have lots of priority and combo easily, and Matter Phasing
helps him get out of bad situations. He can be played as a poke character, an
offensive rusher who attacks from all sides, or anywhere in between.


MOVE NAME                 | COMMAND     | DMG.  | TYPE
Jump Punch                | (air) P     | 11    | Medium Jump
Jump Kick                 | (air) K     | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jab                       | P           | 6     | Light AR
Fierce                    | b+P         | 17.5  | Heavy
Knee                      | f+K         | 10    | Light AR
Forward                   | K           | 12.5  | Medium AR
Roundhouse                | b+K         | 13+13 | #1
Low Jab                   | df+P        | 4     | Light AR
Low Strong                | d+P         | 11    | Medium AR
Low Fierce                | db+P        | 17    | Heavy
Low Short                 | df+K        | 5     | Low
Low Forward               | d+K         | 10    | Low
Slide                     | db+K        | 15    | Low KD
Small-Scale Teleportation | d,P         | 0     | #2
Matter Phasing            | qcb+K       | 17.5  | Medium KD
Air Matter Phasing        | (air) qcb+K | 17.5  | Medium KD
Short Stasis Activator    | qcf+P       | 0     | #3
Long Stasis Activator     | hcf+P       | 0     | #3
Temporary Departiclizer   | (close) f+P | 22.5  | Medium Throw

Scrap: d,f+P
Destruction: f,b,P during 1st hit
Fire & Ice: qcb+P during 2nd hit

#1: First hit is Medium AR, second hit is Light KD AR.
#2: Teleports behind the opponent; hold f or b to teleport to either edge of
    the screen. You are considered to be grounded during the teleport.
#3: Freezes opponent in their current animation frame. Another Activator will
    unfreeze them. In Hyper Mode, you can direct the Short version up/down and
    the Long one with arrow keys. An unfrozen opponent continues his move.

Forward Speed: 4.3
Back Speed: 3.6
Jump Speed: 13
Fall Speed: 1.05
Armor: 100
Stun Res: 27.5


Normal Moves

P: Jab. One of the worst jabs in the game, because it's fairly slow and Chronos
has a lot of moves that overshadow it. In combos, however, it's a lot better,
because it chains into itself or (under certain circumstances) your fierces.
Like most jabs, it works well as a combo starter against airborne opponents.

b+P: Fierce. Chronos does a vicious backhand that causes a wall hit on an
airborne opponent. It's got decent range, hits high, and has a deceptively
small upper-body hitbox, making it good to punish almost anything. Anything
slow, that is, because b+P is slower than it looks.

f+K: Knee. Chronos' knee covers almost half the screen very quickly, hits both
crouching and jumping opponents, and juggles for an air combo. Unfortunately,
it also has loads of recovery during which Chronos is airborne, meaning you
should only use it when you're sure it'll hit: in a combo, as anti-air (where
it will often trade, but not in your favor), or to punish whiffed or blocked

K: Toe kick. Like most standing kicks, Chronos' has lots of priority, decent
speed and damage, and OK range. Fortunately, if you ever manage to hit with it,
it'll chain into f+K for a knockdown. Great as a juggle opener though, since it
does a ton of damage to the stun bar.

b+K: Roundhouse. Chronos does a forward-moving kick that hits once on the way
up and once on the way down. The two hits are a natural combo, and it juggles,
meaning you can tack on a lot of damage. Did I mention it's safe when blocked?
Great for creating the proper space, as any sane opponent will just let it get
blocked instead of risking a combo. Note the lack of range on the first hit.

Crouching Moves

df+P: Low jab. Chronos' fastest move, but not very distinctive apart from that.
Chains into another df+P.

d+P: Low strong. Chronos sticks an arm out with decent range. It doesn't have
much priority, but it's a good poke against moves that will beat your low kicks.

db+P: Low fierce. Exactly like low strong, but slower and more powerful.
There's not much reason to use it except in combos.

df+K: Low short. Great range and speed and chains into another low kick. Oddly
enough, this move doesn't have much priority, but it doesn't need it, since it
can usually stuff opposing moves from a safe distance before they even start.
Totally safe when blocked, forces opponent to duck, great for tick throws
because it's hard to distinguish from low forward.

d+K: Low forward. A slightly slower, more powerful version of low short which
is also very useful. Chains into other low kicks, and is a combo (except at max
range) to db+K. This move alone can train your opponent to stick out only mid-
hitting moves, because all their low- and high-hitters will get stuffed by d+K.
Try it and see.

db+K: Slide. The same move as low forward, except it scoots across the screen.
Often combos off of other moves for a knockdown, and great for punishing a
whiffed move. Bad recovery, except at max range or against the computer.

Special Moves

d,P: Teleport. Chronos dissolves and reappears. Hold left or right to teleport
to the screen edge, or nothing to teleport right behind the opponent. Chronos
is totally vulnerable as he phases in and out, though, so it's not an offensive
move unless combined with an Activator. That doesn't mean it's not useful,
though: use Chronos' impressive poke arsenal to get just out of their range,
then teleport. As their move whiffs, you'll be at full screen or knee range,
your choice. It's also great to run from a jump-in you have no answer for, like
Rising Blade or Gargoyle's air game. In this case, teleport behind them to end
up about a half-screen away. New players should stay away from this move, as
it'll just get them comboed.

qcb+K: Matter Phasing. Chronos leaps toward the back wall and comes out through
the front wall in the same arc with a single-footed jumpkick. If he doesn't get
enough air to clear the wall, he'll just appear at the opposite wall. While
Chronos is vulnerable on startup, he's moving backward, so he's hard to hit,
and you can do this while airborne, making it a great move to escape traps. The
kick is quite easily blocked and punished, so make sure you're hitting with it
close to where Chronos hits the ground, or so high up Chronos is out of range
when he lands. Note that it starts juggles, so against predictable opponents,
just run away and force them onto the defensive with this move.

qcb+P: The legendary Stasis Activator. Slow, lots of startup and recovery, bad
range, but if it hits, it freezes the opponent for several seconds, ripe for a
combo. (They can even be thrown if it catches their ground move!) Can be
directed with the arrow keys. Use this move as often as humanly possible, just
to instill the fear of a death-inducing freeze combo on your opponent.
Activator -> Teleport will often catch people who like to jump at you.
Remember, Chronos can easily create space to throw one.

hcb+P: Extended Stasis Activator. This move stops about half a screen away and
stays there for a while. Great for traps: Activator in front of their nose for
a free teleport in, Activator as they get up to establish your perfect range,

(close) f+P: Throw. Chronos dematerializes and rematerializes the opponent,
which (for no reason) juggles. Well, I guess Chronos needed another way to do
obscene damage even if they block. Making the opponent choose between throw and
d+K is a situation you should try to set up as often as possible. Note that
unlike other juggling throws, Chronos' hurls them into the Power Plant walls.

Jumping Moves

P: Karate chop from above Chronos' head, making it decent air-to-air or as a
starter for Activator combos. It's Chronos' only anti-air besides the old
block-and-jab standby, so you'll use it more often than you'd like.

K: Double-footed jumpkick. Kinda slow, but hits at a perfect angle and has
plenty of priority. You'll be using this a lot, because it combos into a b+K
combo to (usually) kill someone.

qcb+K: Air Matter Phasing. Good to run with, not so hot to attack with. Very
fun for making anti-airs whiff.


Instant Kill Combo #1
jump-in -> f+K -> jumpkick (stun)
qcb+P -> jump-in -> f+K -> df+K -> db+P
Chronos has many ways to land 100% damage off a jumpkick.
The "jump-in" here is (air) K -> P x1-3 -> b+K.
In almost all situations, you can add K before f+K, killing much more easily.

Instant Kill Combo #2
f+P -> walk forward, repeat
Tournament mode and full arm speed required, plus nearly full agility.

Instant Kill Combo #3 (Showy)
(air) K -> b+K -> d+K -> df+K -> df+P -> P -> f+K -> uf,P. Repeat.
Note that this combo is much much easier without the df+K, and it can be
omitted if you do the combo fast enough or against opponents other than

Most Powerful Ground Combo
P x1-3 -> b+K
You'll usually need a wall for the full three punches, and you'll need to
start close to the opponent to do P,P,b+K. Shorter bots can be iffy.

Meaty Moves
(late) d+K x1-3 -> db+K
This isn't anything special, since d+K chains into db+K anyway. The benefit of
a meaty hit is usually only one extra d+K.

Chain Combos
P -> P
(hands touching) P -> b+P
(not close) P -> b+K
(close) df+P -> df/d/db+K
db+P -> df+P
(close) db+P -> f+K
K -> d/df+P
K -> f+K
df+K -> df+K
d+K -> d/df+K
(close) d+K -> db+K

Basic Combos:
Chronos' combos are extremely variable, depending on how well you think you can
land P -> b+K, his crucial link. Sometimes it's just safer to land either of his
normal launchers (b+K or K -> f+K) alone and then follow up. Common combo enders
include K -> f+K, b+K -> b+P, and f+K -> P -> jump attack, depending on the
opponent. Against a wall, K -> f+K should be your staple juggle, since it's
quite easy to combo after. If you hit late with qcb+K or land a wall throw, you
can also start juggles. Off a low hit, d+K -> db+K does surprising damage.

Tricky Combos:
(close, wall) f+P -> qcb+P, direct down if necessary -> any juggle
Juggle with a Matter Phasing for a very showy combo!



The game designers would like you to think Nova is the ultimate robot, but he's
seriously lacking in actual combat. The vaunted projectiles are almost useless
(except for Mini Grenade as anti-air), and he has the worst combos and throw of
any bot, plus his big size and slow speed make him an easy target. Fortunately,
he has some good pokes: P, belly flop, sweep and b+P are basically all you need
to use on most of offense or defense. Beware, though, Nova has a hard time doing
any damage and must make the opponent come to him, since he's slow. Overall,
while he's great fun, you could be using Electra or Katana more effectively.


MOVE NAME            | COMMAND        | DMG.  | TYPE
Jump Punch           | (air) P        | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jump Kick            | (air) K        | 12.5  | Medium Jump
Jab                  | f+P            | 5     | Light AR
Strong               | P              | 13.5  | Medium
Fierce               | b+P            | 16.5  | #1
Short                | f+K            | 7     | Light AR
Forward              | K              | 9.5   | Medium AR
Roundhouse           | b+K            | 10+10 | Light AR
Low Jab              | df+P           | 6     | Light AR
Low Strong           | d+P            | 11    | Medium AR
Low Fierce           | db+P           | 10+10 | Light AR (KD on 2nd hit)
Low Short            | df+K           | 6     | Low
Low Forward          | d+K            | 12    | Low
Sweep                | db+K           | 17.5  | #2
Belly Flop           | (air) d+P      | 22.5  | #3
Missile Launcher     | d,df,f+P       | 17.5  | #1
Air Missile Launcher | (air) d,df,f+P | 17.5  | #1
Mini Grenade         | qcb+P          | 22.5  | Medium KD
Earthquake Smash     | d,d+P          | 17.5  | #4
Knuckle Sandwich     | (close) f+P    | 22.5  | Heavy Throw

Scrap: qcb,f+P
Destruction: d,d,P
Fire & Ice: N/A

#1: Heavy AR, Medium KD on grounded opponents on last hit frame
#2: Low Medium KD
#3: Heavy that causes stunned animation on grounded opponents
#4: Unblockable KD that does not hit while another move hits or is blocked

Forward Speed: 4.9
Back Speed: 4.1
Jump Speed: 13.5
Fall Speed: 1
Armor: 115
Stun Res: 27.5


Standing Normals

f+P: Nova's jab is slow for a jab, doesn't chain into anything and generally is
not very useful. Most bots don't have a good high-hitting move like Nova's b+P,
so it's only fair that Nova doesn't get a good high-hitting jab.

P: Nova's strong punch sticks his arm way out to the opponent's midsection.
Cannot be ducked, outranges almost anything else in the game, chains into
itself, quite fast. The only tool Nova will ever need if the opponent wants to
start poking you: walk back a step and hit P. Also great for stupidly easy

b+P: Nova's fierce is an uppercut that knocks down only on its later hit
frames. Against a standing opponent, it'll link into almost anything except
itself. It does lots of damage, it's quick, it does decent anti-air - the range
is bad, but that's what you have the rest of his normals for. A very good move.

f+K: Short kick that hits with his knee. Has more priority than it looks like,
but not too useful unless you're Kreissack because it's so slow.

K: Gimpy kick with Nova's foot. Useful in combos, as it chains into lots of
stuff, but otherwise generally inferior to P.

b+K: Two-hit roundhouse. First hit is very fast, but that's the only reason to
use it. Nova has better anti-airs at that angle (namely b+P, which is also
better in every other way) anyway.

Crouching Normals

df+P: Low jab, fairly standard. Nova's crouching animation is huge, though,
which takes away much of the usual benefits of being crouched. Useful in combos
and for defense.

d+P: Low strong, same animation as low jab. Just like low jab but worse. Nova
has good normals, these are just filler.

db+P: Low fierce, a 2-hit uppercut of which the second hit juggles. Nova's
fastest ground move, and when you're close it hits for both hits and starts a
golden opportunity for an air juggle. Also works great as anti-air for pitiful
damage, but you're a poking character, you should expect that.

df+K: Low short. One of the better low shorts in the game, meaning you should
do piddly damage with this often. Make the opponent choose between being worn
down by df+K and P pokes or possibly being launched into a Smash trap.

d+K: Low forward, same animation as low short. Chains into K for combo
purposes, making it decent for high/low mixups.

db+K: Longest sweep in the game, crazy slow but touches most of the screen.
Throw one out every once in a while just to scare your opponent with that
range, as it's safe when blocked from long distance. Also stuffs projectiles
with ease.

Special Moves

qcf+P: Missile. Slow and fired straight forward at Nova's waist height. IIRC
Flail can duck it, the rest of you can see it coming a mile away. Does plenty
of damage though. Mainly used as a setup for his other projectiles. Causes a
wall hit if they're foolish enough to jump into it.

qcb+P: Mini Grenade. Very slow, fires from a shallow angle, bounces along the
floor for most of a screen's length. Loads of startup and recovery make this a
very strategic and underrated move. Use as anti-air against an opponent just
beginning their jump, to force an opponent to jump, etc. Knocks down.

d,d+P: Earthquake Smash. Nova smashes a blue spark down and delivers an
unblockable knockdown hit to a grounded opponent. Launches if you're close
enough, i.e. never because they'll just jab you out of it. The almighty Smash
is the only unblockable in the game, and is often overused by new players
(veterans will wait for the Smash and jumpkick combo you). However, it CAN be
free damage after they block another projectile if you time it right. It tends
to glitch when that happens though, so watch out. If you have perfect timing,
you can Smash an opponent getting up forever until they die. No one as of yet
can do this, though.

(close) f+P: Throw. Nova's throw knocks the opponent far away, which is good,
but is lackluster otherwise. Still, you'll need to use it once in a while once
they decide to block your jump-ins or get too close for a fierce to work.

Jumping Moves

P: Nova does a Bison-like attack forward while twisting his body backward. Not
good for much except air-to-air, and Nova shouldn't need to get into dogfights
with opponents anyway.

K: Standard jumpkick, except with range that makes the Baby Jesus cry. Use from
max range to harass and get some space for yourself, use from midrange to
establish a good range for you to poke from.

d+P: Belly Flop. Maybe not a real special move (it's not in the ingame list),
it's different enough from his other moves to be special. The Flop stays out
for a long time, has a huge hitbox and mad priority, and causes the "being
stunned" animation on an opponent. That means you can combo if it hits late, or
knock down if it hits early. Nova's best jump-in at close range, and his only
way to dish out significant damage. Bring out this one every time they get
frustrated and try to throw something out you can jump over, or just to get
close for free. Of course, against some bots, you don't WANT to get close.

qcf+P: Air Missile. Fires at a 45-degree angle downward while pausing Nova in
the air. Imagine if Akuma's air fireball totally stopped your trajectory and
you'll have a good idea. Not much of a threat, but good to sabotage anti-air
attempts or stay safe against mobile opponents.


Instant Kill Combo
qcb+P -> (air) K -> P -> b+P. Repeat.
Note that this combo must be done from the maximum range of the Mini Grenade,
making it nearly impossible to land. To get the second grenade to combo, you
must superjump backwards while the opponent is falling from the b+P.

Most Powerful Ground Combo
K -> d+K -> db+P

Meaty Moves
b+P (late) -> juggle

Chain Combos:
P -> P
P -> f+K
P -> df+P
df+P -> P
df+P -> d/df+P
b+P -> P
b+P -> f+P
b+P -> df/d/db+P
b+P -> K
K <-> d+K
df+K -> d/df+K
d/df+K -> db+P

Basic Combos:

*  (air) d+P -> b+P -> db+P -> df+P -> d,d+P
Not technically a combo, the Earthquake Smash simply hits as soon as they reach
the ground and is thus unavoidable in most circumstances. Against faster
opponents, replace the d,d+P with uf,K; against a wall, add f+P -> uf,K.
Although K -> d+K does more damage than b+P, it's orders of magnitude more
difficult to connect after a belly flop, so don't bother. The Flop isn't
necessary, you can jumpkick in instead for less damage.

*  (air) d+P -> P x6 -> db+P -> f+K -> b+P
The standard "boring combo" for Tournament Mode can be followed up with your
choice of jab shenanigans if you reach the wall with the db+P, but otherwise
it's just lots of ground-based damage and a knockdown. Easy to dizzy your
opponent with.

Tricky Combos:

*  (air, early) d+P -> b+P -> f+K -> b+P
The window for this is very unforgiving. Why you'd NEED to juggle with b+P is
beyond me. That's why this combo is in the "Tricky" section.

*  (wall) qcf+P -> b+P or P or db+K or d,d+P
The followup depends on range: b+P requires your hands to be touching, P
requires you to be at least sorta close, db+K requires you to be halfway
across the screen, d,d+P requires nearly full screen. Depending on the timing,
d,d+P can combo (and not knock down), not combo (and knock down), or whiff

*  (close) d,d+P or qcb+P or (air, close, wall) qcf+P -> f+K -> b+P
In case you ever manage to get one of these (perhaps the opponent misjudged his
jump, or perhaps he is just stupid) you can follow up with a chancy wall hit
and some free damage. With a fast pilot, you can simply walk forward after a
qcb+P from half a screen away, then continue with the combo, while against a
fast opponent, you need a wall hit with the f+K.

*  (close, wall) d,d+P or qcb+P -> df+P -> f+K -> b+P
Not only did you actually CONNECT one of those projectiles, you got a wall
combo on a slow opponent. Taunt them with a 4-hitter that does pitiful damage!
(If you started with a Grenade, you can add a f+P before the f+K.)

*  (air) d+P -> qcb+P -> b+P
This is, if I do say so myself, the most unlikely combo ever, and requires both
you and your opponent to have full agility. Flop into Grenade (so that your
grenade misses them as they fall), then knock them back with the fierce INTO
the grenade as it bounces along the floor.

                      |IV. THE CONCLUSION|


Well, that's it for this FAQ. Here's what I need for the next version:
*  Your combos, no matter what foolish conditions are required.
*  Any weird facts or bugs you've noticed.
*  Corrections to my existing material.
In particular, I'm suspect of the damage numbers I got from the strategy guide,
and it would be great to have concrete frame or points data for moves.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at robyrt@marney.org and I'll
either answer you or direct you to someone who can.


Thanks to:
- God, for everything. You da man!
- Matt's FAQ, for most of the tournament-only combos and movelists.
- The official strategy guide, for Rehit Mode and pilot AI explanations.
- Mogusha, for damage numbers from the strategy guide (I lost mine).
- Ken, for the robot stats and corrections to the strategy guide's errors.
- The guys at the omf.com boards, for keeping me interested in this game.
- My family, for putting up with me while I wrote this... thing.
- Shoryuken.com, for teaching me 2D fighters in general.
- Gabriel Leung for Earthquake Smash info.
- Kellen Hertz for quarter/half-circle motion info.
- Dasrik for balance discussions.
- Raptor for one-player quotes.
- Austin Marney, for announcer and repairman quotes and the Fire Arena bug.
- Diversions Entertainment. OMF 2097 rules, and so will OMF:BG. That is all.
  (Unfortunately, OMF:BG did not, in fact, rule.)

That's it! Now go play One Must Fall 2097! :-)