/#:......  ..   .         .         ,-.,.....-X:
                  $/ JJJ EEE DDD  I: K K N   N I GGG H H TTT-, ;/
                  $/ ,J  E   D DD I. .K K NN  N I G   H H  T .  /;
                ./M/  J  EE  D .D I   KK  N N N I G G HHH  T    ;@ .
   ,/------/=//;/#+   J  E   D DD I  .K K N  NN I G G H H  T     @;/------===:::/.
  @H#//////+%#@@##  .JJ  EEE DDD  I- /K K N   N I GGG H H  T .   =%%++++/////#//@#/
 .# :/-,           .  =/;,                   ,             .:;.                  -X
 ,/ :X$/           /:,--,,.,--,--=--. /=/:---- ;=-         :@#+,=-,--,,,,--,=-,- .#
 ,/ -##@#--/:##;/#/#XM/###M/#@##/###M.#X#/M@#M-#X#-  -:,: .##/#-##/X####/;#@/##@--#
 ./  X/:X+//=;H:/X-@-/:;=#;/-@,/.,H/H:-//.-M/=,% X-  X$-/..#=-: ;H /H;#;+.$+ -$: ,#
 ,%  X%/#H##:-@/#//#///;-#,//#:/.-#/$#-+/./#:/-#//;  #H// -##@- :# -,:@./.X+=-X= .#
 -%  X+;///$ -### ,##;..-H  =#M# ,XMM:-%/./##:-###. ##H/#-./@## /#   :@  .X###@: .X
 -%  $+//::$ ./M/ .-#X, -H  :H=:.,%@= -%+.=M/..-+#=,M@:;$/---@# :#   =H  .$+-:X= .X
 /X  X+/;::X  /#;-/-##; -H  :@.//,##X/,%+.=#-;#-,## :./M/;//./# :#   :H  .X+./#= .X
 /M :M#/#=##,,@#@.:##M;:/M=./##@/-M//#/X#:/###/X$M@ #////X-#MM#./#- :;M= :##;:#/ .X
 ,$ =#+/%/#%==/:#.-XM- /+%+.#+++:/$+./M+%/+%%+-#HM        .@H#-=#%: /+%; ;#%/M%@ ./
 .# =,,-,---,-- -. .-  :,--.-..--,,, /:.-=,.,, ,,,         .,- -/;, :--: :--:;.-  /
 ,/                                                                              -/


By: MacDaddy Mike (Michael Maczynski)
System: PC
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: Friday, June 20th, 2003
Status: Completed, for now
Email: macdaddy_mike8@hotmail.com


Progress History

Well, my winter holidays have been sucking royally in terms of fun and excitement, so
I've taken up a project.  Yes, I've decided to do yet another FAQ.  I was deciding
between JK and MotS, but seeing as there isn't a walkthrough for MotS yet, I should
tackle it.  Besides, JK has more levels than MotS, so it would just be more annoying.
I've begun with the layout, story and characters/controls sections today.

Ow, my teeth hurt.  Oh well.  Begun working on the Weapons and items section, and it's
proving to be quite fun.  I'm thinking I should give some personal input for each weapon
along with a description on what it does.  Finished the Hints and Cheats section, which
was hard, because I didn't know where all the secrets were in some levels, and had to
hunt 'em down.  I got my logo thing for the FAQ, too.  Took a lot of ASCII work and
resizing and little adjustments and such.  Really tired me out.

Well, I tried to get some more work done today, with the little time that I have.  I got
a list of all the items using the gimmestuff cheat, and finished up the Items section.
I added ammunition information to the weapons section, and refined the look of the Hints
and Cheats section.  The majority of the faq is done, except the enemies section, which
I will do as I go along in my walkthrough.  As with my other FAQ, I will do the
walkthrough in a separate file and then put the two together later.

No, I haven't died, I just completely forgot about this project.  Now that school is
near completion, I will have the time and boredom to continue.  I plan to start
today...or tomorrow, with the first level of Mysteries of the Sith.

Today I finished the enemies section and the first mission.  Second mission will
probably be tomorrow, if I end up doing it soon.  I really hate the second mission.

Finished the second mission (my most hated one).  The next mission will be a treat to do,
even though I don't know the proper way to finish it yet.  I will though.  Hopefully.
UPDATE: Wait, I finished the third mission too.

I've been working for the past few days, and I'm going to start on Mission 7 tomorrow or

I plan to finish Mission 8 tonight.

Finished everything up to Mission 10.

Only two more missions to go, and then I'm submitting to GFaqs.


Table of Contents

I. Introduction
a) Story
b) Characters

II. Inventory
a) Items
b) Weapons
c) Force Powers

III. Walkthrough
a) Mission 1. New Republic Base on Altyr 5
b) Mission 2. Asteroid Crust
c) Mission 3. Asteroid Core
d) Mission 4. Self-Destruct and Escape
e) Mission 5. Ka'pa the Hutt's Palace
f) Mission 6. Katraasii Space Port
g) Mission 7. Katraasii Space Port, Part B
h) Mission 8. Takara's Stronghold
i) Mission 9. New Republic Ship
j) Mission 10. Orbiting Ship Yards
k) Mission 11. Kaerobani's Base
l) Mission 12. Dromund Kaas Swamp
m) Mission 13. Sith Temple
n) Mission 14. Sith Temple Catacombs

IV. Common Enemies

V. Hints and Cheats

VI. Multiplayer

VII. Copyright

VIII. Special Thanks

I. Introduction

a) Story

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

*enter fanfare*

It has been more than five years since Jerec was
defeated at the valley of the Jedi. Kyle Katarn,
continuing his pursuit of the light side of the force,
has joined the fragile New Republic in the struggle
againts the remanents of the Empire.

To aid their cause, Kyle has traveled to a remote
base in the Altyr system, accompanied by Mara Jade,
a young smuggler who sought out Kyle in the hope
that he might further her Jedi training.

Mara, once a powerful agent of the Emperor, was
swayed from the dark path by Luke Skywalker. She
now seeks knowledge of her re-emerging power
and the role she will play in the continuing struggle
for the galaxy...

b) Characters

Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn grew up on Sulon with his father, always dreaming of joining the Imperial
Academy,  unaware that his father, Morgan Katarn, was part of the Rebel Alliance.
During his years in the Academy, his father was killed in an Imperial Raid, but was told
that it was the Rebels who had murdered him.  In the Academy he befriended a rebel named
Jan Ors, who told him that his father was killed by a Dark Jedi named Jerec.  Jerec and
his band of Dark Jedi were searching for the Ancient Valley of the Jedi, to which Kyle's
father knew the location.  Kyle took on the ways of the Jedi and brought his father to
justice by defeating the Dark Jedi and killing Jerec.  He then joined the Rebel Alliance.
You take on the role of Kyle for the first four missions of the game.

Mara Jade
Mara Jade was trained since childbirth into a weapon.  She was taken by the Emperor and
trained to become his most deadliest Force assassin.  During the Battle of Endor, she
felt her master's death, and swore to get revenge on Luke Skywalker for it.  Mara moved
around the fringe of society for many years later, until she became part of Talon
Karrde's smuggling organization.  During an odd play of circumstances, Mara was forced
to team up with Skywalker to survive on Myrkr.  There, he told her that it was Vader
that killed Emperor Palpatine, not himself.  After several more missions together, Mara
rejected Luke's offer to train with him.  She then came across Kyle Katarn, another
independent Jedi, and the two trained together while working under the New Republic.
You take on the role of Mara for the majority of the game.

Mon Mothma
Mon Mothma grew up in a political family.  Her mother was the governor of Chandrila and
her father was a general of the Old Republic.  She was the youngest person to be elected
to office at that time, and when Emperor Palpatine broke the Old Republic, Garm Bel
Iblis, Bail Organa and herself formed the Rebel Alliance.  She is now the leader of the
Rebel Alliance, and will be acknowledged at many parts of the game.

Ka' Pa the Hutt
Ka' Pa the Hutt is a filthy, greasy, crimelord who holds power in many smuggline rings.
The New Republic gets many supplies from within his organization.  He has an ongoing
rivalry with Takara, which is brought out when Mara is assigned to a good-will mission
for the Hutt.

Abron Mar
Abron Mar is a long-time agent of Takara's, which Mara must hunt down and question to
find the whereabouts of Takara's lair.  He is a cowardly and shifty fellow, who enjoys
spending time in Space Port Cantinas.

Kaerobani is the leader of a criminal organization of pirates known as the Red Draigon.
His youth and ambition is shown in his leadership skills, and he is known to be a
collector of many obscure things.

II. Inventory

a) Items

Placed Items

Shield Recharge
This item recharges your shield by 20.

Health Recharge
This item recharges your health by 20.

Energy Cells
Ammunition for weapons such as the Bryar and Stormtrooper
Rifle.  Ups ammo by 30.

Power Cells
Ammunition for weapons such as the Repeater and Conc Rifle.
Ups ammo by 25.

Used to power items such as the Field Light and IR Goggles.
Limited supply of energy.

Portable Items

A small container of healing fluid that highers your
health by 30.  You can carry up to 4 Bacta tanks.

IR Goggles
Used to see better in the dark.  Absorbs battery power.

Field Light
Lights up dark areas close to you.  Absorbs battery power.

Mission Items

Imperial/Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Key
Used to enter locked doors.  Normally found on officers.

Blue/Yellow/Regular Wrench
Used to turn on large machines or doors.  Normally found
on large droids.

Tusken Clothing
Used to disguise Mara as a Tusken, allowing entry into
the Hutt Palace.

Used to break into Ka 'Pa's royal audience chamber.

Radio Listening Device
Stolen from Ka 'Pa the Hutt by his rival Takara.  Mara
must return this item to Ka 'Pa the Hutt.

The Holocron
Kidnapped by Kaerobani's band of pirates.  Mara must
return this item to the New Republic.

A Droid Arm
Used to power droid access panels.

Used to pry open something.

b) Weapons

1. Fists/Lightsaber
For the fists, primary fire is a quick jab, secondary is
a right hook.  The right hook deals more damage, but
holding down primary fire deals a series of quicker, but
less damaging punches.  The lightsaber's secondary fire
is always a very damaging double swing, but is a little
hard to recover from.  The primary fire is a one-handed
swing.  When moving forward it's a quick jab, backward
it's an upward thrust.  When strafing left or right it
does a sideways swing.

2. Bryar/Blastech Pistol
The Bryar is incredibly accurate, but deals very little
damage.  Primary and secondary fire use the same energy
bolt at the same speed.  The Blastech Pistol (Han Solo's)
is my weapon of choice.  Primary fire shoots an incredibly
accurate blast at a moderate speed.  Holding down secondary
fire charges the gun for up to 5 times its power.  Use
this for a good one-hit kill.
Ammo Usage: 1
Ammo Capacity: 500

3. Stormtrooper Rifle/with scope
The rifle fires a fast spread of blasts in a large radius,
and has the worst accuracy of all your weapons.  But it
is great for clearing a room of enemies quickly.  The
scope enables you to snipe your targets from a distance.
Primary fire shoots a deadly shot, secondary changes the
scope between automatic and manual zoom.  Never use
manual, there's no point.  Automatic zooms in close when
you look at an enemy.
Ammo Usage: 2
Ammo Capacity: 500

4. Thermal Detonators/Flash Grenades
The throwable weapons detonate in a small blast radius.
Primary fire makes them detonate on impact, secondary
detonates after about 4 or 5 seconds.  The flash grenades
emit a green flash capable of blinding your opponents.
This is fairly useless, and doesn't work well in single
player.  The flash grenades are very helpful in multiplayer
Ammo Usage: 1
Ammo Capacity: 30

5. Bowcaster
The Bowcaster is very accurate, and powerful.  Primary
fire launches a green energy bolt, and if you hold it
down it can charge up to launch a spread of 5.  Secondary
fires a single bolt that can reflect off of walls and
bounce around the room.  It's fairly powerful and accurate,
so I suggest you use this often.
Ammo Usage: 2
Ammo Capacity: 500

6. Imperial Light Repeater
The Repeater fires bullets at an incredible pace with
primary fire.  Secondary fire shoots three bullets out
in a triangle formation that seems to always go around
your target, so that you lose time and get shot.  It's
great for primary, but I don't suggest using secondary
fire, unless you are really close to your target and cannot
Ammo Usage: Primary fire-1, secondary fire-3
Ammo Capacity: 500

7. Rail Detonator/Seeking Rail Detonator
The Rails explode in a small radius but inflict maximum
harm to enemies.  Primary fire explodes on impact, where
secondary can attach the rail to a wall and detonate after
a few seconds.  The Seeking Rail has only one mode of fire,
but the rails home in on your targets after being fired.
The Seeking Rail is only found in one level, I believe,
but is incredibly helpful and fun to use.
Ammo Usage: 1
Ammo Capacity: 30

8. Sequencer Charges/Manual Charges
The Sequencer Charges are mines that you can place on walls
or the floor.  Secondary fire waits several seconds and
then detonates when a creature comes close to it.  Primary
fire detonates shortly after being placed, and usually
explodes when you're too close to it, and kills you.  I
can see you using it if you're running away and are being
chased.  The manual charges are placed with primary fire
and detonated with secondary fire.
Ammo Usage: 1
Ammo Capacity: 30

9. Concussion Rifle
The Concussion Rifle fires an incredibly energy blast
dealing maximum damage to your enemies.  The primary fire
shoots a small blast that detonates in a large radius upon
contact, which is very harmful if you are close to the blast.
Secondary fire doesn't pack quite a punch, but is safe to
use at close range.
Ammo Usage: Primary fire-8, secondary fire-4
Ammo Capacity: 500

0. Carbon Freeze Gun
The Carbon Freeze Gun is not very powerful, or useful, but
it's there.  Primary fire shoots a quick spray of carbon,
which, when on an enemy for a few seconds, will freeze
that enemy in carbon.  Secondary fire is then used to swing
your gun to shatter your enemy when they are in ice.  The
result is actually damaging to you, when the shards of ice
cut through you.  It's very helpful in multiplayer, if
you are skilled enough in it.
Ammo Usage: <1
Ammo Capacity: 20

III. Walkthrough

NOTE:  This entire walkthrough is for Mysteries of the Sith on Normal Mode.  Give or
take enemies in certain situations to accomidate the different difficulty levels.

a) Mission 1. New Republic Base on Altyr 5

--Mara Jade continues to impress me...
--now that she's focused her skills and
--energies on the light side, she promises
--to become a formidable Jedi

When you begin, run forward and kill the Rebel officer standing there with your
fists.  He won't do anything for you, so you might as well take his ammo.  From this
view point, kill some of the storm troopers below and jump down, trying to land on
something soft.  Grab as much ammo as you can, and kill as many troopers as you can.
Don't kill the officers unless you need ammo.
Run to the left area for some health and armor.  Although it isn't necessary, you
can call the elevator down and head up to close the hangar doors.  Nothing will happen,
except that more troopers will come in, and your backup will die.  Ammo is the only
When you enter the next room behind the hangar, the wall will explode and troopers
will come in.  Let the rebels handle them, and force jump to the ledge above the room.
Continue and force jump through the hole in the ceiling for **Secret Number One**.
Continue the linear path until you reach an elevator.  In the room above, walk up the
wall and cut the grate with your saber.  By this point you may have low health, and if
you do, save.  When you reach the end of your path cut the grating below you and fight
off the storm troopers.  Don't kill the rebels or get in the way of their shots.  You
can head the way of the storm troopers if you want health and think you can take on
about 10 troopers.  If you can take them on you probably don't need the health.
Head the other way and head through the door on the left, because the other is
locked.  Watch out for a trooper with a repeater on the right.  Enter all the small
rooms.  Some have health, one has an imperative blue key, and one of them has a scout
trooper.  Kill him and take his gun, it's my favourite in the game.  Force Jump onto the
rafters above this medical area and walk to each end for **Secret Number Two and Three**.
After you get the key backtrack to the locked door.  Go through it and fight the
troopers.  When you get to a brightly lit corridor, get your weapon ready, because two
armed troopers are going to walk by the other end of it.  Take them out and head to an
elevator.  Go up two floors, and don't bother with the troopers below.  Head along the
walkway until you get to an officer's room, and he'll tell you to jam the enemy's
communication.  Exit out of the room and watch out for Scout Troopers.  In the next area
you will face a lot of them, and many troopers with repeaters.  After you go up an
elevator, head to the left and forward away from the fighting rebels.  In a small
corridor (before you reach auxilary), there will be a grate on your right.  Slash it
open for **Secret Number Four**.  In a room with many repeater weilding troopers, there
will be a pathway to the right.  Go there and kill the single trooper, and turn on
auxilary power.  A door you just passed will now open.  Go inside, jump down over the
railing and cut the grate for **Secret Number Five**.
Backtrack to the last elevator, but don't go down.  Turn around and head through
the door, being wary that a rail gun will fire at you as soon as you open it.  Kill the
troopers and reach the hangars.  There will be a grate to the left of the first hangar
door.  Cut it and enter for **Secret Number Six**, the last secret.  Now take out all
the troopers you see and equip a rail gun.  Using the boxes for cover, kill the ATST in
the next hangar.  It should only take a few rails.  After you defeat it the pilot will
come out.  Kill him too.
Now there are two ways of doing the rest of this level.  There's the right way,
and then there's my way (the better way).  The right way includes a lot of fighting and
fanny death.  My way involves fighting three troopers and running away from danger.
Head out the hangar door and kill the few troopers waiting outside.  Look to the left,
across a big gap.  See that ATST?  That's where you have to get.  Turn on speed, run and
Force Jump over the gap to the area where the ATST is, and keep running without engaging
anything.  When you see an Imperial Shuttle, run to it and it will end the level.
After the mission you should have about 5 or 6 stars to distribute.  I suggest you
put four into Saber Throw (it comes in real handy in the last levels), one in pull, one
in speed, or one in persuasion.

b) Mission 2. Asteroid Crust

--The shuttle's sensors indicate an
--atmosphere on the asteroid.
--I should be able to land unnoticed
--in the outlining crevasses and gain
--entry to the facility from there.

Let me begin by saying that I hate this level.  It does have one very fun part,
but besides that I loathe it.  Maybe it's because of how long it took me to beat it,
because the puzzles are very hard in this level.  Maybe it's how confusing it is, with
all the switches and buttons that could do anything.  Or maybe because it's so dark.
Anyway, from where you start turn left and jump in the crack behind the shuttle
for ammo and some sequencer charges.  You can head towards the big hole in front of the
shuttle for a glimpse of things to come later in the level, but otherwise there's no
point of going that way.  There's a hole in the wall by the left side of the shuttle.
Go inside but be wary of a probe droid in the sky.  There will be a lot of them in this
level, so keep your eye on the skies frequently.  Once again you can get a better look
at the facility.  Do not engage.  You don't want to be seen yet.
After going through a small tunnel and fighting another probe droid, take note of
the little alcove to your right.  In there is a storm trooper, kill him.  He would
ambush you if you kept going forward.  Continue and kill all the storm and scout
troopers.  You can jump on top of the bunker for some ammo and health.  There are two
passageways leading away from the bunker (other than the one you came from).  Head down
the left one, drop, crouch, and walk forward for some goodies and **Secret Number One**.
Head back to the bunker.  This is one of those puzzles that was horribly difficult
for me to figure out.  In fact, by chance, I stood in a way that enabled me to figure it
out.  See that window that you can look into the bunker by?  It's not a window, it's a
hole.  Shoot the officer inside and then shoot the button on the control panel to open
up the bunker.  Inside is a set of camera controls, and the scope; the most important
item in this level.
The next few areas (taking the right passageway) will be filled with trouble.  In
one area there are three droids, and in another there are two scout troopers.  After
that be careful, because there will be an ATST to your right.  First snipe the troopers
around it with the scope, and then use rails on the ATST.  There is lots of ammo to your
left.  Take it and force jump back up onto the walkway.  Continue across to the fun
Find yourself a good spot in this next portion where you can see the entire
facility but aren't close enough to the troopers.  Snipe out every thing you see.  All
droids, all troops, all officers, all turrets.  It's very enjoyable, trust me.  Take out
the officers walking inside, too.  To complete this puzzle, shoot the control panel on
the right part of the facility.  If you didn't, the doors would close when you
approached and you would never have access to the facility.  Kill the troopers below
your snipe spot with secondary fire thermal dets.
Enter the facility from the door on the right and head up the elevator.  There
will be a trooper up in the tower, so be careful if you have low health.  When you get
outside onto the catwalks, don't go into the next building.  Instead, force jump on top
and walk across, and then force jump onto the last one.  If you don't have enough stars
in force jump to get onto the first one, go inside.  There will be two sentry guns on
the ceiling.  Take them out or jump into the walkway on the left.  Do not go into the
right entries.  Keep going until you are outside and on top of the last tower.  Although
hard to see, there is a hole in the wall above the last tower.  Turn on force seeing and
force jump inside.  Slowly walk, constantly looking down.  When you get to the edge,
turn, walk backwards until you fall off the edge and immediately run forward.  If done
correctly you will land in **Secret Number Two**.  Get the bacta tanks and force jump
back out of the hole.  Now go back into the main building and into the only remaining
unexplored passageway.
Kill the troops and the commando, and then head into the armory on the left for
some goodies.  Take the left cave.  Watch out for sentries and probe droids.  Drop down
one level, turn on force speed and force jump across the gap to an inclined pathway.
Slowly crawl up the ramp where there's a bacta tank, and you will drop down a hole into
a hallway with a bunch of troopers.  Kill away.
Head down the way where there are no stairs.  Climb up the ramp into a crater-like
area, and kill all the troopers.  If you pick up the ammo next to it, you can use the
big gun to take them all out with ease.  Go up the lift and turn to your left once
opening the door.  Shoot the guard with a charged up Blas-Tech shot, and grab the yellow
key.  Now pull out your rail detonator, and open the door you came in through.  Shoot a
few rails to the ramp where you came in, because a lot of troopers will be coming out of
Now head the other way, down the stairs.  Kill the guards and head through the
door.  When you reach the bottom of the lift, turn and run behind the first crate.
Destroy the turret next to this crate, and then run to the next crate.  The turret
across is protected by a forcefield, so you have to get it to shoot towards you and hit
the explosive barrels near it.  When destroyed it will turn off the shield and make the
platform on the left move.  Use Speed and Jump to make it on the platform, and on the
bottom of its path there is a crevace on the right, which contains **Secret Number
Head into the area that was recently protected by a shield.  Kill all the guards
and grab the goodies (especially the Revive), but don't press any buttons.  Inside the
medical area with all the torture droids, you will see a lone command control.  Hit it,
and Kyle will wonder what just happened.  Now, get back onto the platform from Secret
Three, and ride to the highest drop off point.  You'll be in the facility now, and head
through the left passageway like you did before.  A new section has opened up in the
floor, but be careful of the mine that protects it.  Drop down and grab the conc rifle
for **Secret Number Four**, and then retrace your steps to the forcefield area.
Turn on the com station in that area to make a ship full of troops arrive.  Defeat
them all and jump onto the ship.  Activate the main controls and the ship will descend.
Turn on Force Seeing and watch the wall opposite from the moving platform.  Although
hard to see, you will encounter an alcove filled with goodies for **Secret Number Five**.
Drop down and kill all the troopers.  Do not jump into the big hole on the right
of the pump-lookin thing.  Instead, move to the left of it and jump into the little area
there.  Slowly move along looking down until you see an area to drop down to below.
This is **Secret Number Six**.  If the level ends, that means you went the wrong way.
After getting the secret, just into the hole on the right of the pump-lookin thing and
head down it to end the level.
You will get three stars for getting all the secrets.  I recommend putting one
into Jump or Speed, and two into Healing.

c) Mission 3. Asteroid Core

--I've got to find their weapon control center.
--If I can gain control and disable these
--asteroids,  I might be able to give our people
--enough time to evacuate...

I love this level.
Turn around and run until you fall into the hole.  Look out for the assassin droid
at one end of the tunnel.  Head in the direction of the assassin droid and take the lift
down.  There will be another droid at the bottom, so once again be careful.  Defeat all
the enemies in this area and grab all the goodies.  There will be another assassin droid
in the middle of a big platform.  Go onto the platform and it will lower.  Jump off the
platform and kill the two guards by the door.  The door will not open yet.  Wait for the
lift to go back up and jump into the area below it for some goodies.  Now jump back up
and go into the door on your left.  Inside there will be commandos and such, but just
waste them and hit the button on the left of the control panel.  The left one opens the
big door, the right one calls down the platform.
There is only one secret in this level, and I found it by accident.  In the next
room, wait for or push the Gonk droid up the ramp.  Then wait for it to walk a bit and
open up **Secret Number One** for you.  It's a good secret (conc rifle, revive, some
other crap).
Underneath the ramp is a grate.  Slash it and kill the probe droid inside.  Take
out your saber and go up the lift.  Cut the control panel and turn quickly to deflect
turret blasts back to their source.  After you destroy this turret there will be another
in the floor below.
Make your way back and call the platform down.  Ride up, but Force Jump up before
it reaches the top.  There will be some troopers here, so be quick using Force Speed and
your saber to kill them.  Now follow the walkway before you.  Use your conc rifle to
take out the assortment of enemies at the other end of the corridor.  Head down there
and grab the Red Key.
Walk a little bit down the corridor and you will see a hole in the ceiling.  Force
Jump up and turn on Force Speed.  Don't waste your time with the enemies here, just keep
running to the left until you reach a lift.  Go up and defeat the enemies up there.  Use
your key on the doorway to the bunker and defeat the enemies in there.  Now use the
controls to turn the asteroid's weapons to full power.
Retrace back to the room where the Red Key was.  Hit the switch on the left before
you hit the Red Button.  After hitting the switch, activate the red button to finish the
I suggest putting all stars into Force Destruction.

d) Mission 4. Self-Destruct and Escape

--If I can disable this asteroid's reactor
--cooling system, it should start a chain
--reaction causing the reactor to overload.

This is the last level you will play as Kyle, meaning that you will lose all your
weapons after this point.  I suggest you use all the weapons you always wanted to, like
the conc rifle and the seeking rail detonator.
As soon as you exit the door, turn around and jump onto the roof of the structure.
This is **Secret Number One**.  Use the Super Shield to not worry about the enemies
below you.  Be careful when heading down, because jumping will result in the loss of
good health.  From the point below you want to turn on Force Speed and jump into the
cannon's structure.  Use your lightsaber on the grating on one side, and enter.  Take
out an accurate gun like the Blas-Tech and take out the droid floating around.  Head
into the area on the left and kill the troopers.  Jump onto the area in the wall and
crawl to the opening on the other side.  Keep heading down until you see a trooper.
Here there will be a power grid; cut it with your saber and head back up all the stairs.
A hole will have opened in the floor.  Jump down and watch out for a rail gunner.
Enter the only door here and take out your saber.  Jump into the water and grab the
Super Shield.  Now emerge and kill all the guards but don't get into sight of the
opening into the thing emerging from the water in the middle of the room.  Take out a
rail gun or conc rifle and head towards that area, and quickly take out the cannon there.
When in the water, Force Jump onto the catwalks above and grab **Secret Number Two**.
Now jump into the water so that you are facing the entryway to the little thing in
the middle of the room (which you should now be in).  Descend and press the four buttons
in the following order:  The one opposite from the opening, the one facing the opening,
turn left and press that button, and then the last one behind you.  The "elevator" will
descend.  Go up for air and wait for it to finish.
Descend into the hole and immediately move forward and keep swimming up until you
reach an air hole.  Take out your saber and swim around this area, cutting four power
grids.  After cutting each one return to this point for air.  After cutting the final
one, an area will open up forward and to the left from the air pocket.  Put on Speed,
descend down and move as quickly as you can looking for a place to emerge from the water.
When you do, be ready for troopers.  Go out of the water and into one of the small
buildings in this area.  Turn on Force Speed, hit the button, and then run to the next
building and hit that button.
Now you want to be speedy.  Jump into the water and swim towards the location from
where you came.  You will go through a little window-like opening, and then look for a
circular opening in the ceiling.  You want to move fast, because you now have a limited
time to finish the level.
When you get out of the water, save your game.  Now run towards the ship ahead,
and keep moving.  Do not engage any enemies, just keep running and jump over your
obstacles.  You will have to change directions as you change elevation, so be wary of
where you are going.  When you fall onto a platform with buttons on all sides, hit them
all as fast as you can and wait for the ship to come down to you.  Jump on, and ride it
up.  If you did it quick enough the level will end.

e) Mission 5. Ka'pa the Hutt's Palace

--Now that Kyle has departed for Dromund Kaas,
--I can't help worrying about what he'll find if
--he manages to locate the Sith temple there.

This is your first level as Mara, so you will start off with introductory weapons,
such as the fist, saber, and Blas-Tech.  Use your Blas-Tech through most of this level.
Turn to your right and Force Jump over the wall there.  Keep moving in the dark
until you get shot at by Tuskens.  Take them out with your Blas-Tech, and pick up the
weapons they drop.  The next portion is very linear, until you reach a dead end.  Look
around for an area to Force Jump too, and keep Jumping until you reach some set of
ground-pumps.  Take out your lightsaber and cut the grate on them, and a technician will
come out to inspect the problem.  Walk through the door he opens.  Immediately run to
your left and to the hallway on the following right.  There's no need in fighting those
enemies.  Wait for the mechanic to open the locked door, and kill the Gran inside for
some health and shield recharge.  Then go into the door in the middle, and crawl under
and behind the shelves into the next area.
Explore the rooms here for health and ammunition, but make sure to drop down to
the bottom and search the areas there for Tusken Clothing.  It's imperative that you
find this.  Then Force Jump back into the previous area and keep searching the rooms
until you find a window.  Open it and walk through to the next "neighbourhood".
Continue and kill the Gamorrean guards, and then put on the Tusken's clothing.  It will
be listed as an item.  Then activate the intercom at the gate and you will gain access
When inside, run to the right as far as you can, immediately.  A door will close
if you aren't fast enough, and there's no point in fighting a lot of enemies for nothing.
There are three sets of doors that close, though, and you just have to make it before
the first one does.  You have plenty of time.  Look for an exit on your right when
there's no where left to run, and defeat the Gamorreans there.  You will eventually get
to a room with two windows, one which opens halfway.  Ignore that window and head to the
next, which will lead to some sort of window crossing.  Drop to the window infront of
you, and then drop to the left.  This is **Secret Number One**.  Then Force Jump back to
the window below the window that you came from.  It will be half open.
When you reach the next "neighbourhood", the room on the top floor will have a
stack of shelves.  Crawl underneath them for **Secret Number Two**.  Then head to the
bottom and do some swimming.  When you emerge, you will find an area with Gamorrean
guards and some mechanics.  Cut the grate there and explore the area below for **Secret
Number Three**.  
You will emerge above the water hole.
Enter the area from where the guards were and ride the elevator up (it is in the
window-like thing).  Head forward and drop down to the first right you can, and then
head left until you reach a locked door.  Turn around, head up the stairway, and press
the switch.  This will open the locked door, so head inside.  You will find a Red Key
here, and some supplies.  Now head back all the way, up every set of stairs till you
reach a catwalk with a door.  Now keep going through the doorway into the bar, and
continue till you reach a small door next to a big door next to a red button.
Hit the button and head inside.  Once inside you will be trapped inside.  Kill the
guards and hit the left button on the wall.  The right one will open all the cells,
releasing one enemy and a package of health, if you need it.  Climb the newly formed
steps and head through the door, being very careful of all the guards here.  Hit the
button on the right and run to the left, down the steps, and jump onto the big platform
in the centre of the next room.  Don't worry about the guards here.  Wait for a while
and the platform will rise, taking you with it.  Find the set of grates that are away
from the others, and cut them.  Drop down a level and explore, picking up the heavy
explosives on the table in that one room.
Now retrace and Force Jump back up to the next level (the one that you were in
after dropping through the grate).  Walk through the hallway here until you are outside.
Walk onto the centre of the glass dome, use the explosives (they will be an item) and
the level will end.
Put two stars into Force Jump, two into Force Pull, and two into Force Speed.

f) Mission 6. Katraasii Space Port

--I need Abron Mar alive if I'm going to get
--any information out of him.
--Perhaps I should locate and disable his
--escape route before he hears I'm looking
--for him.

This level is short if you know what you're doing, but you'd have to do it
repeatedly if you didn't know what you are supposed to be doing.  There are no secrets
in this level.  The level is good if you want to find extra weapons and ammo, but I
don't think it's necessary.  If you wish to find ammo and weapons, explore on your own.
Don't kill anything in the town.  Wander around the town (once you reach it) until
you see a play being performed by the towns people.  Look across from it for some doors.
Enter, kill the enemies and grab the wrench.
Now go back to where Mara parked.  Facing the doorway to the hangar, turn right
and keep walking until you reach the wall, and then turn left and go into the door
against the wall.  Head up the ramp, into the little compartment by Abron Mar's ship,
and use the wrench to close the hangar doors, preventing his escape.  A squad of ticked
off storm troopers will come after you, so be careful.  After this, everyone in the town
will be after you.
Close to the hangar where Mara parked is a bar.  Go inside and kill the goons
hanging around Abron Mar.  DO NOT KILL ABRON MAR.  He will run away, but because you
disabled his ship he won't escape.  After cleaning up the enemies in the bar, head out
of the big door next to the bar, and keep running to the left until you can't.  There
will be an open doorway here.  Abron Mar is inside the room.
He will run away again, but do not fret.  There will be two pipes on the left side
of the room, which will not be connected.  Activate them to connect them, and then use
the controls up the ramp to crash the ship into the big gate, ending the level.

g) Mission 7. Katraasii Space Port, Part B

--And I thought this was going to be easy...
--When I catch up to Abron Mar, he's going to
--regret having made me chase him down.

From the start, turn left and into the door.  **Secret Number One** is under the
stairs.  Next head out and continue, constantly looking up at the sky.  Force jump onto
the triangular roof with the golden curtains for **Secret Number Two**.  Drop back down
and take out a powerful and accurate gun, like the Blas-Tech.  Charge up a shot, because
there will be a Trandoshan with a conc rifle in the next hallway.  When you get to the
freaky room with the NPC woman, look on the right walls for a grate.  Cut it and go
inside.  Keep climbing and go around until you get shot at by a Trando with a rail
detonator.  Drop down and head through the big door.
Force Jump to the structure on your left and cut the grate for **Secret Number
Three**.  Then Force Jump into the house across from this area and turn right when you
reach the hallway.  The only room on that side will have a bed.  Activate it for
**Secret Number Four**.  Walk through the house until you find the exit, and then Force
Jump to the house across from your exit.  This is **Secret Number Five**.  Upon leaving
the room with the NPCs and the droid, turn around and Force Jump on top of it.  This is
**Secret Number Six**.  Go across the street into the lighted corridor. Underneath the
stairs on your left is **Secret Number Seven**, with an Ugnaught.
A lot of secrets, eh?
Continue down the road until you reach a big street with a conc Trando.  In one of
the rooms on the right there will be some mechanics working on one of those little
platform ships from Mission 2.  Activate the switch on the right and quickly jump onto
the platform, because it will rise.  Jump off to the left at it's highest stop.  Cut
through the grate and kill all the Grans that will attack you.  Walk to the other side
of that darkened archway for **Secret Number Eight**.
Drop down softly and continue down the path.  Watch out for a rail Trando on a
ledge thing. To the left of him is a door.  Go inside and Force Jump into the fan for
**Secret Number Nine**.  Then Force Jump to the ledge where the Trando was, and Force
Jump across to the area with the 10-sided window.  This is **Secret Number Ten**.  Next
Force Jump onto the archway just a few steps away from the previous secret for **Secret
Number Eleven**, the final one.
Now, grabbing the Super Shield, turn on Force Speed and run as fast as you can,
and don't stop (not even to fight anything) until you reach two doors, which are side by
side.  The left door has a mine right behind it, so be careful when you open it.  Go up
the stairs and grab the Blue Key.  Then open the right door and chase down Abron Mar.
DO NOT KILL HIM.  The level will end when he's cornered.
Put a star into Seeing, and then save the rest.

h) Mission 8. Takara's Stronghold

--Ambushed and imprisoned!  I'd like to say
--I've stayed in worse places, but...

You have no weapons, again.  But this time you actually have nothing but fists.
From the start, use Force Pull on the guard walking about.  Use the key you
receive to open your cell.  To kill the guards here with your fists, make them attack
you and quickly move out of the way of your blows, and then hold down primary fire to
hit them with quick punches.  Keep holding it down, it should stun them so they can't
hit you again.  Explore all the cells for battery, health, and a much needed pry bar.
In one of the cells is a hole--your escape route.
Inside, activate the switch in the corner and then jump into the pipe.  Turn on
your field light or Force Seeing and swim around until you find an exit.  Do not move
once you surface.  Turn on Force Seeing.  See that Rancor?  You have to fight it.  After
a short cutscene with its entrance, run to the left as fast as you can, and into the
corner where he can't get you.  Use Force Pull to get your lightsaber back, and kill the
Rancor by using the double-swing on its back.  When it's killed, jump back into the
water and swim until you find a grate.  Cut it with the saber for **Secret Number One**.
Head back to where you faught the Rancor and continue down the path.  You will
fight some more enemies, and will get a Stormtrooper Rifle.  A lot of ammo will be lying
around for no reason.  When you get into the big room, take the door on your left and
kill all the Gamorreans.  Enter through the next door into the conveyor belt room, and
drop down.  Grab the droid arm, and cut the grate on the floor for **Secret Number Two**.
This secret rocks; lots of ammo, and a bacta tank that you can step into for full health.
You will come back in that big room.  Now take the door on your left, and be
careful of all the shooting.  Head out the door on the bottom floor, and in the room
with the water and transport, climb or jump onto the beams and in one of the corners
will be a goodie.  Grab it for **Secret Number Three**.  Go into the door on the bottom
floor of this room and continue up the stairs.  Activate the control on the wall and you
will see a big door open up in the room where you previously had a big gun fight in.
Get back there.
Head out the big opening and to the right.  When you find a hole in the wall, go
inside and Force Jump up.  Kill the enemies and Jump to the other side of this little
building.  Cut through the grate and drop down, and then grab Ka' Pa's prize.
As if the first part wasn't fun, the next part sucks.  Head out the door on your
left and out into the big gun fight room.  Now exit through the door on the left of the
big opening, and into familiar territory.  A big door that was not previously opened is.
Head through it into a room with electrified water.  Force Pull the rail detonator out
of the hands of the Trando, and then ta ke out the enemies on the other side.  Drop down
to the next level, and then turn on Force Speed and Force Jump across onto the beam.  Do
not fall into the water.
In the next room, take the door on your right.  Force Jump up to the higher ledge
and shoot the explosive barrels.  Crawl behind where they used to be for a revive,
**Secret Number Four**.  Next exit and take the other door.  Flip the middle switch and
the one on the left.  Return to the now de-electrified water room, and jump into the
water.  Swim through the opening and continue down the linear path until the level ends.
Two stars into Force Persuasion, and the other two into Force Saber Throw.

i) Mission 9. New Republic Ship

--The supplies from Ka' Pa have been
--delivered to the New Republic.
--I've now been given the monotonous
--duty of babysitting a transport
--carrying an important cargo through
--an undefended sector.

This level is very long, difficult, and fun.
From the start, get to the lift and ride it down two levels.  Then get into the
elevator on the right wall.  Ride down, and then go to the big opening in the floor and
drop down another level.  Run towards a the only door and there should be an explosion
inside.  You can't get into the room now, but you can Force Pull that switch.  Do so.
Now go back to where that big platform is on this floor, and call it up, but jump off as
it's moving.  Cut the grate beneath the area where it was and enter.
Enter the door and run to your right.  Hit the button and activate the cannon for
**Secret Number One**.  If you're lucky, some ships will fly by and you can shoot them
down.  Otherwise, I think this secret is quite useless.  Go to the other end of the
corridor and rise up the blue column.  You will pick up a lot of ammo.  Cut the grate
and head through, and then fight a lot of pirates.  Get up to the next level (there will
be holes near the beams) and kill those pirates, and then look for a corridor branching
off from one of the beams.
Ride the lift and defeat all the enemies.  The medic bot will heal you up, but he
can't be used repeatedly.  Go through the hole in the wall and up the lift.  Defeat the
enemies and jump through the glass into the small room.  Grab the blue key, and then hit
the buttons on the left wall.  Drop back down to the room with the medic.  A new door
will be opened.  Find your way back to the lift you rode at the start of the level, and
get off on the middle floor.  A big dark room will now be opened to you.  Run across the
catwalk and cut the supports with your lightsaber.  Once out of the room at the other
side the catwalk will fall.  Jump back down into it for **Secret Number Two**.  There
will be a conc rifle at the other end of the pipe thing.
Move down this area until you find a small corridor with a droid control.
Activate it and Mara will comment about wanting an Astro-mech.  Run back and to the left
and a small compartment with a droid will open up.  Quickly run into that compartment
after the droid leaves for **Secret Number Three**.  After the droid opens the door,
push him to the other droid compartment in this area and have him open it for **Secret
Number Four**.
Go back to the door with the droid control and head through it.  Call up one of
the elevators and enter, but Force Jump out before the elevator reaches the top, because
there is a mine there.  Go through the dark corridor (not near any of the doors) and to
your left.  The cargo should start rising.  Jump on the large cargo crates and look for
a coloured window.  Shoot it and jump inside for **Secret Number Five**.  Look around
the outside area for another lift.
When you reach the room with the stolen Holocron, go to the right and push the
crates out of the way to reveal a grate.  Cut in and enter for **Secret Number Six**,
and then Force Jump up for **Secret Number Seven**.  Now drop back into secret five and
head downwards until you find an exit.  Drop down and run to one of the sides of the
corridor.  You will want to turn on Speed, hit all three buttons, and run to the other
side of the corridor and hit all three buttons there.  The door will open.  Go inside
the room and quickly find the sliceable grate.  Slice and enter.
Don't bother fighting all the enemies here.  Look for a grate on the upper inside
corner of the little building at one side of the room.  Here is your exit.  In the next
zero-grav area, look for a construction robot guarding an open crate.  Kill the robot
and enter the crate.  This will end the level.
Put all three stars into Force Heal.

j) Mission 10. Orbiting Ship Yards

--Utilizing stolen gravity well projectors,
--the pirates managed to pull our ship out
--of hyperspace and steal the Holocron.
--I've managed to stow away on the pirate's
--frigate.  Now if I can just recover the

Start by killing all the enemies in this room, and Force Jump onto the large
crates for some goodies.  Go through the door and kill all the pirates there, and press
the button on the right wall.  You won't know what it does yet.  Go through the next
When you drop a level, hit the two buttons on the side of the wall in the middle.
When both are pressed, run across the gap to the otherside and kill the construction
droid for the Blue Wrench.  Shoot the wall on your left for **Secret Number One**.  You
can go up the lift on the other side of this area for some ammo and health, if you wish.
Hit the two buttons again and run to the other side of the gap.  Ride the two prongs up
and use the blue switch by the wall.  When you jump into this area, constantly hold up
and turn on Force Speed.  You need to make it through the panel before the deadly fan
gets to you.  Make sure to open the panel before going through.
Drop down the hole and turn on Force Seeing.  There are a lot of sentry droids
here, so watch out.  Grab the Conc Rifle before stepping on the elevator.  The elevator
will be hard to find with Seeing, because it camouflages.  Use your field light to find
it.  Go through the next set of rooms until you get to a room with two ships.  Grab the
Revive and head back into the previous room.  Force Jump up onto the upper level and
head through that door.
There will be another one of those deadly fan areas.  After you get through it,
jump across the gap for **Secret Number Two**.  Drop down and kill the construction
droid for another wrench.  Enter the door on the right, and open up the two floor panels,
NOT THE BIG DOOR.  When you drop down, follow the conveyor belts until you reach a set
of dark corridors.  They are electrified, so you have to pass through them quickly.
Once you reach a rest area with four holes above you, Force Jump up one of them for
**Secret Number Three**.  When you reach a room with a big hole in the centre, cut the
two power grates on the opposite sides of the room and drop down for **Secret Number
Four**.  Force Jump back up and continue down the corridor.
The next few parts are linear until you reach a locked door.  To unlock it,
destroy the cameras in the room.  In the next room, run towards the door across the room
and it will open, unleashing a big bunch of baddies.  Grab ammo from behind the blaster
cannon, and activate on it to use it on them.  If you try to run through the door now,
it will lock, so go back into the room with the cannon and go through the door on the
left.  The level will end after you continue down the path some more.
Put all three stars into Force Destruction.

k) Mission 11. Kaerobani's Base

--I've heard this Kaerobani character fancies
--himself a collector of rare artifacts.
--I've also heard he's incredibly arrogant...
--I think it's time to teach him a lesson or two.

This is my favourite level, just to tell you.  Use your seeking rail and conc
rifle a lot, because you lose all your weapons after this level.
Turn on Persuasion and Speed and run through the hallway directly in front of you.
Run to your left at the fountain fork in the road, and keep running until you are
outside, and can see rushing water, orange skies, and a few big doors.  Go through one
of the doors on the ramp and into the market.  Defeat the enemies here and Force Jump
onto the roof.  Go to the edge of the roof and look down.  Drop down and try to land on
top of that little structure.  Drop down onto the catwalk, around to the other side of
the structure, and turn off the power.  Go forward and drop down below the catwalk.
Take the elevator on your left and grab the health.  Now jump back onto the catwalk and
keep moving forward.  Watch out for Noghri on your right.  Take them out with double
saber swings.
Drop down onto the next set of catwalks, and stay on them.  The Noghri below
cannot harm you if you're not on the same level as them.  Do not pass between those
yellow vents while they are pushing air through, because you will be swept up.  Go
through the door, and when you get to the second set of yellow vents, wait for the to
stop pushing air and run into the left one.  Cut the grate, run forward and to the left
for **Secret Number One**.  When the air stops, head back onto the catwalks.
When you reach the room with rushing water, fire a conc rifle blast at the crates
on the other side.  There are enemies hiding behind them.  Activate the switch on your
side, and some platforms should rise up.  Now use pull on the appropriate sides and jump
to the next set of platforms, accordingly.  This may take a few tries.  Once you make it
to the other side, head through the door and cut the grate.  The room will flood with
water, so quickly swim through the grate and grab air.  Go to your left and around the
corner of the building you came out of.  There will be a grate underwater.  Cut it and
enter for **Secret Number Two**.
Head back out and get onto the thing sticking out of the water.  Cut the grates at
one end and drop down.  Run forward and get out your saber, there are more Noghri around.
Look around the collection if you wish.  See the Holocron?  You have to get in there
somehow.  To do so, jump into the pool of water in one of the small rooms and swim
Walk about and open the big door.  Although it looks cool, don't spend too much
time in the waterway, because you die once the doors close.  In the other side, look up.
You are now in the room with the Holocron.  Force Jump up and grab it, and the floor
will open up.
The next part is very linear.  Use your seeking rail a lot.  Once you get to
familiar territory, run back to the very start of the level, and run to your right.
Follow the conveyor belt until you get to a huge room with lots of crates.  Find a way
onto the catwalks above (jump on a crate and Force Jump up).  Look for an exit leading
from the catwalks.  The next bit is as linear as it gets until the level ends.
Put two stars into Absorb, and one into Saber Throw.

l) Mission 12. Dromund Kaas Swamp

--The Holocron is back in New Republic hands,
--and I've got my ship back.
--Kyle has been gone for far too long, and I
--fear something may have happened to him on
--Dromund Kaas.

Get used to your saber, because it's the only weapon you'll be using for the rest
of the game.  Now it's a good thing you have a high level of Saber Throw and Force
Destruction, for long range attacks.
Turn on Force Persuasion and run past the statue in the swamp.  If he saw you, he
would not let you pass, and would drain your force powers.  Continue and defeat the
Mailocs with your saber.  When you see a set of vines blocking a "corridor", be careful.
There is a current of water in front of the vines that will suck you under.  If you do
get sucked under, turn on Speed and go up.  When past the vines, reflect the flowers'
shots back at them and head to your left.  Kill the dianoga in the water with Saber
Throw, and jump inside for **Secret Number One**.
Continue along the swamp until you reach a "room" with one big tree.  This will be
the room that a Wampa will fall down in.  To the left in front of you will be a small
ledge that you can barely see.  Turn on Force Speed and Jump up to it.  This will be
**Secret Number Two**.
In the room with all the dart flowers, look at the force powerup high up.  Force
Jump to the ledge below that, kneel, and kill the Ysalamiri.  Then Force Jump to the
powerup for **Secret Number Three**.  In the next room, Jump onto the green tree, and
then Speed Jump to the next big tree branch that goes from one side of the cavern to the
other.  Walk up to the Force Surge at one end for **Secret Number Four**.
Continue through the oddly linear swamp, past Kyle's shuttle, until you reach what
looks like the entrance to a Sith Temple.  There will be two Sith statues like the ones
you saw at the beginning of the level.  In between the statues is another hidden water
current.  Jump over it.  In the next big cavern, look for two more statues with an eerie
face in between them.  Turn on Force Seeing and Activate the face.  A panel in the floor
will open up underneath you.  Swim down, get past the dianoga (don't bother fighting it)
and get out of the water as quickly as possible.  Speed helps.  Now get ready for a fun
part: Dark Mara.
Don't ask me what she's supposed to be.  Probably some sort of reflection created
by the power of the Sith temple.  Either way, you have to Saber fight with her.  She
will use lightning a lot, so keep moving, and move out of the way when she jumps,
because she will try to land on you.  I suggest using Speed, moving quickly, and double
swing.  You'll know she's near death when her cry of pain changes.
When you defeat Dark Mara, the floor will open up.  Drop down and make your way
through the tunnels, killing any enemies that you come across.  Jump in the water and
cut the vines.  Right after the vines there will be a small alcove in the floor.  Swim
inside for **Secret Number Five**.  When out of the water, climb over the hill in front
of you and kill the Wampa.  Turn around to face the hill.  Above it is a ledge.  Force
Jump to it, it's **Secret Number Six**.  As you continue down through the swamp, you
will reach a small corridor with something sticking out of the centre.  On the left of
it is a barely noticeable alcove.  Inside is **Secret Number Seven**.  In the next room,
Speed Jump onto the green tree, kill the Ysalamiri, and Force Jump to the ledge above
for **Secret Number Eight**.
Continue down the linear path, and take a left at any forks.  Swim across the
small body of water and go up to the door to end the level.
Do whatever you want with the stars.  I put mine into Destruction, Heal, and Saber

m) Mission 13. Sith Temple

--I've located the entrance to the temple,
--and I sense Kyle's presence...
--but there is something definitely wrong
--The evil eminating from this place is
--almost overwhelming.  I've got to be on
--my guard.

The next two levels are probably the best designed levels in all of gaming history.
Continue down the corridors until you hear lightsaber blades turn on.  That's
right, look behind you to see that the statues you passed have come to life, as many
more will as you continue through this level.  Battle them off, mainly using double
swing and Saber Throw.  It's very fun.  When all the statues here are defeated, turn on
Force Seeing and look at the face by the door.  It's a switch now, so activate.  Take
out the giant wolf in any means necessary.  I suggest Destruction and Double Swing,
although it'll be hard to hit him without dying.  If you get hurt, use Force Heal.
In the courtyard following, defeat the Sith Statues and head into the building to
your left.  There will be a small alcove with water, inside is **Secret Number One**.
Swim around and look for the Revive.  Head back out into the courtyard and continue to
the other side.  Look to your left.  Hey!  It's Kyle!  Run to him!  Wait, Kyle, where
are you going?  Well, it looks like he doesn't want to be found.  Suspicious.  Go into
the building on the right side of the courtyard.
You will have to be really fast for this.  This part is very tough.  Swim inside
with Speed and go to the left, then through the rock tunnels, past the vines, past the
walls with the faces, to the left, and then to a small section on the right in that room.
Surface for water.  You will probably have already lost enough air to lose health.
Here, you will have to face three Vornskr.  I don't know how you'll do it, but try
to call them out one at a time, and use Speed often.  When they're all defeated, turn on
Force Seeing and check each of the little chambers they were waiting for you in.  One of
them will have a Revive, **Secret Number Two**.
Now go back into the water and into the underwater room with the faces on the wall.
Turn on Force Seeing and swim through the one that's second from the right.  **Secret
Number Three**, tis.  Now, as if you weren't having enough fun already, turn on Seeing
and go to the little window in the room with the faces that's all rocky.  It should be
first on the left when looking at the wall.  Surface for air, then turn on Speed and get
to that window, and constantly swim towards it and hit activate.  It will move, and move,
and move until it drops into a room.  There will be a place to resurface here.  Jump out
of the water and engage in more saber fun.
Remember that you need to have Force Seeing on to turn on just about every switch
from now on.  In the big room with the Mailocs and Nohgri, Jump to the second floor and
look for a hole in the ceiling at one of the dead ends.  Force Jump up through it.  When
you drop down, you will have more Sith Statues to fight.  Have fun.  Then continue to
the area with the four rooms (two on each side) that all look identical.  Go to the end
of the hallway, turn on Force Seeing, activate the pool of water on the floor and swim
through for **Secret Number Four**.  Now go out and go into the left room at the end of
the hallway.  Turn on Force Seeing and activate the freaky face.
Go around the face and through the new opening.  Don't feel threatened when a door
locks you inside of a small compartment.  Be worried when it starts submerging you in
water.  Turn on Speed and swim as quickly as you can looking for some air.  When out of
the water, jump back inside and look for a grate to cut in one of the corners for
**Secret Number Five**.  Now jump out of the water and look for an exit.  In the next
set of rooms, do not fall off the beams.  Walk along them, but be careful, because that
Vornskr down there and still reach you.  Once you get out of those rooms, fight the two
Sith Statues and go to your left, towards the door.  Open the door and run forward to
end the level.  Now get ready for a wicked cutscene with great dialogue, and a better
level to follow it.
Put two stars into Absorb and one into Seeing.

n) Mission 14. Sith Temple Catacombs

--Kyle has been seduced by the dark power of
--the Sith and has fled into the catacombs.
--I've got to try and save him...

The final mission, and a work of art, if I may add.  There will be a lot of
switches in this level, so make sure you hit them all.
Run forward and into the huge chamber.  This will be an integral room in this
level, and you will return to it many times.  Take the left path and watch around the
corner for a Vornskr.  Continue down the path and move cautiously when you reach a ramp.
There will be two Vornskrs in the room at the top of the ramp, and you want to call each
of them out individually, to make it easier.  Jump into the pool of water with Force
Seeing on, and look around for **Secret Number One**.
When you reach Kyle and he talks to you, turn around and hit that switch.  Now
turn around again and continue down the path, down the ramp, and through the big door.
Kill the Vornskr however you can, and then have a really fun fight with four Sith
Statues.  Run around and hit all the buttons to make a lift come down.  Ride it up and
go through the corridor and into the next room.  Recognize this room?  It's where Kyle
was.  Don't drop down just yet, because there's a Vornskr.  Kill him with Saber Throw.
From here it doesn't matter which way you go, you'll end up in a big room with a statue
that turns to look at you.  Turn on Force Absorb and the Zombies will be no problem.  In
one of the coffins on the left side of the room there will be a hole leading to water.
Follow the thin waterway and surface to face another Zombie.
Hit the button at the end of the corridor and go into the big room with the fast
water.  Jump into the water and with Speed and Seeing look for a hole in the floor on
the right side of the room for **Secret Number Two**.  Get out of the water and out
through the water room, the way that you didn't enter through.  Continue until you are
outside in the big chamber again.  Turn on Force Speed, turn to your right and Jump
across the huge gap to the other platform.  Enter the door on the left and retrace your
steps to the beginning of the level; the first time you entered the big chamber.  Now go
to the right instead of the left.
Drop down the hole and go to your left.  Although you're supposed to run across
the small gap and get **Secret Number Three**, I can't seem to do it, so I suggest you
just use the "freebird" flying code to get this secret.  Find a safe way all the way to
the bottom of the room, and when you pass two Vornskrs, look for a ramp leading to a
small room with a Vornskr.  Have fun killing that one.
In the next chamber, you can just run up the ramps on your right if you don't want
to fight the Vornskr.  Force Jump up, hit the switch, and continue down the corridors.
In the blue room, jump into the water and get ready for some fun.  After you kill the
two statues here, DARK KYLE challenges you to a fight.
He likes to use Grip, Persuasion, and Lightning a lot.  Use Absorb, Speed, and
double swing to defeat him.  He doesn't die, he just runs off.  When he disappears in a
flash of light, Force Jump up to the second floor of this room and drop down.  You will
land on an elevator.  Get it to rise up but don't go up with it.  Turn on Force Seeing
and drop into the hole underneat the lift for **Secret Number Four**, the final secret
of the game.
The rest of the path is very linear until you get to big doors with statues by
them in the main huge chamber.  Activate the small pictures of the saberists so that the
left one has his saber on his left and the right one has his saber above him.  Activate
the switch and the door should open a bit.  Next make the left saberist have his saber
to his right, and the right one have his saber down.  Activate the switch and the door
opens some more.  Now make both of them have their saber above.  The door will finally
open now.
Run forward and down a lift, and then activate the face switch.  Wait for the
bridge to extend and run to the round platform.  It will lower and your powers will
drain, but don't worry.  After some nice dialogue from Kyle, you will be given a choice
to walk to him or die.  Turn around and walk off the platform into the abyss, and you
will be transported to a room where you fight Kyle.  He will never die, so don't bother
fighting him.  See that picture in the room?  If it doesn't give you any ideas, turn off
your saber and run to the part of the floor that looks like that platform.  The game
shall end, for Kyle doesn't have the strength to kill you.

IV. Common Enemies

The following are the enemies, or NPCs, in Mysteries of the Sith.
Not necessarily in order of appearance.

Rebel Soldiers - Although they are on your side, their fire can still harm you if you
get in their way.  Kill them for ammo if you need it.

Storm Troopers - The henchmen of the Empire.  They appear in three varieties: with
blasters, with repeaters, and with rail guns.  It doesn't take much to take one or a
group down.

Scout Troopers - They carry a Blas-Tech Pistol, and can even take you out from a
distance.  Don't waste any time before attacking them.

Imperial Officers - The same as troopers, but faster and more accurate.

AT-ST - All Terrain Scout Transports are tough and painful.  Avoid physical contact and
keep your distance when facing one of these.  Rails work the best.

Droids - Sentry, Probe, and Torture Droids are littered all over the Asteroid.  Use
accurate weapons to defeat these in a few quick shots.

Assassin Droids - They are quick, accurate, and very dangerous.  Because they explode
once defeated, attack from a distance using the repeater.

Henchmen - Rodians, Grans, and Weequays are commonly found after the Palace level.  Take
them out as you would a Storm Trooper.

Gamorreans - These pig-like creatures swing a powerful vibroblade from a close distance.
Fight from a distance until you get to Takara's Stronghold, where you will be weaponless
when facing them.  In that case, run up to them and avoid their slow attacks and quickly
get a quick right hook in.  Back up and repeat.

Pirates - Same as a Storm Trooper.  Some carry rails.

Trandoshans - As in Jedi Knight, the Trandoshans once again carry a concussion rifle.
Attack from a distance with a conc or rail.  If you can get in a charged Blas-Tech shot,
try it.

Construction Robots - These big, bulky, white robots often carry keys, but they have no
long distance attacks.  Use whatever you will on them.

Noghri - Generally bodyguards, the Noghri are slow in a close distance, but can lunge
forward and strike quickly from afar.  Quick long-distance weapons like the repeater are

Maillocs - The flying pests tend to attack in numbers, so try not to get surrounded.  A
good double-swing with your saber can take out a pack quickly.

Wampas - It only takes two of their swings to kill you, so try your best to not get hurt.
Let them approach you, then get a quick swing in and retreat.  It's best to fight in an
area with a lot of room.

Dart Flowers - Reflect their projectiles with your saber.  Don't bother attacking them.

Dianogas - Fighting in the water is never fun, so I suggest you avoid these altogether.

Ysalamiri - Although you cannot kill them, these slug-like creatures negate the force
within a certain distance.  You can identify if you're near one if you hear a chirping
sound, almost like a bird.  Kneel and walk into them to push them away from an area.

Vornskr - No matter where you stand, you cannot be safe from these giant wolves.  They
can leap an incredible distance in a heartbeat and rip you to shreds.  It's best to
attack them once with Destruction, and then hit them with a double Saber swing while
they're temporarily stunned.

Sith Statues - They look like stone statues of Yun and Jerec from Jedi Knight, but these
foes are very much alive.  Fight them as you would any enemy armed with a saber...using
your Saber.

Sith Zombies - Not only are these guys creepy, but their lightning is very powerful.
Using Force Absorb will make them easy to handle.  If you don't have it or are out of
Force Power, run behind them and hack away with your Saber.

V. Hints and Cheats


This section is for the secrets in each mission map.

a) Mission 1. New Republic Base on Altyr 5

1. In the room where stormtroopers burst through the wall,
Force Jump up to the second floor and Force Jump into the
overhead area in the corner.
2. In the Medical Area where you find the Blue Key, Force
Jump into the overhead rafters and walk to one end.
3. Run to the other end of the rafters.
4. After the control room with the second Rebel officer,
slash through the grating on the bottom right of the hall.
This will be just before the auxilary controls.
5. After turning on auxilary power, turn around and enter
the first door on your right.  Go to the base of the power
generator and slice through the grate.
6. In the bays where you fight the AT-ST, go into the left
bay and slice the grate in the far left corner.

b) Mission 2. Asteroid Crust

1. In the area where the security post is, go into the cavern
on the left.
2. Walk along the catwalks on the Imperial outpost to the end,
then Force Jump ontop of the bunker.  Then Force Jump into a
hole that is difficult to see, and fall down into a secret area
in the corner.  Make sure you don't fall off.
3. At the very bottom of the moving platform's run is a small
4. After activating an odd switch in the facility, retrace your
steps to the bunker.  Take the left path and you'll fall into
a new area containing a conc rifle.  Watch out for the mine
protecting it.
5. While riding the lift down, watch the wall opposite to the
facility and the moving platform.  Jump into the alcove with
the rail charges.
6. Get past the power generator and walk to the edge.  If you
look down, you can see a ledge which leads to a revive.

c) Mission 3. Asteroid Core

1. Before completing the first objective in the facility, push
the Gonk Droid up the ramps to the top floor, where it will
activate the secret for you.

d) Mission 4. Self-Destruct and Escape

1. Right after you walk out the door, turn around and jump
onto the bunker.
2. In the room with all the water, go into the structure with
the cannon in it.  Get in the water and Force Jump on the cross

e) Mission 5. Ka'pa the Hutt's Palace

1. When you come to a junction with many windows, jump down to
the window on your left.
2. From the last area, you will come to a courtyard.  In one of
the houses on the top floor will be a stack of shelves.  There
will be a hole you can crawl through to your secret area.
3. After swimming through some water, you'll reach an area with
some guards.  Kill them and cut the grate on the floor.  Explore
the area below until you reach the secret area.

f) Mission 6. Katraasii Space Port

There are no secrets in this level.

g) Mission 7. Katraasii Space Port, Part B

1. From the start walk around the left corner and into a house.
The secret is under the stairs.
2. If you head right from the start, Force Jump up to the roof
with the gold curtains.
3. When you get to a crashed transport blocking your way, go
through the tall door and Force Jump to the area on your left.
Cut through the grate.
4. From the last secret area, Force Jump to the house on the right
of the tall door.  Go into the first room on your right and use
activate on the bed to reveal a secret area below.
5. Walk through the house, then Force Jump to the house across from
it.  Walk down the stairs and into the house.
6.  When you walk out of the house, immediately Force Jump ontop of
7. Across the street is a house with lights.  There will be an
Ugnaught under the stairway.  The secret area is with him.
8. After you ride the transport up to the catwalk, walk across the
archway you come across.
9. Inside one of the shops you reach will be a fan in the ceiling.
Force Jump up to it.
10. Around the corner from the Cantina is a ledge with a 10-sided
window.  Force Jump up to it.
11. Just after the Cantina there is a white archway.  Force Jump
up to it.

h) Mission 8. Takara's Stronghold

1. After you get your lightsaber back, go back through the pipes
until you reach a grate.  Slice through it.
2. In the room with the conveyer belt, jump down below and slice
through the grate.  Drop down to a secret area with weaponry and
a Bacta Tank you can jump inside.
3. In the room with the transport and the water, jump up the boxes
onto the railing and walk along it to a revive in the corner.
4. After crossing the room with the electrified water, go into the
small room with the loft.  Climb up the beam or Force Jump up,
shoot the fuel tanks and head inside the secret area.

i) Mission 9. New Republic Ship

1. In the white hallway, hit the button on the right and use
activate to use the blaster cannon.
2. After crossing the broken corridor in the electicity room,
drop down from the far side onto the broken corridor.
3. After activating the droid switch, run back into the little
room where the droid came from.
4. After the droid opens the door, push it to the other room where
the droid is kept, and it will be opened.
5. In the cargo area where the crates are being lifted up, shoot
the coloured window and jump inside.
6. After finding the empty Holocron room, go into the room on the
right and push the stacks of crates away to show a grate.  Slice
through and hop inside.
7. Force Jump up to the top when you're inside the last secret area.

j) Mission 10. Orbiting Ship Yards

1. After killing the large droid for the key, blow up the wall on
the left side of the area.
2. After the second deadly fan, jump across the hole in the shaft
instead of jumping down.
3. In the dark corridors with electricity, in one of the places
you can stop there will be four holes in the ceiling.  Force Jump
up one of them.
4. After the last secret area, cut the two circuits on the sides of
the room and jump down into the hole in the center.

k) Mission 11. Kaerobani's Base

1. When you reach the second yellow vent that blows you out of the
halls, jump inside the left opening and run to the end.  Then cut
the grate on your left and go inside quickly.
2. After you cut a grate to flood a room, go out and to your left.
Around the corner on the wall is an opening.  Swim through it.

l) Mission 12. Dromund Kaas Swamp

1. After you pass the Watcher, go left at the fork to a pool of water
with a dianoga inside.  Kill it and jump in the water.
2. In the next cavern with one tall tree, use Force Speed and Jump
to get onto the tall ledge on the far left of the cave.
3. In the cavern with the dart flowers, jump up to the far left or
far right of the ledge past the tree.  Kill the ysalamiri and Force
Jump up the ledge above that.
4. In the room with the crossing tree trunks, before Dark Mara, Force
Jump up the tree from the opposite side.  On the higher end will be a
Force surge.
5. After Dark Mara, and after you cut through the vines in the area
where you swim, head down and to the right into a small alcove in the
6. After coming out of the water, jump on top of the hill directly
infront of you.  On the other side is a ledge above you.  Force Jump
to it.
7. In one of the stone corridors, there will be a small stone thing
sticking out of the ground in the center.  There is a small, dark alcove
to your left.  Force Jump into it.
8. In the next cavern, Force Jump onto the eerie green tree.  Kill the
ysalamiri and Force Jump up onto the ledge above that.

m) Mission 13. Sith Temple

1. In the courtyard near the beginning, enter the building to your left
and head into the corner, where there will be a pool of water in the floor.
Swim inside.
2. In the underwater room with the faces on the wall, turn on Force Seeing
and swim inside the second opening.
3. In the same underwater room, swim to the end and go to the room with
three Vornskrs.  Kill them, and use Force Seeing to see past one of their
4. In the hallway with four symmetrical rooms (two on each side), head to
the end and use Force Seeing.  Swim into the pool of water at the end of
the hallway.
5. In the room with the water and two dianogas, swim in the water and slice
the large grate in the corner of the room.

n) Mission 14. Sith Temple Catacombs

1. From the main chamber, take the left path and reach the small pool of
water.  Use Force Seeing and swim to the bottom.
2. Further on the left path, in the room with the fast moving water, swim
against the current and use Force Seeing to see a cave on the bottom right
corner of the room.  Swim into the cave.
3. From the main chamber, take the right path and reach the hole.  Jump down
the hole once and move to the left.  Run (don't jump) to the opening across
from you.
4. After Dark Kyle runs off, Force Jump to the ledge.  When you reach an
elevator, activate it but don't ride up it.  Use Force Seeing and jump into
the elevator shaft.


The following are in-game console cheats.  To use them, press T to open up the
console, then enter the codes exactly as they are written.  The code is on the
left, and the result/effect is on the right.

boinga 1/boinga on - Turns on Invincibility
boinga 0/boinga off  - Turns off Invincibility
cartograph - Gives you Full Map
diediedie - Gives you all weapons
freebird - Allows you to fly
gameover - Ends current level
gimmestuff - Fills your inventory
gospeedgo 1/gospeedgo on - Turns on Slow Motion
gospeedgo 0/gospeedgo off - Turns off Slow Motion
iamagod - Full Force Powers
statuesque 1/statuesque on - Disables AI
statuesque 0/statuesque off - Enables AI
trainme - Increases force level by one star
trixie - Fills mana

VI. Multiplayer


VII. Copyright

This FAQ is copyright (c) of Michael Maczynski (Mac).  This FAQ is for private and
personal use only.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes without the author's
content is strictly prohibited.  The FAQ may be distributed freely for personal use, as
long as no profit is being made, or legal action will be taken.

VIII. Special Thanks

I give lots of thanks to...

Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer for giving me an idea for the layout, without even knowing

DarthKottaram, for information on Kaerobani.

Falsehead, for the console cheats.

Everyone at the Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia, for info on Mara Jade, Mon Mothma,
and Kyle.

Duel007, for who knows what.

My family, for boring me into making this FAQ.

Chris Silivestru, for his constant criticizing of how I waste my time on these projects,
and for getting me Mysteries of the Sith in the first place.

George Lucas, for his grand vision of what happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far

Lucasarts, for making the game.

Of course, Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for creating the GameFaqs we all love, and the message
boards we can't run away from. Rock on, Ceej. Rock on.

(c) Mac 2003