Splinter Cell Chaos Theory v1.03 Patch Contents


Highlights of patch 1.03 include various fixes and minor enhancements.

Bug Fixes

- Partially corrected skinning crashes when AlienGUIse is present.

- Fixed divergences caused by mouse interactions after quickloading.

- Fixed Network NAT traversal issues through certain routers

- Intel IG fixes (if software vertexprocessing not supported, disabled mouse delag if event queries are not supported)

- Fixed graphic problems resulting in one of the player losing his HUD and being unable to use night vision and messed-up thermal vision. This happened for users playing against another player under particular hardware configurations.

- Fixed crash when menu owner gets deleted before the disconnection is processed.

- Fixed disconnection if the client was in the in-game chat while the host was restarting the game.

- The Voice chat port is now properly punched through for connection through router.

- [Versus] Corrected the Uzi problem with ATI Radeon 9700 in Versus.

- [Versus] The host no longer see where bombs are placed on the radar. He has to seek for them, just like clients.

- [Versus] In the Aquarius map, a Mercenary grabbed by a Spy doesn't get stuck in the crunching box; he dies with the Spy.

- [Versus] The tutorial mode appears clearly for everyone in the lobby.

- [Versus] Correction on a Camera bug that always displays its detection information.

General Improvements

- Added a specific message when the Coop player is disconnected because the partner left.

- Connection to through HTTP proxy is now properly supported. If you are using an HTTP proxy, you must edit the
SplinterCell3.ini file usually located (depending on your system) in:

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataUbisoftTom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos TheorySplinterCell3.ini

Then, add the following lines in your splintercell3.ini under the [UBI.COM] section with your web proxy settings:


Note: By default, this folder is hidden by Windows. To browse it, you must do the following in Explorer:

Select Tools->Folder options->View and check the "Show hidden files and folders" radio button.

- [Versus] A new message from the host if the clients leave the game via the "Quit game" button.