Das Passwort zum Entpacken der Datei lautet: cheatscorner

* Command Star - never decrease
* Inf Ammo
* Inf Fuel
* Inf Supply = (inf logistics - supply units and FOB)
* Rapid Fire
* Auto Range Finder - will fire immediately after aiming
* Professional Soldiers - units will never panic and recovers 
  from stunned very fast
* Instant Promotion - units will be promoted when they fire 
  their weapon
* Infinite Reserves/Reinforcements - will give you 25 infinite 
* Inf HP - partial GM
* Inf HP - Allies = partial GM for you allies, Note there is a 
  little glitch some enemies will be included
* Automatic Promoted = will promote all your units automatically,
  Note Instant Promotion must be enabled first
* Enable Deployment Points Hack

How to Use Deployment Points Hack
1. Enable Deployment Points Hack first
2. press ALT+Page Up to set the DP to 9900 points or ALT+Page Down 
   to set the DP to 1100 points

Effects of the HACK
1. wait a few seconds for it to take effect, this happens when 
   you have a command unit on a reinforcement sector
2. OR deploy a unit to see the effect, this happen on the first 
   mission where you do not have a command unit on your 
   reinforcement sector