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  |> ============
  |> GAME: SKYRIM (the Elder Scrolls V)
  |> PUBLISHER: Bethesda
  |> VERSION: v1.2.12.0 Update
  |> OPTIONS: 3 (19 in full version!)
  |> DATE: 01-12-11
  |_                **PROMO RELEASE**


  1) Start the game and trainer (in any order!)
  2) Refer to the hotkeys below (or on the trainer)
  3) Enjoy it!


  Trainer options are activated using the NUMPAD on the right side of the
  keyboard. You will need NUMLOCK 'On' for the hotkeys to works properly.
  Laptop users  may need to  plug in a  USB  keyboard  to get these keys.

  It's always a good idea to disable trainer options when they aren't
  needed (this goes for any game+trainer), to eliminate the chance of
  side-effects. This trainer has been coded so that such things should
  not ever occur, however, we are making the game do things it wasn't
  supposed to do. So bear this in mind!

    Hotkey           Option
    ------           ------

    Num1             Infinite Health [TOGGLE]
    Num2             Infinite Mana [TOGGLE]
    Num3             Infinite Stamina [TOGGLE]      << PROMO OPTION!
    Num4             Super Jump [TOGGLE]            << PROMO OPTION!
    Num5             Zero Weight [TOGGLE]
    Num6             Easy Kills [TOGGLE]
    Num7             Ceasefire [TOGGLE]
    Num8             Add Gold
    Num9             Add Lockpicks
    Num0             Level Up
    F1               Level Down
    F2               [Teleport] Save Position       << PROMO OPTION!
    F3               [Teleport] Load Position       << PROMO OPTION!
    F4               [Teleport] Undo Load Pos
    F6               Set All Skills to 99
    F7               Add Items [TOGGLE]
    F8               Game Speed
    F10              No Shout Recharge [TOGGLE]
    F11              Increase Weapon Charge
    F12              Add Perk Points
    PgUp             Zero Bounty [TOGGLE]
    PgDn             Super Speed [TOGGLE]

  Detailed Notes

  Infinite Health/Mana/Stamina: Prevents your main stats decreasing.

  Super Jump: Lets you jump much higher. Also, if you jump without
   moving, you will freeze in the air giving you time to have a good
   lookaround, before moving again and dropping to earth!

  Zero Weight: Attempts to keep your weight at its minimum, allowing
   you to carry lots and not become encumbered/slow. You'll need to
   keep this on if you're carrying more than you normally can.

  Easy Kills: Allows you to take out enemies/NPCs in one-hit. What
   may happen is that they will be killed and won't attack you, but
   they may not fully register as been dead (you may not be able to
   search them for example). All you need to do in this case is to
   perform a special finishing move, which normally means standing
   somewhere near the head and chopping away with a sword!

  Ceasefire: A very useful option indeed - it'll stop all combat in
   the game. You can still go in and slaughter everything of course!

  Add Gold: Increases your gold by 1000 the next time you enter the
   inventory screens. Repeat if necessary.

  Add Lockpicks: Increases your lockpicks by 10 the next time you
   enter the inventory screens. Repeat if necessary.

  Level Up/Down: These will allow you to instantly level up/down your
   character. Note however, I haven't tested this much. It may freeze
   your characters normal progression/XP-gain. And levelling in this
   manner will not grant your the skill points you'd get usually.
   I've provided this purely because it may be useful in some cases.

  Teleport system: The save/load/undo hotkeys are used to activate the
   teleport system options. The first will store your current location
   into memory, to restore later with the second option. If you wish
   to return back to where you were (1-stage back) then use the last
   option, undo. You can use this to quickly move between two points.
   Note: You can't teleport between different loads/saves, inside and
   outside of buildings?, or perhaps between very large distances of
   the game world. Doing so may cause you to be thrown off the game
   map, through the floor, or just get you stuck or a cause a crash,
   so just use a little common sense with the teleport cheats. It's
   best used, I think, for jumping around enemies, attacking them
   from all angles, while in combat!

  Set All Skills to 99: This is a potential game-wrecker, and there's
   no undo feature. So make sure you really want to max out skills
   and have plenty of previous saves to revert back to. This hasn't
   been tested much, and it may produce side-effects if some of the
   skills can't be taken to 99 during the natural course of the game!

  Add Items: Activate this, then enter your inventory. Click on potion
   menu (for example), then either use or drop one of them. You'll see
   the stack actually increase. Repeat until you have enough.

  Game Speed: There are three levels to this. The first time you press
   the key the game will speed up to 10x the normal rate (the passage
   of time - NOT the actual timescale). If you hit it again, it will
   freeze (time will not progress in the game). Activating it a final
   time will revert it back to normal.

  No Shout Recharge: Allows you to keep using shouts over and over,
   without having to wait for the meter to refill.

  Increase Weapon Charge: Make sure you have an enchanted weapon out
   and use this hotkey to increase the charges when they run low.

  Add Perk Points: Go to the level-up/skills screen and activate this.
   You may have to leave and re-enter this menu to see the change. You
   will get an additional 5 points to spend. Repeat if you wish.

  Zero Bounty: Enable this and enter an area where you're wanted. The
   best way to use this is to first get away from an area where guards
   are after you. Make sure you've lost them in the wilderness, and
   then fast-travel back after activating this code. This works for
   all the different sorts of guards and areas! You can also use this
   as a protection code, before you get wanted. Guards may still fight
   you if you attack them, but your bounty won't increase.

  Super Speed: To go with the earlier super jump code then, we have a
   very useful option for your player's speed. Enabling this will let
   you get around the world quickly, so you have more time to explore
   new areas, complete quests and get away from baddies quicker!

    Hopefully, this trainer will be a great addition to one of the
    most anticipated games of the year!



  If you encounter issues with the trainer not working, make sure you
  disable any firewalls/anti-viruses and other security software.

  If using Vista or Windows 7, run the game as 'Administrator' and
  disable UAC (user account control). XP users should run as admin.

  Generally, trainers should work on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit)
  operating systems. However, some games have seperate elements for
  these two types, and so a trainer may not work if this is the case.

  If the trainer is getting flagged as malicious (this is false), and
  turning off your AV doesn't help, try to add it to the exceptions or
  whitelist, to stop it getting quarantined or deleted.

  There is a more complete trainer troubleshooting guide on the site: which you should consult if all of this
  doesn't help you. If after that you're still stuck, contact me.