Install Notes
   1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
   2. Run the trainer from any directory
   3. Launch the game
   4. Toggle desired Options on/off

   Please be careful of the modern firewalls and virusscanners. They now
   also have several protections against code injection which is needed
   for a trainer to work.
   Make sure you disable it while playing or it could stop the trainer
   from working.
       #    Hotkey              Option
       1    F2                  Toggle Infinite Time
       2    F3                  Toggle Fill Bonus Flasks
       3    F4                         Skip Level
       4    F5                  Toggle Get Massive Coins
   F2 - Infinite Time
   You will get infinite time for the level.
   F3 - Fill Bonus Flasks
   Instantly fill a bonus flask after making a match with the
   correspondending stone.
   F4 - Skip Level
   Instantly skips the current level.
   F5 - Get Massive Coins
   Enter the 'Extras' screen from the main menu and select 'Arts'.
   Then press the hotkey to get the coins.