Date: 2009-01-24                   
Game Type : Strategy                 
Size: Tiny                         
Protection: SecuROM 7                
 Game Notes 
 War  Leaders: Clash of Nations is the most comprehensive PC game of all times
 on  the  subject  of the Second World War. A game that all strategy fans have
 been  waiting  for  which  allows  you to slip in the roles of the seven most
 important  real  Leaders of the war and to control all determining aspects of
 a big war!!!

 Players  can experience a gigantic variety of gameplay by playing two clearly
 differentiated  but  integrated  MANAGER part (a turn-based MANAGER part with
 construction   of   armies,   development  of  technology,  establishment  of
 diplomatic  and  trading  agreements,  etc  )  &  an  RTS  part (dramatic and
 visually  amazing RTS battles, with hundreds of units in wonderful landscapes
 staged  all  around the world with very innovative game mechanics ). The game
 offers  250  different  units,  41  different  maps,  all the nations and 175
 regions along the entire world to explore and use.

 Install Notes
 1. Unpack
 2. Cheat

 Use the following keys inside the game

 F5 - Add .000
 F6 - Add 10.000 units to Oil