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      Trainer Notes 
      Game Version:.......v1.  Trained by:..sILeNt heLLsCrEAm
      Release:..............Reloaded  Tested on:...........Win 7 x64
      Chiptune:.........Shared Souls  Date:...............08/05/2012
      Trainer Design by:...........................sILeNt heLLsCrEAm            

      Available Options 
      Hotkeys                   Funktion
      Num 0                     Infinite Health            
      Num 1                     Infinite Mana              
      Num 2                     Infinite Stamina           
      Num 3                     One Hit Kill               
      Num 4                     Magic Weapons              
      Num 5                     Zero Weight                
      Num 6                     +10.000 Gold               
      Num 7                     Give Items                 
      Num 8                     Set Talent Points to 255   
      Num 9                     Instant Dragon Shouts      
      Num / (Divide)            Get 50 Dragon Souls        
      Num * (Multiply)          Collisions On/Off          
      Num - (Subtract)          God Mode On/Off            

      Instant Talent Upgrading          
      1                       Sneek                      
      2                       Lockpicking                
      3                       Pickpocket                 
      4                       Speech                     
      5                       Alchemy                    
      6                       Illusion                   
      7                       Conjuration                
      8                       Destruction                
      9                       Restoration                
      Right CTRL + 1          Alteration                 
      Right CTRL + 2          Enchanting                 
      Right CTRL + 3          Smithing                   
      Right CTRL + 4          Heavy Armor                
      Right CTRL + 5          Block                      
      Right CTRL + 6          Two-Handed                 
      Right CTRL + 7          One-Handed                 
      Right CTRL + 8          Archery                    
      Right CTRL + 9          Light Armor                

      Num 4 - Magic Weapons                   
      Ok you know that there are some magical weapons       
      in the game. And when you attacking an enemy they     
      lose their magical charge.              
      Activate this option and these weapons are allways    
      fully charged...                        

      Num 5 / Num 6 - Zero Weight / Add Gold         
      Activate this option and open the inventory to see    
      the effect.                      
      For the items cheat... This means that your amount    
      will be set to 50. Its working for the most of all    
      items but not everything.               

      Num 9 - Instant Dragon Shouts                  
      When you shoud something you have to wait to scream   
      once more...                     
      Activate this option before you use any of the        
      dragon shouts. Now you must not wait anymore to       
      scream again...                  

      Num / (Divide) - Get 50 Dragon Souls           
      This cheat is simple as it is...               
      When you activate this cheat you get 50 dragon        
      souls. Activate this option and open the shout menu   
      to see the effect. You need at least 1 dragon soul.   

      Num * (Multiply) - Collisions On/Off           
      With this option you activate/deactivate the ingame   
      When this cheat is active than you can walk through   
      all things (walls, objects, allmost everything).      
      And you can walk through the air...            

      Num - (Subtract) - God Mode On/Off             
      Activate this option and your health, mana and        
      stamina won't decrease. Your arrows (lockpicks?)      
      also won't decrease and you can always run.           
      It doesn't matter if you are carrying to much...      

      1 ... 9 / Right CTRL + 1 ... 9                 
      These options are simple as they are...        
      Use it by this way...                   
      Example... Activate the option "One-Handed" by        
      pressing [Right CTRL] and 7 at same time.      
      Go to the talents menu and slide to the "One-Handed"  
      tab. You'll see that the bar is at the maximum.       
      Now take a one hand weapon and kill an enemy to       
      to upgrade your "One-Handed" level.            
      Go to the talents menu again and you'll see that      
      your "One-Handed" level is at the maximum value.      
      The other talent upgrading options are working by     
      same way.