+3 Trainer for Need for Speed most wanted v1.0

F1 Freeze/Unfreeze Speedbreaker
F2 Freeze/Unfreeze Nitro (note 1)
F3 ,000,000 (note 2)

note 1: you need to have nitro installed to use this feature.
note 2: to get ,000,000 just visit any shot and buy something.

About the Trainer:
NFSMW uses DMA (like almost every game) so just freezing the address wouldnt work since it will change every time you restart the game, sometimes the address even changed when you started a different race, so i just replaced the code itself, because the address of the code always stays the same. Enjoy

P.S. This is not a scene release, so no need to complain because it looks like shit. it's the first trainer I ever coded...

If you want to host it on your site, go ahead but at least give me credit for it.